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1.) What is the best(your favorite) Zelda Dungeon from any of the retro games?
2.) Tell us about the things you like about it, maybe some of its highlights or even things you don't like about or could have been done better.

I know everyone loves it but I have to go with the forest temple: perfect atmosphere with great music and lots of memorable areas, it really feels like a real location with history rather than something that's only there to challenge the player. Gameplaywise it has a good amount of exploration, lots of novelty but doesn't dwell too much on a single gimmick and the boss and minibosses are cool as hell. Hard to think of a negative but I guess the timed tile sliding puzzle from the third ghost is just obnoxious.

Honorable mention goes to the Eagle Tower in Link's Awakening, such a clever concept.

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Not him, but I have one kicking around. Very cool

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