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So I want to get into the final fantasy games for the NES. Which of the three out there should I play first, or should I just go from start to finish?
Also are there any points in the game you'll need a guide of some kind to get passed?

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They're nightmares, especially if you're inexperienced with JRPG. 3 is the best of the trio, I'd probably start with the first one though.

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I think a lot of people will say 3, 1, 2. I liked 2 alot but I will admit the engine was broken

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People love to hate on 2 because it has skill progression instead of XPs but I really like it. 1 truly is a classic but a bit primative (of course they're all primitive) and 3 is beginning to show the twinklings of the golden Final Fantasies (5,6,7)

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I'd say just go 1,2,3.
Also who here remembers how awesome is was getting this back in the day and getting those epic maps posters and enemy info charts?

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Hell yes. Dragon Quest too.

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1, 3, 2.

1 is one of those classic games that just can't be quantified, like Super Mario Bros or what have you. Just play it. It's actually relatively simple and straightforward compared to other classic RPGs like Wizardry-like dungeon crawlers, as long as you don't play four White Mages or something.

3 is basically an expanded 1, but I'd say it's more intricate and has more nintendo hard so you're better off playing 1 first to grasp the basics.

2 is very different. The unconventional stats system can be appreciated but is also unpolished and easily breakable. It absolutely certainly requires a guide of some sorts, for example to explain the sheer importance of leveling your Evade, all the stat formulas and bugs. Other than that, some parts of the game design can be downright sadistic, such as massive hordes of insta-death inflicting enemies or absolutely bewildering empty rooms with 100% encounter rate that can be found in every single dungeon; so you are better playing the more forgiving games first. That aside 2 isn't nearly as bad as the rap it gets, though. The stats system isn't the biggest of its problems and it's still better than most other systems out there at the time.

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the last dungeon of 3 is impossible. not even exaggerating its just fucking brutal.

i know this is /vr/ but the pc version of 3 is identical except for graphics(which are psx level) and much better

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Did 2 ever see some kind of US release?

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PC version is a port of the PSP which is a port of the DS game.

I think every one of them are garbage anyway.

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it got a remake on psp called dawn of souls

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Well, the enhanced port did with Dawn of Souls for gba.

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They're easier.

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It's on Android, I know that for sure. Probably on a Playstation collection as well.

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Understatement. The removal of vancian casting from FF1 completely broke the game's balance to pieces. Also, the optional dungeons are the worst. Ugh.

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more than it fucking deserves

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>the last dungeon of 3 is impossible. not even exaggerating its just fucking brutal.
no it isn't
you've been saving those elixirs the whole game, right? use them when you run out of MP

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