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It's total shovelware, but it's fun shovelware

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This YouTube channel does a great job of summarizing everything that went wrong with the Virtual Boy.

I was 12 in 1995 and still using a SNES since many of the games were really cheap due to the Sega Saturn's release and the impending Playstation release. 3d0 and Jaguar were both barely alive at this point and I couldn't even find a Neo Geo CD anywhere (I was interested, but heard about the horrible load times and the $400 price tag was too high). Cd-i was dead. 32X was dying too.

The mid 90's had too many damn gaming consoles. When Nintendo pitched this idea, it was at the wrong time. With half a dozen console failures already, people didn't want to go all in with the Virtual Boy. Most people either:

1. Were sticking with SNES until the release of the (Ultra) Nintendo 64.

2. Were still sega fans and on board with the Saturn that had launched before everything else in May of that year (not a huge group, but still significant)

3. Were waiting to buy a Playstation due to the promise of killer launch/near after lauch titles like Ridge Racer, Warhawk, Toshinden, Tekken, Twisted Metal, etc.

4. Were waiting until 1996 or later to buy a console after one had proven to be the winner of the generation and were not interested in the cartridge based N64. Once PlayStation began to dominate from 1995-1996, that was the console most people went for.

Virtual boy was nothing more than a possible add-on portable console for fans of Nintendo. It didn't have any killer-apps and most people who tried it at Sears or Toys R Us complained about headaches after playing for more than 5 minutes.

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The original LOADED was a really fun fucking game, especially with 2 players. It was really damn hard though, I couldn't beat it without skipping some of the harder levels.

The soundtrack was amazing - both the atmospheric tracks and the tracks by Pop Will Eat Itself:


I remember even the instruction manual was hilariously dark comedy.

It was super mid-90's edge, but self-aware enough to be fun.

Reloaded sucked. Played like shit.

Apocalypse was pretty good and was like a more refined version of Loaded with the same edge. Fucking System of a Down videos playing on screens while you shoot shit.

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Honorable mentions go to Spyro 1, Jeremy McGrath Supercross '98, and the Game Boy Camera.

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I've played it some time age. Not as fun as I remember it. Pretty average but not terrible

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So much fun.

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