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I don't get it.

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In a dream, I could see
You are not far away.
Anytime, anyplace,
I can see your face.
You're that special one
That I've been waiting for
And I hope you're looking for someone like me.

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>grab 16 blue balls
>break cage to start BONUS TIME
>try to score as much as possible during BONUS TIME
>fly into gazeebo before BONUS TIME runs out to cash in your score

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I feel you. I've played through it several times and it still feels like I'm missing something.

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did you do the a-life/nightopian/chao/tamagotchi whatever minigame
it's a fun game to complete in one sitting

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There's nothing to get. It's a score attack game that values grinding over skill. It was mostly just a technical demo for sonic teams new 3d engine, because they were unwilling to use Sonic for it as it the entire technology behind the game was experimental.

So experimental that they still haven't managed to fix controls and camera in Sonic games today, 24 years later.

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No I always forget about that stuff since it doesn't seem to do anything.

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The part where the dude goes


I love that part. I feel it in my soul.

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Any minute now they'll bring back other franchise IPs from the Sega grave. Sonic needs a break.

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Adventure 2 controls was the tightest sonic has ever been. Its weird that each game afterwards just made him more slippery than the last.

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I want to fuck that jester

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Post your scores.

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So true. Always bothered me.

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It was never as good as Saturn fans said it was.

It's still a very solid 8/10 but I wouldn't say it was the best thing on the system. Honestly it was an interesting departure, but I can imagine it wasn't really what people wanted to play back then. Over time its grown quite a massive cult following and has had moderate success in the forms of semi-sequels and a remake, but meh.. I never really understood what the appeal was.

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I remember playing this at like an EB games, or maybe a best buy or circuit city decades ago and I was totally baffled by it. The controls were really difficult to get used to and it was impossible to really master any of the "tracks" or "races" or whatever you called the little sub sections you'd fly through collecting blue orbs and shit. That and you can't even see the whole area since the action is zoomed right up to the player's character.

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It really doesn't but neither did the chao rising in Sonic Advenure.

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It's one of those things you need to be 12 to appreciate, you discover new music, level effects and animations to keep you occupied as a child but as an adult it's really difficult to be impressed by it. It doesn't matter though it's just a grind to make you keep replaying this short arcade game for a little longer, it's like those item drop systems from modern smartphone games.

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Do read up on the a-life and nightopian systems though, the wiki completely breaks it down and it's an interesting read from a design point.

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Sidescrolling Superman 64.

aka it's shit.

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Shut up.

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Why do you keep making these threads OP?
You are not fooling anyone.

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n64 fans are just butthurt right now.

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I just got this on steam for cheap. How do I get into it? Any early scoring tips?

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There's a button that lets NiGHTS do stunts

Most people who play NiGHTS and say its bad never notice the existence of this button since they are brain dead.

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Stunts don't really do anything outside of increasing your score.

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>Stunts don't really do anything outside of increasing your score.

What do you think you're suppose do in this game

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Fly through rings.

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I literally asked for scoring tips, I appreciate their advice.

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The graphics in soft museum are very cool

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the kids version of the song is even better

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Most of the 5th gen console warring shit is started by sonyboys, though. They're salty only 1 of their playstations is allowed on /vr/.
Also this:
They have reasons to shit on nights. (console war reasons, that is)

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its a okay game but since saturn didnt had many great exclusive, Nights got really overrated/hyped.

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If anything it went slightly underrated.

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>Most of the 5th gen console warring shit is started by sonyboys, though
No, it's the Nintendo fans.

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I mean, all fanboys participate to a degree, but Sony are consistently the worse.
Every time there's a N64 or a Sega Saturn thread, you always see Sonyponys shitposting them, don't see that many Ninty or Sega fans shitposting PS1 threads.
Then there's the entire decade of evidence of Sony shitposting on /v/. That one black namefag whose name I forgot.

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The goal is to chain as much as possible to get the highest score.

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You're a delusional faggot. You cant have a crash bandicoot thread without at least 5 autists popping in just to remind us all that they think Mario 64 was better.

Also. In my experience, nintenyearolds are incapable of having an civil thread without mentioning how N64 was supposedly better than PS1. This usually irks the idorts in the thread who liked their PS1 more and starts up the argument. Then passers by see bits of console wars as they scroll by and it snowballs. But if the retarded nintendies had just STDU for once, none of it would fucking happen.

It's not as though you see sony threads where the fanboys rant and rave about how much better they think PS1 is than everything else back then. They're usually talking about the games.

