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I really hope none of you do this... Reddit cringe thread

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>all those boxed retro games
>all those current gen games
Jesus fuck imagine having this kind of money and pouring it all into building a playroom to impress other manchildren on the internet.

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>i really wish i could do this but i'm a poor baby from reddit who can't

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there's nothing wrong with collecting boxed games, but that pic is an abomination.

yeah you're right I'm deeply jealous, especially of those massive collectors edition boxes stacked to the ceiling

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I only pointed out that they were boxed because that means even more money was spent than on loose carts

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I always put my games in drawers like this. More compact, less likely to get fucked up if something falls over or something, potentially less damage from light/humidity/elements. If I have any original boxes I keep them in a Tupperware container or something. You couldn't even tell I had a huge retro collection without opening them. I use to think the bookshelf thing was cool when I was 17 but I never had any space for it, now I find it pretty cringe.

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Imagine being this collectlet lol

I've got easily double what this fucking n00b has. It's displayed better, too. Stay mad poorfags/emufags/trannies.

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I see nothing wrong with this and couldn't give less of a shit.

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You can tell this guy doesn’t have enough room to display his pride and joys, so it’s crumpled together in the corner, hopefully he gets a bigger place in the future so this can look better.

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I like your style, and I think that's really the way to go if you have a smaller space. The difference between hoarding and collecting, whether you agree or not, is just how things are organized and displayed. No one would call a well curated and organized collection "hoarding"

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Bit too crowded for my tastes but oh well. The cringe bit was the wall of action figures you didn't post.

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I wanted to do that but with PC games. Pic related but it's not mine, it's LGRs.
Nowadays I have no room for collecting anything, and all the PC games I did get, I just scooped them into a black trash bag and dumped them at Goodwill. Ironic considering that's where I found most of them.
Still have some of the more rare and expensive ones, but I can't imagine how I'm going to sell them.

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imagine buying shit games you dont like

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No worries mate. Dealing with jealous babies comes with the territory, especially these days.

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Holy shit, someone has more Big Box PC games than me.

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I really need to impress my redditbros with my 12 copies of madden 95

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Imagine being this assblasted that you need to make up scenarios to pretend you're not jealous. It's a bad look, anon.

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That looks like LGR's collection.

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hell yeah I have the same cheap ass drawers, I have them in the back wall of the closet where I keep my vacuum and ironing board and shit.

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I can't fault big box PC game collectors, they're the biggest chads of the collecting world

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>Pic related but it's not mine, it's LGRs
Yes. Yes it is.

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OH NOOOOO worldly possessions, how DARE they do this to us?!?

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the only problem is the boxes on top the shelves. throw that shit away.

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yeah that's like a over a quarter of the entire image lol

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seething poorfags

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Consoomers are pathetic. By all means collect games which you want to play or which mean something to you, but this pathological need to collect and own any shit just because...really pathetic.

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You really don't need more than one shelf for any system that isn't the Mega Drive

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When you really get down to it the games for each system that are worth playing and keeping are like ~20-30 max

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I keep all of my games from the last few gens in a box like this stored away in a drawer. My actual retro collection which is mostly SNES and GB games I owned since the 90s are packed away in storage somewhere. I usually just resell games once I haven't played them for a while and curate my "collection" down to what I actually care about.

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And the only game worth anything is MiG-29 :/

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I'm a game collector though, i make fun of people who buy shit games

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>he said as he filled up his shelf with 20 copies of golf for the NES you can get for pocket change to impress the internetz

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is this the "whats your favorite megaman game" poster's room?

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>I'm a game collector though
>i bought dozens of games on steam
>my mom even let me

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Depends on the game. If its so shit that its fun to play its ok.

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Nothing against big collection.

Got more than 500 hundred games on my shelves but there is a weight between way too much and emufag.

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Here's one from the PS2 subreddit. Imagine hoarding all of this plastic and disc rot.

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It's hoarding if you're buying physicals of games you have no intention of playing. I don't mind physicalfags, but fuck coomlectors.

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Please stop with that disc rot bs.

>Imagine hoarding all of this magnatized electronics

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Someone is mad.they dont have a collection

Stay mad emulating poorfag

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>well organized
dont see a big problem

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Yea have a ton of games but i keep them in boxes in my closet. It just looks awful when you display them. Still have to figure put how to conceal all my consoles while hooked up. Thinking about getting some type of cloth to cover them all

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How do people keep this kinda shit dust free? Especially the top unreachable places? I doubt you neckbeards have a weekly dusting routine.

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Isn't a carpet the best way to keep dust to the grund?

