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What is the best version of Final Fantasy I to play?

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The other versions are shells. They may be more "correct" in that spells aren't busted, but play the original, or don't bother.

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Wonderswan Color

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This. You play the original or you play a girly baby version. Real men don't play remakes.

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PSP anniversary edition if you want the game to just werk, PS1 if you want quality of life upgrades but classic gameplay, HE'S with FF Restored patch of you want the original experience without bugs.

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>of you want the original experience without bugs.
So, not the original experience at all then. Bugs are part of a game, like them or not. If you're playing somebody's 'fixed' version of the game you can hardly claim to have had the original experience now, can you?

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You know the PS1 version has the same everything, just not broken spells and 16 bit graphics.

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I am aware.

The NES version is more fun.

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Fun fact: Nobuo himself redid the music for FF1 on Origins

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I personally think you should play the designer's intended experience. And there's no way the designer intended the game to be 70% broken

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They didn't intend any of the non bugfix changes that patches always cobble together either. The released version is as close as it gets to the 'original vision'.

But to put spin on your idea, I personally think you should play the designers ultimate product, the actual fruits of their labour, because that's the only way you get to see the true quality of their output.

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Personally I'm mostly a purist with this stuff and I'd still recommend at least a bugfixed patched version of the original--supposing it doesn't change much other than the bugs.

Readme for FF Restored is here, if I googled correctly: http://www.romhacking.net/hacks/nes/patches/1631readme.txt
It appears to only make changes I approve of. It "enhances" the game slightly, but not in ways that wreck the original experience (I claim). All the changes look good to me, and some of them are optional, too.

Note that that file claims that the two biggest bugs in the game have not been fixed in ANY officially released version of the game. I dunno whether that's true though.

This really sounds like the best version to me. I mean I'd have to play it to be sure, but it sounds good.

If you want to be a full 100% perfect purist then you're gonna need to learn Japanese I guess?

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None. Skip it.

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This is why I like the PSX version best.

The NES version is awesome too. Really can't go wrong with such an amazing RPG.

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how much will I get flamed for recommending Dawn of Souls GBA?

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Original is best if you care about the historical side and to know what it was truly like.

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You will get more shit on for using the word "flamed"
You queer.

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I played the original NES when it came out, and Dawn of Souls. I like both, but Dawn of Souls has too many encounters, and is really easy.

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why did it take so long to get to the correct answer?

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You do know there are romhacks that fix the bugs in the game (but leave the peninsula of power intact)?

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A gentleman of fine tastes.

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>refashioning the game into
what it was intended to be when it was first created

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Sure, if you like shitty scrolling, bad load times and moon language.

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>I have bad taste and so should you.

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>Good taste

Pick one.

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The fun thing about FF1 is that it's still broken even when it's fixed.

Once you have Temper working properly you've removed any reason for your mages to ever cast anything else.

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I personally think you should kill yourself. Or buy a flashcart.

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PS1 with auto-targeting and other enhancements turned off.

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first six on gba

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>Not pretending to enjoy a boring, broken, half-assed JRPG simply because it has Final Fantasy in its name is bad taste.

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>Not pretending to enjoy a boring, broken, half-assed JRPG simply because it has Dragon Quest in its name.

Fixed that for you.

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How's that projection working out for you?

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>Please stop liking what I don't like.

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Yeah, 4chan is basically Tumblr--say the wrong words and you get buried under a dogpile of triggered oversensitives (even though nothing you said was incorrect or difficult to understand).

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I do have a flashcart. Why would you assume I don't? Well, I suppose I should expect wild assumptions from somebody childish enough to fall back on the old 4chan 'k-kill yourself faggot...!' whenever somebody has an opinion he doesn't like.

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