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What are the best games on these systems?

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Super Mario Land 1 and 2
Link's Awakening
Pokémon Gold and Silver
Wario Land

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>>7885000 (checked)
Why even list this.
The rest I will look into

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balloon fight 2

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Bionic Commando (IMO better than the NES version)

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I’ve recently developed the concentration and patience to play through JRPG’s and it turns out I really love them. So far I’ve beat DQ11, Tales of Symphonia, and am halfway through Tales of Abyss and I’m curious what other JRPG’s are considered “must play” from the previous generations? I’m gonna play Vesperia after Abyss, but after that I don’t have anything lined up except Chrono Trigger.

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I'd stick with DQ if you enjoyed it. Seems to be having somewhat of a renaissance especially here on /vr/.

Switch/mobile version for 1&2.
DS(emulator)/mobile for 4-6.
3DS(emulator) for 7/8(PS2 for 8 is good too).
DS(emulator) for 9
10.... RIP

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Me... I'm currently replaying 4 because I never bothered to do Chapter 6 before.

But after that I am taking down my albatross. DQ7.

Got really far with it on PSX a long time ago but never beat it. This time I am going to do the 3DS version.

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>Things I consider a must play because they're actually really good, if flawed at times
Legend of Mana
SMT Nocturne, and basically all the PS2 era SMT games that aren't Persona
Lufia 2
Live A Live
Earthbound, Mother 3
Treasure of the Rudra/Rudra no Hihou
Vagrant Story
Phantasy Star 4
Valkyrie Profile
Disgaea (mainly 1, 2 and 4)
Shadow Hearts 1 and 2, fuck 3

>Things still worth at least trying because they do some cool shit even if they're not great
SMT 1 and 2
Secret of Evermore
Radiata Stories
Rhapsody (I would recommend this more if the 2 other games in the series were translated, but afaik they're still not)

There's a lot more but these are my personal picks. I'm not really an FF fan outside of Ivalice stuff, and was never a DQ fan. I think they're both overrated franchises, but you might want to try some of them anyway.

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what's with the frenchman?

to be fair to westerners, the main series effectively skipped them for nearly a decade through DQX not getting released.

Not sure I understand the RIP though, as isn't it still in development with a new expansion coming out soon?

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Shut it, Genis!

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>You will never be a Japanese kid growing up with the Satellaview
Feels bad

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I don't think anyone grew up with this thing.

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Having internet net was so rare when this came out I doubt anyone really had one

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Rich/nerdy Japanese kids did

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the broadcasts came through satellite, which plenty of people had.

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why do you guys like this game so much? I grew up in ps1 era and 7 and 8 were great! loved em as a kid and still pretty fun replays even now.

to me ff9 is a sad sack of boring characters getting chased around. zidane is little monkey cuck. vivi and steiner are little bitches. quina is just a fat frog eating fuck. garnet is decent and the bad guys are cool. but when does it get good? what are the good parts? disc 1 has been a BUST

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You're right, this game fucking sucks.

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so... THIS just happened

(i tried to post this before and the thread was baleeted? idk wat happened there.if this isnt the rite place to post n64 zelda plz lemme know mods kthx :D)

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I got banned for talking about pigs, go figure. Speaking of which, have you ever noticed that pigs are usually evil in videogames?

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objectively better is an understatement. this place is a corporate tranny shillground where all bets are off as long as you're not questioning the dilaters

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I remember when 4chan used to value free speech lol. Now you can't even talk about the Adventurer Assbag from Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time

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I just like talking about the GameCube, man. Pretty sure you’re overthinking this.

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>Please note that the quality of the posts are of extremely importance to this community

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Have some emulators hanging around and want to play some retro games starting from NES. Can you recommend me some good/essential NES games bois? Currently playing mario 3 after that first Zelda.

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Yes. You can, technically, use these with FCE Ultra GX and other such emulators on a modded Wii.

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i like that one

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I use the Wii classic controller, it's actually superior because if you have SNES games also injected you can take advantage of all the buttons.

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Wizards and warriors trilogy is an essential must have


Bomberman II

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Master Blaster
The Legend of Kage
Chase H.Q.
Balloon Fight
Bugs Bunny Birthday Blowout
Kirby's Adventure

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Is the ps2 a good system for playing 8/16-bit games on a composite crt?

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Not unless you import Japanese collections with 240p support. 480i is cancer for 8 and 16 bit games.

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You will have an easier time forcing 240p on a wii

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I have FreeMCBoot and an HDD mod installed, what sort of ISOs should I be looking for?

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This is really the way to go
SEGA AGES stuff from M2 has 240p support iirc? I could be mistaken, I'm not really a PlayStation guy.

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this, plus wiis are still dirt cheap

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Was this the game that marked the death of Final Fantasy?

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7 is literally the most similar game to 6 in the whole series. It does not make sense to claim shit like it ruined the series but 6 was the peak.