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I assure you, nobody does this to "impress" others. They do it because they enjoy it. Remember joy? That feeling from when you were a child? Stop making up pretend boogymen, shut the fuck up, and calm the fuck down. You'll get the joy back.

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Thats fucking cool though

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You people aren't even assblasted because you're poor. Youre assblasted that you didn't get into gaming until the fucking PS2 and you didn't get into retro gaming until the fucking PS4. So you missed out on the guaranteed games at every thrift store and yardsale.
Stay mad, retards. Die mad, knowing that people have all the games they ever wanted, and paid hardly fucking anything for it.

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Based and redpilled

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Your post wasn't based or redpilled. Also, emulation exists.

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Positively seething.

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>implying that was a samefag
Learn how timestamps and cooldowns work, newfag.

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It's not hard to edit out a (You). It's also not hard to post from your phone and PC simultaneously. Anyway, nope, your post was neither based nor redpilled. Seethe, cope, buzzword.

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This is absolutely 100% certified based, god bless all fellow mega man bros

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Americans seem to all have the same beige carpet. Carpets are digusting and barely washable. Imagine having money to buy thousands of games and not having a nice parquet or tile floor in your home.

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Carpet keeps bedrooms warmer. You want your tile or laminate in the kitchen and/or living room.

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I like carpet better because it's soft and comfy.

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Mirrored metallic sheet + plastic w/ pits

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It catches dirt and dust and goobers and spunk, hoovering it doesn't propely wash it, hardly comfy if you think about logically.

Imagine having several thousand dollars worth of videogame equipement and not having a properly working heating system in your house/appartement.

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>It catches dirt and dust and goobers and spunk, hoovering it doesn't propely wash it, hardly comfy if you think about logically.
They make cheap shampooers for that, now. Cleaning it used to be a royal bitch, though, true. Walking around barefoot on carpet is much more comfortable than doing the same on hard flooring with all that shit sticking into your feet as you happen to randomly step on it.
>Imagine having several thousand dollars worth of videogame equipement and not having a properly working heating system in your house/appartement.
Being obsessed with coomlecting is retarded, end of story. But some rooms get colder than others (such as mine), and if you have more than one person living in the house besides yourself, you'll (sadly) learn that you can't just set the temp to whatever you personally want.

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Nice larp fag

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A pair of old boxer shorts keeps my snes from fading in the sun. It is practical and stylish

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I didn’t come to /vr/ for more reasons to sell my wife on reinstalling carpet in our bedroom, but I do appreciate it.

>> No.7039656

Np fren.

>> No.7039658

Don't get whitish carpet like we did. You'll regret that.

>> No.7039660

kek, any pic?

>> No.7039664

Valuables have a lesser chance of breaking when they fall on or are dropped on carpet, as well.

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I'd really like to have a ps2 and ps3 collection. Something small and tucked away. I think displaying stuff like that is pretty tacky. I'm here to play Vidya. Not be a "gamer".

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As you can see I take pride in my retro collection, ladies are always very impressed

>> No.7039750

more like all those ineffective paperweights
ps2 disc drives will give out before the discs
mine still works but for how long

>> No.7039789

Maximum kek
Nice collection of consoles dude, it might not be the most aesthetically pleasing but that’s a whole ton of fun there.

>> No.7039829

Put your fucking shirt in a drawer, man.

>> No.7039843

Thanks anon, it's good to know not everyone on here is a judgemental mentalist. I'd be more than happy to invite you over for a session! I'm enjoying my collection and I don't really care how it looks as I enjoy playing the games more than making my house look like a game shop. I've got more consoles above the TV and mainly use composite

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It's not a shirt it's an old pair of boxers I've had since I was a wee lad. Stops my snes going yellow

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>I wanted to do that but with PC games. Pic related but it's not mine, it's LGRs.
Does he still simp on that fat goth chick

>> No.7039864

All of my games are in cardboard moving boxes hidden away. I only use flashcarts ODEs and CD-Rs.

>> No.7039873

>fat goth chick
Is this new? The only time I saw him do anything for a girl was for that chick that no one can convince me didn’t used to be a dude. She was kinda goth but I didn’t remember her being fat.

>> No.7039874

wow you're so awesome can I have sex with you holy shit

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Lol thanks, glad you like my setup

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why is this place so obsessed with reddit?

>> No.7039959

easier to point at a worse shithole that improving that one you are stick into

>> No.7039971

I wonder how many people here are jealous of reddit too

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I keep most of my collection hidden. In shelves inside closets or boxes. I might have girls or friends over and am a little embarrased by my large collection.
Plus I'd rather have a cleaner looking house. With nice painting , sculptures and plants.

