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post official, authentic art of retro games

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Your only resort is on buying second hand games and systems with suspicious amount of life left. If Nintendo are so buttmad at pirates why can't they start producing the things people look for? All they did is emulators without cartridges and couldn't even bother to properly tune the games in the first place...

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Too expensive to build and stock the FC and all its games in warehouses, when you can just sell a one off meme “mini console” that zoomers will fall over themselves to buy and play for a hour or two

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How would you describe it?

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Can you give a more soulful description, or do you not have enough RAM to process emotion?

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Prerendered sprites

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Fpbp. Well done. Perfectly executed.

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kinda agree

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Is that a tick tock because we're all going to look as old as James one day? Because I already have less hair than that.

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Why does everything instakill this stupid nigger? He moves way too slowly, has no jump range, and dies from attacking if the angle's slightly too low.

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What went wrong?

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I don't understand the priorities of MAME devs.
Games like Mystic Marathon have had incorrect color issues known to them for over a decade, yet they're focusing on getting fruit machines and all-in-one pirate junk emulated instead.

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real hardware

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Nintendo's Helifire has a lot of neat screen effects and sounds that are completely missing in MAME, plus incorrect colors.

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based MAMEdevs, giving the world a fix of Tiger-ludo

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Tails & Knuckles & Knuckles & Knuckles & Knuckles & Knuckles & Knuckles & Knuckles

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Knuckles is nearly 30 years old but he will always be the cool new guy to me.

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Had her husband Takahasi not had a weeb attack, she would have written Squares greatest work

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imma need more details otherwise i dont care about whatever cryptic shit you're posting

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If you can figure out based on the names dropped, you don't belong here.

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ITT: games you want to see translated, but probably won't because they're not well known enough.

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Nah, Otaku are gamer.

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Ikusa Megami

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Many translations are shit and deserve to be destroyed but the main reason is the cancer that translations attract to the fan base

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This is a pretty well-known game and the original version on the famicom is already translated.
I estimate this version will probably be translated within the next ten years.

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What's your favorite restoration been so far?

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These tracks are so classic Rare it hurts.

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Hey ya'll.

Looking to get a bunch of this same screen lens for some modding fun. Sold out here, found some on ebay but a bit expensive, was hoping to find them on aliexpress or something but no luck. Any of you fine chaps know where to find them a bit cheaper?

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Post the most
>you had to be there
game you can think of.

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I've already said I've beaten almost the entire thing so I'm not sure why you're talking as if I don't know all of this.
It's still not worth it to waste your time on the game. The opponents are specifically designed to fuck you over. It's one of the cruellest games aimed at children I've ever seen. It isn't fair challenge, it's bullshit artificial challenge, and that kind of dickheaded design isn't worth bothering with. And I probably would have said it wasn't worth it anyway because of how goddamn slow it is. The animations are nice and all but literally a solid 75% of your total playtime will be just watching them alone. The option to turn them off would have been really nice.
Don't waste 40 hours of your life beating the Stadium games. It isn't worth it. Just cheat and get those speedup functions in a minute. Your life is precious. Don't waste it away on games that have no respect for your time.

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>Game Freak were horrible programmers!
Zoomers would never say this as in their eyes it constitutes a death threat.

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That's what the rumoured Meowth's Party/Pichu Bros. game was supposed to be.
Instead we got... Pokémon Channel
>tfw no Clear Cut Challenge with Bisharp

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>That's what the rumoured Meowth's Party/Pichu Bros. game was supposed to be.
There was never going to be a Meowth's Party game and any rumor about it was made by retards. It was just a tech demo and nothing else.

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Can I post the most 'you had to be there' console?

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I love this level in the gen 5 game Bamjor Kazookie. What do you think about the game on which it was based, known for its comfiness?

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What are the mods doing?

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i always loved using stop and swap to swap banjo with mario and play as mario in banjo levels. its was pretty glitchy tho

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Fuck off faggot that isn’t real

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Kurko wasted this on a stand alone single world demo instead of making it one of the bonus areas in Jiggies of Time

Shoulda cut the snowy Mario 64 area or the Donkey Kong arcade bonus area and used this instead. At the very least this should be used for a future mod, these "one world" hacks have no merit.

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Was it really that bad?

