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What's some of your favorite videogame music?

One of my all time favorites will be the Mother series.

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>comic sans

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It was a long time since I saw a thread like that.

Share your past experience on old school mmorpg.

Write down what you want.

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I remember Subspace and also TetriNET.

Maybe they aren't really what you are thinking of though.

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You are free to share what you want. Also other types of online games are accepted.

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Is Klonoa making a resurgence? I oddly often see him brought up these days.

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If he is it'll be a phone game.

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The movie was cancelled.

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how do you get good at master cup in f-zero x?
I fucking swear I can't reach 1st place at all, the CPU just reaches me in a flash even if I'm boosting like crazy.

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it's basically about the acceleration vs. max speed bar in the beginning. adjust it based on how the racing map looks. you absolutely have to start slow and still have a car that boosts nicely by itself and curves well too and never hit any obstacle. then you will win. I think I won that cup once. It was either with Pico or that android dude with the red vehicle.

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Redpill me on the PC Engine
No one talks about it

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PS but if you're emulating today you're better off with mednafen.

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But the games are quite pricey, especially the good ones. There's lots of demand in the PCE market right now.

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when should I sell my copy of rondo of blood

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A really great console for shoot'em up and rpgs; I was lucky enough to have a pc-engine GT when I was in middleschool so I'm turbo biased, though.

Here, have all the pc-engine CD iso: https://1fichier.com/dir/imuVPzFC?af=116809
Sorry, 1fichier is a piece of shit site so use Jdownloader or whatever.

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>A really great console for shoot'em up and rpgs; I was lucky enough to have a pc-engine GT when I was in middleschool so I'm turbo biased, though.
>Here, have all the pc-engine CD iso: https://1fichier.com/dir/imuVPzFC?af=116809
>Sorry, 1fichier is a piece of shit site so use Jdownloader or whatever.

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>ominous and haunting music softly plays foreshadowing the unbearable sadness of human


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>scaling two different objects on-screen at the same time

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too bad barely any games used it

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Yeah, pretty bleak. But nothing says "your ass is about to be fucked" like this little ditty: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l3orL00gnME

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>your favorite song in GTA III wasn't this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6q6vzbuOrI

And we're gonna give it all that it's gooooooot

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not retro

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well nobody in the states actually owned the floppy drive, so yeah that woulda been just asking for trouble really.

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Lost Levels felt like a fanmade level pack for the original game with some modifications. It has no business in a commercial release.

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kys edgelord

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What does it matter if it was the right choice or not? Both games have become easily available and one can still try them out if they still haven't for some weird reason and considering the biggest part of the discussion here is whether SMB2US or SMB2JP is the better game it's just a matter of taste and what game you'd rather play between the two.

I mean, people have been posting about and playing tons of games that never got an official western release (and never will) and became favorites regardless of whether they were official here or not. The internet has made it even easier to become familiar with those imports and whether it's through emulation of any kind of physical import from Japan, never before have those games gotten more attention here. On the other hand there are a lot of games that did get an official release but have more or less become forgotten or are considered to be not so special anymore for god knows what reason.

Seriously, hindsight bias. Ever heard of that OP?

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>Tells someone kys
>While calling them an edgelord

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Why can't an N64 emulator on a nice comfy handheld from the 3rd market producers create one that runs at a good stable speed? why is the N64 so fucking impossible to emulate well?

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>Scant documentation
Only the custom microcodes are scantly documented. But that's not the only issue as noted up above.

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I often fantasise about writing a faithful, 1:1 N64 emulator. As in, BSNES tier.

Surely it wouldn't be that hard to implement RDP in shader logic.

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*CPU suddenly writes into the framebuffer without any warning*
What now?

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>*CPU suddenly writes into the framebuffer without any warning*

Well, the N64 CPU runs at 93.95 MHz, and the GPU runs at 62.5 MHz, so I am assuming on a modern system there would be plenty of time to fake this.

So the host CPU is emulating the N64 CPU and the host GPU is emulating the N64 GPU... so the emulator can setup a fake framebuffer in system RAM for the emulated CPU to write to, and the emulator can transfer this to the host GPU presumably in time for the emulated GPU to think that the the emulated CPU had actually written to its framebuffer for real.

If I am drastically wrong about this, please let me know so I can kill my fantasy.

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Just for clarification, I wasn't thinking of emulating "higher level" operations on the GPU, such as vertex shading. I mean, I wouldn't translate a RDP "draw triangle" to a "draw triangle" in modern shader language.

What I would do is implement every RDP command using "logic" shaders. This should give enough throughput to emulate the N64 1:1 at 100% speed.

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Favorite mods?

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Why do you think it's shit?

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The ones deleting this thread.

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>been hearing this stage is the hardest stage in any game ever since there's been a gaming community on the internet
>finally got a chance to play the game recently (i don't own an nes)
>made it to the turbo tunnel
>expected it to be just as hard as people said it was
>beat it on second try

This isn't even bait. It's been like 15 years of hearing this is the pinnacle of difficulty in classic gaming and I beat it on my second try. Are people bad at this game or just plain retarded? Holy shit.

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Retarded bait from a retarded nintoddler

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thanks for proving my point with those shitty genesis pencils.

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The difficultys always been a meme pushed by the "Im such a retro gamer xD" types who played no games from the time period besides the Zeldas, Marios, Megamans and maybe Castlevanias. If youve got any experience playing NES games youll know its a meme, and then youve got arcades where the easy games were harder than this.

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Taste my ass, bitchdick.
>more detail is inherently better

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>shitty genesis pencils

They have more detail and color variety than the NES version, and you can objectively see the difference in resolution. You're trolling.

