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What are some of the hardest things in video games you can think of?

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Reaching Grand Master rank in Tetris the Grand Master series

Grandmaster ending of Wizardry 4

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beating Cauldron 2

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I'd really like to know how many people beat Wizardry 4 legit when it was first released

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2 people

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Definitely old platformers that had no air control and tiny, single-block-sized platforms (in some cases). Those were the worst.

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I'm sure there are more than a handful of badly designed games that are impossible, or just barely possible to complete, or can only be beaten by exploiting a glitch.

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Shovelware from all eras of gaming fit this

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Reminds me of this: http://www.hardcoregaming101.net/kusoge/kusoge08.htm
>The starting level is so tough allegedly no reviewer could pass it, requiring the publisher give them level passwords. It requires perfect memorization worse than the third stage of Battletoads, and this is right at the very beginning. Even with an emulator, save states and rewind facility, the margin for error in Level 1 is non-existent. Hilariously Level 4 can't be completed at all because a moving platform was placed beyond the reach of your jump.

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Just warning you that people on /vr/ get triggered when HG101 is mentioned

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working designs localization of exile 3 on pc engine is pretty close to unplayable

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The puzzle box in Lighthouse.

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Why exactly was this hard? A solution video doesn't really tell us the extent of how hard it was, were there no clues or something?

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There were clues but they were just that, clues. Most people are expecting clues to be instructions that are maybe worded oddly so it's not obvious they're just telling you exactly how to do something.

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Solomon's Key with the best ending.

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Not retro, but this fucker: http://spongebob.nick-asia.com/en/games/boat_o_cross.html

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To be fair, most adventure games were either piss easy or bullshit/must-use-spoiler hard. Very few ones managed to balance between, which is one of the factors that, IMO, led to their downfall.

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What kind of map is that? Some sort of dungeon crawler?

Is it good? I'm looking for dungeon crawlers to play

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It's Wizardry IV, but I wouldn't recommend playing it, it's a challenge gimmick game, it isn't really about roleplaying and/or dungeon crawling, it goes out of its way to be as unfair as possible and exists for the sole purpose of being hard and pissing people off

You can try any other Wizardy game though, they're all good, even the Japanese made ones for consoles

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Completing the true arena in Rockman 4 Minus Infinity ( Rockman 4 Hack ) without the broken weapons that Rush can use.


Final boss of the arena has an extraordinary number of attack patterns for an NES game and is incredibly difficult.


This TAS has moments of the arena where you can be unavoidably damaged by some of the bosses, a bit of a reference to curtain fire shmup games.

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Completing the Sarah Connor rescue mission in Terminator for NES.

Good ending of Bubble Bobble

Grant only on loop 2 of Castlevania III on the US version.

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Roe R. Adams for certain, that crazy sunnavabitch.

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This fucker

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Any game with Clunky Platform Mechanics.

Any game that you can tell clearly wasn't meant for platforming, but they tried to throw it in anyway.

Most early 3D platformers come to mind for me, like, they're not the hardest thing ever, but they're still pretty hard to me.

The hardest thing in any game? Most games bonus bosses when I was playing them blind the first time. Akuma in SF, some of the old Final Fantasy bosses where I'd accidentally stumble across the uber-boss, things like that. Bosses that make you say "Shit."

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Any rogue-like game.

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Randomly generated ones that not every play is winnable, and you will never know if your death was your own stupidity, or RNGesus shitting on you.

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Beating PC La~Mulana without spoilers is pretty fucking hard.

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>inb4 boo hoo you just hate it because AVGN

This game is beatable but its hard as shit considering two points

1)There will be parts that will make you cry "Give me a sphere please!"
2)Mashing the button shoots faster than the turbo button so get those thumbs fit
3)The Emperor stages

If you are able to 1cc any shoot em up, let's say Einhänder, you will find this game a bit easier.

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Fuck is this game hard. It's really difficult to get used to the hotbox being your sprite.

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Anybody who intrinsically hates a game because AVGN reviewed it are numbnut idiots.

He reviews games that are shitty usually, but also spews more about them because that's the character. Some of the games he plays actually are worth going back and playing, and I've learned of some good games through his show, but I take it for what it is, a show.

Not something to formulate my own opinion on.

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timed racing segments with bad controls.
rts rush you with 10 armies in the first two minutes.
rhythm games.