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you're shitposting because you're an angry nintoddler and you know it in your heart of hearts

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That shit doesn’t fly here on /vr/, bucko. Use real words and not memes.

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nope but wal mart and the dons mansion taught me thats totally ok to be a boy and still be pretty and wear dresses and stuff

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I had a rough day, some family shit went down. I need some comfy retro games to help me feel better while I’m looking to move forward. Doesn’t even have to be that good. Just something comfy that will help me smile like pic related.

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God has better things to do than help me. I’d rather he spend his time with someone who needs it more.

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Clean your room and get a job

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A humble but self defeating outlook, I have some respect towards that. This thread is already on the borderline of being off-topic, you might as well tell us what went down, you might even feel better about it. That is, if something did happen to you anyway.

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Mom had a relapse episode. Had to take care of my little brother and make sure she didn’t fuck herself up further. Now that I finally got him and the puppy settled I just want to relax.
Mondays are my day off lmao.

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Legend of Mana
Mischief Makers
Disgaea 1, 2 or 4
Cave Story
All my favorite games are peak comfy.

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Current favorite game(s).
what you had for breakfast
and your age

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I do use adblocker. You still get sponsored posts on boomerbook and the like.
I guess it's not a big deal since I only check mine monthly, but still. You will NOT get my breakfast or age in this thread.

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Euro Truck Sim 2
Meatloaf and mashed potatoes

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>Current favorite game(s).
Dynamite Headdy
>what you had for breakfast
Eggs and hot milk
>and your age

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Pop tarts

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>fav game
right now on a Parasite Eve phase, top late 90s mood and aesthetics
avocado, eggs, coffee and a handful of oreos

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ITT: Games that plain suck but you like anyway, for whatever reason.

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But it was a pretty good game, anon.
With a pretty nice graphics (for what it is) and a fuckton of secrets.

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And if you were honest with yourself you would agree

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Driver 3. I like to run around the maps and find missing collision spots.

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Shit was borderline unplayable, but I was eager to see some new wacky cars (especially mission exclusive one) to add to my garage.

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hello and welcome ig...

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Was the Gamecube really weaker than the PS2? This seems to be the case.

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You’re probably right. Nintendo has a habit of cutting corners on specs in order to keep prices low. It’s worth pointing out that the GC launched at $50 less than the PS2 and Xbox.

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>The main reason was the underwhelming sales of both the N64 and GameCube.
Which was a factor of it being perceived as a kiddie system by consumers. PS2 and Xbox appealed more to teenagers and older gamers so Nintendo went for the approach of making something that appeals to nongamers since they weren't able to break that image.

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>Smackdown games on PS2
>6 wrestlers in the ring
>RAW 2 on Xbox
>6 wrestlers in the ring
>Wrestlemania/Day of Reckoning games on the Gamecube
>4 wrestlers in the ring

There's definitely a CPU bottleneck issue on the Gaycube that the PS2 doesn't have - but OMG DA POWER OF DA AMD!!1

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PowerPC was always an inefficient, lackluster architecture.

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The game runs at 30fps max on all systems. I play the ps2 version in an emulator.

Pic related happens on real hardware. The lava shouldn't be a square tile on that generator.

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Is this canon anymore?

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Man Sonic really is the best vidya mascot ever

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Is it possible to "emulate" this this particular game on a ez-flash cartridge? So when i try to play it, i only get "Game Pak Error" and thats it...
I know i can download a nes emulator for my ez-flash but i would love to play this particular version of zelda since it's optimized especially for the game boy advance screen

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For some reason, Nintendo only put their best anti-piracy protection on the games they ported to the GBA from the NES library, even though the NES library has been emulated for such a long time. Either get an accurate emulator or if your flash cart lets you, set the save type to EEPROM.


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These games are known for having anti-piracy and anti-emulator code in them. https://mgba.io/2014/12/28/classic-nes/

Unless you have a patched ROM, you're SOL.

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ok this fucking sucks, well i guess it's the nes emulator then

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To be fair, the GBA versions aren't straight ports. Besides adjusting the sprites to fit the screen, they did things like fix typos (Ganon is no longer "Gannon"), adjust AI (Dark Link in Zelda 2 can't be cheesed by squatting in the corner), and reinstate features (Castlevania has the stage replay from the FDS release). I imagine they put in plenty of anti-hacking measures underneath it as well.

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Yeah, you just need to apply an IPS file to the ROM

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How do you think he ate Lara?

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Sonics too fast for him

>> No.7884492

same size soft vore

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Nice to know that people already appreciated Lara's big butt in the 90's and it wasn't just about the tits.

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Sonic has gabbo tits

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>Best example given was american cars; Apparently, US automakers don't even make them right-side drive in Japan
But they do it for the UK and Aussie market? nah, I'm calling bullshit.