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The only people who don't like physical media are corporations trying to ween consumers off of it with subscription models, and the gullible children who fall for it. If someone criticizes a physical collection, there is a 100% chance they are underage, retarded, or both.

>> No.7040012

>the people advocating against mindless consumption are proponents of billion dollar corporations!
I think you got your tinfoil hat on backwards

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Spotted on Facebook

>> No.7040059

>funko pops
>792 game boys
>blue red and yellow “displayed” in n64 transfer paks
Now this is mental illness

>> No.7040089

Do you think Sam Hyde ever comes on /vr/ and trolls us for hoarding plastic? Seems like something he'd do.

>> No.7040092

If those are legit store displays that's pretty awesome.

>> No.7040094

That’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time. Whatever happened to him?

>> No.7040097

He got aids after the guy from Tim and Eric fucked him

>> No.7040104

serious question to collector fags. do you do it as a ocd thing, an investment thing or what?

>> No.7040105

I mean, I collect my favorite movies and stuff. I don't think collecting stuff is a bad thing but once you reach levels of >>7040037 and >>7037118 you might want to slow down a little.

>> No.7040109

Is it too late to buy physical games?

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>> No.7040114

never said it was a bad thing. but why do you collect the medium? are you a tech purist? is it for the extra dose of nostalgia? for the need to have things?

>> No.7040115

For gens 5 and prior? Yes. For gen 6? Almost, except if you’re looking for GC then yes.
You could start speculating on gen 7, it’s the last gen with a real physical collectibility aspect.

>> No.7040116

Full disclosure, I have no collection but I do prefer to buy physical stuff. If I like something a lot I'll buy it physically so I can touch it. I've only started to buy stuff recently, I used to watch movies only on T.V

>> No.7040118

My advice is to invest in hardware + flashcarts first so you can play any game you want. Then if you decide you still care about owning physical copies, you'll likely spend less. Good deals don't really exist anymore.

>> No.7040126

Yeah if you want to play on hardware it’s the only reasonable route these days. You can get a flash cart for any system for the price of 2-3 big name games.

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>> No.7040162

He’s right though and collecting is gay

>> No.7040229

So buy everything for 6th gen besides Gamecube then? What about Dreamcast?

Why is 7th gen the last one for "collectability"?

>> No.7040231

Because its not retro enough to be cool

>> No.7040237

I dont know if im reading it weird but it seems to imply 7th gen "will be" the last one "with any". As in 8th gen never will be.

>> No.7040252

7th gen started to eschew physical discs in favor of digital downloads but 8th embraces that wholeheartedly. That’s a trend that won’t ever reverse

>> No.7040256

I guess 7th gen has patches so your disc's are only good as long as the patch server is up.

>> No.7040290

well with the ps3 you can just jailbreak it (there is no reason not to anymore) and download the patch files from your computer and slap them on. Dunno about the 360 but I imagine it has something similar.

>> No.7040297

I was thinking more for the idea of nostalgia and the fact that owning retro consoles gives you hipster credits - maybe when the kids who grew up with 7th gen will help increase the prices of everything. But these anons have a good point about software updates and digital only bits. It still shocks me that people are willing to pay more money for a digital product

>> No.7040308

I only collect stuff I actually play through.

>> No.7040309

All that worthless new age shit. Man what a waste. I have a home arcade with neo-geo, cp2-s, s-tv, ect and I would never post a pic to brag, bc my collections is worth more than your homes...(like you own a home) and my home is worth more than your families entire worth. IM RICH YOU NEVER WILL BE.

>> No.7040317

Poor COPE and you say this to avoid criticism from your "peers".

>> No.7040329

I am amazed, you could regurgitate this "thought" from you brain. A second a research would prove your statement to be hyperbole at best, and asinine at worst.

>> No.7040340

Damn dude, you're projecting so hard its like I'm at a cinema.

I got a decent collection of games, but only those that I actually enjoy(ed) playing over the years. I'm not gonna buy a game I don't enjoy just cause its a collectors item.

>> No.7040349

Digitalfag cope thread?
Digitalfag cope thread.
imagine not having a cool room filled to the brim with memorabilia from your hobby.
>m-muh hoarding!!!
None of you faggots who say this have had to be inside an actual hoard or clean it out.

>> No.7040475

my only major gripe here is why does he have so many duplicates of collector editions & consoles?

you only really need 1.

>> No.7040573

Nah I have nothing against physical media or even collectors. But that OP pic still makes me cringe.

>> No.7040590

Yeah I'm not retarded enough to pay $200 for some limited edition that's filled with a bunch of subpar toys you could've got superior versions of for like $40.

>> No.7040837

>being jealous of a place where you get banned for making relevant posts instead of attention-whoring for upvotes
I shiggy diggy.