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I really like this game and probably would have noticed it way later if it wasn't for avgn.. so thanks James i guess. It's hard sure but totally fair in my opinion.

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Welcome to the Machine, from Ecco the Dolphin.
Shit caused my eight-year-old self to experience rage-tears for the first time.

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I haven't played Silver Surfer, but here's the thing about NES games.

Back in what I like to call "the day" we didn't expect to be able to beat any of our games.

We were just happy to play them. My family got an NES christmas 1988. We beat Mario 1 in 1998.

I don't think Silver Surfer would have seemed like an especially hard game. My brothers and I would probably be thrilled to be able to pick the stage we start on.

We would probably make it absolutely nowhere in the game, but we couldn't get far in any games we had.

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I quit ecco the dolphin long before that for general fuckery violation.

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Ya know Sector 6 in Star Fox64? Well, when I was about 12 years old I managed to get there. Had never before managed to pull off this amazing feat. But, I guess that one playthrough of Macbeth the Force was with me, and I flipped every one of those shitty little rail-locks and sent that baboon-ass motherfucker driving the train careening straight into his own supply depo at max speed.

And in Sector 6, though I tried and I tried to save that Great Fox from going into that missile-filled night, I eventually ran out of lives and was told to "git gud" by Papa Nintendo. Keep in mind, Star Fox 64 had NO SAVE FEATURE. None. Not even with a Controller Pak (N64 equivalent of a PS1 Memory Card, only it got shoved up your controller's asshole instead).

The almost stroke-inducing rage that followed is best summed up by what I did next: I got a pair of the biggest goddamn toenail clippers I could find, yanked that motherfucker out of the N64 control deck with the white-hot fury of a 100,000 nova suns, and proceeded to mutilate that bad boy's data-pins until they were nothing but PCB splinters all down the line. Then I exiled the rebellious cartridge behind my dresser and never spoke of or thought about it again until I was 17 and found it moving some furniture.

And that, Anons, is how I found out I could channel the vengeful spirit of videogame Stalin.

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Speak for yourself.

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Yeah, it's a real shame that a game that lasts an hour and throws extra lives at you like candy doesn't have a save feature.

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>I am a dick who likes getting mouth-raped by leech monsters.

I fail to see how you being a dick is relevant to me being 12 years old trying to beat a videogame on hard mode.

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>Sector 6 first time ever
>on Expert
>not on normal to get medal
>defending GF from missiles
>in Sector 6
This makes no sense at all.

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Beating this level the way it was intended to be played by the devs.

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Completing jungle book on the snes

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Completely. I've actually finished the game before but I had no clue about the requirements. Really bugged me that they didn't show any that on the Game Center CX episode.

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>Good ending of Bubble Bobble
What? That's not difficult at all. Press start on controller two before you kill the boss.

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hows the unintended way done? I remember using the P balloon and hating

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The only truly bad thing about the game is a lack of autofire. But hell, even that makes it more rewarding when you get power ups and can rest your thumb for a bit.

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The easiest way to do it is to get a blue Yoshi.

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>2)Mashing the button shoots faster than the turbo button so get those thumbs fit
Not really.
Your shots move at a fixed speed.
Upgrading your shots means that you can have more on screen at a time (2 at start, then 3, etc) until the last 2 levels when it upgrades your shots to fireballs (first your option shots, then your main shots).
You can shoot more evenly with mashing, but you won't get more lead in the air.

Also, is this the most gruesome "official" NES game with the half-flayed elephant heads hanging from chains in the Magik Domain levels?

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What's loop 2 in CV3?

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Meaning once you beat the game once, the second time around and onward will be harder, with many more random bats, medusa heads, and all regular medusa heads being turned into skulls with a random flight pattern. CV had it too. Not to sure about other CV games.

Some general bullshittery I can think of off the top of my head:

That asshole with a gun at the end of Double Dragon.
Last three levels of The Lone Ranger.
The sheer random bullshit in the first Might and Magic.
Battletoads and Wizards and Warriors. Both are just full of hell.
And fucking Rayman. I love Rayman for the challenge and pretty visuals and gameplay, but it has to be one of the hardest yet beatable platformers out there. Just watched someone do a 1.5 hour speedrun of Rayman, was amazed for the majority of it.

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Chronicles has a number of loops with higher difficulty each time.

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