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1.) What is the best(your favorite) Zelda Dungeon from any of the retro games?
2.) Tell us about the things you like about it, maybe some of its highlights or even things you don't like about or could have been done better.

I know everyone loves it but I have to go with the forest temple: perfect atmosphere with great music and lots of memorable areas, it really feels like a real location with history rather than something that's only there to challenge the player. Gameplaywise it has a good amount of exploration, lots of novelty but doesn't dwell too much on a single gimmick and the boss and minibosses are cool as hell. Hard to think of a negative but I guess the timed tile sliding puzzle from the third ghost is just obnoxious.

Honorable mention goes to the Eagle Tower in Link's Awakening, such a clever concept.

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From OOT, Spirit Temple.
I like that it uses both child and adult Link, I like the dream-like atmosphere of it, the music with that eastern grandiose overtones, the Colossus statue (both outside and inside), the enemies and miniboss fight, those creepy sarcophagus enemies that mirror your moves, the mirror puzzles, the boss fight with Twinrova, and my waifu, Nabooru.
I also like that getting there makes you feel like you've reached the furthest away from Hyrule, really feels like you're in a different region.
I also like Forest, Water and Jabu Jabu's Belly a lot. I never got why people hate Jabu Jabu, it's very creative and fun to play through, and for once, it's a game that did an "escort mission" right.
Inside Deku Tree is one of the most atmospheric places in the game and I love it for that. Dodongo's Cavern has a great centre room with that giant dodongo skull, and all these giant bones on the ceiling, makes you really wonder how impressive that beast was when it was alive.
Shadow's Temple also has some great atmosphere, even if the temple itself is linear, it's fun to go through.
Fire Temple is my least favorite, although the original muslim chant music is memorable, and Volvagia looks great (I still remember being amazed at it when they showed it on the TV ads)

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I dont get how someone can be attracted to that hideous bitch

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I always liked the water temple in OoT(and wet dry world from M64). I like the water level mechanics. With the changes to camera and being able to equip the iron boots quickly as a sub item you realize how easy that temple actually is in OoT 3D but I enjoyed getting lost and turned around in it in 1998. Also liked Jabu Jabu after you get good with the boomerang.

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she'd look better in a scarf

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she looks better armored so I dont have to look at her stupid mug

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>zelda dungeons
if its not zelda 1 its not worth posting. next thread.

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now would be the part where you would follow the op and post your favorite zelda 1 dungeon and talk a bit about it

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Zelda 1 only has 1 fungeon.

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Friendly reminder that there is only one (1) dungeon in Zelda 1.

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no they are stored on two overworld maps, the overworld map is only 8 rooms tall. So there are two dungeons

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Ocarina of Time? More like Ocarina of Cringe

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Would have to do it by games:
Forest Temple is definitely the best as ambiance goes, with perfectly fitting music, design, puzzles and boss. The fact that its also the first adult dungeon plays a big part in the impact it makes, it really feels like a ramp up in difficulty and seriousness in the game. Honorable mention to Spirit Temple.

>Majoras Mask
Despite liking MM more than OoT, the main dungons are not one of the reasons. The only stand out is Stone Tower, but even that falls short of OoT dungeon quality.

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Fuck this small key.

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Im embarassed to admit it was the only time I regretfully had to use a walkthrough the first time I played the game.

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The first that comes to mind is the Eastern Palace from "A Link to the Past". Really just because how I used to imagine "how it would really be like" when I was a kid. I imagined it being cool and dark, tiled in marble, the sounds echoing around. I feel like the "Sanctuary Dungeon theme" fits that palace best in ALTTP. Otherwise I would have to say the Forest Templer in Ocarina of time since it felt like a real castle which was kind of a treat. Though at the time the Shadow Temple made me uncomfortable, with time I came like it a lot for that very reason.

