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y-yeah, j-just the placement...

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JRPGs are inherently designed to be bad. they require little or no skill to complete, they have no respect for the player's time or patience, and they are generally filled with weird, awkward, unlikable characters. so why were these games ever popular, you ask? simple: they aren't games, they are friendship simulators for loners and long hairs. they are intentionally designed to be low-skill because the people playing them probably aren't very good at games in general, or anything requiring manual dexterity (such as driving a car). they are intentionally designed to be long, wordy and drawn-out because virgins don't have any real life obligations and don't mind spending hours upon hours reading grade-school level writing as long as it's accompanied by colorful portraits of anime characters. most of all, these games, universally, play host to some of the most gay and retarded video game characters ever made simply because the people playing them are gay and retarded and they can easily relate to the often awkward and autistic personalities of these characters. JRPGs provide an outlet for virgins to simulate having friends, conversations, romance, goals and purposes in life. they are not games.

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>JRPG fans are everywhere dude.
Exactly. Tasteless people are common. Common people.
My friends and I played outside or went to the arcade while you all watched one player "play" pic related. Faggot.

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>that time Cloud was anally gang raped in a hot tub by large muscular men
Oh yeah, that happened...

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Wish Squaresoft didnt remove those extra HoneyBee scenes with Palmer.

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