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ITT: Talk about the greatest games of all time, Diablo I and II. Post screenshots of your guys

Recently completed a goal of mine i've had for a the longest time, finding the full tal rashas set in single player

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tracked exp on 9 baal runs, throne room and baal only, at clvl 93
>full party of 8 in throne, avg slightly <1mil
>party of 7 and 1 mule in town, ~1.3 mil
>/players 8 alone, 3.7mil
Players 8 was gay af with a necromancer and took longer than 4 runs with the full party but I thought Ii would give it one chance for comparison's sake. There was some kind of rumor about if you don't have a full party (the 7p+1 case above), the act2 minions give bugged exp. I wonder if that was what happened above.

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I use to be really into this game, but everytime I load it up and play hell difficulty I get annoyed and quit almost immediately. Is this normal? Any advice? I got a meteorb on act 5 and a hammerdin on act 2.

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You could always play mods to spice things up. There are plenty to choose from.

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hell is a gapped-up difficulty designed to be mean to you. In single the hdin can deal with it but the meteorb will have problems. Only real problem with the hdin is that it's an hdin.

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anyone who enjoys d2 might enjoy divinity original sin 2. combat is turn-based though

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This is usually my game plan to beat hell pretty easilly on a sorc: Spec pure blizz and just skip cold immunes or let my merc fight them if its a mandatory kill (like den of evil). Respec lightning for act 5 hell and its not too bad either. Then I go back and do some of the optional quests with cold immunes like countess. As for hammerdin, its just cause theyre annoying to play. Tons of tight areas where your hammers will just hit the walls and do nothing.

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Trying to get to through Hell myself, currently at Act 5 on Nightmare with a whirlbarb, feeling painless thanks to these mad drops, wish I new about the "players" command sooner.

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>get urge to play D2
>already played it to death, already played through most of Median XL as well
>want to play MP
>find some people to play with
>they always want to do vanilla D2 only
>everyone is min-maxing, most enemies die the moment they appear
>literally just speedrunning through the game
>beat on normal, time for nightmare
>most everyone else has gotten their fill, it's just me and 1-2 other people left
>they play non-stop so the next time we meet up their characters are 20-30 levels higher than mine
>back to playing alone again since getting carried is boring as shit
Every goddamn time. Why can't these vanilla-only autists go play on fucking ladder or something?

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>they play non-stop
you brought this upon yourself, use piss bottles next time

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So, how do I play online? I have a real copy of LOD from Blizzard with the CD-key and everything, but Battle Net won't work. I had a Battle Net character years ago, would it still exist?

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>I had a Battle Net character years ago, would it still exist?

no. The characters will get deleted if you don't play them for 30 days iirc.

You can register the copy in your battle net account, iirc, and get a no-cd installer that works no problem.

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one of the more recent drops. Nothing to write home about, but not too bad either.

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Are you using the act 1 merc for faith? How does it compare to act 2 / might?

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nah, I was jus tmessing around, but i'm playing unmodded SP, sp faith is off the table. Plus I'm using beast in the offhand, and a might merc with botd eth ghost spear/great poieaxe pretty much instagibs anything in the pit - I just haven't found an eth ghost spear yet (that's why i'm killing the trash in there instead of skipping it).
Overall, though, With offhand beast, you don't need faith and i'd rather have a more powerful merc.

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Do I have to go through the Blizzard desktop app or something? Battle net don't work.

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I've never played Diablo 1+2

Is it better to play Diablo 1 with the Belzebub mod, or should I just go vanilla

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hey does anyone know if killing flying enemies above voids stop them from dropping loot?

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Anything over pits gets deleted. I don't even think there are any mods that have prevented this, although it would be easy to implement.

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Apparently one of the philosophies that Blizzard had when making Diablo 2 and Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction was that any character should be able to beat the game on all difficulties using only weapons purchase from vendors.
What are your thoughts on this? Personally I don't buy it. Maybe in Normal and Nightmare, but Hell is a completely different beast. Unless you're constantly rerolling vendors to get +3 to skill tree weapons or something to that effect, it doesn't seem like it's that easy.

