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itt: post bizarre/obscure/unconventional games

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Looking for anything interesting, the more obscure the better.

Doesn't even have be a good game, it could just be something interesting aesthetically (Germs) or esoteric (Densha De GO)

List so far:

Fisherman Bait
Aquanaut's Holiday
Diver's Dream
Suzuki Bakuhatsu
Gekibo: Gekisha Boy
Ore No Ryouri
Mad Panic Coaster
Power Shovel
Iblard Laputa no Kaeru Machi
U.F.O.: A Day In The Life
Midnight Wanderers: Wonder 3
Tokyo Dungeon
One on One
Densha De GO
Rakugaki Showtime
Cho Aniki
Harmful Park
Vib Ribbon
Bishi Bashi Special
Pepsi Man
Umihara Kawase Shun
Groove Jigoku V

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does this game ever get posted?
>Germs: Nerawareta Machi (literally "Germs: The Targeted Town") is a Japanese-exclusive open world adventure game for the PlayStation that was developed and published by KAJ. Taking the role of a reporter who has returned to their hometown to work at a newly opened branch office for their newspaper, players must investigate the town as it undergoes a series of unusual events, most notably the grotesque mutation of its inhabitants. This is accomplished primarily by gathering information, but combat sections involving melee weapons and guns also occur periodically. Like many other games of its genre, Germs features an internal clock that runs six times faster than real time, as well as a day/night cycle, both of which affect the schedules of various functions around time, most notably the times when players can enter businesses and use public transportation. Released to little fanfare in Japan, it remains the only game produced by KAJ to date.

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