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Games you acknowledge you have heavy nostalgia goggles for. Doesn't matter if they're good or bad, just the ones that just really bring back dem feels. Kid Icarus for me represents the epitome of my childhood. Good times all around when I got this.

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Donkey Kong 64 I guess. I played it a lot as a kid, so I've always loved it even though I probably would hate it now. At least I have good memories of it.

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Nba jam (the first one) for the genesis.
O dem feels, o dem feels

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God man me and my buddy used to play that shit so much. I loved using the half court slam dunk cheat.

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i got secret of mana for my 12th birthday. Played coop with my brother all night and ended up missing school the next day. In all honesty squaresoft games were probably responsible for a huge chunk of my school absences.

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This game. I used to play it with the arcade stick, totally felt like a real pilot.

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Never played Kid Icarus as a kid, only checked it out a bit once on emulators but I died a lot on the first level and never attempted a proper playthrough.
Not too long ago I finally decided to give it a proper play and downloaded the 3D classic version on 3DS. Actually pretty awesome game, the first few levels are like a casual filter, but once you start getting HP upgrades and arrow upgrades, it becomes less unforgiving. I really liked the concept used in dungeons, felt like a weird Metroid/Zelda hybrid.

It felt a bit short though, but then again I didn't got the good ending, so I should give it another go sometime.
Nice game OP I wish I could have played it as a kid, but Kid Icarus was nowhere to be seen in my country, the Famiclone land.

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was kind of a horrible game, and i always sucked at it. but just seeing the logo or a screenshot makes me nostalgia so fuckin hard

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I live in a famiclone third world country and I did get to rent Kid Icarus as a kid.
Sad fact, I learned of Kid Icarus, Zelda and Metroid from the Captain N cartoon.

I rented Kid Icarus because I thought it would be like a shmup, kinda like Silver Surfer, from the cartoon I thought I was going to control a flying character, when I saw that it was a platformer with a character that could jump and not fly I was very disappointed.

Last year I bought it on the 3DS (3d remake), beat it first in the easy mode (turbo shooting and gliding), and then I beat it twice in the original mode.
I think it is a truly great game.

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TMNT tournament fighters for the NES. It was a late release game I had just got my NES as a hand me down from my cousins and my mom had bought me TMNT TF and SMB3.

http://youtu.be/kqYkuMArNOU This song reminds me of that beautiful summer day when I was surprised with that nintendo.

It actually breaks my heart I don't have that game anymore and It's so expensive I don't think I will ever have it again :'(

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In my mind. its amazing. the story was pretty crap though.

In reality, it couldve easily been made into one of the best snes games. all it needed was far more maps, a real story, maybe some water mechanics,
But its easily crap because it doesnt have much to it.
It 'just' missed the bar. its a 'what couldve been' game.

But i still love the shit out of it.
[spoilers]That's why im hacking it to make it shine more. Funny how that works.[/spoilers]

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In my mind. its amazing. the story was pretty crap though.

In reality, it couldve easily been made into one of the best snes games. all it needed was far more maps, a real story, maybe some water mechanics,
But its easily crap because it doesnt have much to it.
It 'just' missed the bar. its a 'what couldve been' game.

But i still love the shit out of it.
That's why im hacking it to make it shine more. Funny how that works.

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Sonic 1-3, Yoshi's Island, and most of all Tetris Attack. TA may as well be an anti-depressant for me, I can go back to it any time and just get lost in it, and feel good again. But Sonic were the games of my childhood, and while I played a ton of Mario as well, none of them click that as much as Yoshi's Island does for some reason.

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It's not that bad, just primitive.

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Tetris Attack is the only puzzle game that i actually like enough to keep going back to.
Its good.

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Street Fighter 2 and DKC were big ones for me. SMW is up there also. I play these and it's like I'm a preteen all over again.

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My favourite game of all time.

Yeah the view distance is too low and it moves a bit weird but fuck it love conquers all.

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Not even trolling.

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I loved all the Genesis Spiderman games. They'd probably get a lot of hate because "muh Streets of Rage 2" but I thought they were pretty solid.

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zelda 2.

it will forever be that mysterious unconquered game from my childhood. tried to play it a couple times since then but it sucked after world 4.

still have that nostalgia and wonder towards it though. the only zelda game that i remember and enjoy the music to, as well

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Man, I love Bucky O' Hare.

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I hate all the nostalgiafags for sm64. It was such a mediocre game. Even for the time the controls were awkward enough with the shitty n64 controller, but even now it still suck while using a usb controller. The levels are plain and boring, etc.

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People like it because it's fine for speed running ( :^) )

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The controls aren't awkward at all though. I don't know where you're getting that from. I mean, yeah, you can argue the game was bland and boring, but saying the controls were bad is just ignorant. SM64 had some of the best controls of the 5th gen.

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Definately Donkey Kong Country 2 and Pokemon Snap

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Hmm I disagree, I find the game still to be really fun, though the analog controls for movement are a bit shoddy. I can see where you're coming from though, the game isn't as good as the nostalgians and all the hype, Was amazing for it's time though

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Is the original Paper Mario for the 64 as good or close to being as good as TTYD?

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>phantasy star series
>pokemon generation 1
>digimon world

Nostalgia goggles aside
these games are great even today

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This thread isn't about expressing your buttfrustration over why you hate people who like things you don't. Take it somewhere else.

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I got into this game just a year ago and I really fucking enjoyed it. Really good.

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For some reason this gets a lot of run in my retro discussion with my friends. I also feel it's not an amazing game but completely serviceable. Though the box and cart art is superb.

Know the feeling, lost my copy NES dragon warrior III to my brother who lent it to a neighbor that went through a gross divorce, lost in the shuffle, I still have tatters of the manual and the map though. There is one for 80 dollars down the street and it has sat for like a year, forty dollars too much imo. I've replayed on emus and bought the GBC port(which is phenomenal) but I prefer the NES version for nostalgia. Maybe I should get around the SNES version...

I am really looking into trying this game. I am currently in a 7th saga playthrough(hard as fuck but neat to play a hard rpg)and Brain Lord resembles a similar style by your screenshot, totally slipped by my radar for this time period. Will definitely get into at some point.

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try and barter with them at least, if it has sat there for a year be honest and straight up and tell them they are asking too much and make a fair offer. If they say no it's fine at least you tried.

Burn their reseller shop to the ground!!!!!! You know what you have to do

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FFIII, the original original.

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At least you didn't learned from them in Smash.

And I most agree with the other anons, Kid Icarus is truly a great game; I played it a year ago, and the last dungeons gave me the need to draw a map, it was pretty fun.

I wish it had gotten some love with an SNES remake or something, the KIU for 3DS is great, but the original style was also very neat, it deserved more than just two games.

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The original relied too much on grinding, in my opinion. Like it couldn't decide if it was an arcade game or rpg.

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Star Wars: Dark Forces. I just love the way it looks.

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too many

nes has alot of them for example

little nemo
who framed roger rabbit
kid icarus
solomons key
kirbys adventure
back to the future

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How do you get that to run in 640x400 m8? plz tell me

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TTYD is pretty much an updated copy.

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I had a cousin who owned Roger Rabbit, I always wanted to sit and play but everytime I was at his house the parents wanted us to go play outside.

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