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Does anyone still play this old sack of shit in current year?

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I do, they've done some fun updates with oceanic content in the last year or so - still fun if you have people to play with.

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This game is the Ultimate pleb filter. Love it. Wish there was proper AOS shards tho

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Yeah private shard all seem to be ren, pre-ren, or a shitshow of garbage custom content.

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woops meant to reply to

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>old sack of shit
Fuck off, UO forever

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Literally the only MMO that does skill-based and housing right.
I wish there were a better way for PVE and PVP to coexist without Trammel, like the old times but fairer to both sides.

If I called the shots, I would've made them create a system of influence zones, where if a blue is attacked in a protected zone an army of soldier swarms the attackers (not the fucking teleporting guard), so the reds have a real risk of losing their loot and equip.
So I guess, more or less like the faction system but with actual NPCs policying the borders, maybe even recruitable as escorts by resource farmers.
Brigand-controlled zones would do well to provide extra resources for the ones daring enough to venture inside, and the brigand themselves controlling the territory.

Another thing I don't like much is the excessive amount of artifacts, they fuck up pvp, economy and create endless powercreep. I would be curious if they implemented actual unique artifacts, that you'd better keep secret and that can't be immediately recognized by every power-hungry murderhobo on the prowl.

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To make hoarders seethe, I'd make artifacts telerport away when not used in battle for a time, so those shit eating fuckers locking these uniques artifacts on their homes would get what they deserve. A massive cock rammed up their bums.

Heck I'd even make player houses accessible by thieves, and you should hire servants, with varying degrees of perception, to keep an eye open and call for guards. Add secret hiding spots, that only thieves with grandmaster skills can recognize.
It may not be easy to find a balance between fair and unfair, but a game that does these things right would open all kind of of playstyles.

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would be cool if you could change your HoTM to look like a Jester Hat for 10kk :l gold sink and diversify the mage game. Same for all hats

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Or use magical illusions as disguise. Promote the Dispell spell and Detect Hidden to do more than just revealing stealth players.
Arm Lore to detect the artifact is not just a piece of junk.
Normal and magical disguises should be an integral part of the gameplay, trying to pass unobserved to not attract unwanted pickpocketers. Guards getting suspicious of cloacked figures in respectable cities and demanding to show their faces.

I see many missed opportunities in UO development, they have a rich underlying base but decided to squander it trying to follow misguided modern MMO ideas.

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there are at least 4 streams and 30 viewers on twitch right now for ultima online.
why? who can say

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I occasionally pop into fan servers, before I realize that it won't be like it used to be.
Kinda wish some server would retool the economy. Make gold more realistic. Needs to be mined and minted, the more that is found the less likely it will be mined, has weight so you can only hold so much if it in a home or bank... Something to drive a more natural economy.
If gold gets lost on a body or account expires or something it get redistributed among monsters.
That sort of thing...
Otherwise it's just "grind until you get good enough to macro spells and go out and fight people". It's like Diablo 2s pvp but chunkier.

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Also all of this. Player housing used to be lockpickable, on release. Pissed people off, but honestly that's better.
You should at least be able to siege player castles.

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this sounds crazy but way back in the early 1990s I was able to obtain a beta of ultima online where it was a dial up service, it was free, and there were only like 4 lines (direct to origin systems) and dr cat was always online and would battle you

sounds crazy but I have the data files to the original client, thinking of selling the disk rather than uploading it for historical purposes though, i want some money

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Make a copy and upload to the Internet after you make money.

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Upload it then sell it, faggot - the disk will still have value due to rarity. Don't be a jew.

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I'm not kidding. It mainly used assets from Ultima 6 (!)

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Upload it then, smart guy.

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There are a decent amount of people who still play Ultima Online. Mostly the 30 year old boomer memes and middle aged dudes from the Midwest who still have a Compaq with a Pentium MMX inside of it.

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Don't b an ass. You'd be a legend in the UO community. Right now you're vergin on butthole. Upload it/run a server with it

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I only have the client part of the program and the assets which were downloaded or cached from running it. Pretty sure this client isn't related to the official UO client which came later, it has a dialup interface only. No provision for LAN or other wired connection.

I didn't play it much, Dr. Cat would come in and kill you pretty quick most of the time, it became boring.

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I'm planning to try all the mainline Ultima games in order I'm so excited. Should i even bother with Akalabeth?

