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I didn't see anything in rules that forbids this question, so I apologize in advance if I missed it.

I'm getting to be an old man and have fallen out of touch with tech/games/internet culture over the last 12 years.

I want to get back into emulation. I see the guide link at the top of the page, but I was hoping to be pointed in the right direction for ROMS. I don't know what sites are best/reputable/not viruses.

Any help would be appreciated.

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emuparadise with workaround script. Figure that out and you'll get all you need

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Pardon my ignorance, but what is a workaround script?

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it's got a new arcade mode

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I don't get it, there's a delay on input? isn't that just... part of the game? also I've never noticed a delay.

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>I've never noticed a delay.
Why are you people so stupid?
You never noticed because you never had any alternative. Now if you tried the delayed and non delayed versions back to back you would notice a massive difference. Are you mentally retarded?

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sorry, I don't believe in cheating.

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i guess PC port doesn't need it

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Probably because it wasnt a delay but input linearity.

You know how you can't turn your steering wheels from a full turn left to a full turn right in an instant.
Well, this mode lets you do just that.

Makes catching drifts easy but also makes driving completely unrealistic.

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do people still play quake 3? and how is it compared to other quakes likes quake live and openarena

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people use ioquake3. Quake Live is Quake 3. OpenArena is Quake 3 with free software assets.

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>took away the Linux compatibility for Quake Live

Fuck nu-Id.

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So apparently a version of the Mega Drive Mini is being released with Alien Soldier?

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Why not just hack the Mega Drive Mini you already have and put Alien Soldier on it instead of buying another one just to play one game?

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>buying or giving a shit about mini consoles

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I really hate RPG i have never play one for more than 10 minutes, but is probably because i have choosen bad ones so i'm here to ask for some recomendations

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life's hard being a fan of the least popular videogame genre.

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I've tried all those, except Under Defeat, for a few hours and they're all boring trash. Gunbird 2 has some nice graphics and waifus though, the others are just sleeping pills. And no I don't want to get good at games I find fundamentally boring and and uninteresting.

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>noooooooo not my burgerino!!!
that's Americans for you.

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Shmups never survived on home consoles because you could actually play them long term and see what they were like. At the arcades people had time limits and money constraints so shmups maintained some mysterious appeal.

At home we got to "look under the skirt" and what we found was a shriveled little tranny cock. RIP shmup genre and all the defunct companies who tried to make it work

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Commodore 64

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>and euro v usa posters
It is nonetheless a fact that all the great coders who really pushed the C64 hardware were Europeans while American coders seemed to not be aware that you could do anything that wasn't mentioned in the Programmer's Reference Guide.

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When I was a kid, I thought Jumpman was collecting "buttercups"

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The Atari Jumpman is better and not as buggy.

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Played this on my grandmas lap when i was about 3. Loved this and boulder dash.

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what exactly was he collecting? here, i saw this amazing looking game the other day

the music is out of this world


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Is Moon Patrol the oldest game to combine both platforming elements and shmup elements?

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No. There's an earlier game with Galaxian hardware that does it.

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I thought this was the first example of parallax scrolling but apparently it's Jump Bug released a year before

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What is that.
Is that like Metal Gear Solid or something?

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S-stop laughing chris!

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What? What is this?

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Ah, yeah, that classic character, Bomberman's brother Pommy

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What old games do you consider to be overrated or to have aged badly, /vr/?

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Ps2 games have aged horribly, tank-like camera controls and lots of empty spaces. The graphics are like that mispainted bit in scooby-doo backgrounds.

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Lol limp off grandpa

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You're the only person in the world that thinks Splatterhouse is a bad game.

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half life
anything soitendo
anything squeersoft

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What retro game (or games) do you wish you could replay with your brain wiped of any memory of it?

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shadows of the empire. just like then after star wars had disappeared for a decade and before disney ruined it.

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I had a very similar experience where I watched my friend fight Sephiroth in FF7.

It was what made me go to a used game store and buy a Playstation.

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ocarina, RE4

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Same, especially when it comes to the Myst games. Exploring Riven for the first time was probably the most immersive gaming moment I've ever had.

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See I couldn't take that choice. Those are memories I'm happier to have, possibly even been shaped by. Wouldn't be me without them.

Felt that even back in the day, when I'd be in shop with money only for one I'd think - whatever I pick here could have a big impact on me... and I'll forever miss out on whatever I don't pick.

