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ITT: post hidden gems

>mixture of MGS, Dino Crisis, and RE
>limited inventory, tank controls
>kinda feels like Fear Effect in terms of gameplay except fully 3D

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It got shit on by reviewers but in a lot of ways I like it more than MGS.

Playing it right now, the only flaw is the lack of raise weapon button, this way aiming is wonky a bit

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Delta Force: Urban warfare

Calladutah on the PS1.

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Man I want a modern Delta game so badly.

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Help me remind a game bro.
Basically same as yours description, I played only demo long ago but demo started like this.

You climb some giant track with giant wheels and throw or shoot a dude and he falls over rail guard.
All the backgrounds were pre rendered 2D and wheel was animated.

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>funny ways to kill enemies
>good controls
>interesting puzzles along the way
>kinda short tho

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Holly fuck I remember a demo.
It was pretty abstract kind game, similar to earthworm Jim in its weird mood.

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Same devs, and it uses one of Earthworm Jim's best tracks at a point.


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it's jap-only Gamera game with Panzer Dragoon gameplay and live action cutscenes in english.

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>Same devs
Now I am pretty impressed with myself, swear on everything I had no idea those were the same devs and me noticing its similar to earthworm Jim from a demo I remembered almost 20 years later, that is fucking impressive.

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>weird Japanese puzzle game

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that does look good. i bet id like nuclear dawn more than resident evil possibly.

Is boombots supposed to be good?

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The game is a very uninspired Power Stone copy with very funny clamation cut scenes by Neverhood. Also really like the character designs & back stories, especially Le Chip

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It got bad reviews because it wasn't Moo2 style, apparently a mortal sin in a 4X. But it's really a brilliant strategy game, and it puts you in a sort of fleet commander or sector commander's chair. You don't order individual ships to fire individual guns, instead you set a formation and a range you try to get at, while your opponent does the same (both decisions made blind to your opponents decisions), actual range is determined by the relative value of the engines of the ships committed, and then your guys blast it out, with zero input on firing control.

Perhaps because it's simpler, the AI is far more competitive than within other strategy games.

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Solar Jetman, NES.

>2D space physics simulator
>every level has different gravity
>you can turn 360 degrees, fly in any direction
>game involves dragging stuff back to your mothership with tractor beam
>if you get blown up, you fly around as little jetpack guy and can fly back to mothership to get replacement ship
>can find upgrades like shields, better boosters, weapons, etc
>long fucking game, and passwords don't save ANYTHING except current level, so don't bother trying to continue another time
>last level/final boss is total pointless bullshit that has no reason to exist other than Rare not knowing what the fuck to do

It's fun, but either you'll be having a blast by the end of level 2, or you'll never want to touch it ever again.

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Gave up during the first level, I didn't get the physics and pussed out. Loved the graphics though.

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Come on anon, it's not that bad.

Point the direction you want to thrust, engage thrusters, remember you are falling down.
You need to turn shields off to pick shit up with tractor beam. You die FAST without shields. You can drop items to fight, then pick them back up, they remain where you dropped them in defiance of gravity.
If something is too heavy for your thrusters to handle, approach it at full speed from the opposite direction you want to go and hit the tractor as you pass, "jerking" it the way you want to go. This is big on high gravity planets.
Focus on flying the way you want to go, not on moving. Don't think of it as moving down a shaft, think of it as giving yourself a boost in the direction down that shaft, while keeping yourself ready to engage enemies. Momentum is real.

Still, it's a hard bitch and I wouldn't blame you for not getting past the second level.

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Solar Jetman is my favorite game on the console, though I agree that the final boss is terrible. I recall that being an issue with several of Rare's games, actually. Snake Rattle n' Roll has an awful final boss, and the Dark Queen in Battletoads (NES) is trivially easy compared to the entire rest of the game.

It does take a bit of practice, but flying around and looting hostile alien worlds is really satisfying once you get the hang of it.

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fuck, used to love playing this with my dad. One day the disc simply stopped working

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Think of it as a combination of Mario and Joe and Mac. Excellent music by Allister Brimble. Hard as fuck, but a ton of fun and clearly a labour of love.

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>I recall that being an issue with several of Rare's games, actually. Snake Rattle n' Roll has an awful final boss, and the Dark Queen in Battletoads (NES) is trivially easy compared to the entire rest of the game.

This is a dumb nitpick, but Rare didn't make Solar Jetman.

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Turns out I was partially wrong anyways, David Wise worked on the soundtrack.

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Didn't these games, or one of them, look so damn good that it ran at what looks like 15 fps?

