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ITT: Things that are infamously hard that you actually find pretty easy

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It was not hard, just fuck all tedious and annoying.

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Water temple wasn't hard, just slow and tedious.

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The main complaint about Ikaruga is that its one of the easier schmups of its generation.

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Being able to see this screen. I could usually see it in moderate light and the reading light near my bed made it comfortable to play on longer. I never had the DMG with the green screen but people say the same thing about the other Gameboys until the SP.

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I'm almost certain that most people complaining about this are just trolling.

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you couldnt see gameboy color? that might be a medical problem anon

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The water temple is not hard, it's just annoying having to constantly go into your inventory and swap the boots on and off over and fucking over.

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I didn't ever beat Sonic 3 as a kid thanks to that motherfucker.

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>reading comprehension

I never understand people complaining about the Game Boy Colors screen, it was positively gorgeous with a sharp refresh rate, and it looked amazing in direct sunlight. I had this one window in my house that got perfect sunlight all day long for optimal screen illumination, and I had a little LED worm light that worked great for night. Even the green screen original wasn't bad, you just had to set the contrast right. It was the refresh rate on that and the Pocket that was worse than anything.

The GBA, though had some brightness/contrast issues, until the SP came along.

That never bothered me on the N64. The issue I had was the hidden chamber at the bottom of the center area, which they drew your attention to in the remakes. Other than that, it's actually one of the best 3D Zelda dungeons ever.

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I never owned this game when I was young, so I never had this struggle, although I rented it once and recalled being baffled before figuring it out. The problem is that the drum moves when you jump on it. It's sort of a red herring that makes you think you're on the right path, and that you just somehow have to jump on it harder. Add to it the fact that the actual solution is a game mechanic that is never explained, and is only used in that one location, and it's really just some careless game design.

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Scythe map28

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Not him, but were you implying the GBC screen is hard to see? I don't fully understand your post.

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>>2292161 should have been


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>Things that are infamously hard that you actually find pretty easy

I've heard a lot of people complain about each Gameboy's screen being hard to read, but I never had any trouble with it.

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I never had a problem with this

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Nope, I had a legitimate problem.

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Mega Man games. Are they supposed to give me a real challenge? I might die a couple of times, but nothing major. And MM2 is piss easy on Hard. Why even have the "Normal" difficulty?

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The difficulty just gets overblown for it being a water level. However I remember getting stuck the first place where you have to increase the water levels by playing a song. When I first encountered this in the game I had no clue what to do. I didn't take me long to figure it out however it wasn't something I got right away.

For me the stone temple level in Majoras Mask was harder for me. Just figuring how to enter the level was a task. At one point I gave up and looked online. It was the part where you had to make statues of your different forms using a song. Lol almost the same thing happen to me on Ocarina of Time.

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>Just figuring how to enter the level was a task.

This. This is the reason why it took forever for me to clear MM. I would always get stuck there as a kid and gave up eventually. I would start over again, but not clear the game. It wasn't until 2011 that I cleared MM for the first time.

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Getting my NES to work.
Why people have some much trouble to clean it, the console doesn't even have special screws.

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>I've heard a lot of people complain about each Gameboy's screen being hard to read, but I never had any trouble with it.

Huh. I'll grant the original was a little tough in certain lights because of the low contrast, but I have never heard that about the GBC. The original GBA on the other hand was super dark. I remember Circle of the Moon being nearly unplayable unless I was in full sunlight.

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You'll be able to do this shit in your sleep before you get anywhere near the end of the game.

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I remember seeing people complaining about this section in the last Earthworm Jim thread. I certainly thought it was tough, but in a super fun way.

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Kinda agree, considering this is still my only 1cc (easy mode) to this day. Still chugging away at that DDP first loop...

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Of course I forgot to attach pic because I'm retarded.

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The NES port of Contra is fast paced and has great visuals and sound for the system, but you'd have to be pretty new to gaming to think it's hard. Try playing the arcade version, or any arcade game at all.

The Mega Man games aren't hard, either, especially not 1 or even 7 which everyone makes a big deal about.

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>Try playing the arcade version, or any arcade game at all.

That's because arcade games are designed to be extra punishing so you feed it more quarters.

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That doesn't change what I said.

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True, but I see a distinct difference in game design between high difficulty that has been balanced for maximum fun and excitement and one that has been designed for maximum profit.

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>NES games

You're a funny guy.

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Compared to arcade games of the 80's, fuck yes they were. We're talking context here.

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The goat puzzle in Broken Sword 1. People hate it and say it was very frustrating. I remember that I went past that point when I was young without a single hitch. Didn't even know it was a thing, really.

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I beat Super Metroid for the first time recently. I seem to recall everyone making Mother Brain and Draygon sound much harder to beat than they actually are.

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>arcade games
>not fun or exciting
Did people put their quarters in the machines for no reason, then?
Or maybe challenge is part of the fun.

