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Playing through Doom for the first time on UV and e4m2 is the first mission to make me mad. What is this?

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Metal Slug Thread
Let's talk about Metal Slug anons, which entry is your favorite? What's the best way to play these games today? What do you think of the post-Metal Slug 3 entries? Got any tips for 1cc attempts?

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Metal Slug 1

>best way to play
AES original copies, otherwise Mister

>post MS3 games
They’re all varying degrees of good except for that shit mobile game and the PS2 is one. Don’t hold a candle to 1/2/X/3 though

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>AES original copies, otherwise Mister
What's mister?
>They’re all varying degrees of good except for that shit mobile game and the PS2 is one. Don’t hold a candle to 1/2/X/3 though
I agree, I think the amount hate they get is kind of outsized, even if SNK hadn't gone bankrupt, I think they still would've struggled to top the original games, Metal Slug 3, while not necessarily the best game in the series, represents the technical peak, at the end of the arcade age. The series time would've passed even if SNK hadn't fallen apart.

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I don't even remember ever hearing about it once until SSB Melee and even then I originally thought Ness was the kid from Paperboy.
No one I knew ever had it or talked about it, I don't remember seeing it in stores or in any magazines, but now it's hailed as not only one of the best games on the Super Nintendo, but one of the greatest rpgs of all time?

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"early" internet, starman.net, the rise of game youtubers talking about it etc. Just sort of took off, in the west at least. There wasn't much coverage of the game before then

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I think Smash Bros. had something to do with it. The majority of people who didn't know who Ness was would search for him online, and find all of what >>7324984 was describing. I believe the same thing happened with Fire Emblem when people started asking "who tf is Marth?"

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There are people on this board RIGHT NOW that haven't played Chrono Trigger.

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I did and got bored halfway through.

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I prefer Cross even though I know it's objectively a messier and more poorly designed game.
Trigger is still easily one of the best RPGs ever made though.

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What do you consider "half-way through?"

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No there aren't.

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and they aren't missing much

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What are the best/your favorite games that take place in outer-space or in a space opera setting?

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Frontier Elite II
It still impresses me today that an entire universe was able to fit on a single floppy disk. The intro music still gives me the shivers it did when I was a lad. Call me an autistic space-trucker or whatever but it just does it for me

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The best space opera game bar none is Star Control 2. It's unmatched even this long afterward.

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>Retro gaming means platforms launched in 2001 and earlier, and official game titles for those platforms released no later than December 2007 (homebrew console games made after this date will be permitted)

Has anyone played the Among Us port for the ZX Spectrum?

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i'm watching some guy play this shit on a stream

why do people do this

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because you watch it

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Is it me or has it been getting a lot more popular in the last few years?

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That weird 3d remake/retelling thing came out a few years ago. I'm surprised the original game never got ported to consoles.

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I remember people doing some homebrew versions but they supposedly had many issues.
Then again, the game is free so no company will probably invest in porting something that wont make money.

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People became interested in it again after Omori exploded in popularity a few weeks ago, and since it's a spiritual sequel to Yume Nikki that one is introduced to a bigger crowd as well.

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>a few years ago, it was possible to have serious discussions about microcomputers on this board
what happened?

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The board's too pleb for anything but AAA Japanese console games.

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Speccy chads destroyed all competition. Commodorks and Amigays dare not pipe up lest they be smited with facts.

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this is the muslim that helped blow up the manchester arena, look familiar?

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/vr/ is for meta discussion only. For the very least you should spam not retro into any thread that isn't meta or a blatant troll.

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This happened
>just hide threads
....but this does not change the fact that 6th gen zoomers from /v/ are rapid-fire shit posting niche topics off the board.

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Are there any other games that have the same gameplay style as Comix Zone? I seriously fucking love this game. So much. No joke.

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It's just a typical arcade beat em up but on a home console.

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Any scrolling beat-em up has the same core gameplay, if you meant art style, then it's practically alone, the only place I can think of that cribbed hard from the comic look and feel would be the cutscenes from the original Max Paynes
I had it on DOS

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I have always really liked the lore of the franchise.

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This. The story jumped the shark in 3 and it never recovered.

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>seeing videogame characters in the movie was impressive enough.

>dude puts on costume



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Yeah because one of the original human characters having a cybernetic eye didn't already have futuristic implications, I dislike a lot about MK III gameplay wise but expanding the Earthrealm lore is not part of that for me. MK II was very much about Outworld, MK III further expanded the Black Dragon and Lin Quei storylines.

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What is the best fatality, and why is it Kung Lao's Hat Slice?

