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I need to finish it one more time this year. Both of my favorite games turned 20 this year, so I've played them both at least a dozen times or so. This is probably going to be the last game I finish before the year is over.

I might play Legend on Christmas though, that sounds really comfy.

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I actually have a similar story regarding FFT. It was one of thew few games I had the foresight to bring with me when Hurricane Katrina hit. So it was one of the few games I had the pleasure of being able to replay once I had power after the fact.

The other being Doom 3, but, we don't talk about Doom 3.

This looks really neat even if I don't care about FF14 that much. I'll check it out in a little while, thanks for the link Anon!

As a general rule of thumb, if you can view the target's CT. If their CT is below 50 you're basically always guaranteed a hit with jump.

You can also press left or right when casting a spell to bring it up on the spot. It will show you when the spell will resolve as well, unless it's jump. I do agree a turn order bar would of been cool.

I can't really stand The Banner Saga though, it's one of the few TRPGs I fell asleep during.

I like the Playstation version a lot better due to better audio, but, the PSP port isn't bad. You will need to patch it as well since it has an awful slowdown bug because SE can't do anything right apparently.

I could care less about the new translation they did for it, but, that's a lot more subjective than audio quality.

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