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I invite you to contribute here if you agree:

To stay on topic: post stuff that you feel that RPGs have ruined. Example: Castlevania SotN ruining its series.

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What're you favourite things about this wonderful waste of a good thing? It really makes you wonder how different the console scene would be if sega hadn't fucked up so hard leading up to it

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The games are fantastic. But they really should have used DVDs as the storage media and have it play video DVDs as well. The PS2 beat the shit out of it on those 2 points. An internal hard drive option would have been nice too.

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The controller and the games; also the machine in general. I love the Dreamcast; but I donated my DC collection to goodwill recently when I needed to clean out some stuff at my parent's house. It's one of the few consoles I played so much that I don't mind emulating. The 'dreamcast feeling' is something I'll always have with me; it helps that a large amount of its best titles are on the 360/Xbone now.

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>but I donated my DC collection to goodwill recently when I needed to clean out some stuff at my parent's house.
Which one?

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>What're you favourite things about this wonderful waste of a good thing?
The fact that Ryuichi Sakamoto designed the boot up sound

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>2D sprite enemies that have repetitive animations
>can't look up or down
>no vertical movement
>shitty sound design
>weapon animations have like 3 frames
>bland samey environments
>repetitive objective on every level
>HUD takes 20% of the screen
>little enemy variety
>enemies are slow as fuck and shoot slow projectiles
>35fps internal logic and corresponding input lags.
>Combined with fucking inertia implementation where you feel like you pkay as atank while walking, and you feel like sliding on glass while running.
>Also, ridiculously shit melee system, which restricts your movement in order to make your hits connect.

Why do people pretend its one of the best fps?

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Why are you on this board Zoomer? This game MADE FPS. Defined it as a thing. This game still has a cult following and community of modders despite being almost 30 years old. No game imo has come close to its survivor horror feel.
Quit copypasta. Write your own boring bait.

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>Fag Life fan trying to bait with reused low quality /v/ermin bait
KYS, Doom is god tier amongst FPS

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ok doombabby

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It like having Super Mario Bros as your favorite platformer. It came first therefore it's best

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You should also mention no crouch and jump. This is a nice cockfighting ring setup

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Share your very first time you felt comfy in a video game or a video game felt comfy to you

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Is that Arthur?

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No, it's Patricks.

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What game is this?

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What are some /vr/ approved snes games?

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why did they do this? couldn't they have just said good friends or something?

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They are lesbians you uncultured nigger.

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Mega Man X, Earthbound, Zelda LttP, Star Fox, Actraiser

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I'm a nigger who wants to play Blood but doesn't want to pay for it. Where can I get a full version for free ?

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We get to beat it out of you, nigger.

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Not being able to find things on google should be considered a contemporary illiteracy. It took me 20 seconds to find a working Blood download link so piss off.

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Which 2D Mario has the best art direction? And why is it 3?

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They're all charming in their own way. Well, Mario 1 feels darker than the later games, like most of the game is very industrial-looking, or dry-looking, but still elegant.
SMB3 is amazing, but I'd have to go with World, I think. Pure personal preference.

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What did they mean by developing a game that consists literally every single black stereotype you can imagine (apart from watermelon and fried chicken)? Is it an offense, a parody, or just a completely failed attempt at "market research" targeted towards black audiences? What was it like back in the day in the USA oldfags of /vr/, did people of color play vidya as much as you did?

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Thank you, come again.

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Why are you telling that homophobe to post in legbutt?

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They think I'm saying racism is wrong

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You'd be surprised to know that blacks design their own characters with the worst stereotypes in mind. Fat Albert and his friends were a group of trouble makers who lived in ghettos, they were fairly dumb, and most lived in poor families.

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He's more of an attention whore than Sevenleaf, nameposting just to get some validation from jancel

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Any decent app stores in your local area?

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Burlington games depot.

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No app stores, but good game stores, yes.

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That's impossible.

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what's that screeching/static noise i keep hearing when i play a game? usually happens during transitions

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This is a great way to have fun with your retro games!
Take a Sega System app and see how many times you can insert and remove it from your Sega System console in an hour, then try and beat that record!

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It takes longer with NED because of the hatch.

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Imagine trying this hard to make a meme and failing this badly.

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I seriously have to stop coming here. It's dead

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That's nothing. Try it with DOS ROM CD-ROMs. The tray is hell to wait on.

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did someone say preservation???