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You can check it out at a later point but I wouldn't advise starting with it. Compared to Ultima 1 it is very frustrating and lacking in content.
What versions do you intend to play?

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I would literally skip everything up until 6, play 6 (and spin-offs) and 7, then decide if you want to play the earlier ones. There's not a shit ton of lore, disk space was too precious back then.

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Game so good you can't even try to play it without razor or you will get rekt. Graphics based on (or from) the worst game of the franchise. Not a surprise retards love it

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>There's not a shit ton of lore, disk space was too precious back then.
Are you kidding me? Ultima 4 was a milestone in lore. Almost all of the later games build upon that foundation.

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I played Ultima 4 as a kid on my IIgs and it was kino as fuck but a lot of people will tire quickly of it.


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If you can't stand talking to people than Ultima simply isn't a series for you.

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It's the series for me. I have played every Ultima since 5, since it came out. I have a custom-made congratulatory award from Lord British himself for being one of the first 100 people to complete U6 (you had to write in and answer a quiz).

But for today's gamer U6 is probably the first game which will hold interest.

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>But for today's gamer U6 is probably the first game which will hold interest.
This is /vr/.
If somebody really wanted a late starting point, I'd recommend Savage Empire and Martian Dreams since those play like VI and VII but are detached from the main continuity. After that you can go to 4-6 for the full experience. Skipping 4 means you have no understanding what it means to be the avatar and merely act as a cheap replacement.

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UO was never good

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Skipping 4 is easy if you read the book or a faq. happed to like it, having played it back when it was new on my computer. But it's quite tedious. U6 is the absolute earliest game in the series that a zoomer could pick up and 6+7 teach you the Virtues in the games and lore, as well as recapping the earlier installments. I would venture top say that the Ultima series was the first to have an overarching lore accessible in game.

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>at friend's house watching him play UO
>he lets me make a character
>pickpocket some guy's house key
>he flips the fuck out
>run away and toss it in some bushes after he lost sight of me

funny that I was even able to do that with a character that was created like 5 minutes before

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>having played it back when it was new on my computer. But it's quite tedious.
Nowadays we have versions that streamline the controls.
Why can't you handle people trying it out? Why are you projecting so much?

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>you can't even try to play it without razor
Yeah I think the tools people started using kind of ruined the game. I understand using it for AFK macroing because grinding is shitty, but when you start using it to autocure poison in PvP and shit like that it's gone too far.

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You're not making a cent out of that, dipshit.

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if you have the game installed still from from back then on an ancient computer then the files might be interesting to someone, since they have patches that werent on the cd. But the beta cd's have already been uploaded

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yeah it was never good, thats why it has been running for 25 years

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So its like /b/?

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>/b/ is 25 years old and you have to pay a monthly subscription for the luxury of playing it

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It actually is kinda like 4chan. It started out kinda wild and lawless and mods would get embarrassed but then the whole thing shifted and got worse because carebear tourists from other places complained about the old guard being too mean so ownership axed what made it fun in favor of trying to get more cash but it was already too late so they sold out to someone and bailed to greener pastures but fucked that up also and now carebears have ruined everything and anything that tried to catch the magic (shadowbane, darkfall, Et al) fails also because there’s no money in it unless you cater to pussy ass niggerfaggots who can’t git gud.

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Sometimes you get lucky. House keys are bonded to you now because people bitched.

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I refresh my house and that's it

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I say go for it, I don't give a fuck really. But Ultima 6 is the first thing approximating a relate-able game for people who might be say under 35 or so years of age. It's also filled with lore and fun stuff, the earlier games are lacking in that aspect to some degree. U4 was the first game I actually really geeked out on, back when it was pretty new still.

We'll see, I'm not hard up for cash so I might just wait a decade until the economy recovers.

I have all my old drives and interfaces to read them, as well as backups of their contents. I like to spin 'em up every so often just to get them going and exercise the components.

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I don't understand how to install doom64 retribution.
I put a d64 folder with all the mod files inside the main wad folder, where I keep all the normal wads (all of them, iwads and whatnot).
Its like this:
gzdoom/wads/d64/ <-- all d64retrubution files inside here
I added D64RTR[v1.5].WAD to ZDL settings the same way I added all the other iwads.
but when I try to launch the game, it says "palette not found".

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Is this a question to ask on a Ultima Online thread though?

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Used to, and actually I tinkered with RunUO.
This is what peak mmorpg performance looks like.

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