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Comfy Edition
HOMM/MM pastebin: https://pastebin.com/6G9B1cMA
Previous: >>6444369

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damn itsa party
on my way

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/vr/ sez, nerco lives matter!

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How do you feel about Shivers games?

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I'm trying to play pic related on snes9x and I'm having problems with diagonal inputs. The game will only register one direction at a time. If I accidentally bump down, then left or right won't register. I can't crouchslide while running and the game feels "unresponsive" because inputs are getting dropped. Was the SNES version always like this? I only ever played the gameboy version of vanilla. Also, the camera motion feels janky in this version for some reason. The emu says it's running at 60fps, but it doesn't feel like it.

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I already heard about you, lot anons are talki g about you. The guy who tries to find the diagonal input.
They say you are crazy?

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C to the O to the P to the E

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modern cheaper keyboards often have shit n-key rollover (the amount of keys you can press at once). I wont go too much into it, but you can try remapping the ingame dpad to 4 random keys (like a l c y) or something far apart to confirm its not your keyboard

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snes9x makes you map diagonal inputs separately in the input options. Make sure you've mapped those.

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Why did they made a game based on Blues Brothers 2000?

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Because Blues Brothers already was a gaming franchise in the 16 bit days.

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They ruined my boy RoboCop

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I remember watching the movie as a kid and it had a vaguely surreal feel to it. What was it about again?

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Seriously. RoboCop should be the easiest goddamn property to adapt, but Titus and Ocean fucked it up big time (twice, in Ocean's case).

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I'm assuming one of those Ocean games you're referring to is Robocop 3..?

I had the Amiga version. It wasn't a great game, though it wasn't terrible. My suspicion is that they thought they could make money off a cheap licence and a cheap game.

I've still got my repro "It's 106 miles to Chicago..." poster that I bought at uni (in 199x) though!

>What was it about again?
It was a cross between SNL, a buddy road-trip movie, a jukebox musical - and Carrie Fisher spends the whole film trying to kill John Belushi while they're driving around meeting big name musicians, getting the band back together, and generally causing chaos.

Also, Illinois Nazis.

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is a vga pc monitor a good monitor alternative for custom arcade cabinets?

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you could use a scanline generator in 480p, creates a decent representation of a 240p pvm-like image

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That looks horrible, nothing at all like a PVM.

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What they're saying is that the dot pitch is too fine, but you can find older VGA monitors with coarser dot pitch. Wells-Gardner arcade monitors had pretty fine shadow masks but it's true they're not as fine as those on PC monitors.

Arcade monitors never looked like PVMs, I never saw an aperture grille arcade monitor in my life but if you want that look, you can find Trinitron (and Diamondtron) VGA monitors if you look hard enough.

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I'd say no, but it beats an LCD screen, so I suppose the actual answer is yes?

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The first computer I owned was an Amiga 500, which I got for Christmas 1991. I've got some great memories of gaming on it - compared to the older machines I'd played with friends or borrowed, the sound and graphics were amazing.

It lasted pretty well, and still worked when my dumb early-20s self junked it and bought a PlayStation. Kind of wish I still had it, if I'm honest.

Here's a few of my favourite games:
- Dungeon Master
- Shadow of the Beast II
- Lemmings
- Frontier: Elite II (which was broken af)
- Sim City
- Sim Earth
- Flashback
- Secret of Monkey Island

How about you, anons? Any favourite Amiga games or memories? Also... best Amiga emulator(s) for Windows?

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Don't mind superfrog, even though everyone hates it.
Giana Sisters
Alien Breed
Another World
Cannon Fodder

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>Alien Breed
>Cannon Fodder
Great taste, anon!

I'll add Chaos Engine and Xenon 2 Megablast to that list. Also Robocop 2 (which didn't change much from the first one iirc but had better graphics and more vertical levels)

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Emulator poorfag here. If you could only have 2 controllers to play retro games from the beginning to maybe gamecube at the latest, with the goal of having non-cancer playability on the most games possible, which ones would they be?

Hard mode: I like sega and also arcade games which struggle on conventional button layouts

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What an awful opinion

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How? I literally tossed mine in a bin because those shoulders/triggers made me want to cut my fingers off.

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I got use to the stiff triggers. Also I guess helps I don't play many games that need back triggers.

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When I was a teen $20 did seem like that. Not even a poorfag
There's PCB mods sold online, though I can't vouch for how good/bad they are

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Nice seething poorbaby

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Greetings, it is an honor every time we meet. Zolbarg would like to trade you ECM jammer for your soil enrichment.

Is it a deal?
>[ ]agree
>[ ]forget it

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looks nice what game

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Master of Orion 3

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Forget it

Servant of Antares

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I think you mean Lackeys of Sirius

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How the fuck did all this content even fit on 1 cartridge and why the fuck didn't they make world bigger if it was that small?

