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The old post got archived and is harder to find so here's a compiled MEGA download.

Game in the image is Hypernoid for the NEO GEO, which is currently unreleased.

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Why? You either need an account, or you have to use the (increasingly unreliable) Nip downloader. Anonfiles, you dumb shit.

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At least he isn't using adware-riddled trash like Zipperto

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How about a list of titles eh anon

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Talking of which, does anybody have this book?

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Text document with the game list on it, this was also from the original link as well.


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dont use MEGA, retards

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>people bitch about MEGA
>none of the people bitching uploaded it to anonfiles and posted a link
Ignore whiners who contribute nothing.

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Are you a spastic? If no one can download it from MEGA, then how are they going to upload it to any other file share site? You IMBECILE. Literally the dumbest fucking thing I've ever seen posted in this thread, or any other. What, gonna bring this up?: >>6326671
Doesn't fucking work, FAG.

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thanks anon

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>Literally the dumbest fucking thing I've ever seen posted in this thread
You mean in any board, but I feel ya.

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Check "All Files" section here dude https://pastebin.com/vmTUejDq

People told me to switch to it from Anonfile. What do you rec?

Also, anon who created the thing here. I see you guys are definitely looking forward to an update. I haven't been putting much time into doing so, frankly, but I feel bad for making you wait so long for this, so I'll get started on the update soon. I hope it will meet your expectations, and help the set and list grow even more. Thanks again for your patience!

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*Check all the list sections

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Also, please let me know if any of you have suggestions, additions, or questions concerning this. Secondly, has anyone heard from the River City Collection hacker? I've been out of here for a long time, so I haven't been keeping up too well with /vr/ news.

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>no one can download it from MEGA
I have it downloading right now. Maybe you are shit at computers?

Doesn't matter what you use, people will complain. Use MEGA? HOW DARE YOU, I DON'T WANT TO MAKE A THROWAWAY ACCOUNT! Use Anonfile? HOW DARE YOU, THIS WILL TAKE FOREVER TO DOWNLOAD! Just upload it wherever you want, if people want it that badly they will do what is needed to download. If spending 20 seconds opening an account or an extra hour waiting for the download to finish is too much to ask, then they really didn't want it that badly.

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Now download it again. Show a screen cap. I want to see you not logged in, and a 100% download. Not gonna happen, IS it?

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>I'm downloading it right now
Move the goalposts harder while you cry harder you whiny bitch. At the end of the day, I'm going to have the files, and you're still going to be crying.

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what the fuck you unbearable autist. I've downloaded it immediately. Mega is a great working hosting site, and if you're too fucking stupid to control the interface or put the link in JDownloader queue then I'm sorry for you

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I got a 100% download right here and I don't have a MEGA account. Use jdownloader

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Anybody have any luck getting Haunted Halloween 86 to play on a flash cart? It's garbled for me but works ok in emulators.

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>You either need an account, or you have to use the (increasingly unreliable) Nip downloader.

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why would you donwnload it twice?

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I asked for evidence. None has been given (to the surprise of absolutely no one). What specific circumstances are you referring to, cum drinker? Someone claimed to refute what I said, but has offered no proof. All I want is a screen cap. It's that simple. Much like you.
>Move the goalposts
Just asking for a 100% download completion screen without having logged in. Read my initial post, and you'll know why, spastic. Fucking hell, you're stupid.
Look at you fucking simpletons. You're laughable.

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Oh, you're one of those people who can't follow a conversation and tries to make up their opponents argument. Ok retard faggot, let me walk you through simple shit even children can understand.
>If no one can download it from MEGA
This was the post I was replying to.
>I have it downloading right now.
This was my reply.
>Now download it again. Show a screen cap. I want to see you not logged in, and a 100% download. Not gonna happen, IS it?
Then you sperg out and attempt to move goalposts because I pointed out you can download the fucking file IF you aren't retarded. Which apparently you are. So no, you CAN'T download the files. Everyone else can. You can't. Retard.

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this is the worst thread on /vr/ and it's not even OP's fault for once

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based OP, thanks for the mega-link, working great.

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It should get much better after I finish the update of the doc.

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don't pretend to be docanon. he died of the rona. show some respect

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MEGA can be questionable at times, but if it doesn't work through the browser, try JDownloader.
I know it fucks up sometimes when trying to use incognito mode on an Android Chrome browser as it tells me about cache space or something stupid.

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