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you must have played on easy then

the thing about /vr/ is that when i shitpost i feel the need to tell you i'm shitposting.

mother brain was always easy, draygon is easy, ridley can be a pain if you're new and even phantoon is a giant dick if you're not used to his spray patterns (or don't use super missiles)

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Of course the challenge is the fun part. And I didn't say they weren't fun and exciting, I said they weren't balanced to maximize fun and excitement. They were designed to maximize profits by moving from the realm of well designed challenge to cheap deaths that were often impossible to predict unless you had played through the game before.

I'm not saying I didn't love the shit out of my youth spent jamming coins into arcade machines, but for real some of those games were straight up designed to bullshit you.

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Any Ninja Gaiden game

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I can get through in NG1 6-2 surprisingly well. But that's probably because I watched speedruns and know about the enemies disappearing at the screen edge thing.

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Some people I know really suck at doing things like shinesparking and walljumping.

I find them absurdly easy. Shinesparking took me a bit of time, but right now it's like muscle memory.

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I just slow the emulator down for infinite bomb jumps and shit like that.
Fuck it, I ain't got nothing to prove.

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Speedruns are bullshit. If you're playing for the first time chances are you won't be able to do that shit even if you tried 100 times

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speedruns are supposed to be an additional challenge after you've already mastered the game. The opposite of rushing and playing sloppily.

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despawning birds is a pretty intuitive trick though, I'm pretty sure he'd end up figuring it out on his own eventually

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Legit problem for me too.

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I still have a ton of trouble with these levels in EWJ (down the tubes, etc)

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I was about to post this too. And the whole game. I was able to clear it without warps as a kid, and even as an adult too. And I'm by no means a super player, I'm just good with Battletoads.

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>which they drew your attention to in the remakes
But Ocarina of Time was never remade.
It was emulated on two other consoles, and then ported to a handheld with improved graphiscs. It's the port that had your attention drawn.

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Ehh.. I have a hard time horizontal shinesparking in Super. Especially when trying to do it in mid-air.

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Any type of "artificial difficulty", "bad design", "poor programming", etc.
Quarters for arcade machines

>careless game design

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I'd agree with you if it wasn't for the fact that the player is already required to use up and down in multiple situational instances prior to Carnival Night, which conditions them to consider using up and down if nothing else is working.

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>hey kid, here's a video game with better graphics than anything you have on a home console, and you can play it for 1/200th of the price!

Besides, the arcade version of contra is about as easy as the NES version.

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Phantoon is harder if you use Super Missiles, though. If you hit him with one he flips out and sprays flames everywhere.

Draygon is piss easy once you figure out the grapple beam trick

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Castle Darkmoor.
If you don't find the right buttons it can be a drag, but all you really need to do is open two doors and take a teleporter.

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What's so silly about the phrase 'careless game design' ? I'd say it's a pretty accurate description of it.

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Because kid casual who's never designed a game in his life is an expert on game design.
>b-b-but I designed >9000 games. IN MY MIND!

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Because it's not. As mentioned before, the developers added plenty of occasions where you need to use up and down for more than just looking up and down or charging the spin dash. Yeah some kids are thick-headed and stupid, but so are the kids who couldn't figure out how to wall-jump in MegaMan X or "why cant metroid crawl???"

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This level's very simple, warns you with enough time in advance of obstacles, and generally falls into easy to remember patterns.

It's a complete joke compared to the rest of the game in difficulty, and very early on into the game. Battletoads is hard and I don't WANT to fault people for not getting far in it, but it's hard when I want to talk about a pretty widespread, popular game and the entire world seems to have only played a brief demo of it. Battletoads is an amazing game for its incredible VARIETY in gameplay; you haven't seen shit yet at the point where most people gave up, not enough to really talk about the game.

Of course there are other people who'd call me a filthy casual for finding Terra Tubes hard as balls so I guess it's all relative.

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Just checked this, the only situations that requires you to use up and down prior to that are the blue spheres that raise platforms in Marble Garden and those only teach you that the spindash can affect things, not up and down, and that skill is taught in the first level where you're required to use it to smash through walls.

The two major problems with the barrels is that you cannot duck while standing on them, rendering the "spindash affects things" lesson invalid since if you can't duck, you can't dash and the levels up to that point have these things, which teach you that jumping constantly will raise platforms, not mashing up and down.

Since each zone introduces its own particular mechanic, it's safe to say that everyone assumed that jumping on the barrels would work. It is a case of bad design.

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Maybe you should actually play the fucking game instead of checking some piece of shit "source", genius.

>> No.2292991

I did, you dickminstrel. The source is me playing it just now. Look at the file name, that's date and time right there.

>> No.2292992

>I never had this struggle

There was no struggle. It took me less than a minute to figure out when I was six.

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If you actually played the game then you wouldn't be pulling shit from your ass.

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Newflash buddy, up and down doesn't work on those. At all. Ever. They're automatic, they pull you up by themselves and you cannot pull them back down.

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Sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of you being constantly retarded.

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You just ruined this thread

>> No.2293004

Who let /v/ in here?

>> No.2293007

You got that right.

>> No.2293008

>"barrel is terrible design amirite xD im so cool rite guys xD sonic is always shit xD"
/v/ showed up in this thread's 6th reply

>> No.2293010

The barrel is terrible design because it's contradictory to everything the player is taught up until that point.

How the fuck do you Sonic autists fail to understand this?

