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This game is the greatest game 3D Platformer ever made (Note 3D Platformers are the greatest video game genre).

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Shut up matt.

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But that's a collectathon. A 3D platformer would be something like sonic adventure.

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Absolute disaster compared to BK, dropped within like an hour.

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Collectathons are 3D Platformers, you dunce.

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Collectathons are collectathons. Platforming isn't even a strict requirement.

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Correction: THIS is the greatest 3D Platformer ever made.

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Banjo Cringzooie is shite and Willyvania is the best video game genre cunt.

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i had more fun playing dk64

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I love it
You platform a shit load in the Banjo games. There's no way you can say in good faith that they aren't also platformers

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Sonic Adventures basically plays itself. Sonic Adventures 2 is more like a plat-former but it sucks dick.

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the controls on the N64 were so dogshit that platforming was actually the worst part of collectathons

t. N64 fanboy who 100%ed most of them

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>t. N64 fanboy who 100%ed most of them
Nice """""""credibility""""""" you have there. It's all just your opinion and nothing more.

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its the same as banjo Kazooie except different levels, idiot

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You must not have played them both. Atmosphere, level design, even controls feel significantly different

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I take it you are either trolling or have no idea what the fuck you are taking about. Its the same buttons that make them do the same thing. Nothing is different, except now you can play as mumbo.

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i can't even make it through the fucking intro that drags out for like 15 minutes
i go to look at some vids to see if it gets fun and i get hit with a wave of memory of the *sighing* that you do in bk when you realise you have to go, in the overworld, back through three different rooms, across some vast space, etc basically zoned out holding the stick
This game seems like it's made out of that moment

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I've only ever played Kazooie, but whenever I look at screenshots from Tooie it just looks so grandiose. Everything in Tooie is huge and I'm impressed with how the game managed to pull it off with no expansion pak. This is defimitely a game I want to try and get.

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i didnt make this one but i will admit i was attracted for obvious reasons

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its a pejorative, designating BAD 3D platformers, johnny.

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i beat the first one back in the day and enjoyed it. but going back to play it again recently on xbox i forgot you had to learn all your moves and shit in the beginning and just dropped it immediately

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>you had to learn all your moves and shit in the beginning
Doesn't Bottles ask you if you want all your moves at the very beginning?

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Yes and you can completely skip Tooie's opening stuff and get into the actual game in 5 seconds. People are fucking retarded on here and have no idea what they're talking about

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i fucking hate collectathons, shit like gex, croc, banjo. It's just autistically collecting shit instead of unique platforming challenges

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>this thread again

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The worst part of Tooie is how it conditions you to expect any obstacle you can't immediately figure out to be something that needs a later upgrade, and that you should just ignore it.

I had to look up how to get into the sunken city once I did everything else because I just slightly missed hitting the squid with an ice egg, and it just made me think I needed some other upgrade to even go there instead of that I just missed.

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how pls

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it's not a pejorative, in the late 90s it was a selling point for a platformer to be exploration heavy. it only changed in the mid 00s when indie metroidvanias took over.

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You can quite literally skip all the cut scenes and the game doesn't even have a tutorial. You just head over to fight Klungo

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The dinosaur land level looked so big to me when I was 8

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how pls

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>it was a selling point to be exploration heavy
and "collectathon" is a modern pejorative used to describe poorly executed exploration. it has the connotation of being exhausting and tedious.
they didnt sell the term "collectathon" - they sold "exploration"

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I like collectathons. Wish we had more modern ones.

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can't you just hit start or something during the cutscenes to skip them?

if it's not start, there's some button combo for it at least

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Yeah I don't recall the buttons you hit but I know 100% you can. Since I used to do it when replaying the game.
N64 version btw, on the off chance that the 360 port removed that for some reason

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>noooooool this game too complicated, I have to do too many things

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That's not DK64!

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We do, they're just games like tf2 and genshin impact instead.

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conkers bad fur day was better no extra shit to collect beside the money

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Conker was dog shit

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Was the whole Banjo-Kadoozie thing ever verified?

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If you like the idea of traversing a sprawling overworld to collect a thousand literal pieces of shit from invisible wood creatures, you should give Breath of the Wild a shot.

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Take your pick at your average open world game nowadays.

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this is super note true at all
Tooie's world's are designed completely differently than Kazooie's Not only are they larger, they're interconnected. Reducing how the games are different to just saying "different levels" is pretty reductive and stupid, considering how many differences in gameplay design go into each of the worlds. It's like saying Mario Galaxy is the same as 64 just with "spherical planets."

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ok i found out how, you press B
i swear that that didn't work before

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I agree, rare should have made more simple collectathons like that where there was one goal to progress through cool levels, characters and a good plot.

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>The Jiggies, honeycombs, and other objects do not have eyes or speak as they did in Banjo-Kazooie.
it's dead. they killed it.

furthermore after i got past the cutscene finally today, i tried to play the game and i got tired of trudging and prevaricating so i fucking looked at a video and scrolled forward trying to find when does the game fucking START where is the FIRST LEVEL
30 mins no
60 mins.. wtf
and then i realised this shit is the game. This sprawling, empty flat, samey looking greenish grey garden is the WHOLE game. it's all like that you can look on google images. There's not going to be any Treasure Trove Cove, any Rusty bucket bay.

so fuck this i'm out again

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they both have some kind of pirate ship themed named area lets look at the fucking comparison here's banjok

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and here's tooie's "jolly rodger's lagoon"

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ugh! where's the fucking ship? here's the reverse angle. what a dismal hole compared to bk

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What are you even talking about

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This is so disingenuous that it's almost comical. What's the point of this? To pat yourself on the back and trick people who haven't played the game into thinking that's all that's in the lagoon?

