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What's your thoughts on the original Fire Emblem? I'm on chapter 16 and I'm having a good time so far, other than time Marth got killed by a random crit twice on the same map. My favorite unit is Palla.

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Not as good as JUST BREED imo.

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Despite missing a few characters and chapters I prefer book 1 of Mystery over the original. It's much better than Gaiden though that is a low bar to set.

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Honestly, if there was a hack that gave it the normal combat window/combat preview it'd be better than Shadow Dragon.

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I'd be fine with having to calculate the hit rates and damage values on your own if you could actually see the stats of weapons without using a guide. At first I tried just figuring out the weapon stats on my own, but I lost my patience when it came to figuring out weapon weight and just used a guide from then on.

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Overall uninteresting, even before considering the clunky and shitty interface stuff I prefer FE3 book 1 for a simple type of experience and prefer FE11 H5 for gimmicky challenge stuff.

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I like the way weapons having limited uses requires you to set up a supply line to keep your frontline guys armed
Hadn't played anything that required that sort of supply-transport before

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I just give a flyer that I'm not using a bunch of weapons and use them as a makeshift convoy. I definitely prefer how trading works in the later games, but I appreciate how this one forces me to come up with new strategies to keep my army supplied.

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Is there even a good version of this game?
NES is meh, SNES is clunky, DS is ugly as sin...

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The lack of UI takes some getting used to but the NES version plays pretty well, imo. It's not all that different from the later games, desu, and the map design is mostly solid. The only things I'm really missing are rescuing, canto, and the weapon triangle.

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