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Which version of this should I play?

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Play final fight instead. A game that came out only 2 years after DD, but makes it look like absolute trash in comparison.

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Arcade and NES.
Final Fight is much better, but Double Dragon is still pretty fun for what it is.

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Where can I find an arcade ROM?

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Atari Lynx

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>only 2 years after
2 years were a lifetime back in the days.

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>2 years were a lifetime back in the days
Hello, fellow Gen Xer.

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DD is better, your taste is trash

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Not OP but I forgot about edgeemu and haven't visited in years and it still looks the same.

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Arcade version

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>arcade version
Enjoy your slowdowns to 3fps
Master system version is kino or better still just play dd advance.

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Double Dragon Advance (not retro) is the legitimate best version.

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Atari 2600

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You can overclock the cpu in mame using cheats.

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Nes. Get the first two games on nes or emulate em.

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isn't that how it was on the original arcade?

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my friend played an actual arcade of it when he was a kid and said he doesnt remember it being that bad

ive heard this, i think the board has 2 CPUs, never tried

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The GBA remake is hands down the best version of the game

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Arcade, GBA, and DMG. There's a version for the Zeebo also worth checking out.

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They're slow to update anything. MAME is four months behind, which is actually pretty good. Most sites haven't even got into the 200's yet.

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What site would you recommend for loose recent roms? Most of the ones on torrent sites are the whole package (fucking gigs)

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Play Double Dragon Advance, Final Fight One and Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith.

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Final Fight One isn't that good of a port, the muddy colors, screen size, downsampled audio, etc, etc.

Only plus is the dialogue and FF Alpha time traveling shit storyline, if playing with more than 2 ppl he should try the FF 30 anniversary fan version tho


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Why is there always one of these assholes everywhere? he should play both.

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Retroroms. You need to make an account. You don't have to log in to download anything, though (you will to comment). Just need to click on a ROM, input user name and password, and you'll be able to download files for about 12 hours or something. Not many CHDs in one go, though; there is a limit.

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Modern remakes and ports of retro games are fair game on /vr/ and always have been.

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GBA port is good

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Master System = Master Race

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Play the arcade version first. Then 2 on nes.

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Reloaded brother

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Double dragon reloaded is the best
you get to play as hulk Hogan and Andre the giant.

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The only home conversions you should even consider at all are the Master System and Gameboy ones. Most of the others are Atari 2600 Pac-Man tier.

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>when I was 15
>went in a GameStop
>so they had DD Advance there
>made some remark about DD on the Gameboy
>the guy comes over assuming I want to buy it
>I mention something about how they had DD on the original Gameboy
>he says in this slightly annoyed voice "That's no longer available."
>then he holds up the DD Advance box and says "You want this?"
>just then my mom shows up and says oh there you are anon let's go
>wave my hand and walk off
Man did that clerk give me a nasty look.

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Double Dragon Advance is the best but it's pretty different from the original arcade game. Believe it or not the mobile phone version was also fantastic but I don't know how to play it nowadays.

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