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oh man i fucking love this game
i remember ages ago i made a mod that gave every class a class specific weapon if they didnt have it, and class specific armor if they didnt have it and added some new uniques of those items
that was fun

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In classic, you could win with pgemmed garbage you bought from the store. In early LoD, buying was still very strong for spellcasters and decent for melee. Nowadays, spellcasters can still do it and it is decent, but it is basically mandatory to buy Cruel if you want to do a melee vendor playthrough (but it is also way easier to buy since they massively increased the frequency for magic items). The only character I'd say shouldn't ever consider doing a weapon vendor playthrough is a physical bowzon since you'll have to rely on your valkyrie and mercenary to do everything.

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Go vanilla. While Belzebub introduces quality of life changes, it also fundamentally changes the game. In Diablo 1, the dungeon is permanent and enemies will not respawn. You have to adapt to survive, but the game is perfectly beatable in one go. In Belzebub, the dungeon resets every time you quit and reload, and you have a lot of sections where you are simply blocked by an enemy whose numbers are just too big for you and you have to go back and grind floors to level up or get better items. The restored content is kind of neat, but I would do Vanilla first.

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How is the GOG version of Diablo 1? I still have the disc but probably can't run it on a new computer, I assume the GOG version runs well. Also never played Hellfire, not sure if it's worth dabbling in.

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it runs just fine on w10 64

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Anyone here play Classic Hardcore?

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Why would anyone do that? Classic is too easy.

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No but i might start if you wanna do some ironman duelz

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should i make a silence bow for my mf hybridazon

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that sounds a lot easier than making a Faith

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Hey /vr/, what are some things (besides the atmosphere) you liked in Diablo 1 that never made it to Diablo 2/3?
What are some things you didn't like that you were glad was removed in the sequels?
I've been making a single player Diablo 1 styled game for a while and I'm curious if we share the same sentiments

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Tomes in the dungeons telling the lore.
Slow speed so you couldn't outrun the enemies.
Enemy AI that encouraged you to exploit it.

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Excuse me guys is there some way to mod the resolution and get the game to run smoother, besides playing medianxl? ?

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There are resolution mods, but I wouldn't recommend because you will be seeing unactivated enemies that you shouldn't be seeing. As far as im aware most just suck it up and play 800x600 windowed or use glide wrapper and scale it up a bit.

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D2multires is what most people use. I don't recommend going over 1024x768.

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Personally, I only play D2 now with UVLoD mod.


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Just found this badboy on players 3 AT. Put in an e-bugged hellforge plate for my merc

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Yes. The game is really more fun just to play to the end of nightmare. Much more build variety and you don't need endless runs to get good gear to be viable.

That said, some classes can do Hell fairly easy with budget gear.

A necromancer can get through Hell with barely any gear. Spirit shield, Lore helm, and a decent wand get you + 5 skills. CE is the most powerful spell in the game and a teleport staff lets you stack on bosses.

Holy freeze paladins are viable with totally mediocre gear. There is a unique exceptional scepter and dagger that ignore defense, and then all you need is enough resists and 75% block to do decently. Just flee from cold immunes or play in parties, they appreciate the slow.

POD made it more interesting to me. Melee is still gimped as fuck, with naked casters vastly outperforming twinkled melee from the stretch from level 15-30 or so, but once you start getting access to the top end classic uniques and exceptional gear, you are good to go for nightmare.

Currently using a fury druid with just Sigon's, Rockfleece for armor, and an upped bonesnap and tearing through nightmare.

Have Schafers as an end weapon ready, and a Guardian Angel, Tiamats, the max resistance tiara, and a dwarf star. Going cleansing merc. Figure I will be slow, but 85% resists and and 75% block, I should be plenty survivable.

Barbarians really seem like trash now though. Can't get your AR high enough the way druids can, and you can't rely on weak ignores targets defence items the way auradins can

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Maybe back in early classic. Store weapons are garbage for melee. They redid synergies and spell damage, but never touched weapon speed or damage. Good mods for damage don't show up until you're very far along.

Diablo I, almost all the best stuff was in stores. I bought a King's Mace of Haste from Griz once.

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I never had problems in nightmare difficulty even with pure melee characters. It's only in hell when all monsters get 50 phys DR when purely physical damage characters start to have problems.
Melee characters also have access to deadly strike and most importantly crushing blow which greatly improves their damage. I wouldn't say that they are outperformed by casters. Casters are just better at dealing with majority of the game content, that is vast number of enemies at once, because they usually have strong AoE capabilities. Melee fighters are much better at killing single targets like act bosses and other high HP monsters.
Also pretty much every melee class can use some kinda "magical" attack which scale very well with just raising its skill level. Think paladin's offensive elemental auras or barb's berserk. Even spear zons have lightning attacks although I have to agree I have never tried spear zon. Sins can equip easily obtainable Gimmershred for a lot of elemental damage. Only druids are probably fucked.

