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I have an "in" who is planning on scanning a lot of japanese video game books. They are gonna be released 6 months from now, and go up to dreamcast era.

Any wishlist game books you'd like to see scanned? I can give zero guarantees for anything.

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Any 90s artbooks you can get your hands on would be great

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Wait, you're telling me they fit the NES Ultima V into a 256k cartridge ROM yet they needed four double sided floppies on the Apple II and C64 despite same CPU? That's over 1MB of data.

Fucking magnets, how does that work?

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Fucking magnets

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1. Why are you playing the NES Ultimas in the first place? They suck donkey dick.
2. I'm not sure if they actually used all the space on the disks, it's more likely they just organized it into separate sides for the town, dungeons, etc screens because it was neater and more logical that way.
3. The Apple and C64 probably needed more code than the NES due to the disk routines and some other stuff
4. The NES Ultimas possibly have content cut out of them, I admit I'm not that familiar with these versions.

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>Loves Spider-Man 2000 on PS1.
>Never beat it 100% as a kid, decide to give it a shot.
>Get every costume except one, look up what i have to do.
>Get 10.000 points in the Zipline Training.

This is impossible, simply impossible, you essentially need a perfect run, you can't make a single mistake and even then there's barely enough time.

The later versions of the game actually changed the requirement to 7.500, which is so much more reasonable.

>tfw you're forever stuck at 99% completion at a game you love, feels bad, bros.

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Comfy emulation night with my niece and nephew. What you anons up to tonight?

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Did you know that Retro Arch allows you to do link cable multiplayer on game boy games over a local network?

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>Street Fighter II Turbo SNES edition
Based Dept?
So yeah I'm going to try to beat Castlevania II: Belmont's Revenge tonight. Also going to try to beat the arcade version of UN squadron on one credit or two at the most (I can do it in four credits currently), then I'll try to beat the prize winner levels in Nectaris: Military Madness for the PS1, and later or in between play Heavy Barrel (arcade) on the Switch, which is nice since it's the first time I've enjoyed it since the arcade due to its odd control scheme.

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Greentext after the sex plz

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I didnt know this, thanks.

Sounds like a good time man, have fun.


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ah yes, how the devs intended

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beautiful, looks like a rainbow is forming by the water

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What are some good horror game hidden gems?

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Your mom.

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Honestly this didnt look as bad as AVGN made it out to be

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I watched a stream of it a few years ago. It seems competently made, not as bad as he makes it sound. Then again James is too dumb to even get through the first screen of RE2 because of the "bad tank controls" so no wonder he'd hate this.

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this game is pretty tight

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The worst thing about this game is probably the music. It sounds like lullabye tunes and completely takes you out of the thing.

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>tfw your parents didn't get you this game for Christmas when you were a kid, so now you're a degenerate drug addict

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wish someone would do a ROM hack and replace the music with something more driving

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it's a little cocaine cat

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ngl he looks more like a bulldog than a bear

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Rule of rose is a hidden gem
Rule of rose is a hidden gem
Rule of rose is a hidden gem
Rule of rose is a hidden gem

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Rule of Rose is an insufferable game with a cool story and setting. You're genuinely better off watching a let's play.

I regret selling my copy like 6 years ago though, prices are insane now.

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Story is shit too.

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Regret what? You just said watching on Youtube is the better experience
Unless you mean regret not selling it for a higher price

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>Unless you mean regret not selling it for a higher price


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This game isn't even rare, a copy sells every single day. Rare games are games which only appear once per month or less.

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Is it any good?
I see mixed opinions on it

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the AVGN review isn't good because most of his complaints can be applied to survival horror games as a whole. Countdown Vampires is bad because it's a bad survival horror game. No balance, tedious pacing, plenty of bugs/errors, etc

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Its bad even for a resident evil clone. Its surprisingly functional and has all the things you would expect from a survival horror game that follows the RE formula of that era, but where it really falls short is that its story, plot and characters fall completely flat. It doesn't even have the its so bad its good kind of story telling that something like blue stinger or overblood has, its just a lifeless RE clone, although I'd argue the game would have been a whole point better if the MC wore a shirt.

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>No balance
I noticed that too. Their entire method to make encounters difficult was to throw 2-3 tough enemies at you at the same time.

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The moment gaming changed forever.

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zero points for effort
this is literally just copypasta

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t. nintendicklet

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Then how come this mechanic has never been repeated in the history of gaming except for Speedy Gonzales where they're just trying to copy it as closely as possible?

