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Why did so many 80s computer games have god awful collision detection?

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Is it my impression or was the commodore 64 way more popular in europe than in the USA?
The retro communities aren't as big as I expected them to be and as I was lead to believe

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Commodore 64

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because this thing existed and it had lots of free games

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Why, though?
Are you just tired of the shitposting surrounding those computers or is there another reason? Cause not touching subjects to avoid shitpots on 4chan does not seem a reliabe survival strategy. The shitposts will find you eventually.

Also what do you mean here by euorpean computer? Do you mean developed and made in Europe? The Commodore 64 and the Amiga would not qualify then.
Or do you mean more popular in Europe? That would mean the msx computers belong in another thread, since they were more popular in Europe than the US.

Naw, I don't see it working. That's a can of worms that could lead to endless arguments about which type of computer is allowed and which isn't. Better do all in one.

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So guys, If I were to buy a vintage computer with an RF modulator, could I just plug into the RF input on my LCD TV?

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