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>Only druids are probably fucked.
Pretty much. The assassin also gets Fists of Fire (which secretly converts physical to fire, but I'm guessing <1% of players know this) and Death Sentry, and the paladin has Vengeance and Sanctuary (which secretly ignores undead physical resistance). The only way around it for a druid is to go into Rabies for wolf and Fire Claw for bear, but both are fairly point intensive (especially in comparison to one point converters like Berserk) and deal terrible damage unless you have insanely end game equipment.

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Sorry, but this is kind of nonesense. Fully synergized spells at base levels do higher single target damage than untwinkled melee for basically all of normal and most of nightmare, unless the melee character lands a hand full of low-level items, namely bonesnap or steel driver.

Killing hordes of level appropriate mobs with 1-3 casts of AOE makes up for low health. Not to mention spells have a 100% hit rate, whereas solutions for melee to actually hit monsters generally involve a handful of specific uniques/set items, grinding to over level, or having to use all your jewelery and charms for AR.

Massively increasing defense to the extent that even well equipped characters miss 25% of the time eventually ups DR and reduces leech for Hell.

Melee does have a sweet spot in nightmare where it is fun and on par with casting, but it relies on good drops of uniques because rares and blues with high ias and damage don't roll for characters in their 30-60s.

Druid could have been fixed by making fire claws more like beserk or letting multiple summons out at a time.

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Spells don't carry over crushing blow. Even sorcs with static field only wish they could destroy Bhaal as fast as a smiter or kicksin with comparable gear level. And melee skills usually provide bonus to AR as well as damage. If your level is about the same as target's, you should be fine. Unless you are elemental zealot, he might have some problems which are probably not easily fixed by a casual player.

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Yeah, melee druids are fucked once you get into hell and you're pretty much forced to go tornado. Their main attack fury is interruptable unlike say zeal, and you already noted how bad their elemental melee moves are. I watched a vid of a guy on youtube who made a maxed rabies build with a 4 poison faceted monarch etc. and all it could do is clear cows kinda slow on players 1 lol.

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To be fair to the melee druid, being fucked is pretty much the druid's character gimmick. Every single skill he has is a piece of trash except for Oak Sage, Cyclone Armor, Tornado and Hurricane. The rest are all weak knockoffs of better skills, buggy, secretly worse than you'd expect, deceptive, overly dependent on synergies, purposely made to impede the use of other druid skills (and in some cases, in such a way that the player doesn't even realize it), actively dishonest and/or obnoxious to use. I'll never understand what the hell they were thinking with him.

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Yup, and the other big kick in the teeth is when they added enigma to the game to finally balance the fact that sorc clears runs 200x faster than everyone else, and he's the only build that cant use it because hes transformed LOL. Wind druid is not so bad though, I played through hell on almost every character (haven't done barb or assasin yet) and he was one of the easiest behind sorc and necro, just annoying when you get physical immunes and have to run circles around them with hurricane

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I found elemental zealots to actually be easier for this. People just trash the exceptional unique dagger, but it ignores target defense, is fast, and has leech. All you really need is to make sure you're hitting to deal major damage. Only took it to Act II Hell though.

Might not work as well with holy shock, but with holy freeze everything being slow + high resists and block make you pretty safe.

On a side note, I've realized that perfect skulls are killer in POD. 17 damage reduction on shields. It seems like nothing, but monsters actually don't hit that hard, just a lot. Even in Hell you can take 15-25 hits with a low life character, meaning damage is a low hundreds. -51 damage a hit works out to around 10-20% DR. Too bad they didn't adapt it for armor.

3 P skull shields on normal probably eliminate physical damage through act 4.

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I think the idea was to create a melee character that could do some casting/ a summoner who could do some casting.

For some reason they made the irrational decision to limit the druid to one summon, which made him suck at that. The spells do ok. If they let you have your summons all out and cast spells it could be a more active necromancer.

Fixing lycanthropy is easy, just make fire claws do way more damage or even make it a vegence type multi element skill.

