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This one always disappointed me as a kid. I mean I guess the game was okay, but that cover with that green monster dragon thing made me expect something way cool i guess lol i dunno

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Lots of people hate on salamander 1 and salamander 2 looks like donkey kong country had sex with a claymation wallace and gromit doll.

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You just made me realize that Konami games for the NES all have the same layout. They are look awesome too

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I remember coming across a bare Wardner cart in some pawn shop and my friend who was with me said he thought it was some kind of adventure or rpg game. At any rate the art looked cool and it was like 5$ so I put it in my pile. Later discovered it was a super dull, not even cool looking platformer.

That was also the day I discovered Ranger-X though so it all turned out good.

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except simon looks like an absolute fag on this one

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Honestly apart from the slowdown I think Lifeforce is one of the best shooters on NES. 2 player co-op, and a really good soundtrack. Still one of my favourite NES games to date.

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>The game is designed not to be beaten

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Such an awesome box. Such a boring game.

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Such cool box art. Such a boring game.

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>ITT retarded people

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You are a moron.

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>ITT kids who don't know what the world was like before the intarwebs

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Life Force was my favorite game on the NES when I was growing up. Probably because I could actually beat it.

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Growing up I loved Deadly Towers and Micky Mousecapade. Sometimes you love what you have.

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i've seen worse

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Most people think that.

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Fuck off

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this game uaed the konami code, yes? so it was beatable.
i love the soundtrack to life force

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i remember one i used to play on SNES called R-Type which was like a better version of Lifeforce

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The poster hung in the room where I played my first sessions of D&D and it made me really want to play the game. To this day I think it's disappointing and a dull time sink.

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When I was a kid I rented this game and I almost immediately deemed it my favorite game of all time. I no longer feel that way, but I still have fond memories of it.

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They had to pad the game so they kept the 6-level format but now it's slower than molasses.
Good ass game but yeah kinda slow.

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I love it. Fuck you crybabies.

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I disagree with your post that this game is shitty. It's quite fun and good.

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Life Force is not shitty, your fucking face is shitty.

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