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I’ve never played it. I don’t even really know what it’s about.
What’s the best/easiest way to play this today?

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Do I use any mods for this game like I did for VTMB? I know there's revision, I at least want widescreen support

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Deus Ex. It was so good that I just knew.

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How did they know?

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Modded or un-modded on a first playthrough?

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You should play games from 1999 and 2000 then.

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."JC, I need you to enter a captured NSF base and warn my terrorist pals that the law's coming. There's proof of my claims somewhere in the basement. No I'm not telling you how to navigate it, just trust me"
>No way to refuse or report Jock for being a traitor and refusing to take you anywhere BUT to Paul
>No way to kill or refuse Paul
>Have to betray UNATCO
>Hope it's at least kept secret. Paul can't seriously expect me to sell myself out, right?
>The other nano-aug agent from FEMA instantly Knows what I've done, berates me and flips every friendly NPC to hostile
>escape-quit game
I understand the game has to end with you learning how deep everything runs. But up until this point there was an illusion of choice. Paul has no alternate path, no way to mitigate or even protest. He is immortal because the devs didn't want, didn't know or ran out of time to deal with your not wanting to screw yourself over on the word of a bleeding heart and his terrorist buddies. It tanked my desire to keep playing. I would of been fine with a betrayal, with paul setting me up to fall. Anything would of been better then having to pull the trigger myself

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Were there any good Cyberpunk games before Deus Ex? (Other then system shock)

I'm OK with PC-88 and other obscure platforms. If the game is good I will figure out a way to run it (I'm a software engineer)

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Post games that came out during your year of birth

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Let's talk about games released the same year as pic related.

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Happened to me when I played Deus Ex 1 for the first time a few years ago. It took me back to the glorious PC game feeling of the early 00s. The music was very memorable and the story was interesting and really hooked me right from the start.

My favorite track from the game, extremely eerie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kb0M1fg9pk0

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99% of the RPG genre is ass. The only worthwhile ones I've played are Soulsborne; everything else is shit. It's like this piece of shit genre has a prerequisite to come with shitty gameplay or something. It's a genre for literal losers that don't mind grinding away their shitty lives so they can hit some wizard level where they can finally select a potion to beat a boss. It's not a test of skill, just a test of how much of a fucking loser you are. It's literally for faggots that suck so hard at irl they have to pretend to be wizards and talk to fucking shitty computer NPCs because they've got nobody to talk to irl.

>Oh but they're supposed to be about the story
Piss the fucking shit off. Video games are generally a shitty medium for storytelling because video game writers are usually ass and the voice acting, when it's there, is usually terrible. Furthermore I don't relate to some faggot pixelated cartoon character because I'm a grown fucking man. If I wanted a good story, I'd read a fucking book, watch a fucking movie or a television serial. On top of that I play games to PLAY games; not to sit through some badly told story made for idiot manchildren. If story exposition is getting in the way of me actually PLAYING the game then the game is failing at its task and I have no time for it.

Frankly this genre wouldn't be so utterly terrible if it actually came with good gameplay. For some reason that's out of the question - probably because the developers know that their target audience sucks at life so they assume that they're shit at the vidya, too. Thus they make shitty mechanics that they can cope with.

Yes RPG is fucking ass. Deus Ex is literally the most overrated video game in history and I want to piss on its corpse. System Shocks are fucking balls. Final Fagtasy is for literal cocksuckers. Morrowind is a turd. All of them, you name 'em, they're fucking ass. Souls however are God-tier (excluding DaS2) and the saviour of modern video games.

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Why is that game so based?
It came basically 1 year after HL1 yet it has *tons* of gameplay improvement. Also I think they had god tier ideas when they allow you to free roam into unatco and other offices like that. Also perfect OST.

How come there isn't a worthy sucessor yet?

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Of all the 90's depictions of the future I never thought this one would actually be the one to come true.

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