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Yank, console anon here.
I've always wanted to dabble into the Commodore Amiga's library. So I tried out Turrican with the WinUAE and I am currently having a blast with it.
What are other essential or just great games to play? Heck list some hidden gems as well.

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Most of the games listed in the screenshot above are good choices, but some are absolute stinkers. Crazy Cars III/Lamborghini American Challenge shits all over the first two Crazy Cars, Chuckie Egg II is absolute pixel-perfect jumping bullshit, though if you're a masochist then I highly recommend it.

Basically, lazy answer is this:


Set the model filter to A500/A600 to remove most AGA duplicates, though some AGA exclusives like Banshee, Simon the Sorcerer 2, Super Stardust and Alien Breed 3D 1+2 are absolutely worth playing. Make sure to emulate a 68030 CPU for Alien Breed 3D and most flat-shaded 3D games, as they will take advantage of more powerful CPUs. Don't bother too much about sticking to strict hardware emulation of original Amiga models unless you're not planning to go with the WHDLoad route. Either way, most hardware owners tend to throw on accelerators, mass storage options, max out RAM etc. anyway.

Other good games not listed, I'll try my best to stick to games that would only really see Atari ST ports rather than truly multi-platform:

Kick Off 1+2
Bubble and Squeak
Bubba 'N' Stix
Midwinter 1+2
Archipelagos (absolutely need an IPF copy over cracked copies as all cracks are broken)
Mr. Nutz
4D Sports Driving

I also have a soft spot for Terry's Big Adventure.

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>Bubble and Squeak
>Bubba 'N' Stix
Both have decent Genesis ports.
>Mr. Nutz
Super Nintendo port is best
Mercenary is arguably better.
>Kick Off 1+2
Made largely irrelevant by Sensi, especially the first KO title.
Runs better on an STe
>4D Sports Driving
Redundant. A million arcade polygon racers of the era shit all over this.
>Midwinter 1+2
Oh look, an outlier. These two games are absolutely recommended.

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I wasn't even aware of Mr. Nutz having a SNES port.
>Made largely irrelevant by Sensi, especially the first KO title.
Arguable for KO2 as the faster pacing has its perks, but I'm not denying that Sensi is overall better.
>Redundant. A million arcade polygon racers of the era shit all over this.
Sure, Stunt Car Racer and Microprose F1GP also shits on it for completely different reasons on the Amiga, but the level editor is great and that alone is worth a recommendation.

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Redpill me on Turrican guys, where does one start with these games?

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2 > 1 > Super Turrican (NES) > Mega Turrican > Super Turrican (SNES) > Super Turrican 2
Honestly you can swap 1 and 2 around if you want, but 2 is more streamlined so it's a better introduction

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If you really can't get enough Turrican, you could check out the C64 versions afterwards.

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Godz, anything by bitmap bros really

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do you know of any ntsc discs for this game? I heard that the US got them, but I never seen for sale in the wild

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Highly recommend the ishar trilogy, especially 3

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that game is pretty

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Original C64 Turrican, yes. C64 Turrican 2 did not have a ntsc release afaik.

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>>Mr. Nutz
>Super Nintendo port is best
Not the same game.

Mr. Nutz 1 - SNES, Mega Drive, GBA
Mr. Nutz 2 / Hopping Mad - Amiga, Mega Drive (cancelled, leaked beta)

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Right..? What is this adding to the conversation? OP still isn't wrong. You're responding to the wrong poster, as well.

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Archipelagos causes problems? Maybe that's why I never got far as a kid.

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How is this so smooth and how are the sprites so fucking large? Does this run on a super cpu c64?

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The same reason why non-AGA Amiga games from 1994 absolutely shit on Amiga games from 1987 - developers eventually learned most of the tricks to get the most out of the hardware. Turrican 2 for the C64 was released when the hardware was nine years old, tricks like getting four sound channels out of the SID were already well known at that point. The same can be said for any system with enough longevity.

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Lots of great RPGs. Another anon mentioned Ishar series, there's also Ambermoon & Amberstar. Has the best versions of the older D&D gold box games (Forgotten Realms series, Krynn series).

Would also recommend The First Samurai (platformer), and I prefer the Amiga version of Starflight.

