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>No levels = not an RPG of any sort
I'd say "No stats" rather than no levels

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not a bad idea for a thread
FF1 is okay for the most part, 2 is the one that has the potential to be fantastic with some improvements
already said this in other FF2 threads, but whatever, blame it on the autism

>remove trap rooms
>getting new spells should be a joy, not a thing to be dreaded - make the starting level of spells dependant on a character's intelligence/soul instead of having it always start at level fucking 1, a new flare spell should automatically start at level 10 for a character with 60 int
>let the player choose which level of spell he wants to use, even if you have Flare 10 you should be able to use Flare 1 or Flare 3
>fix the "hit yourself to get HP" exploit, maybe by disabling the characters from targeting themselves with Fight or offensive spells
>guest characters suck (except Minwu), give them better stats and some decently leveled spells
>nerf evasion, improve defense
>include an option to skip turns so your caster doesn't need to waste MP or risk losing intelligence by attacking
>ineffective attacks shouldn't raise weapon skills
>reduce encounter rate, increase stat gain rate
>fix enemy formations, squishy casters like wizards should always be behind 4 soldiers, souls should be behind green jellys etc.
>nerf or remove the blood sword
>enemy casters should use more single target spells instead of weak multi target elemental spells
>remove key items from the inventory once they're no longer needed
>give bosses (especially the emperor) more immunities
>nerf or remove berserk

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It's exploitable, unbalanced and the magic system is too grindy but I like it the most out of the NES FFs
I liked the levelling system, it really made me feel like I earned my stats through my actions in combat
it brought the front/back row and made weapon switching possible mid battle which was also nice
Wish it had a hacking community as dedicated as the one for FFT that would fix some of its flaws

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>In most JRPGs, you just swing your sword at whatever moves to gain arbitrary EXP points, which is dumb.

boy do I have a game for you

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This. Since the dungeons are such a pain, I'm content to simply roam the world searching for rare drops and enjoying the leveling system.

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I am playing FF2 for the NES, I did play some of it, but I am getting sick of the Stat Downs (Thank you DoS for spoonfeeding me no stat penalties), what are recommended builds for the 3 protagonists?

Any recommended strategies of how to level in the NES version?

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