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How do you guys deal with games being Nintendo hard?

Pic related but lots of /vr/ stuff has bullshit difficulty in parts

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Keep trying until you find an strategy.
A lot people just do the same shit over and over again without learning, it takes them a very long time to finish even short games like Castlevania, and if they actually beat a game it's most likely through sheer luck since they're too stupid to recognize patterns.

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Everdrive lets you savestate even on real hardware

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or boomerang work really well
Just make sure not to catch the boomerang, as it keeps circling back and forth if you intentionally miss

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Keep trying until I get that one run that works.


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>A lot of people just do the same shit over and over again without learning
I feel like this is something a lot of people fail to realize. This is why you get so many arguments in disagreement over a game's difficulty, where one person can't fathom how some manage to beat it while the other beat it when he was eight and that it offers no challenge whatsoever. Some people just don't catch onto things as quickly as others. You can go hours on end playing the same level without recognizing one of many patterns of error, whereas others spot them immediately. Practice only makes perfect if you have a foundation to practice on. If you don't, then you'll be stuck repeating the same habits, trying to correct errors when you're unable to identify what those errors even are. Practice is ultimately essential no matter what, but for some, recognizing problems is a skill that needs to be worked on beforehand. Those who're already proficient can jump straight to the fixing step.

Long story short, some people need to git gud at gitting gud before they can git gud.

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>Long story short, some people need to git gud at gitting gud before they can git gud.
Sure, in games that give you patterns. Dragon Valor is nothing but patterns. So acknowledging that sure is a talent people should have. However, Space Channel 5 is short term memorization. Tetris Attack is applied problem solving. R-Type is memorization. The average rail shooter is twitch reflexes.

These things are hard to people in varying degrees because we don't have the same level of proficiency and experience. You can only gain these things by practice.

Tl;dr practice makes perfect

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Spotting mistakes in your performance can apply to any area of skill; it isn't limited to games that focus on patterns. Proficiency may depend on experience, but if you don't pick up on mistakes as quickly, then the rate at which you learn might be consistently slow throughout every genre.

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>Spotting mistakes in your performance can apply to any area of skill
Sure but even that is limited by practice. This isn't exactly an analytical skill you can focus on yourself and expand it from there; it applies to every aspect of life but is also dependent heavily on the area and how often you apply it. A reason why the best Chess players aren't the best Checkers players.

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>and if they actually beat a game it's most likely through sheer luck since they're too stupid to recognize patterns.

This, even if you watch AVGN you realize this, he complains about parts in Castlevania that 'look extremely hard' for someone that never touched it, claiming its nearly impossible, because its supposed to be funny.

When it really its just the same pattern over and over again, once you learn it its easy, and I don't even consider myself that good, games that manage to have somewhat 'impredictible' patterns are actually incredibly hard because you really have to improvise and git gud.

Obviously they have some algorithm programmed for they randomness, but figuring that out will require full autism or knowing the code ((if possible at all)

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>Castlevania 1
The only constant in that game is the stages themselves. Not a single one of those bosses (where all the challenge lies) has a pattern they adhere to every time.

Bat moves sporadically (when you're not busy murdering his easy ass)

Medusa snakes at irregular intervals as she tries to medusa head her fat ass towards you if you're not holy watering her to death

Mummy's are busy doing the edge of the screen shuffle if you're hugging the safe zones for dear life. but I guess they're the closest to a boss with a memorizable pattern if you're not holy watering them to death

Frankenstein's Monster is harmless enough but Igor is random as fuck. Requiring lots of movement. if you're not holy watering them to death

Death is almost completely random after the fight ends unless you've played enough to know how to farm him into positions to make his scythes easier to deal with. if you didn't already holy water him to death

And the big Man himself just loves to fuck you up by being unpredictable in both where he will teleport (which will fuck up players without good reflexes) and the size of his jump assuming you didn't just holy water big dracula and walk through him

The only pattern you're learning with many of these fights is how important holy water is to bypassing them.

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Well I wasn't really talking about the bosses, honestly I don't remember that much about them

But go to 1:13 here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rRW90lKwz4M

That part is not that unpredictable, once used to it was piss easy for me, if I fucked up it wasn't because I could not see it coming.

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Ah Death's hallway. Easy until a knife drops from a candle you'll inevitably hit and fucks up the rhythm if you try to avoid it.

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No one will ever know op. Just yourself. And there are millions of women and gallons of alcohol available to help live with the shame.

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With holy water.

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You git gud or find a new game.

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It makes me pretty sad that there haven't been any cheating devices since the PS2/GCN/Xbox

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Save states
But not every 5 seconds but before a long difficult part so you can train it, then you can beat the game in one go without using them

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git gud fgt

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>that pic
If you get through the hallway with that much life and the boomerang you're probably set

Look, that guy's already kicking his ass pretty good

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When I get to a boss fight in a very difficult game, I usually use my first try just to learn the pattern. I know I'll probably die in the first try so I play it defensively, trying to dodge its attacks and watching when it opens their guard.

