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so i got SOTN for android because i never beat it on ps1 back in the day and i wouldn't normally come to 4 chan to figure out what the fuck is happening but help please. i got to the inverted castle. did shit way out of order but got all 5 relics but after i beat death and headed towards dracula I realised my map was no longer inverted and i'm back in the regular castle. i can't find shit online about it. what the fuck am i doing wrong? i feel like i'm taking fucking crazy pills

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This is some annoying shit that takes a page out of MGS' book. You can figure it out, think outside the box.
If you really can't figure it out: flip your phone upside down

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i would have NEVER gotten this. thank you. i'm not even having fun with this game anymore i am just trying to beat it out of pure stubbornness. here. take this good man. you have saved my sanity. i'm playing on a fucking stand with a controller. i wasn't expecting fucking motion controls.

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based dolphinposter

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i'm pretty sure you just got morallygreyposted

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sorry. here take this

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You're far too pure.

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There's a warp back and forth between the inverted and normal castles. Just go back to the inverted castle the normal way. If you press up in the room you're warped to you'll go back to the normal castle.

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apparently i;m a fucking moron and too drunk for this shit. i had fucked off and started making dinner >>6325673
but thanks. at least i know theres a warp now.

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