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i looked it up this is all that comes up. Is there *any* verticality in this fucking game?

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This is why you don't discuss games you've never played.

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>I haven't played the game and am just going off of some screenshots I googled!
You're so dumb I can't even start. Yes, there's a huge underwater Atlantis section which btw does have a ship in it

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The level is 90% under the water through a big hole in the bottom of the lagoon there.

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so, no? lol compare that to bk

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You have literally no idea what you're talking about.

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He just posted one example and a bad one. There are levels that thrive on it and usually have several layers like Grunty industrys where you climb up and down a huge factory, cloud cuckooland where you explore a mountain in the sky, the lagoon that is all below in the water in a bunch of underwater caves you travel through, terrydactyland that has a lower section and a higher section where the flying stuff lives and Hailfire Peaks which has you climbing up and down two mountains themed around fire and ice.

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I like Conker but for different reasons than I like Banjo games.

Conker is more of a Call of Duty/Half-Life experience in regards to narrative pacing and varying gameplay with different mechanics.

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I wish people could argue the flaws of game som this board without being completely disingenuous faggots.
Fucking /vr/ is such a shithole. Nothing but ad hominem, emotional arguments and straight up lying.

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It wasn't always like this until recently.

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I saw a vid about this years ago. was it ever finished?

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I think it's already out.

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I think Banjo Kazooie is the best Rare 3d collectathon platformer on the N64. Tooie is better than DK64, but they're all fun. The biggest difference between BK and BT is the size of the worlds and the amount of backtracking and running around. BK is one level at a time. When I play, I start by going into mumbo's mountain, staying there 30 minutes or however long it takes to get everything and then moving on to treasure trove cove. I know theres a level or two where you need moves from a later level to get something, but the game can mostly be played like this. The stages are relatively small, and everything is near each other and the environment stays fresh, there's less wandering around aimlessly and backtracking. In mumbo's mountain and bubblegloop swamp, Gobi's desert and a few others you can actually see most of the map from one point or another. Rusty bucket bay is just a square with a ship in the middle, the snow one is a circle with a snowman in the middle, etc. This compactness of levels is a good thing. Tooie feels so large and spread out but more empty, similar to DK64. It doesn't suffer from DK64's tag barrel and different colored banana backtracking problems. Click Clock wood mixes this pattern up by being large and having the different seasons but it feels like an outlier and a challenge because its the last level. Levels like Terrydactyland in BT feel so barren and there's like a million caves that have no identifiable markers so I always forget which is which. Glitter gulch mine has this problem too. Playing as mumbo seems like filler. Cloud Cuckooland is like they tried to make a level as spread out as possible. Witchyworld is good and coincidentally feels the most like BK. Hailfire peaks too. First level is uninteresting. Grunty Industries is tedious and boring and again too spread out. I think Jolly roger bay is the best part of BT because being underwater with all the different areas somehow lends itself to this spread out style.

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I'm playing through it again because a friend of mine wanted to watch me 100% after doing it the first time 10 years ago. I'm almost done with it and I have a lot of thoughts about it still fresh in my mind. Levels ranked by fun factor are as follows:

1. Mayahem Temple
2. Witchy World
3. Jolly Roger Bay
4. Cloud Cuckoo Land
5. Glitter Gulch Mine (I still can't visualize the map layout)
6. Grunty Industries
7. Terrydactyland
8. Hailfire Peaks

I really like Mayahem Temple because the inter-connectivity is cohesive but the concept gets stale once you have to deal with hopping from Jolly Roger to to Hailfire to get the warm water going. Hailfire Ice should have never been designed how it is with like 6 separate collectables being visible but behind unbreakable ice. That whole world is too convoluted for its own good. Terrydactyl land almost has the same issue.

Spot on except that Mayahem deserves more credit. Jolly Roger Bay would be my 1 if it weren't for the identical squid tunnels and the clear fish that require solo kazooie.

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>This thread again...

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I have the file but idk where to upload it. If you tell me I'll give you a link. The file is 65 MB so anonfiles won't work

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Same guy from big post before here. I might go and replay bt. We're pretty much on the same page. For fun factor I'd say
1. Jolly Roger Bay
2. Witchy World
3. Hailfire Peaks (You're right the stuff behind the ice does kinda suck, but the fire side is pretty cool)
4. Mayahem Temple (maybe I was tough on it, kickballs fun and the music is catchy)
5. Cloud Cuckooland
6. Glitter Gulch Mine
Skip 7 and have Grunty Industries and Terrydactyland tied for eight. They feel like the bad parts of DK64. Forgot to mention some pretty cool secrets and the puzzle and minigames are great additions.
1. Treasure Trove Cove
2. Rusty Bucket Bay
3. Click Clock Wood
4. Bubbleglop Swamp
5. Clankers Cavern
6. Haunted Level
8. Mumbo's Mountain
7. Freezezy Peak
Bk's levels are all much closer in quality to one another and are probably all up there in the range of Jolly Roger Bay and Witchyworld. The worst bk levels might be comparable to Mayahem Temple. Mumbo's mountain is like a test/demo level almost but there's nothing wrong with it, it goes by fast.

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post the underwater caves, Atlantis type ruins, crashed ufo, etc that also makes up the level

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I wish the town were bigger. Still the best stage though

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Same, that port town setting is criminally underused in games.

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>it's the games fault i'm retarded
BK fags everyone

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Who said collectathons have to be 3D?

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