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Did they shop him to look more asian?

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I've not found any examples of these right-side drive cars actually being sold in Japan, despite their manufacture for other markets. The ones that I have seen mentioned as being sold as right-hand drive was Jeeps. Admittedly, this could also be a product of their own weak sales; I have read that GM has, as of a few years ago, largely restricted their sales of cars in Japan to certain "special" models that might appeal to the rare Japanese US auto enthusiast. Given the lack of sales this would naturally bring with it, it's unlikely they'd then do separate construction for them, especially given that being "unique imports" is likely another selling point to this unusual customer.

>> No.7884907

If I recall correctly, in Ace Attorney 2, in the Japanese version, the case with the girl pretending to be her sister, the Japanese version made it a point that the car was an American car so she was driving in the opposite side for the sake of the contradiction in her testimony.
This go localized in the US as "an European sportscar".

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The subject I guess says it all.

I was interested in an XBOX back in 2018 because I heard it had a lot of good games not on PlayStation 2 (PS2 was the only console I had until getting an Xbox, besides a Nintendo DS I replaced my GBA with but some people don't count handhelds as consoles so idk)

But the Xbox has tons of interesting games not on PlayStation 2 or GameCube or anything. Riddick, Brute Force, Star Wars Republic Commando, Mechassault and of course Halo. Halo was my main reason for getting one. And it was worth it I adore Combat Evolution. One of my all-time favorite video games. I couldn't help but get the next one, Halo 2. To say the least, it's incredible. More guns than the first Halo game, you can hold 2 guns at once and use them simultaneously, you play as a Covenant Elite in some chapters and it has a universe-building story that allowed Halo to have more lore like books and such.

>>Ron Perlman: "Master Chief, mind telling me what you're doing on that ship?"
>>John 117: "Sir, finishing this fight."

The game ended before I knew it. Made me waste money on an Xbox 360 the following year just to play more Halo games. I know 360 isn't retro but I'll say, I don't like it. Piece of shit console. Can't do much with it. Unimpressive. I had to waste money on a shit console just to continue the Halo story. I wish there were at least a couple more Halo games on the first XBOX. Like, have a third game that continues off from Halo 2's ending, and one spin off of some sort. It'd have made sense if there were more Halo games on the first Xbox, it was the main attraction of the console. I mean, there's a dozen Star Wars games on the XBOX and a bazillion Tom Clancy games so why the hell not more Halo games?

Better yet Microsoft should've waited a few years to release the Xbox 360. I'd have given the original Xbox more time because it's a damn good console. Shouldn't be replaced so soon, let alone with a shitty console like the 360.
Call this coping idgaf

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I'm amazed how well the PS3 holds up as a media device even today. In some ways it's actually better than the PS4. Booting up the 360 today feels like a toy in comparison. Except for the controller.

>> No.7884828

Well, the official 360 controllers ran on AA batteries while official PS3 controllers had charged batteries.
Also, the PS4 seems like a pointless console. I never owned any 8th gen consoles but I have thought about getting them later when they're not supported anymore and I can get them for less than $100 at Pawn Shops or something. Most of the PS4 games don't sound interesting to me if I'm being honest and I heard PS4 isn't backwards compatible which fucking sucks balls. If anything I might get a Switch despite not being a fan of Nintendo, to jailbreak it for it's GZDoom port so I have a console to play Doom Wads/Dehs on.

>> No.7884843

besides not being able to play mkvs, the ps3's media play is leagues better than the ps4's, which felt like an afterthough. my dork friends and i spent literal hours laughing with the slow motion feature in various movies and shows. plus, the globe visualization when you listen to music. it was perfect.

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XMB is easily Sony’s best UI of all time. The PS4 is laggy as fuck, even on a Pro.

>> No.7884969

I could be incorrect; I don't know for sure but can't mkv videos be played on Movian? (media player for softmodded PS3s)

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so... THIS just happened

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OK then, Assbag...

>> No.7884096




>> No.7884098

I did usually change from the default character names in JRPGs but I generally named them after my friends or characters from books I liked.

>> No.7884107

And of course always named female characters after girls I had a crush on.

>> No.7884115

I'm such an old man that I recognize that it is okay to find humor in small silly things, I'm sure you will grow out of the overcompensation soon

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Hello /vr/, I come at a time for assistance.
looking for assets of dog's life (frontier 2003) or source code. consider this a challenge and not a request, thanks

>> No.7884029

I will not support the proliferation of this games assets, but I highly encourage everyone to play it - despite the goofy kiddie premise and awful looking cover art is a genuinely unique and fun game with a dark sense of humor.

>> No.7884051

fair enough, but I really want to obtain the game assets as the game doesn't have a good way to play on windows, I personally own the game myself, but I would like to dive into the game assets

>> No.7884057

but your point is correct and it is a good game

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