But - FFV would be a blast to rediscover. That job system is as relevant today as ever.

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Petition to choose Chirstopher Nolan as director of SEGA's Shinobi film adaptation.

Whoever identifies with this idea that we should have videogame-based films being approached in a deeper way, shares to reach more people. ^^


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>Ninja movies
Is it going to be released on VHS too?

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Nolan sucks

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>online petition
>100 signatures for success
Surely, this petition will be honored.

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How did this simple "into the screen" formula 1 racing game go from this...


to this?


The cars are a mix of Night Rider and the DeLorean from Back to the Future 2. Though this show was released a year before Back to the Future, so it did the foldable 'hover tire' thing first. It's the least faithful adaption of a video game I have ever seen, but I do like the insane concept.

Also, /VR/ approved games adapted to other media thread?

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This oddity of animation. What a strange thing to try to adapt to a daytime children's cartoon.
There is a theory that the characters in this universe are doppelgangers of the real DS.

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the flying delorean was shown at the end of part 1 of back to the future so you are talking non sense,it was just a money grab americans tried to do with nippon games since they only needed the "permission" to use the title the rest didn't matter,did you forget the robotech shit americans did.
we never forget.

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Is this game worth getting?

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Goddamn I forgot how satisfying it was when they flipped out. If only Shirley would react to my penis like that

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the game that caused my inverted aim.

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In a nutshell yes.
It actually feels better than the realistic pc sims of the time which seem really bad after playing modern sims.

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Hell yeah. The Queen of Comfy.

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Nah I'm with ya. My best SNES friend turned me onto it. The cool one that had Super Scope, Stunt Race, Star Fox and Mario Paint. Good times.
Also based Soyo Oka soundtrack

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Felt cute. Might delete BW CRT.

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You should put a stick of dynamite in it and film it blowing up. Make this thread interesting

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Just point a universal remote at it and press the power button.

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You look like Fu Man Chu, retard. Shocked that such a specimen is destructive.

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I thought I knew every sega CD game but i just came across this fucking gem.
Can anyone point out additional gems?
Games that I can recall are:
>Popful Mail
>Sonic CD
>Revengers of Vengeance
>Lunar 2
>ecco games

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Eye of the Beholder
Dungeon Master 2
Final Fight
Dark Wizard
Dragon's Lair
Samurai Showdown
Dungeon Explorer
Soul Star
Shining Force CD

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Lords of Thunder is even better on Turbo CD.

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My folks got the sega cd addon for whatever reason as a kid and they ate up the usual fmv shite sega was pushing everywhere.

But lords of thunder is the one good game they got for it and it is fucking kino.

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Terminator on CD is a great game with an 80s metal/hard rock soundtrack

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Doesn't work on a Sega CD though.

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/vr/ bros, what happened with the rom dumps

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nigga, I would pay top fucking dollar to get these games with no slowdown seriously this is all-time great shit

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Mind posting a file tree or something?

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Not >>6216365 but some of the ressource files (including the biggest ones) refuse to extract with my Unity extractor. It's all menu related shit so far.

If you can read Japanese, you can already have that with Retroarch. Enable overclocking and disable the sprite limit. That said this collection has some gameplay fixes for the sports games and possible censorship for River City Ransom JPN

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Is this going to be on Steam? Or any digital distribution service?

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Mods keep deleting Games for Windows 98 threads on /vr/ despite Win98 being a retro, pre-y2k platform as per the rules.

Can we get some clarification from the mods on what defines a PC game as being retro? Thanks.

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because like post 2000 N64 and PS1 titles, they are tied to their hardware restriction

>> No.6216328

then remakes/ports shouldn't be allowed, but they are.

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Remakes usually aren't.

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my windows 98 setup
.- ram 3gb
.- AMD dual core 2.66 Ghz (4 threads by core)
.- gpu 1 Gb amd radeon HD
are you serious about your answer because is not the same since n64 or ps1 can't be upgraded but my windows 98 pc can run some modern games (let be honest some japanese developers still release games compatible with windows 98)

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game compatible with windows 98

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Not by this board's official standards. See the sticky. The GameCube came out too late and the game itself came out even later.

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What do you think of this collection. Played TB1 for 20 minutes for the first time. This game already feels more enjoyable than TBIII and Legend. Played using the keyboard it seems like this game was better suited for Keyboard than for controller.

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Ask here


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you know, TomB raider

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Tuberculosis Collection

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Are these the PC versions with the extra levels in them?

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