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Does anyone knows how to make classes in Javardry? It's kinda old so it's probably retro.

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please redpill me on azura. is she okay or is it a ruse?

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Anyone ever have one of these? I remember a kid on my but letting me borrow it. its like a gameshark but with a gui. you could set manual item quanities in pokemon and give yourself any pokemon you want. But ive never seen one since then and nobody really talks about it

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I got one a few years ago to use for backing up save data
Also the ability to force a GB/GBC dual-compatible cart to go monochrome on a GBC or GBA is amusing

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t and s are nowhere near eachother on a keyboard.
you are either phonefagging or you got fucked in the ass by a nigga with a monster brain cart

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i have the mega memory card but i cannot/will not verify if it does gbc titles

i just use it to dump gb camera photos and backup yellow version saves

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y'know sometimes typos happen because you were thinking about the wrong letter

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Imagine not owning a phone. Pathetic.

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The last level of this game is so obnoxious it's ruined the entire experience for me.

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is the game any good?

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The first level is fun. Beyond that, they did everything they could to take a great idea, with great aesthetics and a lot of potential, and make it as frustrating an experience as possible.

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if you want a good anime-mech action saturn game try BULK SLASH

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No. The only good 3D scotformer on the Shiturn is Croc, but that has a better version on PSX.

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>one hundred and fifty dollaroos
>for an empty cardboard box
Dumb niggers who inflate retro prices artificially should be disemboweled alive.

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what does it matter to you its literally a shelf ornament.

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dont buy it then you fucking idiot. stop making these threads

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do not collect cardboard anonkun

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>0 bids

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This. It’s that fucking simple.

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Aside from Sierra are there any good MT-32 games?

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doom is sc-55

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Castlevania for Sharp X68000, which also happens to be the best game in the series.

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shit gaem.

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General opinion would be a lot higher if it weren't for the tower climb segment.

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Apparently there is a glitch that can give you unlimited hits.

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I bought this on ebay in the early 2000s. I won't say it's a good game, but it's not bad either. I beat it many times, I liked it. I like the business sim aspect of going out on jobs to gain more money to prepare for the final encounter. IIRC the trick to the stairway is open the doors, some give you health refills.

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Bro, it's not about just tower climbing.
You wanna do some ghost bustin' which would make you feel good but you do a weird 80's management sim instead.
You wanna ride Ecto-1 and listen to that whoopee doopee siren sound but instead you push your car to the gas station. And the sound you'll be listening to all the time instead would be a chilling sound of ghost farting. A thousands of ghosts will gather into that ZUUL building to fart in unison, until you start feeling paranormal activity in your ass. Something strange is definitely going in your neighborhood, it's you, being fucked by bad licensed game based on a great 80's movie.

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ITT: Games you own but put off playing due to the time sink it will involve.

I'll start.

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I don’t use magic of tranny.

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rent fucking free

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Zero chance you “own” it

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you zoomer are retard

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>emulation + fast forward
how I play all old rpgs desu

problem of tranny is 99% are hideous retards but 1% are hot, and straight guys want to do stuff to them

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>Lost job and broke up with girl last year
>At home so mom has to drive me to drop the car off for warranty work on superficial stuff that most ppl wouldn't give a rats ass about
>Entire ride is awful
>Gas is either 90% on or totally off
>Brakes are either 50% pressed or 100% no in between
>On highway veers then quickly jerks the car back jostling everything inside, for miles and miles
>No slight or smooth correction ever, always something massive
>When turning doesn't start unturning wheel until turn is totally completed, egregious driver critical oversteer
>Well anon I don't get in to any accidents
>That's because you don't take risks because you lack any skill to even have confidence in
>You can always get someone else to drive you
>I'll just put up with it . . .

Holy fuck she's so bad, how do people live like this? Anyone else know what I mean?

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Super Mario Bros 3 is the greatest mainline Mario title.

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Alright /vr/, it's time to see how well you can design a Super Mario Bros. 3 level.

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looks cool, but what's the point?

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Super Mario Maker for poorfags.

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Tell me about the features and I might check it out. Does it replace the e-reader levels?

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It adds to the e-Reader levels, not replaces them.

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Why do people download emulators and have to worry about keeping them up to date when you can just use RetroArch in your browser? Even N64/PS1 games work fine and on mobile too. https://web.libretro.com/

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bizhawk use the same cores and they run like ass most people are into retroarch because
>muuhh shaders

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higam reached the limit 10 years ago and isn't friendly or has good performance so your ppint is mutt games that worked 10 years ago now barelly work (bsnes 0.72 is the best the others are just bloatware).
no$snes has better performance and acvuracy then last higan version (like most multiemulators they can run everything but aren't masters so will be surpassed by emulator that are for one console only which happened comparing snes9x against higan)

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>arguing about accuracy
Build a MiSTer already.

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>cut your dick off already
No, thanks.

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whatever i forgot about the 3rd button but i still stand by my point of pressing a button at start up. its been a while since i played a actual ps1 with a analog control ngl.

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Is it actually good or just another overrated cubie game?

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It's boring, non-frightening trash.

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Fun hack & slash with neat gimmicks and a good story. Not really scary though the Roivas Mansion has a great atmosphere.

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Probably the only game that got lovecraftian horror right.
What >>8182383 said, one of the best games on the system.