>> No.2293017

And how do morons like yourself fail to find the correct buttons on a controller that only has 8? And with 7 or 8 minutes to spare?

>> No.2293018

>"I haven't played the game but I'm going to talk about it like I'm an expert by parroting retarded bullshit"
I bet you think Sonic 1 was shit because it didn't let you go fast.

>> No.2293023

>I haven't played the game
I did. Just now to double check their claim. Right here. >>2292970

What the fuck is wrong with you?

>> No.2293030

So you're either lying about playing it or you're lying about what's in the game.

>> No.2293040


What would I possibly have to gain from lying about something that everyone in this thread is capable of checking and verifying for themselves?

>> No.2293042

Fuck if I know, but you're making statements that are factually incorrect in order to exaggerate the difficulty of a set-piece obstacle that 6-year-olds can get past, so I don't give a fuck what your reason for it is.

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Beat it on my first playthrough without dying once. Never understood how people thought it was hard.

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Toggle CC.

This video does a good job explaining the curve


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Just because yours is fine doesn't mean everyone elses is just as good. Many nintendos have fucked up pin connectors that are a real pain in the ass if you want your games to run without blinking gray screen or graphical glitches. Happens due to the pins being flattened down with a game in the slot over long periods of time, and really nothing short of taking a safety pin and pulling up all the pins to make a tight connection will work.

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I've found it doesn't matter who you have in your party as long as you keep squall in the yellow and use some hero/holy war (or some variant), draw Eden and then limit break him to death. The other invincible characters can keep using the hero/holy war items as needed.
Same concept applies well to Omega Weapon.
>That's a cheap strategy/That's cheating
But the game gives them to me. I don't even have to pay for them or the items to refine them. 8^[

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This is how I beat every boss in FF8 when I replayed
>Get all refines, enc-none, and Disc 1 Lionheart (major overkill on lionheart)
>Beat every boss using limits with 100 Tornado's junctioned to squalls HP at relatively low level
>This means Squall takes about 50-200 damage from bosses while being in yellow around 1000-1500 HP
>Limits are strong as fuck because I have other Strong magic junctioned Strength
>Has Darkside ability and Drain junctioned to Element-Attack so he can deal a shitload of damage and recover it all back
>Only ever die because I got shockwave pulsar'd by Griever for 6000 HP (my max was 4500ish)
>repeat battle
>right before I kill Griever use a Holy War
>crush everything

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Have you ever tried the "low-level challenge"? By disc 3 I was near level 40 having tried to avoid leveling up...the game kinda makes you level up here and there.

>> No.2293245

I beat the game at level 21.
Low level would just be annoying. It would just involve grinding your GF AP and levels using Seifer or Edea and using Card/Status-Attack-J-100 Breaks to card or petrify all enemies until you get enc-none.

It wouldn't be fun. Reasonable level is perfect. Play normally until you get enc-none, then just go with the flow.

The pacing of FF8 is actually amazing with Enc-None and the story is not nearly as bad as people say because there is a lot of foreshadowing to everything (Ultimecia, NORG, Laguna being Squall's pops, GF deleting memories)

>> No.2293246

TMNT on NES. Especially the infamous bomb disarming map - I did it first try taking maybe four hits and now I can do it taking one if I'm distracted. The whole game is easy for me.

>> No.2293256

8 is my favorite because it has my favorite story and I love the junctioning system

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this was one of many levels that presented difficulty to me at 8 years old...

>> No.2293261

so it's not on topic then.

>> No.2293264

>without dying once
>implying you took at least one hit
That's fucking pathetic anon, maybe you should stick to Kirby games

>> No.2293272

i think without the 30 lives code people would've gotten better at it. it's just that it IS pretty difficult at first and everyone resorts to that cheat to finish it. 30 lives doesn't encourage people to be very careful so when they barely scrape through the game with 30 lives they declare finishing the game without the code impossible, apparently forgetting that most NES games were designed around needing an insane amount of practice to finish even once

>> No.2293284

But it's fucking easy mode.

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Because of the same reason Ikaruga isn't hard compared to other bullet hells, THERE ARE HARDER GAMES THAN THIS.

Ironically, both share two points, the mentioned above and very awesome music

>> No.2293434

>both share two points
>neither point is that you shoot both white and red-black bullets

>> No.2293446

I bet you didn't even reach the 5th loop, scrub.

>> No.2293489

>tfw used to glitch through it by bouncing on the edge with a water shield.

>> No.2293585

Yeah I was surprised when I beat Contra and Super C without the code. They're challenging but not crazy undoable hard at all.

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Age 22: A little patience is all it takes.

Same shit goes for many other parts of MM. I swear, I waited so long for that game. I fucking aced OOT (or as much a 7 year old could "ace" it, as in it didn't take me a year like my friends and I didn't get stuck for the most part) and thought MM would be easier for some reason, possibly because of the idea of masks or something. I don't know why I thought that as a kid. None of the 3D Zelda games are difficult in retrospect but there was a pretty good gap from piss easy to just easy between these two.

>> No.2297138


Too bad they ruined the difficulty with the 3DS remake. It was one of MM's many qualities I rather liked.

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