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The Lost Levels is the perfect predecessor to the first Super Mario Bros.

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It's better as a sequel, since it's way harder than the original SMB.

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Predecessor? So the second entry which would be the original SMB should've been fuck all easier than the first? That doesn't seem right.

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It was famously hated by Mario fans and it's own creator, who considers USA to be the true sequel. Only speedrun autists and masochists like it.

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For the context of when it came out, it makes a lot of sense. Super Mario Bros. was a legitimate phenomenon in Japan. People would play it for hours and hours even after they'd already beaten it just because of how much fun they had. There were also a bunch of secrets to find, warps, etc which kept people hunting after every secret had been found. The original game was pretty easy up until the final World, so all that time players spent gitting gud was mostly just exerted on speed running the game for the sheer fun of it. Then add in the Famicom Disk System, which Nintendo could use a killer app for, even if it's a rush job.
All this taken into consideration, Super Mario Bros. 2 was a totally logical step forward. Super Mario Bros. was a hit on Famicom, and with the extra power from the FDS, they could include Luigi as a playable character for some variety, allow players to save, and do stuff like wind effects on top of the existing game engine. The game was designed for those SMB pros in mind, you spent all that time mastering SMB just for the fun of it? Here's a game where you can truly prove yourself to be a master at the game. Plus, they used their knowledge of how people played SMB to do sneaky tricks like having warp pipes that take the player backwards, include Posion Mushrooms to show that looking for secrets is going to require the player be on their toes, etc. And for that audience, I'm sure it was nothing short of a success.

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I was going to buy pic related as a portable retro emulator machine. It’s listed as for parts/junk. I bought a Saturn once that was listed as junk but it worked when I got it. What’s the chances this is typical of Junk consoles from Japan?

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O3DS are shït for emulation.

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"junk/as is" are used so you can't complain or return the item if anything turns up wrong with it. maybe it's fine, but if it isn't, it is your problem now.

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I’m just going for Nes/snes/genesis

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O3DS is kinda shitty for some snes games

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The only reason to get an O3DS is because it has the highest pixel density of any 3DS model.

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I have never actually played what is described by some as the greatest 16-bit RPG of all time, Chrono Trigger. But I am remedying that tonight.

Any tips or advice for a first time player? Does your character or monsters positions on the battlefield matter at all or is it just for show? I can't seem to be able to move my PCs except when they attack and that is automatic.

I have been grinding a bit and playing the games at the Millenial Fair but I haven't gone through the portal yet. I see that I could get a bronze helm and karate gi for Marle, I already have a bronze helm for Chrono but I see I could get a much better sword for him if I grind but it's getting a bit tiresome. Is it worth it to do this? Chrono and Marle are both level 3, I have seen it recommended to be level 5 before you go through the portal.

Also Chrono Trigger General, discuss the game, characters, tactics and lore

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I think he does know which is why he bothered to acquire and play it. He's not some sheep that just plays a game because it's popular r-right?

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Way to derail the thread

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What? I don't know a ton about the game besides that it is hailed as a masterpiece and one of the greatest RPGs of the era. I know vague plot points (portals, time travel, a villain named Lavos and theres some frog dude) but other than that I don't know anything about how the game plays besides being turned based

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Do not grind. ever. makes the game way too easy.

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I just got Frog and yes its moving along at a nice pace with just fighting whats in your way to the next area of interest.

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How is it weird?
The question in combination with the picture is intentionally worded so that you could interpret it two ways as a funny comedy joke.

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I don't see why it's funny to intentionally confuse other posters. Seems like ban-worthy trolling to me.

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I'm >>6694578
I knew what OP was trying to do, I wasn't confused. I still preferred to post about Mario Party.

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Yeah it's pretty unfortunate but neckbeards tend to lack the capacity to recognize this sort of thing, that or they intentionally miss it because they think it's beneath them.

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Holy fuck this literal autism

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Quick question /vr/, cheapest Super Nintendo flashcart alternative? Kthx.

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>cheapest Super Nintendo flashcart alternative
An emulator. They're free.

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Super ED CHINA VERSION, they're like $30 on AliExpress.

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Fukkn based

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btw endless duel and that sailor moon game are still a thing? featuring in evo and shit?

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This or a chink SD2SNES if you need expansion chip support.

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