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I was trying to play Civilization II but it doesn't feel very intuitive, perhaps i'm just retarded but even with that little of a tutorial i don't feel like i'm getting that much of it.
Do you have any suggestions?
I actually played the game first on the Playstation back in 1999 or so but i don't remember that much cause i played it just for a short time, and it was long time ago anyway, btw feel free to post your thoughts about that port.
Anyway, I'm playing the Multiplayer Gold edition, It kinda sucks cause there's no music, it needs the CD for that.
I'm actually interested on trying the Test of Time edition and even more Alpha Centauri, but if you have any thoughts really, i'm pretty much open to play any retro Civilization game even IV, I'm actually thirsty about this kind of stuff rn and i wouldn't mind to try Rise Of Nations again after so many years.

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