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i have this on my swiss SD card
ill give it a go

beat re:0, & 4 on GC

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>Oh no the game is pretending to change the tv channel I'm going insaaaaane
I don't know much about the game really beyond a few of its ginmicks.

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What are some of the most infamous games that got data mine and gave interesting data. I don't about any other game except Metal Slug 5.

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Digging through the file with a hex editor is a very basic way. You might be able to find string references to object in the rom. There are more elaborate ways I’m sure, but that’s the only way I know how to.

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The case with Metal Slug 5 is more curious because much of the graphical data was accessible through a debug mode, which was really easy to access.
Some of the sprite animations combined with the concept art would provide enough information to let people know exactly where these sprites were supposed to appear (without having any actual official code written for them).
In addition, inconsistencies in the design of the stages in accordance with their names (which were also available in debug mode) helped to reconstruct an even more complete picture of how the game was initially envisioned.
The image of the Avatar of Evil you've posted, comes from Metal Slug Attack by the way.

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tcrf.net has shitload of retro data mining and region differences.
melee, for example

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Its endlessly frustrating how the 2nd "X" edition game in the series is for 7 and they never did a "X2" update with the missing shit for 5.

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Meanwhile at The Buccaneer.
The Pirate's prision ship.

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Do you know anyone who became a better parent after getting their shit pushed in by Guile?

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I know a dude who came in second at the national Street Fighter 2 championships back in the 1990s because he didn't choose Guile because he was too honorable. The other guy chose Guile and he lost.

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kekked hard
this board is beyond autistic
i know i can never leave; the ride never stops

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can't forget

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He wasn't a better parent for his son Remy

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Is this game good?

I'm considering giving it a try just because I find the idea of controlling an ant colony hilarious and novel.

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He played it in ZSNES and surface overview crashed it.

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jokes on you I used snes9x

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It's fun but like everything else the PC version is way better.

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>get mowed

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It's a fun distraction. I remember having fun exploring the house, but not so much managing the colony.

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/BNG/ - Boomer Nostalgia General

Post your favorites, from A-Z, any of your favorite old boomer certified old games is welcome ITT. ABSOLUTELY NO GEN 6, IT'S NOT RETRO, THE MODS GOT IT WRONG Allow me to start by posting some of my favorite games from my childhood, which was of course long, long ago:

- Harpoon
- Pong
- DK Jr Math
- Scrabble
- Hopscotch
- Doom, obviously
- Quake
- Those strategy games that ripped off Dune
- That addams family arcade game with uncle fester where it'd shock you if you lost
- The list goes on

Feel free to share some of your favorites, and remember, if what you post is NOT retro, I will personally have it removed

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Your thread was ruined from the subject line, oomerposting teen.

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I don't know what i did wrong, i just said my list and you went ape, this is why no one else is in your thread, rude.

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you havent even begun to see me go ape on you, you just walked into the monkey cage zoomie, and youre not gonna get out without having a limb or two ripped off
what the fuck are you here for then you retarded nintoddler

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Masterpiece incoming

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i'm just gonna
leave the thread
and let it die.

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How do I play this game in Progressive Scan?
I didn't know what PS was until I saw an option for it on this game but when I press the option for it at options screen the screen went bad. What do I need to get it to work? Also why Gamefaqs list a code for PS when its a selectable option in the Options menu? Also what other games have this feature?


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I remember reading about it, but I didn't have an Xbox or PS2 at the time.

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Yeah I have some component cables already but never used them just pick them because I knew I would need them sometime. Are there 480p CRTs I just like how games look there better. Also anyone knows if there are PS2 or XBOX component official cables? Does XB even uses PS (Sorry for the ignorance)?

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Just found the page today wonder if there is a version with the winners.

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Like a computer CRT monitor but with very thick and dark horizontal lines, can do everything up to 480p. Always wanted one since seeing one at a video production studio but never got it and will never get one with the crazy prices, the thing is they have very high hours of use and once the actual tube is gone is gone, no amount of repairing will bring it back. Replacing capacitors is no picnic either and not cheap.

>> No.8182668

>Are there 480p CRTs
yeah but you probably don't have one so don't worry about it

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Was thinking of gifting my niece with her first game handheld. What are the best GB/GBC/GBA games for a 6 year old?

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connect with her in a different way this is why you don't have kids on your own.

>> No.8182695

Spoiler: kids like video games

>> No.8182706

my sister loved the Hamtaro GBA games when she was around 6

>> No.8182731

*popular games that their friends and classmates are playing.

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My gf's niece literally plays PS1 games. Fuck off

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>Costs $500 - $600 for a complete copy


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File: 235 KB, 543x800, gelbooru.com 6388228 1boy 1girl all_fours back_cutout china_dress chinese_clothes clothing_cutout dororo_(character) funny.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How cute and funny is Dororo in this?

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What exactly is that? Is it like homebrew, raspberry pi, or everdrive?

>> No.8182730

*gets a Japanese copy in perfect condition for 2000 JPY*
Seriously, just learn the fucking language you retards, it's not even that hard. Imagine paying those ridiculous prices for US/EU versions.

>> No.8182761

Why the fuck is this so common on PS2? It's starting to happen to every halfway decent game. Most of them aren't even rare either.

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That’s cute that holy grails in consoles are around 600 bucks, arcade and pinball has ruined me.

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