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Yup. Loved Sonic ever since then.

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>shits all over a kids franchise and turns it into some twisted ackshually we're rated M now mess of concepts and themes.

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The humor in this game feels really out of place.

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Now I've got that, "What do I do now?" feeling. How do you guys fill the void after finishing a game you've invested in a lot emotionally?

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>What do I do now?
Clean your fucking room, jesus christ.

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I tend to go do something else for awhile. Play music, go for a walk, write a bit. Things like that.

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Fuck you dad

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games that immediately piss you off
bonus points for terrible controls

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eventualy got used to it and beat it, one of my favorite games of all time

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I refuse to believe anyone ever beat this shit legitimately.

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Everything made after the day I (my dad) was born. I'm a larping "retro gamer". It's like emo but even more f/cringe.

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Stop wasting your ammo, you don't have to kill every enemy

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I remember this game. I find it funny that it has an inescapable hole on the first screen to make sure your jump button works.

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Are these the top JRPG of all time for SNES?

Chrono trigger
Tales of Phantasia
Star Ocean

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>no Super Ninja Boy
Fuck off

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Depends what your criteria is, but those are all very solid choices.

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>FF6 music
>posts a boss fight from V

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Where the fuck is Live a Live and Romancing SaGa 2 and 3?

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>grinding as a core game mechanic
into the trash it goes

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In honor of Halloween, what are some of the worst retro horror games of all time?

My vote goes to Coundown Vampires on PSX:

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Those might be the ugliest glasses.

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James can't into fashion. His new weird shirt is proof of that. How hard is it just to find a plain white dress shirt without all that weird stitching?

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>doom guy not drinking from a health vial
>quake guy not slurping slime from his hand like a mong
who made this crap

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I think he's conscious about his nipples, the old shirt was a bit see through, look at this one, more opaque and he still wears a white t-shirt underneath it.

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James has no fashion sense mainly because...
1) he's a Nintendo fanboy, which makes him a normie.
2) if he happens to be a Leftist or an atheist, then he definitely would lack the creativity required to have fashion sense, since Normies who are Leftists or Atheists lack imagination.

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I'm playing Super Mario on a poorly coded Nintendo 64 emulator.

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>im playing fortnite on a non authorized apple product

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What year was this? Why would he use a poorly coded emulator when there were already plenty that emulated it just fine? I remember playing Mario 64 on a bloody celeron using UltraHLE without any issues back in 2000.

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Would gaming as we know it have died in 1983 if not for the debut of the Famicom and it's later US counterpart the NES?

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We didn't feel it. At all. It's what happens when you have a thriving industry that isn't vomiting shovelware week in, week out. You can autisically screech your revisionist history until you're blue in the face, but facts are the facts. Seethe, incompetent, saved-by-the-Nips fucktard. COPE. HAHAHAHAHA!

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>Nigel the Nonce bragging about his shitty 2 dollat Speccy shovelware cassettes
Yeah we are so jealous you got Squij and we didn't, how will we ever go on?

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He reminds me of this comedian.

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Do you even know what thread you're in you low-functioning potato

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Nationwide launch of the NES was in September 86, almost an entire year after the test launch.

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I really hope none of you do this... Reddit cringe thread

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>Pic related but it's not mine, it's LGRs
Yes. Yes it is.

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OH NOOOOO worldly possessions, how DARE they do this to us?!?

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the only problem is the boxes on top the shelves. throw that shit away.

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yeah that's like a over a quarter of the entire image lol

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Which one of you did this?

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The only unfunny attention whore ITT?

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>what is bait

>> No.7037414

based, fuck Chinkshin Impact

>> No.7037420

>buying a pc to play snes
Why don't you just buy a snes?

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watch your mouth, chad

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This game is the greatest game 3D Platformer ever made (Note 3D Platformers are the greatest video game genre).

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Banjo Cringzooie is shite and Willyvania is the best video game genre cunt.

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i had more fun playing dk64

>> No.7037280

I love it
You platform a shit load in the Banjo games. There's no way you can say in good faith that they aren't also platformers

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Sonic Adventures basically plays itself. Sonic Adventures 2 is more like a plat-former but it sucks dick.

>> No.7037718

the controls on the N64 were so dogshit that platforming was actually the worst part of collectathons

t. N64 fanboy who 100%ed most of them

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