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I feel like I would be able to appreciate LTTP's dungeons a lot more if they didn't all have the same damn song

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low test

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Barely any of them are memorable for some reason. With most dungeons I feel like I'm just going through the motions, clearing rooms of enemies or going from area to area collecting/rescuing stuff. I think the only dungeons that I really loved were the forest and water temples in OOT. I wasn't enjoying OOT much until I hit the forest temple, then everything clicked and I was hooked until the end.

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Who died and made you the arbitrator of what is acceptable? Why must your notion be the end-all of all opinions?

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Forest > Water > Spirit > Shadow > Fire > Jabu > Deku > Dodongo ( > Ganon > Well > Ice > Gerudo )

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pic related because fuck jews and niggers

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I like the Bottom of the Well.
It's kind of a more subtle version of the Shadow Temple, relying a little less on outright being a linear gauntlet through a mass grave and torture chamber.
Instead, the Well aesthetically combines its namesake via aqueducts and a large poisonous pond in the bottom, with hands reaching up out of the water. That's pretty cool. It still has Shadow Temple assets, though, like the crucifix.

The Well is a bit more maze-like, though. Actually completing the dungeon is very easy and brief, but it is laid out in a way that makes the player more and more lost the longer they play, opening up all kinds of optional rooms that lead nowhere and is filled with invisible pits that land you back in the very bottom pond.
The whole dungeon is designed more around fucking with the player and making them uncomfortable than posing a gameplay challenge. Dead Hand exemplifies this as it's fucking creepy, but a total pushover.

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The final dungeon of Oracle of Ages is one of my favorite moments of the 2D Zelda games.
So I kind of wrote this an autistic summery.

>Need one last Essence to complete your quest and save Labrynna.
>Hear about a location from long ago in the past. The Sea of No Return.
>A labyrinth on an island. A longtime blank on your map, it's isolated from the rest of the world. A mysterious force confuses the Maku Tree and blocks your attempts to time travel there, always sending you back to the present.
>No way there except to somehow swim ashore, past all the violent waves and whirpools on the sea.
>Still, you reach the island. A triumphant theme plays as you fight your way into a maze, full of fierce Lynels and dangerous Darknuts.
>An entrance on the north side of the maze draws you into the darkness below.
>A dirge plays as you enter The Ancient Tomb, as if the structure itself was now aware of you intrusion.
>You find yourself in a pyramid, stories of brick and stone dug deep below the surface. Each floor larger than the last as you descend.
>Its catacombs are filled with traps and ghosts, possible remains of the builders. Halfway through, you go sword-against-scythe with a hooded skull-faced spectre before continuing on.
>The final remnant of the unkown, ancient constructors waits for you and guards the final Essence. A floating, stone machine. It uses its megaton fists and arsenal of beams in an attempt to make you the newest resident of the tomb. But you deflect its attacks and strike back with bombs and shots from your seed shooter, leaving it in pieces as you claim your prize of the Essence of Time.
>Returning to the present, you wonder about the fate of the tomb, and realize that it lay in the exact same spot as the Spirt's Grave in Yoll Graveyard. A possible collapse leaving the floors mashed together or it was rebuilt entirely. You will never know for sure.

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Lens of Truth is the shittiest gimmick in the whole game. Worse than the iron boots.

New items should have stopped at the bow and hookshot and just have upgrades from that point forward.

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Lens of truth is a normal inventory item and not something you have to pause to take on and off like the iron boots.
That alone makes it better.

And the ability to see invisible shit allows for some interesting moments with traps or monsters. A gimmick like that would be welcome in current zelda's field of mediocrity and unchanging approaches to puzzle design and enemy placement.

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>And the ability to see invisible shit allows for some interesting moments with traps or monsters.
No, if anything it makes so a new player, knowing invisible stuff has been introduced as a mechanic, would waste his time putting that damn thing on everything in the world assuming he could find secrets only to get jack shit outside of the that stupid mini game. A new item should become an added staple to Link's moveset, not some novelty they force on you for its respective dungeon and then become entirely pointless clogging up your inventory for the rest of the game.

