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Koei's attempt at Final Fantasy. A sickeningly mediocre waste of time.

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Ok now play Doki Doki Poyacchio.

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Too bad, that cover art looks delightful

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I believe it's Jun Suemi art for that cover actually, Jun's fantasy is fucking top notch.

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so are you going to tell us about this game or not

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Mediocre defines 90% of jrpgs ever released.

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How the fuck do you even pronounce that?

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I don't remember if it was this one or the Ps2 one but there was a Zill O'll game known for it's sick action-consequence, I would like to try it one day.

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>Not playing the Infinite Plus version
Absolutely plebian. Shame that whole Twitter she-twink meltdown derailed the translation

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This thread shall live; for one more day at least.

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>every RPG can only/has to copy Final Fantasy

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Game might be kusoge but that cover art though.

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>Shame that whole Twitter she-twink meltdown derailed the translation

Looool, details?

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It's been the sad fact of jrpgs for a while. Kind of like how almost every MMO tries to be a better version of WoW.

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Panzer Dragoon Saga is one of my favourite jrpgs of the era because it is so distinctly not final fantasy 7, it's almost doing everything in its power to set itself apart.

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what details?
was right after Tom was cancelled by the usual suspects for the goemon-translation, then the guy(?) doing zill o'ill announced the cancellation of the final project: https://twitter.com/teh_mugi/status/1223195121077948417

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Everyone is so quick to blame the "sensitive sjws", but it was these limp wristed panzy translators who couldn't even take a modicum of criticism before having panic attacks and shutting all their work down, it's fucking absurd how butthurt every side of this argument is.

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>A sickeningly mediocre waste of time
So its just Final Fantasy

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t. Ed G.

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No. They do it for free, who are you to worry about them being transphobic or not? Just block and move on.

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How many of those internet points do you have to save up before your tranny of choice gives you a sad handjob?

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Tom was the translator for Zill as well, so his leaving the scene torpedoed the project

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Sure, but at least in the non-retro sequel/spin-off, you could suplex a dragon.

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He did more than the Wizardry games' art? Fuck, I need to catch up.

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>take a modicum of criticism
That's not how you pronounce harassing.

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