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They didn't live up to the best console ones but were the best side scrollers of the PC?

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>30 years of video games
>millions of interesting titles
>lol let's just talk about Mario and Zelda again

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at least mario is good, but I don't know why people care about zelda so much

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And now you're part of the very problem you so despise.

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It's all in your mentally-damaged head, HRt-loving OP.

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you can't really blame them....

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I'm not the one making contrarian threads about how they actually suck

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The Evil Doll wants to attack you!
Your actions?

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shut the fuck up

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Undertale has always been cringe. A tryhard attempt of trying to make an Earthbound successor, arguably also an already cringe game.

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Not retro.

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Yes, folks, all it takes is a $1000 accelerator board and your Amiga can run Doom at 10 fps. That'll show you, Johnny Carmack, you Amiga-hating hack, you. :^)

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dread runs on vanillia amiga though

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shots fired

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5 World Cups, 2 World Wars and 1 Sega Master System

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Why do they still produce Master System?

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American game composers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cDE1aXSTt6c

British game composers:

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>nationality has direct effect on musical ability
There's one thing the US and UK have in common: Standardized education

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You already made this thread. Nobody cared then either. The body's still warm.

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Think for a minute, Anon. If I was the Anon who posted that thread and I wanted to post it again, wouldn't I have cherrypicked an example where the UK song was superior, as he did?

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lmao this isn't even a contest
I've heard NES music that sounds better than that second song

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pretty cool

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Post 90s grossness: Keeps the sensitive zoomers away.

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This ad was so disgusting they actually made a censored version where instead of showing the guy exploding it cuts to a shot of people turning their heads and then hangs on shot of the box while the original audio plays in the background. They even redid the play it loud screen at the end to just be green slime without any chunks.

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Need the Star Fox puke bag ad.

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I swear Nintendo of America's ad division was the most 90s thing in existence.

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Any early homm fans around here?
I just finished playing the warlock campaign, feels good. Dragons and Dimension door are OP, tho.
There's something captivating about these old school graphics..

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The Nintendo 64 is the greatest console of all time.
>near-instant load times
>built like a fucking tank
>easy to use, no bullshit. no menus, no media features, just one push of the power button and you're playing.
>supports 4-player out of the box, plug and play
>uses cartridges that have cool pre-rendered art labels, and often come with pure SOUL game saves from fellow chads of yesteryear when purchased used
>universally acclaimed game library with games so influential and fun that entire communities have formed around specific games, with titles like Ocarina of Time, Super Mario 64 and Perfect Dark taking top spots on almost every top games list ever made.
I don't care if you think your cringe anime console, of any variety, is somehow better than the N64 due to having more shovelware. The N64 is a better machine in every way than any other console that has ever been conceived by the human brain, and failure to understand it is indicative of the greatest ignorance and stupidity possible. Now greentext every point I made so I can call you dumb and wrong, because you are.

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dumb and wrong.

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Well, go on.

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>omnipresent vaseline filter
>half year software droughts
>$70-$90 games
>300 game library and half of it is Z tier mascot collectathons
>analog stick looser than OP's vagoo because of Nintendo's retarded engineering
>cartridge format gave Sony FF7 on a silver platter, single handedly killing Sega and enshrining AAA movie game dominance in the industry
>literally like 2 rpgs (one's a western kusoge)
>obsoleted by a purple lunchbox

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this guy fucks

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Were you ever tricked by retro reviews?
Back in the old days I remember a review talking about Rampage for the NES and how you got to play as monsters and destroy cities all across America.
It was written like this was the funnest game ever.
There were no pictures or anything (save the title screen), so the beautiful word picture the author painted managed to trick me into buying a terrible game.

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When I was getting into this sphere of youtube almost a decade and a half ago there was always something about Pat that made me uncomfortable. If I were to relate it to descriptions I know today, it was probably because this guy seemed like a coomer and an unhealthy obsessive. I hated seeing him cameo in other people's videos. I avoided him at all costs.

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Holy fuck the writing in that book is horrible. I sure hope I never stumble upon that book when I am out look for books where books are sold.

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I have a heap of official nintendo magazines (NMS), they gave metroid 2 and metal gear 2 scores in the 50% range and crap like clayfighter and bruce lee around 90%.

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This is a real review from Pat's NES guide book. Someone altered the text in the pic to exaggerate some of it, but it's very close to the actual writing that was published.

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Best Snes games

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mario gape is lame and gay. if you had a pc with windows 93 you could do more than mario gape quicker and better which MOST people had before mario gape came out

>had windows 93 and snes back in the day

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Get rid of SMW, Alttp and Mario RPG. Keep Mario paint. I like the fly swatter game.
>Super Mario Kart sucks
Zoomer detected.

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Replace zombies and mario paint with donkey kong country 1 and actraiser and its perfect

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Most important is Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts.

Next would be:
Ninja Warriors
Pocky & Rocky
Wild Guns

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remove alttp and put something like a DKC

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Nope. Cope.

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I'm the Nope Cope Hope Pope

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Just get some Dogecoin so when papa Elon pumps it Saturday night you can buy all the retro vidya that you heart desires....CIB.

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>they thought the Great Reset was a meme

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Depends on what you want. Do you like sports? Quiz? Japanese visual novels? 2600?

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Pic related. Prove me wrong.

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True. If your is that it makes for worse games you are so wrong lol

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If your Point* is

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I am gay I like to stick my dick in men's assholes

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memorization IS a skill

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>plug in mischief makers
>anon, age 16 on save file 1

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>plug in videogame
>see this logo
>immediately turn the system off and flush the game down the toilet

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It's time to grow up, time to play Bangai-O

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Mine is 14.

