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Dracula X soundtrack > Rondo of Blood

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Absolutely based

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You can just put the game in A CD player...

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I'm not that familiar with the GB/GBC library. Aside form Pokémon, what are some must play games? Plus, how does it handle on the 3DS' VC?

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Harry Potter games
Metal Gear Ghost Babel
tons of classics like tetris, chess, pac man, and what have you

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The Zelda seasons/ages also.
Blaster master.
Bunch of jrpgs.

Just google top 100 or top 250 gbc games.

The gb also has plenty of quality, like Gargoyle's Quest.

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>Gargoyle's Quest
aww yisss

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what makes a game timeless?

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Clean graphics. (3d or pixel)
Addictive gameplay.

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i feel like i am the only who knows this fucking game. its 10/10

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The Execution of it's Ideas, stolen or not.

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Which game has the best rotoscoped animations?

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MoCap is Rotoscoping

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>is actually retarded
go figure

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What does /vr/ think about Legend of the Ghost Lion?

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Kemco's music is straight ear rape.

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.>high encounter rate

this is the fight music.


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I don't know that I've heard a more objectively wrong, contrarian opinion. Please reevaluate your life after hearing the following:
>Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle
>Pipe Stage
>Deja Vu
>Joe's Bar

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scha wing

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10/10 cover art
2/10 game

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Let Tails in, you fuck.

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Twinkle Park?

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Tfw not eiffel towering amy with your bro tails.

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>being 12

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Tails died and Sonic knows nothing will bring him back

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Why does megaman wear his underwear outside his clothes?

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To Protect his mega balls

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Actually his name is Rockman. You wouldn't have known that, though, it's fine.

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The cyan parts are actually his skin, he only wears underwear, helmet, boots and gloves

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Why did Rock, only after being converted into a robot, become RockMAN?

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He's a superhero, which in turn gets the underwear-on-the-outside tradition from color balance
In MM11's concept art, you can see ideas for his redesign that would've dropped the underwear but they kept it in the end, likely since it adds to his color palatte and keeps him from being completely cyan.

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ITT, we discuss why the sixth generation of video games--which is retro according to the folks at Retronauts--was the greatest generation of video gaming.

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I really like the gated analog stick. Why didn’t anyone adopt the design?

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Lots got great games from the 6th gen. 4th and 6th generations are my favorite retro generations.

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i understand why it's not allowed here, but a lot of my favorite games are from around that time. late 6th gen starts to fall apart and the major issues common with modern gaming today started becoming more prevalent then.

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nobody is rallying against 6th gen, you just have to wait for 9th gen to be revealed, stop crying about this every fucking day

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>8 out of top 10 best-selling Game Boy Advance games are ports, remakes and collections of older games
>The only original titles are Pokemon Ruby/Saphhire/Emerald and Mario Kart Super Circuit

Why is this allowed?

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Ninja Five-O, Astro Boy, the list goes on...

Seriously it was such a shit platform compared to the original gameboy, original gameboy even had better ports lmao

It's not retro >>>/v/

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Ok boomer

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What am I in for?

Face it it’s not very good.

Why is this allowed?

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Would it have actually been a good game?

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Hey i like sonic spinball fuck you

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The game changed so many times in development that I honestly have no idea anymore

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The music would have been good.

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No, they should have made a 2D sonic game for the Saturn instead.

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>SEGA wants to do more Mini consoles

...How? They said Saturn is off the table, and I can't see SegaCD, 32X, or Master System Minis being viable

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None of the emulators are good enough and can run on shit hardware to make a mini.

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>...How? They said Saturn is off the table,
Never say never.

>and I can't see SegaCD,
You seriously mean to tell me these dumb effers didn't think of putting CD-ROM images onto much-larger modern cartridges? MicroSD can hold a terabyte now, hundering facepalm.

>Master System Minis being viable
Master System was no NES, but it had a lot of cool shit.

See: SegaCD

If this company had competent people in charge, Genesis Mini would run everything from Master System 1 cards to Dreamcast. You could fit a shitload of Dreamcast games onto a Nintendo Switch cartridge and online multiplayer (was already on TV commercials in the 16-bit days, even in the west) is no longer an overwhelming challenge to put together. Dialup in the early 90s cost more than 3mB/s costs today, even if you ignore inflation.

Sega would come the fuck back if they did that. A freaking Raspberry Pi could probably run Dreamcast games, just use a better competitor and you're good to go.

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Just buy an OSSC or RAD2X

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>They said Saturn is off the table


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>It's time

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What are your favorite red label Saturn games?

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Nonomura Hospital
and pic related (Hunt Lady)
I wish I could read more rune, I wonder how flourished the sucky sucky scenes are in dialogue and description.

