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Playing them in order almost done with 3 any advice for 4. Also can I get them all done by new years?

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You don't really need advice for 4, if you've made it through the first three it's a cakewalk and very, very straightforward.

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Why are you so fucking afraid of encountering an obstacle in a video game that you have to run to the Internet for help before you've even started the fucking game? Jesus Christ, you're pathetic. People like you are the entire reason the dumbed FF4 down so much in the first place.

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They dumbed it down because you Americans are unable to think straight. Seriously, look at all the disclaimers in your adverts and warning signs on every little thing and the entire state of california being paranoid as fuck.

We HAVE to dumb things down for you or else you'll sue. It's just how you fucking yanks are. You build flimsy trailers in tornado zones for fuck's sake!

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I'm not American you rube. It doesn't stop how lame you're being asking for advice on how to beat already easy games. FFIV practically plays itself.

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>any advice
yeah kill yourself

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Whether you can get them done before 2016 depends on how much free time you have OP. I wouldn't recommend it though, you'd just burn yourself out and probably not have that good of a time. There's nothing wrong with playing through them slowly or taking breaks between each game to play something else.

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>Guy plays through FF 1 thru 3
>the 3 Final Fantasies that require the most "know what the fuck you're doing in advance" to get through
>/vr/ flips their shit because OP wants to know what to expect with 4

Stay classy guys.

4, regardless of what version you are playing, is pretty straightforward relative to the NES ones. You're basically looking at about 20-60 hours per game from here on out, depending on how thorough you are.

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>You build flimsy trailers in tornado zones for fuck's sake!
Fuck off, those people are poor and can't afford better.

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>you Americans

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If Final Fantasy 2 isn't your favorite FF, You are a FF7 Shitter who only got into the series for FF7

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why do they choose to live in tornado zones then?

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Cause they cant afford to live anywhere else.

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>person 1, an anonymous stranger: "any advice on this game?"

>person 2, also a completely anonymous stranger: [unreasonably aggressive reply]


He was admittedly a dick to you first, but you were a dick in your reply, OP.

Anyhow, as for FFIV, it's surprisingly easy. There aren't even really any difficult puzzles or boss fights. Depending on your version, Lugaborg might actually be the most difficult boss you fight.

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This isn't his first thread.

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I'm just saying, but you sound less like you are enjoying yourself and more like you're just getting "through with it".

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The only FF that may provide any sort of trouble from here is 5. You should be fine from here.

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Ffii isn't my favorite, personally, but it is the version that hooked me. Other final fantasy games would be inspired by it's level up mechanic in some way.

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FFIV was dumbed down for the Japanese home audience, because they love mindless linear grindfests like the Dragon Quest series and Pachinko (FFIV's gameplay is significantly more brainless than Pachinko, so they hit a sweet spot) And it worked - FFIV is still #1 in Famitsu's all time game ratings.

Though the Americans also got Mystic Quest, so they're not entirely blameless either.

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>tfw like to grind
>tfw gonna grind the fuck out my jobs when I get to the final world in ffv
It is satisfying tbh.

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>FFIV was dumbed down for the Japanese home audience

You got that backwards, Poindexter. FFIV was made easier for it's Western release because that's how bad they thought we were at RPGs. We couldn't handle FF's 2 or 3, so they gave us the already stupid easy 4 and then dumbed it down more. The same reason Mystic Quest was made as an intentionally super easy game.

The irony to all this of course is that while they thought we could only handle a game that basically plays itself. If they'd bothered to check they would see RPG fans over here were already into Ultima, Wizardy and writing roguelikes. FFs 2 and 3 could potentially have done very, very well here back then.

Japanese racism bites them in the ass again.

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What a faglord.

I don't like 7, my favorites are 5 and MQ

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>why do people CHOOSE to live in Somalia and North Korea

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Pretty sure that third post was a third person, also adressing OP

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I just finished No.1, will also be aiming to do 1 through 9. Such a shame that the FFV remake didn't make it to PSP otherwise it'd be perfect. The PSP has native remakes for 1, 2, 3, 4 and PSX emulation for VII, VIII & IX. For V & VI options are either SNES / GBA emulation or the PSX re-releases; I need some direction on what the best version of V is to go for.

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The psp version of 1 sucks tho.

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I would like help with this too

Always been a dragon quest guy but i broke my leg and i have the week off from work. i figured that "eh why not start playing final fantasy". bought the ones for the ps3 and downloaded roms and isos for the rest, but there are so many goddamn versions. i'd like to know which ones are the best for a first playthrough

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>Also can I get them all done by new years?
Yes, especially if you're playing via emulator.

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4 requires no prep whatsoever, that game is probably the easiest out of the entire series, at least prior to 13.
If there are any games in the series that require pre-planning at all its 5, 12, and tactics, and even then, they don't really.

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i need that direction too of which versions of every game are the best, i'm planning to play on android through emulation.

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