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So I just played through Mischief Makers and what did they mean by this? Was the game design based?

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Who ruined game collecting for you?

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you're pathetic if you let other people ruin game collecting for you.

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Metaljesus is a cuck

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Modded or un-modded on a first playthrough?

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It runs like shit without mods. A compatibility patch is definitely needed

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Never had that problem. It's not like Thief were shit like the cutscenes don't work without a compatibility patch.

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Is this even retro?

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It is compatible with PC parts that existed back in the '90s, so yes.

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no but the janitors are retarded so it will be left alive anyway

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Hello frens It 4channel favorite N time to share my collection

Ultimate nes



Kaizo mario

Random 3ds cia

Rare nds 100+ Books in french , german , and Japanese
I will be working hard on collecting more games and plenty of other project ?

Here a vote for next mega collection

See you tomorrow frens

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I "ripped" some of the skyboxes from Croc: Legend of the Gobbos.

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They look nice. I didn't realize the game had that much attention to detail in it. Why is ripped in quotes?

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These are pretty nice actually. Well done! How did you manage it?

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individual files: https://imgur.com/a/FNL4BRv
ai upscaled versions: https://imgur.com/a/8fhWQEl/
I used Playstation VRAM Viewer (PVV).
With a bit of fiddling I was able to extract each texture that these backgrounds were constructed of and piece them together in paint.net.

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I wouldn't consider them perfect rips as I'm sure there are some errors in the piecing process. They're pretty decent though. This is something I've always wanted to do but wasn't really sure how. I'll probably get around to doing more. Croc has loads of cool skyboxes.

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Hien is the best

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Don't underestimate the power of dolphin!

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Spanky fucks Hien in the ass for breakfast

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The old post got archived and is harder to find so here's a compiled MEGA download.

Game in the image is Hypernoid for the NEO GEO, which is currently unreleased.

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Does anyone still play this old sack of shit in current year?

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I do, they've done some fun updates with oceanic content in the last year or so - still fun if you have people to play with.

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This game is the Ultimate pleb filter. Love it. Wish there was proper AOS shards tho

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Yeah private shard all seem to be ren, pre-ren, or a shitshow of garbage custom content.

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woops meant to reply to

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Koei's attempt at Final Fantasy. A sickeningly mediocre waste of time.

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so are you going to tell us about this game or not

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Mediocre defines 90% of jrpgs ever released.

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How the fuck do you even pronounce that?

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I don't remember if it was this one or the Ps2 one but there was a Zill O'll game known for it's sick action-consequence, I would like to try it one day.

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>Not playing the Infinite Plus version
Absolutely plebian. Shame that whole Twitter she-twink meltdown derailed the translation

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Yank, console anon here.
I've always wanted to dabble into the Commodore Amiga's library. So I tried out Turrican with the WinUAE and I am currently having a blast with it.
What are other essential or just great games to play? Heck list some hidden gems as well.

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What's your thoughts on the original Fire Emblem? I'm on chapter 16 and I'm having a good time so far, other than time Marth got killed by a random crit twice on the same map. My favorite unit is Palla.

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Not as good as JUST BREED imo.

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I don't get it.

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>Stunts don't really do anything outside of increasing your score.

What do you think you're suppose do in this game

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Fly through rings.

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I literally asked for scoring tips, I appreciate their advice.

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The graphics in soft museum are very cool

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1.) What is the best(your favorite) Zelda Dungeon from any of the retro games?
2.) Tell us about the things you like about it, maybe some of its highlights or even things you don't like about or could have been done better.

I know everyone loves it but I have to go with the forest temple: perfect atmosphere with great music and lots of memorable areas, it really feels like a real location with history rather than something that's only there to challenge the player. Gameplaywise it has a good amount of exploration, lots of novelty but doesn't dwell too much on a single gimmick and the boss and minibosses are cool as hell. Hard to think of a negative but I guess the timed tile sliding puzzle from the third ghost is just obnoxious.

Honorable mention goes to the Eagle Tower in Link's Awakening, such a clever concept.

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so i got SOTN for android because i never beat it on ps1 back in the day and i wouldn't normally come to 4 chan to figure out what the fuck is happening but help please. i got to the inverted castle. did shit way out of order but got all 5 relics but after i beat death and headed towards dracula I realised my map was no longer inverted and i'm back in the regular castle. i can't find shit online about it. what the fuck am i doing wrong? i feel like i'm taking fucking crazy pills

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i'm pretty sure you just got morallygreyposted

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sorry. here take this

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You're far too pure.

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There's a warp back and forth between the inverted and normal castles. Just go back to the inverted castle the normal way. If you press up in the room you're warped to you'll go back to the normal castle.

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apparently i;m a fucking moron and too drunk for this shit. i had fucked off and started making dinner >>6325673
but thanks. at least i know theres a warp now.

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What is the best arcade shooter?

For me, it’s Time Crisis II, the pinnacle of the series.

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Maximum Force, but Time Crisis II is probably tops for me too

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Asteroids from the Atari

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I wouldn't say it was the best, but literally every mall arcade, roller rink, pizza place, and lasertag arena I went to in the mid to late 90s had this machine. I've probably spent around $100 in quarters during my life playing it, and have beat it probably a dozen times. his game is forever burned into my brain and hits me with massive nostalgia anytime I see this cab still.

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House of the Dead, Time Crisis II (although I personally preferred 3 for the weapon switching), and LA Machineguns are my top three.

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House of the dead 1 and 2
Time crisis games too

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Which version of this should I play?

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Atari 2600

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You can overclock the cpu in mame using cheats.

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Nes. Get the first two games on nes or emulate em.

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isn't that how it was on the original arcade?

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my friend played an actual arcade of it when he was a kid and said he doesnt remember it being that bad

ive heard this, i think the board has 2 CPUs, never tried

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ITT: Talk about the greatest games of all time, Diablo I and II. Post screenshots of your guys

Recently completed a goal of mine i've had for a the longest time, finding the full tal rashas set in single player

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tracked exp on 9 baal runs, throne room and baal only, at clvl 93
>full party of 8 in throne, avg slightly <1mil
>party of 7 and 1 mule in town, ~1.3 mil
>/players 8 alone, 3.7mil
Players 8 was gay af with a necromancer and took longer than 4 runs with the full party but I thought Ii would give it one chance for comparison's sake. There was some kind of rumor about if you don't have a full party (the 7p+1 case above), the act2 minions give bugged exp. I wonder if that was what happened above.

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I use to be really into this game, but everytime I load it up and play hell difficulty I get annoyed and quit almost immediately. Is this normal? Any advice? I got a meteorb on act 5 and a hammerdin on act 2.

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anyone interested in playing some co-op? i'm considering starting a co-op lobby on steam

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Has an 'atmosphere' or 'feel' of a game ever made you wary or uncomfortable? Sort of like there's a sinister or alien feel to it? I connect this particular experience with pic related - the stiffness, the weird locales and off-putting enemies, the can-can starman theme etc. The fact that i played this at such an early age may exacerbate this feeling, as some objects or experiences have the distinct ability to 'take over' your formative mind...

It is sort of a difficult phenomenon to describe, but i hope some of you can elucidate on hopefully similar experiences.

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One of the levels takes place in Mario’s cock

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underrated post

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yeah and that level is made of balls too, those cheeky cunts

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That's why games like this and 64 are soulful.

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You mean charming.

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Give me recomendations for Windows 95-98 games from around 1995-2001.

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