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This game really isn't that hard. I've played it less than 30 times and I can easily make it to stage 5 and consistently to Dracula. I did have an nes growing up so maybe I that has conditioned my reflexes to be able to pick up most games and excel at them.

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What kind of pallete is that?

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I just use save states

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I hope you don't claim to have beaten these games when you play like this

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I find the game easy now after years of trial and error but I have still never beaten Dracula. It remains the only castlevania game I can't beat.

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Dracula is deceptively difficult when he cha-cha slides into your body and you take damage from contact when he warps into you.

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Yeah, it's pretty cheap and really pisses me off. Shit I'm gonna try to beat it again today !

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Good luck!

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Have you beaten III and Chronicles/X68000? I'd consider those more challenging than the first.

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Pfft, castlevania being hard. Only CV3 was legit imo

Try to play this fucking game and call me when you at least beat someone

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Play arcades and many of the "hard" NES games will look trivial, including this >>3635307

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I am consistently shocked when people on /v/ are amazed when someone mentions any game with any difficulty. I even just asked if there was some download to unlock the hardest difficulty in Mass Effect 2 without beating the game first and got five replies from what sounded like teenagers, none of them answering my question. I didn't insult anybody, I just asked where a download was, and they wasted fifteen minutes of my time trying to prove that I didn't really want to play on that difficulty.

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90% of /v/ posters barely play the games that they talk about, they just follow memes and opinions from daily threads made by shitposters and autists, it is impossible to say anything positive about any game in /v/ unless it's a cult classic game that only a small portion of people on there play.

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CV has some patterns, Death for example in Drac's Curse always goes down and to the left, so you can easily catch him with a few holy waters and end phase 1 really quickly. Then phase 2 is so slow and easy to hit that you can basically holy water him to death again. Surprisingly easy after the shit fuck horror that was CV1 Death.

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can't have people getting illegitimate cheevos or fucking up the online scene

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Okay can some one please help me out here? This has happened to me like 6 times now. The room before Death's hallway, at the very first staircase next to where you get the boomerang the freaking game locks up. The first two times i thought this was just my nes telling me it needs to be cleaned, I thought maybe it was a coincidence it happened at the same spot. Now I am convinced otherwise. Is this a big I'm the game and if so what triggers it? More often than not I pass through just fine. I'm going to try one more time tonight but will check back here before I go through that wretched hall!!!!

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Oh and I tried to google this problem but found nothing.

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>Implying that most achievements aren't farmed

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I think there was an Action Replay for the Wii. That's why Mario Kart Wii online became overrun with hackers.

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Don't have an answer but this has happened to me as well playing on an emulator. I feel like it may be a problem with the game itself.

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what's wrong with farming?

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It did it here too!!

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Denizens of /vr/ typically scoff at the idea of farming - they believe it is monotonous and designed for the normie or casual, and that gamers that find delight in it or that need to in order to progress in a game are simpletons and need to git gud.

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If you're constantly walking from one side of the screen to the other it's less likely he'll materialize on top of you

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Started Castlevania for the first time today and I defeated Death by spamming holy water.

I feel bad. Like I cheated or something.

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I can beat Frankenstein no problem but the hallway leading up to this boss and the boss itself are fucking cruel.

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The hallway becomes a total joke if you know how to use holy water to fuck those knights up.

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Have to keep that in mind.

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I don't play any games with limited continues anymore. Anything else I can just power trough. It's really often not that hard, only because you die often doesn't mean that part is really hard. You just need to change things up since your strategy is obviously not working. Finding patterns and the such, building muscle memory with the bosses so you can beat them.

If I would play something like battletoads nowadays I would do it with save states. And I don't mean using save states in place of continues. I mean practicing levels over and over again, learning in an effecient manner instead of repeating the same content to get to the hard part that gives you trouble.

And after the practice once again legit from the start of the game. I mean there is no point in wasting any time if the game wants to give you this kind of bullshit. Just use a couple of jokers and beat the game legit in a short amount of time.

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Limited continues provide an incentive to improve each time you lose one because they are valuable; the game punishes you by taking away something of value. By having unlimited continues you're making them worthless (as with anything given in unlimited amounts), and taking away the punishment which provides that incentive.

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There is no bullshit difficulty in Castlevania
It s finely crafted
Triple subweapon will get you through there easy
Use the hallway before death to boost your subweapon (14 hits with a sub will get you a multiplier, enemy or candle)

I play over and over until I can get it whatever is hard gets easy

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You can provide punishment in all kind of other ways. Wasting the players time by making him repeat the content he has no trouble with only so that the player can have a little time to practice the hard part he has trouble with only to repeat the whole process for the whole game is fucking retarded.

