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The UK is like an alternate dimension to me. It does seem like a place that accepted arcade-styled gameplay. That would explain how Core worked magic on the Sega MegaCD in making SoulStar and Lombotomy made some nice FPS ports to the Saturn. I remember enjoying the humor of UK:Resistance website, as all their previews of DOA2 on the Dreamcast was life bars drawn over lesbian porn. It is strange but the timeline corrected itself and gaming is all Xbox there now.

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They are a nostalgic trip back to a different time. I regret throwing away all the first two years of Nintendo Power and pre-subscription Sega Visions issues I had, but I did keep most of the EGMs and Gamefan issues. Recently decided to try these out, and it is like looking into another dimension where Sega was successful, mysteriously interesting.

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I guess when I have time, I'll download an read that. It is interesting how things could have been if Sega thrived, which is why the UK is such an interesting Petri dish unlike anywhere else in the world.

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