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Reach dungeon level 5
Griswald is selling a +7 to all stats claymore.

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Can confirm that if you scum the merchants enough then even a melee can manage if you roll a Cruel elite weapon.

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Their hit recovery is easy to max though.

Ribcracker plus Gores for 80% CB and you can drop stuff in Hell quite easily. And you can keep 100% leech charged on them.

Honestly think it's less gear dependant than what they did to barbarians, basically taking them from one of, if not the most popular class in classic and pre-1.10, to super gear dependant.

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why the fuck would you play a whirlwind barb nowadays, apart from the challenge?
shit's been nerfed so hard over the last 10 years.
shout at things with a singer barb or make a frenzy/zerker.

>> No.6338827

True that druid has excellent fhr frames but not having a decent way to deal with physical immunes is its biggest weakness. barb can drop a point into berserk and zealers can drop points into vengeance, rabies won't do shit though

>> No.6338864

Does druid even need FHR? Even as a wolf he has so much HP thanks to lycantrophy that hit recovery will never trigger.

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made this for shits and giggles. Yeah - I know my hp is criminally low for a bear, but I got decent res all, and this is before Anya in hell, plus dwarf star, raven, and tgod's for absorb, with a stormshield on switch to hit 50% DR (rolling with 16% without SS, thanks to CoH, and Ber in the head socket).

shockwave for aoe stun, hunger hits an average of 1k with 160% drain.

>> No.6339243

Reminder that Hunger always misses every other hit if you play a werebear because Blizzard is too lazy to fix anything.

>> No.6339248

Whatever. It's still an instant refill, and then i'm back to killing fire immunes with fire claws.

>> No.6340023

Yes it is vital for druid, him having lots of hp won't change that. The fhr is to compensate for the fact that his fury is interruptible, so ideally you want as few recovery frames as possible. either 46 or 86% fhr would be ideal

>> No.6340765

My barb's berserk is also interruptible but it never gets interrupted. If Guillaume's helm didn't have it, I would go with 0FHR probably.

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>tfw no /v/ private server
>tfw there will never be another /v/ private server ever again
>tfw you will never play with bros on a /v/ private server ever again
why even live?

>> No.6342358

Why not just host a server yourself? The necessary tools aren't hard to find.

>> No.6342390


Yeah, but you never have enough money to buy them...

>> No.6342406

I would but I'm just barely above the line of retardation, you need near 3 digit IQ to run a p server and modify it so it has some good QoL improvements in order to compensate the low server population.

>> No.6342723

What kind of QoL improvements are you thinking of? Some of them might be a lot easier to implement than you'd expect.

>> No.6342872

well, mostly changes to compensate for low server population and QoL changes to fix minor annoyances, maybe more complex improvements such as adding a new difficulty or adding in custom area/content that cannot be easily botted.

>> No.6343019

>changes to compensate for low server population
These should be super easy to do. All it requires is screwing around with a few values to adjust specific drop rates (e.g. for runes), or increasing entire columns for unique/set drop rates across the board. You can also easily increase gamble chances for rares/uniques/sets. You can also remove nodrop entirely (the chance of no items dropping from a monster, which is normally reduced by the number of players) by setting an entire column to 0.
>QoL changes to fix minor annoyances
These may or may not be possible (or are very difficult), depending on what you specifically mean. If you mean QoL like larger key and tome stacks, bigger inventory/cube, smaller sized cube/tome, no ammo consumption with bows/crossbows, then it'd be easy to implement.
>new difficulty
This one isn't really possible.
>custom area
This is somewhat possible, although it takes a lot of effort and you are very limited in how many levels you can have. From a little bit of looking around, apparently the Basemod plugin extends the level limit and is easy to add into a server, so in which case you'd be able to have basically as many levels as you want.
>custom content
Most content is easy to add to the game. You can make crazy skills/missiles/items with even a fairly limited understanding of how to mod. Almost all of the modding for this game is based on understanding how the skills and stats inherently work and having a willingness to dive through hundreds of columns and thousands of rows (it is overwhelming at first, but there are very thorough guides as to what each column for each txt file does).

If you want, I could throw together a mod if you tell me specifically what you want in it (or at least determine how much of it can be easily added and how much of it is impossible), or I could tell you how to do most of it yourself.