Be careful with how elitist you want to be about this matter. After all the concept of limited continues is a remnant of the arcade days to get as many coins as possible out of the players.

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>insane artificial difficulty BS in modern games that requires robotic precision to do
>complains about genuine difficulty in old games that requires patience, skill, and thought
Modern gamers.

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being extra satisfied when you beat it, or even when you do single segments, a specific boss or something that you had work hard for. Being satisfied with small achievements and noticing that you are getting better on all those small things that can make a difference.

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Who do you guys think are the most difficult and/or annoying enemies?

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>How do you guys deal with games being Nintendo hard?

Simple. I just played them nonstop in the '80s when there was nothing else to play. I was forced to git gud.

Unfortunately, it's rendered most modern games unplayable to me as most of them are severely toned down to suit the tastes of a much more casual crowd.

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fleamen, blood skeletons, birds, ghostheads

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the merchants

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It's always the same cycle for me when I play a hard game.

1. It's hard I play well but still die.
2. Start to get frustrated, die more easily.
3. Get into a rut, play well but die on stupid stuff.
4. That's it, I'm in a trance, kick the whole level's ass without a sweat.

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But arcade games had unlimited continues and frequently didn't make you go back to a checkpoint

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Most arcade games in the 80s don't allow continues and have checkpoints. Most post-80s arcade allow to deactivate continues on the dipswitches.

It's retarded how people still think credit-feeding is a legit way to beat an arcade game.

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Most arcade games in the 80s don't allow continues and have checkpoints. Most post-80s arcade allow to deactivate continues on the dipswitches.

It's retarded how some people still think credit-feeding is a legit way to beat an arcade game, the vast majority of them was designed to beat with one coin in mind.

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>the vast majority of them was designed to beat with one coin in mind.

That's complete bullshit

They SHOULD be beaten that way, sure, but that's not how they were designed. They were designed to eat a coin every six minutes or so.

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On an arcade machine, starting over instead of continuing is a way to get more playtime for your money, so the psychology is different than with a game at home you have free access to.

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Lack of practice is your own problem, doesn't change that the game is perfectly beatable with one credit.

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>Nintendo hard
I love fresh fags.
Lets meme out bros

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>They SHOULD be beaten that way, sure, but that's not how they were designed. They were designed to eat a coin every six minutes or so.
M8. I think you're looking for '"CAN" be beaten that way'.
Games were made hard as a means to eat your coins sure, but most games have scoring mechanics that reward good play; specifically beating it without dying. This is reflected by having your score not reset (in some games) or having a single digit number added to the end of your score (in other games) On that alone it can be assumed that while games may be difficult to get more quarters out of you, they were designed to be beaten on one coin.

A game like Gauntlet Legends is designed to eat your coins. A game like time crisis, house of the dead, every shoot em up, etc, does not.

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>A game like Gauntlet Legends is designed to eat your coins. A game like time crisis, house of the dead, every shoot em up, etc, does not.
That's because americans were shit tier arcade developers, they don't encourage scoring, 1 credit clears, skilled play or anything, probably the reason most american see them as "mindless quarter munchers" today.

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>probably the reason most american see them as "mindless quarter munchers" today.
don't doubt that for a second

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This game keeps locking up on me at Dracula. Is anyone else's this buggy?

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Where'd you get your rom and what emulator are you using? Or are you using a real cartridge

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Castlevania rang goes away after the first time it goes back

you are thinking of the ninja gaiden shuriken

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dracula found the clock subweapon, its a feature

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those birds that drop fleamen in the second to last stage, they're always knocking me off the god damn stairs and I usually just fluke my way through before I figure out an actual strategy

>> No.3639930

Amigavania is harder. Get good kid.

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Sensei has spoken.

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>defeated Death by spamming holy water.
>implying there's some other way to do it

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i must be patient whilst being aggressive. but, how?

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not seeing it at all

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Game gives you a boomerang and the hall of Death, that lets you upgrade it into triple shot boomerang, why not use it?

>> No.3640342

it felt like cheating to me too. what I do is try to use the whip as much as I can, and limit my rate of fire for holy water. sometimes I have to spam more to win, other times I have to spam less. that way you can still take on the challenge.

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this is very true. it's like trying to climb up a wall, without realizing you're supposed to use the ladder over there. if you lack resourcefulness, you can get totally stuck.

also, Castlevania has atmosphere out the buttocks.

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go ask Tokugawa Ieyasu.

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You're not listening. They can be, but that's not what they were designed to be.

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It's (supposedly) an authentic cart. Pic related. Though I don't have actual proof, I think the guy I buy these from may be sort of shady.


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All good games need practice to beat them, your first few credits are just an "investment" until you can beat it with one credit, unless you were a stupid player who credifed the machine every 2 minutes

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I always saw a face there, only after the ISHYDDT maymay I started seeing Constanza.

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