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Mine's 7, my brother's file 12.

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>proceed to plug dildo in ass then in mouth
>get on PC to complain how transphobic Nintendo is for being a traditional Japanese company in current year of tolerance and diversity

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Been playing the GB Mega Man games recently, and except for MM2GB (which was a joke) I find them hard as hell. This is coming from someone who's played a lot of NES Mega Man as a kid. The smaller screen makes it harder to dodge stuff and I feel you need to be way more precise with your platforming than you ever did in the NES games. This is coming off right after a NES MM marathon so I'm not going off vague childhood memories.

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The gameplay on the Game Boy series feels slower, probably to compensate for the smaller screen. Mega Man 1 on the Game Boy is tough as shit. I just remember the levels just being really long. MM2 is the worst in the series in my opinion, it's too easy and the earrape music sucks ass. MM3 and 4 the balance gets a bit better. I haven't played enough of MM5 GB to have an informed opinion on it though.

I would say overall, they're alright as a handheld departure from the originals, but they just don't have the same quality as the NES games they're based on.

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I said the the same thing, i only have MM1
the soundtrack is as hard as the gameplay

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All of them run terribly on real hardware, it's not just you. It does get better with 3, 4, and 5.

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Constant fucking stutters. Even trying pre-cache shaders I still get stutters. Do you require a super computer to play it smoothly?

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That's not how that meme works.

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Blame the original system, that's what most emutards do.

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Operator error

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It's so easy to pirate Gamecube games on a Wii, which is also extremely cheap, that you should just do that.
I do. Works great.

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Poor emutard

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It's simply a remarkably staid affair given the acclaim it receives. It's all very simplistic and the set pieces, such as they are, failed to ignite my imagination. The levels are all ruddy bloody long, too, far longer than they are rich in ideas. I can usually reach the pyramid/temple stage before losing interest - the water-based level is just an all-time gaming bummer.

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And it's still a highlight of a pretty poor library

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Probably best to stick to all the NES ports/remakes

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Here, have some autism.

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What would you all consider to be must have retro consoles? Which ones would you are are overrated to try and own?

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NES, Vectrex, Game Boy Color (or advance who cares), PS1, N64, Atari 2600

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N64 is must have if you have people to play with, otherwise recommended but not needed.

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Since I'm strictly an emulatorfag I consider the most ownworthy consoles the ones with the spottiest emulation, mainly the N64 and Xbox.

If you're after comfortable homebrewing and large libraries your best bets are probably the Wii (for its backwards compatibility and emulators) and the backwards compatible PS2 Phat with a network adapter and HDD.

Mega CD has no copy protection for corretly formatted burned games, and the Mega Drive is an interesting system to own in general with its CD addon, Power Base Converter and potentially the 32X as well as weird games with four player controller ports on the cartridge. Not quite the same library as the SNES, but to me a more interesting system in itself as a collectable piece.

Weebs will probably see appeal in the PC Engine, Saturn and Dreamcast for their huge share of J only games.

Neo Geo would be cool for some accurate arcade ports and pretty much the best 2D graphics ever, but the library isn't actually all that big and prices have become FUCKING BIZARRE by now unfortunately.

GBA with backlit screen and flashcart is best handheld, don't even @ me (however a lot of GBA games are huge junk because they were trying to get crude 3D, photoscanned textures and recorded sounds onto the system instead of refining drawn 2D and bleeps to their utmost potential).

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Must have:

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Out of the mainstream ones, must have

atari 2600
pc engine cd
sega saturn
atari lynx

You don't need xbox, ps2, gamecube and dreamcast, just pick one and you won't really miss out on much and the graphic presentation is almost the same. You could skip gba since a lot of games are snes ports.

c64, spectrum, amstrad and amiga had a lot of games ported so its not essential but they have upto and over 5000 games each.

Neogeo had good ports on saturn so its not essential. 3do and cdi are annoying because the consoles are easy to find but the controllers are really expensive.

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Hey my /vr/o's, i'm in a little crisis rn.

From the beginning of 2020 till today i started to play retro games i never touched before. Both Megaman Legends games, Galerians, Silent Bomber, Team Buddies, Vagrant Story, Tiny Tank. The ones i remember from the top of my head. For real, i don't remember the last time i had this much fun with video games.

I realized modern video games suck really hard. I'm really deep in this retro rabbit hole now and want more. You guys got anything for me i should check out based on the games i listed? Retro is absolutely the way to go and i really don't want to go back to anything else. I'm still on the games i listed, tried to fuck around in the gameplay, see if i could discover something cool and even fucked around with cheat/xploder codes. I REALLY NEED MORE OF THAT

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Based. But all I can think of off the top of my head gameplay wise is: Parasite Eve, D2, og RE games, Dino Crisis, Haunting Ground, Silent Hill.

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something about that rolly roll

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Play the classic MM games so you can come (a lot) home to the real Roll.

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Found my original, bitches.

I never did play this even though I love the books. What am I in for bros?

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A game based on the best selling fantasy series of Robert Jordan developed by Legend Entertainment.

>> No.7728915

A mediocre game. Have fun

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bummer, I thought this was supposed to be pretty great. Standard late 90's FPS then?

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>taking games out of the bigbox

>> No.7729787

no one really kept their boxes back then. sucks to think about, but yet again, where would i have stored an army of empty cardboard boxes for 25 years

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