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I agree, especially on /v/, Nintendo fans have literally made up the Sony boogeyman to dismiss any and all Nintendo criticism when you never see this happening in reverse. Nintendo fans are cultists.

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Happens on this board also with the australia-kun forced boogeymeme.

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That looks like it would have held my attention for about 20 minutes, when I was 12.

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Yes it's a very short arcade style game.

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And that's why Sega failed. They couldn't ever adapt to how home games should be designed, and when they tried they would just make utter garbage like Shenmue.

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The sequel had some great remixes/covers but this is still my favorite version of Dream Dreams:

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I play my Saturn far more than my N64 or PSX. Arcade style games are more fun to pick up and play, and they've aged better than other fifth generation games.

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>Arcade style games are more fun to pick up and play
They tend to lack the kind of substance you get in home releases though.

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not him but you get tons of replay value trying to go for that 1cc or special runs that you don't get in other games imo

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Fuck off zoomer

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Go in a circle. But do it fast, and get all the rings. It's not much harder than that.

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Some of my favorite games are arcade games. But they don't offer hours long, varied gameplay with a ton of depth.

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It's a good non-shooter on Saturn.
It's like a good non-platformer on N64.

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Arcade games are what games should be.

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Yes, Virtua Cop, Twin Cobra, House of the Dead... But not flying around as a gay jester, an evolved Sonic.

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The super soulful comfy levels and the ultra fast paced arcade gameplay dont mesh well. How am I supposed to take in the aesthetics, hatch eggs and whatnot If to score I need be rushing non-stop repeating the same movement over and over? The feeling of flight gets wasted on such an intense form of gameplay.
At very least I wish there was a mode without a timer and that lets you switch between nights and the kid on foot where you could just explore and fuck around the level doing pirouettes and whatnot for as long as you want, even better if there were some more lax tasks like finding hidden collectibles or something.

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Arcade games should stay in the arcades. When you play a console or computer game you expect depth and longevity, not a game that you'll beat in a few hours or less, grow bored of and shelf, never to go back to (unless however you suffer from autism and actually care about replaying a game just in order to get marginally higher numbers than the previous times you played it).

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you literally can

just dont let the kids enter the area where they transform to nights

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PCucks and consolebabbies can't real games.

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*handle real games

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*Adventure 1

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u suck

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you're looking at it wrong. the soulful comfy levels are what you're going to spend dozens of hours looking at while you practice and improve. it's much better to spend that time in a comfy laid back world than listening to shit like metal squad for the 200th time after the novelty wears off.

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Is there really someone out there that has spent dozens of hours practicing Nights?

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Its a tech demo mostly. However if you were a kid back when 3D was new then it seemed much better than it actually was. Like Ocarina of Time. Anyway whats mist important was that it laid the groundwork for the Chao Gardens which consumed thousands of hours of my childhood

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Ah yes, better to play a linear story game (with the writing of a young adult novel) you beat after a few hours and no longer have a desire to play than play something that you can develop a skill on, continually setting ceilings for yourself and breaking through them to get thousands of hours of gameplay out of.

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I actually don't understand how people can play the same game for thousands of hours.

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agree, but not with Nights,
come on, its stupid, going through metal slug, final fight or a bunch of other arcade titles 1CC was way more badass and exciting.

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It's a score attack arcade game. Get as many points as you can before collecting the next orb while in Bonus Time. Do it enough times until you fight a boss, go to the next level, repeat.

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Soft museum was cool

>> No.6329341

if SeGAY would vastly expand the levels, give you more characters and release a level editor it would be a great title.

Sega stopped giving a fuck a long time ago.
hence why there is no JSRF on steam/PC after 16 years either but that's a different story.

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I can play Outrun forever

I cant play triple A shit for more than one game completion

>> No.6330294

>I can play Outrun forever
Because you have autism. You are no better than the speedtrannies that repeatedly get mocked around here.

>> No.6330307

It's not about collecting the balls fast though

>> No.6330321

Dont project yourself onto others anon

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You know the original came with a controller, right?
The first controller ever to have an analog stick?
Do you see why that might have been a big deal?

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>The first controller ever to have an analog stick

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>The new controller included a thumb-operated control stick which, while a digital stick[14]
not analog

>> No.6332275

>In practice the level of precision (determined by the number of holes) provided by the stick make it functionally equivalent to a true analog stick.
Yes analog.

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What are you smoking?
"Cinematic" games almost universally have shallow as fuck gameplay that does the bare minimum to keep your attention going as the game progresses.

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It was basically a tech demo for the Saturn.

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Well if people remember it fondly enough 2 decades later it must be doing something right

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