>> No.6343035

That's mighty nice of you but you don't need to do that, there no demand for a d2 private /v/ server except me. To be fair, most multiplayer decade old games don't have that much demand because they've already been played to death.

I just like complaining about it to see if anyone else in this thread was in either the b hells or /v/net serb that was running a few years ago and reminiscing about it for nostalgia.

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I resurrected an old PowerPC Mac to play my old 1.11 LoD disc. Playing a Rabies Druid named CoronaVirus for obvious reasons. Are you saying I'll be limited to Nightmare on such a character?

Also, were there ever any inventory expansion plugins for the Mac like PlugY? It always bugged me that you couldn't collect all those sweet unique and set items in a single-player run.

>> No.6343354

The druid is slow but safe. You pretty much never worry about dying because you get a gorillion life, but your killing speed is going to be fairly slow. You should be fine for Hell, just expect it to take a while.

>> No.6343371

which is better to pump first for life, Oak Sage or Lycanthropy?

>> No.6343380

Oak Sage since the bonus is given to your merc and to the Oak Sage itself, and your bear/wolves if you decide to use them.

>> No.6343612

I have my CD, but I lost my CD key and Blizzard doesn't want to give one back. Also I don't have a CD reader on my computer.

Anons, you're my only hope. How can I play D2 ?

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>> No.6343685

Thanks I'll take a look !

>> No.6344460

dont bother with custom areas.
the game is full of side-dungeons and areas that the player literally never visits.
take all of the shitty useless lv80 and lv83 dungeons in Hell and make them 85 or 87.
take the same dungeons in Normal and Nightmare and give them an exp buff and a boss to kill, maybe 10 lvl higher loot than the surroundings.

>> No.6345091

>take all of the shitty useless lv80 and lv83 dungeons in Hell and make them 85 or 87.
Fuck I wish they had done this. My idea was once you beat hell baal you can play in hell+, and the whole game is tc87

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Just one more act until this mistake of a character is finished.

>> No.6345227

>your guys
calling player characters or lives "your guy" or "extra dudes" is super retro

>> No.6345275

Whats the best mod for diablo 1?

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File: 2.80 MB, 800x600, victory.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Finally over after a two hour long Baal fight. Overall, the pure summoner druid did much better than I expected. It was killing stuff at a not horrible speed up to Nightmare Act 5 despite being on players 8 the whole time and only using garbage equipment.

>> No.6346324

Watching that lag gave me a heart attack. That feeling never goes away.

>> No.6347024

Hey, i remember playing d2 on 64mb ram, and getting a 30 sec lag when waking up the ancients.

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File: 1.34 MB, 800x600, worldstone hc.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

PTSD thread?

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File: 2.67 MB, 800x600, phoenix strike and claws of ice having active synergy.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>skills can reference the current number of charges of a specific charge-up skill
Thank god, I can finally give people a reason to use more than just Phoenix Strike.

>> No.6348962

>a reason to use more than just Phoenix Strike
>use more than just Phoenix Strike
>Phoenix Strike
Does not compute.

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File: 1.88 MB, 800x600, monster density is for display purposes only.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Who knows, maybe someone out there will want to play a charge-upsin after I'm done messing with her.
>uninterruptible attacks (probably the most significant change despite being the simplest)
>element specific charge-ups give +1% fire/lightning/cold skill damage per charge per level
>charge-up area of effect increases with levels to make up for the normally poor clearing
>the fire/cold explosions add fire/cold damage from the player's equipment
>all missiles last longer with higher levels (not just the meteor), allowing e.g. chaos ice bolts to do loop-de-loops for a little while
>removed or nearly removed all nextdelay which completely fucked over charges 2/3 of Claws of Thunder and Phoenix Strike for no good reason
>charge length increased massively so you don't have to constantly worry about them running out on you
>% skill damage now applies to every single charge-up skill (used to apply to only the crappiest charges)
I like to believe (but most likely wrongly) that the only reason no one uses charge-ups is because they are terrible and unsatisfying even when you factor out the frustration of charge management; you build up a ton of hits and take massive risks just to deal shit damage and create a tiny effect. It is sinful that while the sorceress shits out high damage/area of effect Blizzards with minimal synergies, the assassin is still dealing less damage than that even if you have maximum attack speed and maximized synergies and a bunch of +skills while also having to endure hit recovery frustration.

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