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Anyone know for sure how initiative works in this game? I've heard theories and postulations but never solid fact. I know it has something to do with character level, and I know that healing spells or actions seem to take precedence while attacking spells or magical items that mimic attacking spells seem to fall into last place. Am I onto something? Let me know.

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i'm playing ffii and yeah, healing spells do seem to have some sort of preferential treatment in calculating initiative. what's the deal?

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Probably by agility. Nearly every turn based and atb jrpg use speed/agility to determine turn order.

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You are incorrect. There is no initiative. The turn order is 100% random in this game, no patterns, nothing can alter it. You are attributing too much to the coincedences you have experienced.

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Not sure if they answer your specific question in this, but this was a really fun GDQ run where they talk about a ton of the bugs and numeric quirks in the game as they go through it.

FF1 has got to be the buggest game ever made. None of the numbers you think matter actually matter. More than half the time the game reads data from the wrong position in memory to determine your character's stats in battle. It's honestly amazing it's even playable.

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Another reason FF3 is better

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FF3 and FF5 are genuinely just iterations of this game

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