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What is the best arcade shooter?

For me, it’s Time Crisis II, the pinnacle of the series.

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Silent Scope (1999 arcade) is so cool with the little scope monitor but I think I enjoyed HotD2 on Dreamcast the most. Time Crisis is good too. Cover shooters with a light gun are good stuff. Have you ever played Police 911?

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What gun do people generally use for a MAME->CRT setup?

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Maximum Force, but Time Crisis II is probably tops for me too

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Asteroids from the Atari

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I wouldn't say it was the best, but literally every mall arcade, roller rink, pizza place, and lasertag arena I went to in the mid to late 90s had this machine. I've probably spent around $100 in quarters during my life playing it, and have beat it probably a dozen times. his game is forever burned into my brain and hits me with massive nostalgia anytime I see this cab still.

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House of the Dead, Time Crisis II (although I personally preferred 3 for the weapon switching), and LA Machineguns are my top three.

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House of the dead 1 and 2
Time crisis games too

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I actually replayed the original House of the Dead for the first time in years and oddly enough I prefer it over 2. Luckily because of the near arcade perfect port on the Dreamcast I've played 2 countless times, but sadly we never got anything that came close to the arcade in regards to the home versions. The Saturn version is shit.

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Virtua Cop 2

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Area 51 is the shortest fucking game I swear.

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What about The Wii version?

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Short but oh so sweet. I always couldn’t wait for the movie to be over so I could go back to the lobby arcade and play it some more.

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House of the Dead 1 has a far better atmosphere and setting than 2.

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House of the Dead 2 and Virtua Cop 3 for me.

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for some reason hotd 1 didnt got a port for the wii, sadly.

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probably HOTD 2 then HOTD and i don't hate HOTD 3

i agree 100%. couldn't describe the effect this one had on me growing up better myself. wish we had gotten a wii port or something.

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Can I assume that shmups aren't barred from this discussion? I mean, they fall under the broader classification of shooters.

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Too bad Site4 isn't playable in mame for some obscure reason.

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lethal enforcer
The girl on the side of the cabinet was the first thing I ever blew a load to because my dad had the game in the garage.

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