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Which one of you did this?

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This is excellent bait. In fact, I wont even sage

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>5k+ upvotes
yeah, okay

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Jesus that place is an absolute irredeemable shithole

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just as the developers intended

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The only unfunny attention whore ITT?

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>what is bait

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based, fuck Chinkshin Impact

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>buying a pc to play snes
Why don't you just buy a snes?

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watch your mouth, chad

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>case lighting

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Reggie Ledoux

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>Manage to avoid all the rgb lighting shit on everything but my CPU cooler.

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Because SNES emulation is like 90% accurate, if not more. You don't need to have a console hooked up and you can download as many games as you want.

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This is just as bad as the retarded cringy adverts that seem to have appeared on this site

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>he doesn't have ublock

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Nah can't be arsed. They sit at the top and the bottom of the page so I just scroll down as normal and they are gone. I guess cos I'm old I just don't understand them

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Are you me? I bought an rgb-less cooler that was supposed to fit the socket type on my motherboard, but it apparently didn't out of the box without a separate conversion kit, so I just decided to say fuck it and use the stock cooler that came with the CPU. I ended up using the cooler I bought in a different build.

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there needs to be a new global rule against reddit screencaps

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I did actually tell a fat Best Buy nerd to fuck off once.

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Try basically 100 with Higan/BSNES. 95-but-who's-looking with SNES9x. The latest builds/cores of that will run anything fine.

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>game screen not stretched
Missed opportunity

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