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Pfft I can take him.

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Pretty fun RPG.

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I'm not sure if this is one that is all that hidden but i loved this game and the others in the franchise. Kinda wish they didn't do all they did with Sarge's War on GameCube.

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>I recall that being an issue with several of Rare's games, actually. Snake Rattle n' Roll has an awful final boss, and the Dark Queen in Battletoads (NES) is trivially easy compared to the entire rest of the game.
Lemme tell you about the bullshit that is Cobra Triangle's last two bosses sometime. I forget which one it was, but one is actually a "fuck you" trick gimmick.

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good gaem
fun play :)

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I played the fuck outta this game

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Everyone needs to check this game out. Everyone

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Probably the closest thing the PS1 has to Starfox, and the little Resident Evil-lite segments between missions are neat. The characters are pretty fun, too.

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I m playing it right now
I recommend Subterranean for the Genesis, if you like Solar Jetman

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Dat commercial


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This game is great until the frame rate shits the bed and takes the game speed along with it, so like right when you get into level 1.

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>Probably the closest thing the PS1 has to Starfox

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As we established yesterday, Vanark is closer to Star Fox than Omega Boost. The only time Omega Boost is on a rail is when you're going into the time warp tunnel or whatever but even then is mostly an obstacle course.

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carsten. go to bed!

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So basically this thread is about bad games that someone is nostalgic for.

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Not retro, also shit.

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Dukes of Hazzard: Racing for Home. Kinda shitty graphics, creepy as fuck cutscenes with creepy as fuck CGI characters, and damn good driving physics. The cars feel like they have some weight in them and they have a very nice stiff controls. The cars handle like the cars in GTA IV, which I love.

Plot is meh, pretty standard Dukes of Hazzard stuff, but the gameplay is very enjoyable.

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+1 for this, pretty challenging game. Ignore the redneck aesthetic and you got a pretty nifty little driving game

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Apparently, it's about shortbus kids from /v/ fishing for angry replies.

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>Ignore the redneck aesthetic
What kind of asshole do you have to be to not like The Dukes Of Hazzard?

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>an obscure port of the film known for killing the original batman franchise
>the game is easily better than the movie and often feels like a retro precursor to the Arkham games
>despite the clunky controls, the detective and fighting mechanics are interesting.
>you can play as Batman, Robin, and Batgirl
>giant map of Gotham that can be explored with the batmobile or batpod, depending on your character
>the environment contains clues that can be used to further the storyline
Although it has aged somewhat badly, I can appreciate this game for trying to do things differently. It's worth a check out at least.

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Pretty fun tube shooter if you have little over an hour to waste.

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And this one too. Surprisingly challenging.

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Pretty much the worst game based on the worst batman movie.

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>Friend going through his "cool" phase
>Tell him to give this game a try, tell him it plays like a non-horror RE or SH on a train with human enemies
>Laughs at the on a train part, immediately dismisses the game

>Five years later during the PS2's heyday, he picks it up and loves it

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I'm glad the people that regularly came over to play vidya at my place loved the fuck out of the N64 Army Men games. We roleplayed a ton in Air Attack by playing as survivalist fighting off the the bugs and collecting all the stuff we could drag into one corner.

>tfw me and that poor kid who only had a GameBoy Color were the only ones in our group that liked pic related

I miss the days when I had no standards which allowed me to enjoy a ton of shitty games.

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>be the only one with a neighborhood with a Dreamcast
>I keep it hidden from my friends until I was able to get together four controllers, each with a rumble pak and a VMU
>quickly amass Dreamcast games and accessories from the liquidation sales
>finally pop it out on my birthday
>the only people that recognize it are the ones who read video game magazines
>they're the only ones interested enough to try it out while everyone else wanted me to bring out my N64 or PS1 for Crash Team Racing
>first game I pop in is pic related
>they immediately hate the awkward controls so I swap in OutTrigger
>instant hit with the guys so we play that the rest of the party
>tfw the next school day I bring up Slave Zero and the guys who played it with me have nothing good to say about it

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Batman Begins on ps2 is the proto-Arkham game m8.

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I've always wanted to get into these sexy mahjong games - are there any English fantranslated ones? Also, what's the best way to start learning how to play Mahjong?

Also: let's have a thread about retro sexy games in general

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This is a very undrerrated game.

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I liked it.

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That blows man, it had really good multiplayer.

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While exploring Gotham was a novel idea, the tech just wasn't there yet; the map is big, but the environment itself is empty and lifeless.

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ZX Elite

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These look interesting. Could someone do some PGXP gameplay vids?

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