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Can't you read dutch OP? They're demolishing bootleg games (aka repros as newfags call them), not original games that collectors would like to have.
The title being "games demolished by a road roller" and thus misleading as hell doesn't help.

Now whether that means that you shouldn't enjoy bootlegs or emulation for that matter is a completely different topic.

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why the hell would they destroy original games? Obviously by "preservation" I meant piracy

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>Ya know what? /VR/ Baldur's Gate mod thread, when?
godspeed anon
I would be willing to take such a project, although we should first decide what we aim to do here. I can do pretty much everything when it comes to infinity engine modding and I'm rather used to it. If anyone wants a bunch of links to modding resources i can dump.
If there's actually anyone interested in this i'll post a discord invite since managing projects on this serbian lamprey fishing market BBS isn't particularly easy.

also, baldur's gate thread post your weidu.log edition https://pastebin.com/KG3Yy5TB

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Im considering switching to Linux but Im not so sure how well you can handle those older games that struggle in modern systems.

How do you manage /vr/?

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Dosbox runs great on Linux, as do emulators. the few high performance emulators that don't run well on Linux are not /vr/. Most of the major games (Quake, Doom, etc) had native Linux source ports.

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I will still continue to call it Linux for eternity because I’m not an autist.

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Most of them should work as well as your GPU driver allows. I can't even play Sonic on Ubuntu without weird screen tearing.

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I always had problems running Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain even on Windows 98. Wine worked perfectly.

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Why is this game so short and easy? There are no difficulty options to make it harder, and it only takes a couple of days to master the game.

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It made it fun to replay, and let you explore the slightly different routes.
Not every game needed to appeal to friendless poorfags who only got a few games, and had no choice but to autistically "master" them to trick themselves into feeling better about their standing in life.

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>couple days
>at least a month
It's almost like there's a difference in difficulty there.

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Because it's aimed at console babbys who couldn't handle arcade challenge. Reminder that /vr/ thinks (or used to) that this is one of the hardest games around LOL

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oh look another comix zone hate thread ebin.

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They seem to think all the STI games are hard. Sonic Spinball is now considered to be literally impossible. Is The Ooze now considered the hardest out of the lineup?

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Anyone remotely interested in digitized fighting games has heard of Galloping Ghost and the pending release of its sole title "Dark Presence," but the story goes even deeper than what initial reports have covered. Based on a few queries into the Wayback Machine, production apparently started in December, 1998. From the images that survived, an early version was apparently in development and then scrapped sometime around 2005/2006:

It is a serious undertaking for one man to do all the programming, but it seems little, if any, progress was made from the time production started. Absolutely no footage of gameplay surfaced and the new site is riddled with dead links. Even with the apparent success of the Galloping Ghost Arcade (if their social media presence is any indication), completion and release of Dark Presence do not appear to be forthcoming.

What's very interesting is that Galloping Ghost solicited for prospective investors as early as 2000:

Does anyone have more info on this? This is too damn interesting to pass up.

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Is it that one-man produced Mortal Kombat game? fucking weird man, imagine if you started this shit and by the time you were finished arcades had evolved into something different

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I wonder if anyone else feels like this is the creepiest DOS game ever conceived.

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It's very unsettling for sure, both in style and content.

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Do you own any retro gaming gear?

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They have 3 versions of the jacket but yeah. It's officially Sega licenced Ryo's jacket. Had to cop one myself.

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That's pretty cool. I got their Sunderland jacket back when it was available. Got a lot of compliments from people who don't play games.

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i miss captain S

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>wearing sonic merch
Its like you want normals to think you are autistic

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File: 126 KB, 700x550, __cotton_dark_ran_fumiko_odette_vanstein_kirisame_marisa_and_marion_twinkle_star_sprites_and_etc_drawn_by_satomura_kyou__71595b1566fcef5bcbe2a9b7732a28fc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]
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Give me your best cute 'em up recommendations

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Which was the better name?

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I’m jealous we never got the MegaDrive name here in burgerstan.


futuristic af.

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Genesis is a name that commands respect. Mega Drive sounds like something a computer nerd might nervously blurt out.

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Its development name was just Mark V, they probably thought of it as the SG-4000 then they started the planet development names with Mercury (Game Gear). "Mega Drive" and "Genesis" came from marketing.

>> No.5525524

yeah and the Mega Drive sold terribly in its home country

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