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Even the more mundane designs like Sindel and maskless Sub-Zero looked like Power Rangers cosplayers

Unique, nice balance between hilarious and semi-realistically gory without leaning too far either way

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Why do people say that Super Mario Bros. hasnt aged well? Sure, its not as good as SMB3 or World or Land 2 or other games, but it still holds up and when it was released, it was the greatest game ever

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Donkey Kong was released before both Pitfall and Jungle Hunt and is also better designed by many magnitudes.

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donkey kong was single screen, nothing outside of that single screen existed, Pitfall and Jungle Hunt made you want to explore, sure the tech wasnt there for seemless scrolling so you loaded a new screen, but it felt like a world, not an arcade monitor

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Because anytime somebody says something "didnt age well" you should disregard everything they say.

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>Why do people say that Super Mario Bros. hasnt aged well

Because memesters say that about EVERY retro video game. EVERY single one of them. For starters, memesters don't even play retro videogames, they just circlejerk about it because their YouTube/Twitch ecelebs play them or like them.

The one time those people beat a retro videogame in a two year span is a meme one like Metroid, Zelda or Mario, on an emulator with all its conveniences and then comment on how "technically it didn't age well because [shitty opinions here]".

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Does anyone remember an old videogame where yout village was getting infected by aliens and you had to talk with people to solve the mistery and save the village? I think it was based on a movie with the same name. And I also remember that you had time to solve everything. It was kind of adventure in the early 90s, in DOS maybe.

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it was with this kind of graphics

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no one?

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Dark Seed

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No man. Kind of but it's not that one. I think it's even older.

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last up...

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Just finished this bad boy (Mediakite with REbirth patch), was surprisingly fun even though I expected not to enjoy it because I played REmake in the past.

What version should I play for 2? Was thinking either GC dolphin with RE2SHDP or REbirth patch again but I'm open for suggestions

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Every boomer e celeb i watch always talked about Super Nintendo vs Genesis and that kids back then picked 1. But so far, every e celeb i watched grew up with the Super Nintendo. I dont know a single boomer e celeb that was a "Sega kid".

So, did they actually exist? Or were 99% of people Super Nintendo people?

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Sega still exists zoomer

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This HAS to be fucking bait

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Get a chart that shows how many genesis and snes consoles were bought by consumers

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I knew a weird kid in school. Only child, absent dad, just him and a weird mum and cat piss stench. We both had SNESs though.

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Looks like snes outsold Sega, roughly 5:3. Looking forward to you seething below

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Crysis is the ultimate retro experience.

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Remasters of retro games have always been allowed

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Are you saying Crysis is not retro?

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That's not in the rules whatsoever.

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i hope you will die in the most gruesome and painful way

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Never has been, but it's always been accepted that remasters of retro games have been okay. How new are you? Lol
ESL go home

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Is it too late to collect 6th gen games?

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gamecube is still fairly recentish, retro wise. A lot of people still have gamecube shit laying around, I dont see this price spike lasting forever once people get bored of gamecube.

Question is will the 7th gen see a similar nostalgia spike?

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Prices are midrange. Kinda sucks, and you won't find anything at thrift stores or yardsales
You're fucked
A bit of games are mid-range prices, but everything else is relatively cheap, and you will always find PS2 games in thrift stores and yardsales.
Not only are you golden, but multiplatform games are usually best on Xbox, tied to gamecube.

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Get the og xbox. Got mine for 20. Dirt cheap shit

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Just get as many horror games and JRPGs as you can. You know, if you like playing them. The dumbest things make value go up, so its impossible to predict, but those two genres seem to have the best ratio.

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Should I start buying PS2 JRPGs too?

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Is there any game that gives you a different form/power when being hit like WL2 & WL3?

Is there any game where you cannot die and start from the beginning again, like WL2 & WL3?

What I’m asking is, is this the first game to do both of these concepts?

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>page 8
What the FUCK

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its reading my inputs, right?

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I can make it up to a 5th opponent before I'm completely shut out

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I thought SF in general has the semblance of "personalities" of CPU opponents that can be read and countered. Contrast to something like fucking MK that's literal IF THEN programming.

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You gotta cheese the AI. Don't ever try to go against fighting game AI straight up.

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This. The best way to own the CPU is to select Honda and do the Flying Headbutt over and over, just to hit the CPU character when he gets up. He never blocks and you win.

>> No.7324392

This is also the best way to fight humans

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What are your favorite GB/GBC games, anon? Any recommendations or hidden gems?
I'm thinking about giving pic related a shot but I'm not sure what the difference are between 1 GB, 1 GBC, and 2. GB Harvest Moon looks regrettably barebones but this game at least looks decently fleshed out for what it is.

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I'm not sure if they count as hidden gems, but these are a few lesser known gb games I liked:

Cave Noire
Crayon Shin-chan 4
Gargoyle’s Quest
Magi Nation
Mercenery Force
Rolan's Curse 2
Trip World

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