Also in case this is too little for a thread: Rank all 5 games.

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Absolutely it is and I say that as someone who absolutely loves Yoshis Island.

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Things like data compression/decompression schemes existed since the 70s you know

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cosmic rays

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What? Holy fuck

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I got my SNES as one of those bundle packages with this game in Europe in 1995 and it was the only game I had until like 2003 when I bought DKC second hand. It still held up for all those years.

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What's the best fighting game for retro computers?

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step aside

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A bunch of capcom fightan were released on PC but those ports were shit for the most part, although the DOS version of SSF2T is quite decent.

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How retro? Fatal Fury 3 and Samurai Shodown 2 are available for Win95.

For DOS:
- Mortal Kombat (II,3 and UMK being the best ports out there)
- FX Fighter (speed sensitive but fun)

Already mentioned but really great:
- Street Fighter II Turbo
- One Must Fall 2097
- X-Men Children of Atom

- Rise of the Robots (looks damn good though)
- Dangerous Streets
- All other Street Fighter versions

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Search more. There was a ton of Asuka 120%s, Variable Geos and shit like that for X68000, PC-98 and even DOS and Windows

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Welcome to the Power Stone thread world!

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How was the PSP port?

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If you could force everyone on /vr/ to play one retro game what would it be

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Some men just want to watch the world burn

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fishing contest and NES classic games score contest with /vr/, would be comfy.

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>NES classic games score contest
as long as i don't have to play animal crossing, sure

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As prices are soaring, now seems like a better time than ever to have a retro investing thread. What are you buying and stocking up on? What are you selling? How do you think emulation, counterfeits/repros, and flash carts will affect the market?
I just bought 3 copies of Ocarina myself before the prices just went up which I didn't realize would happen so I'm thinking about selling them now even though I was planning to hold on to them for longer. Thoughts, advice, opinions? Will the price still keep going up in the near future, so I should hold longer?

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Bro just get stocks, retro vidya is an extremely conservative investment. I guess we know it will go up at least, but just drop that same money into a mutual fund or some shit, especially considering world events, stock in soon to open business is a way better idea than a video game that might make you 15 dollars after 5 years.

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op is falseflagging and baiting

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Yeah, but some people are that retarded.

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I just get flashcarts and cheap but functional repros from coronaland, I only get original games when I find them at a good price locally or cheaper japanese imports
Sorry, but I'll not pay over 50 fucking bucks for fucking Pokemon Yellow with a dry battery

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Are you retarded? This is literally the worst time to bring this up. Zoomies aren't going to school and aren't even allowed play out side if they hypothetically wanted to. Many have been emulating on the memeberries so much they've actually realized it's shit and have stopped copyposting about it. They're bored of fortnight and league and have almost nothing to do except underagepost on /vr/. Why would you ruin that for them by reminding them this is the new normal and they'll never be able to afford grandpas toys? That's just cruel.

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>this fucker could've taken us to the top of the Lair AT ANY TIME

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Yeah, but what kind of game would that be?

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Could've also traded the sister to pound dat thotilda ass

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>not having a threesome with banjos sister and kazooie
Are you retarded?

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Was it kino?

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Yes and it's one of my favorite games.

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Never played, never will.

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It was ludo

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So he's betraying Ganon and helping Link, and just wants Link to keep it a secret?

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Is this the one you can attack anyway?

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Yup, he's paying you hush money so he can live in his comfy cave away from the conflict.

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He stole 4.2m rupees from the Hyrule government 3 years ago and gives some of it away when he suspects the rupees might be marked.

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Link offered his twink butt for some rupees.

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He's got a real swank-ass cave and he doesn't want anyone finding out about it, so he bribes you to keep it a secret.

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Lip > Yoshi > Ash and friends.

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lol what problems do you have with yoshi or pokemon?

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I don't, simply put they don't belong in panepon, that's all.

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>took until 2020 for the original game to release outside of Japan
Even then, I guarantee that it would've been Tetris Attack if it weren't for the legal problems involving the name.

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What's cancer? The nothing on DS?

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nah, columns is fun, but my best chains always seem accidental. that doesn't happen in PdP/TA/PPL

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Who's your favorite character?
MOTWbabbies need not apply.

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The ones in OP
Billy Kane
Duck King
that old guy that looks like Raiden
also, cover kino

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Kim Kaphwhan

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Based and justicelilled

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98 Um > 98 > 97

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Are you Mexican?

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Remember when based Turtles in Time included a song from this kino?

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Are you aware of how moronic you sound? Do you speak that way offline as well?

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>coming out of their shells

whoa, I didn't know that michelangelo was gay, that's cool, I won't judge

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>Cumming out of their shells

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Let me be a cool uncle, I'm just talking like the kids.
gay as in happy

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