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Jeez then design the game around the player having turn on and off the lens of truth at times, then. Just because you think oot bungled the mechanic doesn't mean it's inherently bad. Metroid Prime's X-Ray visor may be a good example of an identical mechanic implemented in a more natural way.
However, I do agree with you that every new item or mechanic should become naturally integrated into the gameplay. The Lens of Truth or a similar item could do just that. Or in a trollish way to trip up players who forget it exists, like offering small, invisible shortcuts or puzzle solutions. With fair enough warning through sounds or environment reaction, the game could throw invisible enemies was the player, scaring them and temporarily removing an element of security. And there's probably more applications beyond those.
Generally, I think mechanics should always have use throughout most of the game in either large or small ways. I feel players should be encouraged to use all their skills, and one of the best way to do that is occasionally reward them. And I feel games benefit from being designed around all possible items or mechanics in the game, and not doing something like an item being a gimmick for a single area.

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you cant defend something based on the what ifs that exist in your head but not the game. Like I said, the way the lens of truth exists in the game makes it an awfully designed gimmick.

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careful you don't yourself on that edge there, sweaty

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Not really defending the lens of truth, I am defending the idea of what it does.
I was not giving examples from Ocarina of Time, which is what I would have been doing if I was defending the invisibility mechanic's implementation with the Lens of Truth.

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Swastika is facing the wrong way stupid. That's a native american styled swastika.

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Death Mountain is objectively the best one

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they are all SHIT

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Alttp's Ice Dungeon. With its billion floors, it's crappy slippery tiles and lots of backtracking. Compared to the 3-level layout of the previous fortresses, it really was an oomph for the dark world,

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The Forest Temple has such a melancholy theme and is so confusing to me. It dredges up powerful emotions, like much of the game. Still, it's probably my favorite out of all of them and has the most memorable non-monster boss. It's a perfect level to play on Halloween(fuck the temple in the graveyard).

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I think it's more likely a buddhist swastika considering the game was made by japs.

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The multi-coloured lighting on the walls and the shadows cast from the textures is very impressive for the time.

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I don't think that picture is what that room looks like in-game.

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I like the third and fourth dark world dungeons in LttP. Their gimmicks make you think a little differently than in other dungeons.

For the 3D games I dunno, I guess Shadow Temple is cool. I think I remember liking the dungeon in TP where you get the rideable beyblade.

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They must have put all that effort into the Dark Link mini-boss, because Morpha is probably the worst designed boss in all of Zelda.

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>They must have put all that effort into the Dark Link mini-boss

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I agree. I think what put everyone off about it was its use of wide open 3D space in a multiple tiered environment, and in a single loading zone to boot. It was at a time when most people weren't acclimated to playing adventure games in 3D, but it was very ambitious.

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The Water Temple in Ocarina of Time has some gorgeous visuals and is memorable, but it's still an abomination that punishes far more than it rewards. I use a guide for it every time, no shame.

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It's not hard it's just tedious and slow as shit.

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Yeah, it's not difficult to technically do, but it's easy to get turned around and to forget stuff and the order of the water levels. Tedious is right. Still it's a better play experience than many games.

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>Still it's a better play experience than many games.
I think the water temple is the worst a zelda game has ever been and it was genuinely made the game a 2/10 for an hour and a half.

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Yeah, but all that makes finally killing a hard to target enemy or finishing a portion or even putting it past you all the more sweeter. Having said that, I agree with you, it's the worst temple in any Zelda game, that I've played anyway.

Zelda games I've played:
>Zelda II
>Link's Awakening
>Ocarina of Time
>Majora's Mask (barely)
>Wind Waker (barely)

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I'd rather play Water Temple than something like Dragon Roost Cavern or TP's Forest Temple.

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Thats Fire Temple. Water Temple is "hard" in the sense thats easy to skip a small key when messing with the water level.

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water temple has the most obnoxious menu usage in some of the slowest menus a game has ever seen. Fire Temple is fine although non-spectacular in every way.

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