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>but no pussy

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Not red label

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90s anime is usually pretty good but those girls there are generally unappealing looking

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>Nonomura Hospital

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ITT: games that people only say are bad because they didn't play them

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>I have no standards therefore these are not bad games
Generic platformers with a furry mascot are trash, gramps, deal with it

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>N64 kids were playing this shit while PlayStation and Saturn chads were playing SotN

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Bubsy is bad, though.

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CV64 and LoD > Shitphony of the Shite

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I played this and the original C64 this year for the first time. Loved them both. Nice atmosphere, great music, fun combat, though admittedly I did rebind the buttons on a PS4 pad so it was a lot more fun to play than what I imagine the N64 controller could offer, but regardless, both are some of my favorite Castlevanias now.

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Hey /vr/ I was thinking of getting into the Star Ocean series and this recently came out on the switch. How is it as a remake? Is it any good?

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Did they fix the point of no return in this version?
What about the "bug" that wouldn't let you recruit Phia unless you have 2 empty slots in your party?

>> No.6059325

The best fix for that is gitting gud

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3 has a great OST, but that's about it.

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I really liked the first Star Ocean on SNES. Thought it was almost as good as Tales of Phantasia

But then again this was years ago

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Tales of Phantasia and Star Ocean were really pushing the limits of the SNES and they were amazing.

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When did we stop calling them paddles and start calling them controllers? Paddle is one less syllable and rolls off the tongue effortlessly. Everyone called them paddles in the 80's-90's. What the fuck changed?

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born 80 here
my dad (maybe the only dad among my pweer group that actually played games) called them paddles but I thought that was ridiculous and Icalled them controllers

He'd also call levels 'boards'

>> No.6059439


Everyone I knew as a kid called levels boards, but I still have no idea why.

>> No.6059468

This. Basically until the NES there were joysticks and there were paddles and that was pretty much it. Cokecovision and Intellivisions controllers were actually confusing to people in that they were shaped like paddles but controlled like joysticks. Nintendo standardizing the cross d-pad was the point where random people instantly grasped what they were looking at and so there was need for a new term, "controller" or as my older son hilariously called them until he was about 4 and a half, 'trollers.

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Weren't pinball machines sometimes called boards?

>> No.6059737

I'm 34, and never once in my life have I heard anyone refer to one as a paddle.

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Who was in the wrong, /tv/ ?

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Was this for the Genesis or for the Nintendo?

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Hey /vr/, I'm trying to remember a track. It starts off really ambient with a lady saying "hey" or "oh". I'm pretty sure it's from a water stage.

I think it's from an old Sonic game but I can't find it on the Sonic Adventure 1 or 2 OST or Sonic 3D (Saturn ver). Any ideas?

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Maybe sonic r? Not sure of the exact song, but the band that did the music had a chick singer

>> No.6059238

Tidal Tempest US track ala Sonic CD?

>> No.6059249

This it?

>> No.6059264

Were there lyrics or was it just a sound bite?

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Which decade had better games? I know theyre different and 80s was mostly like text adventures and 90s was more of collectathons or graphics based

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80's games were not all text. Early 80's games were graphically primitive like Atari 2600 and Intellivision. Nintendo and Sega made "realistic" graphics in the mid to late 80's. That said, the golden age of gaming was the 90's.
16-bit consoles were a huge jump and advertised as home arcade machines.

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And by the 00s everything was kinda commercial shit
Makes sense anon

>> No.6059087

>80s was mostly like text adventures and 90s was more of collectathons or graphics based
Zoom zoom: the post

>> No.6059105

This post is extremely low quality.

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70s, asteroids and space invaders have yet to be dethroned

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Do you guys find 3D games released later in the 5th gen more playable than the ones released earlier?
like a game from 1996 to a game in 1999?

or is the whole gen just unplayable today?

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That's what NEC thought when they made the PC-FX. Worked out great, didn't it?

>> No.6059065

That was a huge disappointment. After the mighty PCE they dropped a total piece of garbage like the PC-FX. Everyone knew it was trash too. NEC was out of the console business a 18 months later.

>> No.6059070

love early 3d and tomb raider is the best. alone in the dark is as far back as i'll go though, even that is pretty rough with such low framerate

>> No.6059097

>The developers could have stayed with 2D for another few years and released some great games
They did, you know. They kept releasing incredible 2d games late into the nineties, e.g. D&D Shadow Over Mystara, on home consoles, e.g. Symphony of the Night, and even into the 2000s, e.g. MvsC2. 5th gen tech brought us the likes of Crash and Spyro, Ocarina of Time, Panzer Dragoon and Tekken 3 etc. etc. etc. We had the best of both worlds and still do.

>> No.6059340

I do think they are all playable by today

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