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I had a thought the other day, would it be possible to take the SQUARE playstation ports of SNES games and backwards engineer them to the SNES CD-ROM emulator?

Obviously it would be the actual PSX versions running as that's impossible but what about the possibility of ripping the cutscenes?music from the ports BACK INTO the snes versions? Is it possible? has it been tried already?

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Your posts hurt to read and I'm afraid I've lost several IQ points having done so, but look up MSU1 hacks. That's pretty much what you're after.

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Its good to see this is being worked on pretty regularly. Thank you for actually answering my simple and straightforward question but if you lost any IQ points its because you weren't very attached to them in the first place.

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Hey you worthless fucks, It is possible.


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>Would a talented programmer be able to rip the FMVs and music from let's say, Final fantasy IV chronicles and inject them into the original snes rom?
Yes. Someone already mentioned the MSU-1, but... you should really look into it. You'll love it.
It's literally a replacement for the SNES CD. It was designed specifically to add the features of the SNES-CD to original hardware and emulators, and it works on real hardware too.
Ignore the trolls (this is 4chan, the community is shit and proud of it) and enjoy the games.

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system shock looked like shit even in 1994

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And now compare it to its contemporaries.

Make sure to detail how open their worlds were.

And be sure to include how cohesive they were.

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this was the only other game with a comparable engine

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You are wrong, cocksucka.

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Before I buy this I'd like to ask your opinion. Is it better for fighting games than the Dualshock 4?
Yeah not necessarily retro games but a retro controller

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when i search for "gamepad" on amazon this comes up as "amazon's choice", what the fuck?

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>Is it better for fighting games than the Dualshock 4?
You're basically asking if a controller that is already known for being great and hailed as one of the best is better than a shitstation controller.
The answer is yes, it is better.
But if you want to go further, just look at it: 6 face buttons nigga.

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I prefer it over Dualshock 4 by a ton. The dpad especially is a lot more comfortable. It's what I always use for fighting games when possible.

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HORI fighting commander. For PS or XBox (they're both good).

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OwO what's this?

I haven't emulated on SNES in a good while and just wanted to know the recommended emulator for it is, where did the wiki go?

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The best emulator is always kys zoomer

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.>Menu autocloses after I enter a name, making me unable to pick a class and create a character
>Find out its because I only have the first disk and the user disk

Thanks Neo-Kobe!

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post in american please

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I already played the Genesis version as a kid so I already know what to do. I just wanted to see the "Special Version"

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>in american
When someone says this I can never tell if they're joking or they're that stupidly arrogant.

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i understand that no one on Neo_Kobe would care too much, but I was wondering if anyone here had a solution.

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How many disks do you believe you should have? I can pick a class after entering the name and all. Only problem was that I had to dial down the CPU.

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Post /vr/ memes :)

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>huhuhuh... i tink im smart for not saying cuck
His shitty music isn't comparable to the full on heavy metal FM synthesis on most genesis titles. The only comparable game to cuckbain's watered down pseudo punk is comix zone.

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For (you)

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Okay, that's better.
Comix Zone was kinda harsh, was that written on GEMS? But I enjoyed the Sega Tunes versions more anyway.

>> No.5374140

>Comix Zone was kinda harsh
Funny enough as much as i hate Nirvana, i really do enjoy Comix Zones soundtrack.
>was that written on GEMS?
>the Sega Tunes versions more anyway.
I would've enjoyed the Sega Tunes release if it weren't Howard Drossin's fucking atrocious vocals.

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Are there any irredeemable genres in retrospect?

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cover-based fps
visual novel
mobile "games"

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Strategy games and platformers. Also, ninja spirit.

>> No.5374556

Why the hell does Ninja Spirit get brought up so much here lately, did ecelebs make a video on it or something?

>> No.5374557

Not real-time games in general, no. There are valid arguments against online FPS, MMOs, mobas, RTS, basically all the time sinks that compel you not take a breather. But I'm not sure calling Super Mario RPG a real-time game just because of timed attacks (like you were in the other thread) makes much sense since it's equally a turn-based RPG that you can pause and walk away from easily.

>> No.5374560

Stuff like fighting games, racing games, rhythm games and shmups are hard to binge play though due to quickly wearing the player out or even frustrating, that's why they're great if you're lacking free time and want games without much per-session commitment. Many turn based and story/immersion/simulation driven games on the other hand are the opposite in my experience. You have to play an RPG for hours to get anything out of it, so they end up being massive, merciless time sinks.

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Listing prices go up a small bit for a short period of time, actual sale prices end up being even less, and the trend eventually continues down as collectors swear their prized possessions are the next Bitcoin

>> No.5373971

Someone correct me If I'm wrong, but didn't Wild Guns skyrocket in price after Mike Matei put It at #1 in his SNES hidden gems video?

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Are you guys actually paying these prices?

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Emulation is becoming to play without needing a super-computer and much easier to access than what it was.

>> No.5374617

but he's right though

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I only buy PSone games on the PSN. Sometimes just download them on my hacked Vita with Adrenaline. I only ever buy new and most I ever paid was probably $100+ for the original Jak and Daxter. I am pretty much done collecting at this point for retro titles. The market is shit and I own everything I want.

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To convince myself of what? Also, a paragraph isn't exactly a lot of text unless your attention span is close to ADHD levels so if that's a problem to you then you've only got yourself to blame.
Again you can be pissed off about it as much as you want but what are you going to do about it? Cry about it to anons that things aren't what you want them to be? Yeah because acting like an entitled child will absolutely solve your issues ...

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>bought Team Buddies years ago for £2
Feels good mang

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