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I want to play the nes version of FF1 but I don't want to deal with all the bugs it has. what's the recommended hack/patch to use on it?

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About to start FF1 on the NES for the first time, anything important I should know first?

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Pic related
No fluff, no godawful voice acting or rom com bull shit, only real challenge besides 3 or maybe 5

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>everything about it was done better in other games
>like what
let's face it: as far as the earliest installments (Dragon Quest 1 and Final Fantasy 1 on NES) are concerned, there's really no contest. Final Fantasy is the superior software. It's got better music, more items, more spells, more monsters, a richer world, and a more interesting storyline, and this is all just quantitative. Final Fantasy's customizable four-man crew eclipses the first two Dragon Quests' one and three-character parties. The expanded and improved turn-based battle system makes for a deeper game, inasmuch as the player isn't sitting around drooling for hours at a time while his one character trades 1 HP blows with a single monster. The concentration of early-genre bullshit is significantly reduced: there isn't as much EXP grinding, the player doesn't have to buy or find keys to open a hundred thousand locked doors, and never has to stress over how many torches he's got left. There's none of that "press the A button and select the 'Stairs' command to walk down a flight of stairs" nonsense, either. Dragon Quest may have come first and concocted the JRPG, but Final Fantasy made it good. This trend continues in the following Final Fantasy games that rebuilt the game again and again, the FF games are all radically different - while DQ is content repeating the same old principle to this day, and giving the player base the same menial task in every installment.

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Such cool box art. Such a boring game.

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Is the original Final Fantasy worth playing if you never did back in the day?

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'scuse me?

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Anyone know for sure how initiative works in this game? I've heard theories and postulations but never solid fact. I know it has something to do with character level, and I know that healing spells or actions seem to take precedence while attacking spells or magical items that mimic attacking spells seem to fall into last place. Am I onto something? Let me know.

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Did it age well?

No, but seriously, is there any reason to play Final Fantasy 1 on NES, instead of the Playstation or GBA?

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>Glitches out the ass when DQ is so polished
>Limited character customization compared to DQ3
>Boring town design, most unique settlement is a dwarf cave. Doesn't even have NPC homes
>Bland dry script, most NPCs are useless or say nothing even interesting
How did this series ever take off when DQ had it blown the absolute fuck out? It can't be that it was successful in the west while DQ wasn't, because at least DQ had all its NES games localized.

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Planning on playing all the Final Fantasy games, from the very first one all the way through.

For the first game, should I play the original NES/Famicom version or one of the remakes? Any recommendations on remakes vs. originals for the rest?

I'd rather emulate them if possible.

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Kind of an esoteric idea, but how about we do a thread where we would "fix" problems that almost-good games had?

>pic somewhat related, the most broken good game on the NES

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I really don't know where else to ask this. I'm playing Final Fantasy on the NES and can't find any information anywhere about enemy formations. Do my attacks have a higher percent chance of hitting an enemy based on where the enemies are located in their formation.
In addition, are there any tips on ensuring that I don't get myself into an unwinnable scenario? I'm using a Fighter, Black Belt, B. Mage and W. Mage.
Also, I guess a Final Fantasy thread would be alright since there isn't one.

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What is the best version of Final Fantasy I to play?

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Final Fantasy I tips for a beginner?

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How did this manage to kick off an entire franchise? Its hard as shit and the amount of grinding required to get anything done is mindnumbing.

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Cannot say the same about Dragon Quest 1

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I decided to give this game a shot since I like the series and wanted to enjoy it's roots. I have no issue with old style JRPGs because I love Dragon Quest even more and I can forgive the crappy magic system. However there's something really bugging me about this game and it's the script, the NPCs are incredibly void of interesting dialogue and the story is poorly stitched together. Many NPCs share dialogue too. Is this a result of poor localization or was the original famicom version just as bland? You can't say it's because of the times because Dragon Quest/Warrior had much better NPC dialogue/story with more care put into it. Every NPC has something different to say.
So what made this game popular enough to save Square?

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This is supposed to be an RPG classic?
It's really really bad!
So much for old RPGs I guess.

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Playing them in order almost done with 3 any advice for 4. Also can I get them all done by new years?

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I'm pretty sure pic related is the first FF of all time.

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Ok, so I'm interested in hacking Final Fantasy 1 NES in order to fix certain bugs found in the game. Namely these:

There's a huge thread on gamefaqs about hacking this game, but they seem to want to hack/fix other things in the game that I'm not concerned about. How hard would it be to fix these?

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Here's mine. Not a troll post. I loved this game as a kid and played the fuck out of it, but honestly the original version of FF is pretty terrible. It's grindy as all hell and full of glitches. I had two major game breaking ones, one in the final dungeon that made it take three tries just to actually finish it.

That said, some of the remakes especially the GBA one make it a much more solid game. Ditto for FFII, the Dawn of Souls version of which is legitimately fantastic. (if you like the SaGa leveling system)

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