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I'm playing pic related.

- Epic Soundtrack
- You can beat the game blind in 3-7 hours
- Class system in 1989
- Game is actually easier with fewer characters instead of harder
- First instance of memento mori in a video game

How about you guys?

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I love that game but wouldn't really say it has a class system.

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A proto-class system, with three classes.

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I've always wanted to get into SaGa games since I only played Minstrel Song (and I had no idea what I was doing).
Should I play the original GB games or the remakes? Since I've never played them nostaalgia obviously isn't a factor, but I don't want to touch the new versions if it's like the butchering job Square did to Seiken Densetsu.

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Outside of arcade games which I can't discuss on /vr/ I'm playing Blazing Lazers / Gunhed recently.

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It sort of depends.

The remakes are good, (presumably the remake of FFL3 is the only good version of the game) but they do lack some of the obtuse, broken mechanics that make the originals so interesting. So, it depends on if you'd like to experience the sorts of RPGs that made it market in 1989-1992, or the cleaned up versions with more modern mechanics and graphics.

Subjectively, the DS remakes have inferior music, and I also really don't like the style they use either. The sparse graphics, and obtuse language are great for producing a lonely, existential feel.

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Holy shit, you guys have time to play games right now?! What's that like?

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one of the few perks that go along with having a family that doesnt invite you to christmas or to talk to you at all

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I don't celebrate Christmas or other yearly stuff such as birthdays, etc. My family does but I don't care and since I'm on a break I actually have more time lol

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Been playing Turok 2 in my time off for N64. Being stuck on Hive of the Mantids with no working L button(the map) has been fucking brutal though. Killed two of the queen things but can't find how to open the shields for the master computer.

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Probably going to play Parasite Eve while I'm off of work. It's a nice Christmas game.

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Seeing how you are in /vr/ you can go with the original. Though the Wonderswan Color version of SaGa 1 does look nice if you wanted updated visuals. The remake of SaGa 2 has added mechanics so it is up to you if you want to play it in its original form or not. I also think that the Gameboy music is better than the music on the NDS.

Unlike other series you can often say that the SaGa remakes are often better than the original, but you have to realize that they often add mechanics that weren't present until later games. So if you want to get eased into the series might as well go with the games that you just grapple with growth mechanics rather than many other sets of it.

I am playing the Romancing SaGa 2 remaster. I cannot believe that this is an actual SNES RPG.

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yo why do you keep complaining about not being able to talk about arcade games all the time?

We have arcade threads all the time and no one gets upset if you do, they're just not that popular so you're not gonna get a lot (You's).

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Reddit has taken over 4chan and they don't allow acade discussion anymore, too racist.

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Playing Romancing SaGa 2 on Vita.

I like arcade games also.

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Just wanted to specify that I'm playing arcade games but other than that some Blazing Lazers


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I'm replaying Romancing SaGa 2. Again. It's one of my favourite games and now it's more accessible so I hope everyone gives it a try.

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I just completed two perfect saves on my old Pilotwings 64 cart, which I'd done just once before in life, years earlier. In practical terms, this is the highest stored (saveable) achievement on the game pak, and saves cannot be copied on the pak, so you have to do everything twice.

Shutter Bug 3, arguably the game's hardest stage, tortured me on the first go-around, that memory of how hard it was stayed with me - but I did perfect it, twice, way back when. This time around I broke the thing into its component parts and pretty quickly knocked it out, starting cold. I got it done twice before going home for Christmas, I was giggling and giddy, not at all as hard as I'd remembered it.

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come over anon. let's take turns playing ffl together.

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Also on the Romancing SaGa 2 train
On the Switch, just reached the final generation

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i can't get over the retarded translation in that game

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that's the spirit. what will your team be?

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I need to finish it one more time this year. Both of my favorite games turned 20 this year, so I've played them both at least a dozen times or so. This is probably going to be the last game I finish before the year is over.

I might play Legend on Christmas though, that sounds really comfy.

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The plan is to play Phantasmagoria 2 over the next few days and a ps1 game after that I've not chosen yet

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Pilot Wings is such a comfy holiday game. makes me wish I had an N64 here

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On world 3, got 2 mutants, and one human.

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My family is mad at me because I have to work all day today and tomorrow (Christmas eve and Christmas since this thread will no doubt be here a while after)

Feels bad man. I love Christmas.

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>- Class system in 1989
'scuse me?

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For a non-PC Japanese game I guess

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'scuse me?

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Once you chose your class at the beginning you couldn't change it afterwards nor get other party members.

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Scuse me?

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Isn't there a constitutional amendment against owning people like that?

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Yes, it was still pretty uncommon even though DQ3 is a huge success. Even then, DQ3's system is a bit limited compared to later stuff.

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It’s not really /vr/ yet, give it a few years and maybe

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>all those fine men playing Romancing SaGa 2

For me, it's this masterpiece, though

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A fuckton of stuff. Have a bunch of family and friends over and enough rooms, consoles and screens to have more than a dozen people playing at the same time. There will definitely be a lot of people playing light gun games with actual light guns and super smash and racing games. Invariably a few aspies will grab the systems with LCDs and sit in the corner playing whatever aspies play by alone. But at least everyone will have a good time.

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Are you a drug lord or something??

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Nah. Just a gainfully employed adult who only has one kid still living at home.

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3 is better.

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