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Whale's Voyage is also pretty good. Developed by an Austrian company.

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One of the best Outrun style racers

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Man, pretty much every Amiga thread that isn't a flamebait shitpost bonanza is dead as a doornail by day 3. Really depressing.
Anyway, go play Shufflepuck. It's good.

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Also keep in mind that the game is constantly like an inch away from disintegrating due to all the shit they pulled off.
There are countless bugs and glitches like everything past your current screen not existing so enemies disappear or fall off the screen/get caught in the level tiles during scrolling, sprites getting stuck in mid-air or disappearing and much more.

Even the player character can get stuck on level tiles or get himself in inescapable situations with the best example being this part here from the very first level:
The transparent pixels of the map tiles have no collision so you don't stand in the air at ledges and the like but in the cave section they ended up with a small alcove by accident due to the allignment of the transparent pixels that you could get into with the wheel ability, trapping you there until the time runs out.

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Guardian CD32
Zeewolf 1+2
Gravity Power
Bill's Tomato Game
No Second Prize
Two different versions of Exile
The Chaos Engine
Cannon Fodder 1+2
Hired Guns
Speedball 2
Pinball Dreams/Fantasies/Illusions

Turrican 1 on the C64 is far more buggy, it's very easy to scroll the screen too far on bosses and have parts of them stuck in the wall so unable to shoot. I particular remember accidentally doing this on the last boss as a kid, leading to much rage.

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No Second Prize is nice, tho a bit on the easy side

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so, i played turrican on genesis, and when you take damage, there was no invincibility, and i dont remember if there was any audio notification. Are all the ports of turrican like that..and if so, why the hell do people enjoy them so much?

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Populous 2
Stunt Car Racer
RVF Honda
Lotus 3

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> Frontier Elite II
Play this version w/ post #11 instructions for best experience https://forums.frontier.co.uk/threads/frontier-elite-ii-special-edition.3171/
> Starflight
Just as broad in scope like the Elite series
> Mercenary: Damocles / Dion Crisis
Incredible exploration adventure (for the patient gamer)
> Qwak
Charming little platformer, often overlooked
> Skweek
Top-down colorful puzzle game
> Lethal Weapon
Nice action platformer
> Rick Dangerous 1 & 2
Trial and error puzzle platformer
> Ninja Zool / Trolls / Oscar
Quirky euro platformer
> Utopia: Creation of a Nation
City builder warfare managing game
> Jetstrike
Flying action game similar to Sopwith / Wings of Fury
> Wolfpack
Sub-marine action sim
> Ruff 'n Tumble
Action platform game
> Soccer Kid
Interesting football platformer game
> Action Fighter
Racing shooter game

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Nah, the ports are actually harder than the "originals" (C64, Amiga, Atari ST), for whatever reason.
Also, the Amiga version has a really alarming sound effect when taking damage.

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I still have a softspot for F.O.F.T. Federation of Free Traders. It could have been the Elite killer if it weren't so buggy.
You could even program your ship and drones to do simple tasks like cargo transports in a BASIC like language.

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What's up with the tone policing?
It's a nitpick, but a worthwhile one.
Almost everyone passed up the Amiga version because they think it's more of the same.
Plus technically, it's incorrect.

Mr. Nutz 1 was developed first by a french developer on SNES (that's the original, not a port), then Ocean ported it to the Megadrive AND the Amiga. They took a lot of time to convert it to the Megadrive because of the soundtrack and the graphical effects that needed to be redone completely. That Amiga port was cancelled.
(years later they ported that to GBA with some water levels, but it was buggy poorly designed bonus levels)

In a rush, Ocean got a german developer working on another unrelated platformer to change the hero and name to Mr. Nutz Hopping Mad, as a replacement for that cancelled project (i guess they already ran announcements about a Nutz coming to the Amiga). That got released. Then they wanted to port this new game to the Megadrive as Mr. Nutz 2 with all scaling effects removed, but it never released because 1995 was too late.

tl;dr there's a vaporware demo somewhere for a Mr. Nutz 1 on Amiga, a downscaled port of the SNES original, AND the finished Mr. Nutz Hopping Mad, an Amiga original.

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