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Last thread hit the bump limit.

This thread is to discuss the Mister project itself and FPGA emulation of classic consoles and computers in general.

Latest updates:

- OSD: backspace to clear FC option.
- Add OSD_MSG flag for non-interactive windows (for cores having pause when OSD is open).
- input: fix wrong dir creation.
- SID: use common adjusted resonance table.
- SID: add curve generator (in release folder, use web browser to generate curves).
- Automatic reset before PRG loading.
- Add pause option when OSD is opened.
- keyboard: map extended PS/2 keys, swap pound/arrow-up keys.
- C1541: support fast disk access through parallel mode (Dolphin, SpeedDOS), extended 8KB RAM and up to 24KB ROM support.
- C1541: various fixes and tweaks.
- Option to load System ROM (fixed-name boot.rom isn't required anymore).
- Option to disable memory clear upon reset (to use some debuggers).
- Option to release keys upon reset (to prevent automatic enter to debugger in some ROMs like Dolphin).
- Fix TOD(RTC) clock.
- DolphinDOS and SpeedDOS are provided (abandon-ware) as an option for System ROM.
- Other fixes and tweaks. Please read updated ReadMe!
Note: you have to update Main to latest one (or PRG loading will hang)!

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Is the MiSTer FPGA actually good or should I just stick with PC emulation

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So I have to know - is it worth it yet?

I mostly want one for the Neo Geo core but the CPS-1 core just got released so it looks like its going places with the arcade emulation. I'm not sure how accurate either core is at the moment though. Anyone with experience able to chime in?

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Will hardware emulation ever be as good as software emulation? Will we be able to run PS1 games at 2x resolution with wobbling polygon correction using authentic hardware? Or could we mod consoles to do that? I'm going to learn soldering soon but I haven't started yet.

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What's the deal on these? Jeff Gerstmann showcased a MiSTer in his most recent "home Game" stream on Giant Bomb:


I have never heard of a MiSTer before watching this video, and it made me look up what it is. Apparently it's a do-it-yourself FPGA box. They are basically made out of a Terasic DE10-nano, which retails for about $140 dollars, with some additional modifications like an SDRAM expansion.

I kind of want to build one. But by the looks of it, emulators for this are still in their infancy. I have a Raspberry Pi that is hooked up to my TV that I use for emulation and other things like streaming. But a MiSTer does look like it has the potential to be something much better.

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