>> No.7040848

There’s nothing wrong with having a collection, it’s his presentation that’s shit

>> No.7041201

Only pic that doesn't look terrible so far.

>> No.7041257

>dancing with the stars

>> No.7041274

honestly i am making bank of these zoomers only getting into vidya collecting now

>> No.7041584

>honestly i am a larping zoomer

>> No.7042308

I approve this message

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File: 2.65 MB, 4122x3451, IMG_20201029_114422~2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like sniffing old boxes and manuals, I like the 'real' experience, I like original artwork from japanese games.

>> No.7042321

Corporations aren't making a single dime off of retro games collecting

>> No.7042436


Meanwhile you'll never play little samson while I can load it up in an emulator and play it in a second. Pathetic

>> No.7042439

I can almost smell your jealousy.

>> No.7042617

>I like sniffing old boxes
My gran told me you were a fucking freak

>> No.7043253

You should give it a try you'll see

>> No.7043457

He needs better furniture.

>> No.7043462

weebs need to be fuckin gassed

>> No.7043471

>agreeing with yourself

>> No.7043523

based sniffchad

>> No.7043548

When I got into collecting I bought the games I knew I'd enjoy (mario, zelda, the list goes on) because I used to emulate back in the day. I do my research before I buy a game and if it seems like something I'd enjoy, 90% of the time I'll endy up like it after I buy. If I'm extra unsure I emulate the game for a little bit almost as if I'm "renting" it, and then I'll see if its worth buying. Considering getting a flashcart for the games that are over 100 bucks though, I think that's where I draw the line.

>> No.7043559

What's wrong with having a shelf full of games?

>> No.7043563

When did you get into collecting? I havent paid much lower than $100 per game since I started last year.

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stay mad infidel

>> No.7044352

whats the award for? fucking the most goats in his village?

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You know that even coomlectors can emulate if they will, right?

>> No.7044945

Get this shit out of the pool table Muhammad ffs

>> No.7045678


what's the story here?

>> No.7045684


Is this a new thing? I just made my own thread about MK64 world records and someone called me a redditfag within the first few minutes. This board wasn't like this a few months ago

>> No.7045693

>it’s his presentation that’s shit
And his taste. So much modern Xbox garbage taking up space

>> No.7045698

>it's an old pair of boxers I've had since I was a wee lad.
That makes it even worse.

>> No.7045715

Is there a secret to collecting games or is it just buying the most expensive ones you want first (before they get any higher) for any given console?

>> No.7045907

being a total consoomer retard is highly suggested

>> No.7045957

Buy them before they go up in price.

>> No.7045978

Well its a little late for that now.

>> No.7045983

What is that vertical monitor? Something released to stop people from turning TVs sideways for shmups?

>> No.7046076

Buy lots, sell dupes.
Eventually you'll have every game that's even remotely common that way and now you just need to hunt down the rare ones. Get everything that's super cheap and you don't have yet.
Now all you're missing is games that are high in value, games that had high print runs but are rarely sold and games that are actually hard to find.

>> No.7046242
File: 65 KB, 700x700, Hetton+TV+Stand+for+TVs+up+to+70%22+with+Fireplace+Included.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


My idea is to have a tv stand like this and then to sort of create drapes that hang above and out of the compartments to conceal the consoles.

>> No.7046284

>office 97


>> No.7046305

is this yet another thread where retards who play retro games all day laugh at other hypothetical retards who play retro games all day for not doing it in the same anhedonic, irony-poisoned way

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File: 96 KB, 750x413, 1602456809736.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>blue red and yellow “displayed” in n64 transfer paks
I have the same thing, mainly because I was working on doing the full gen 1 dex and was using Stadium to trade because I have no link cable. I never finished it and I just haven't put them away. You can tell this fag doesn't give a shit about actually playing games, if he did he wouldn't have so much shit in front of them that he'd have to move each time to get one off the shelf.

>> No.7046432

Buy games you want that you can afford. That's if you actually enjoying playing games, if you just want to slap your dick around because you own Shantae or something then yeah go that route.

>> No.7046440

This is the real collector-chad way of doing. Not only do you better protect your collection from UV rays that fade and damage, but you don’t have to worry about strangers stealing shit.

>> No.7046442

You are supposed to replace your carpet every decade. Who gives a shit.

>> No.7046620

Fuck off, OP. People should just do what makes them happy, ffs

>> No.7046640

OP is obviously alluding to closeted homosexuals who try to fill the holes in their hearts with consumerist dogshit. It’s sad, but it’s genuinely surprising people aren’t aware that it’s a psychological condition severely being taken advantage of by the collector industry.

>> No.7046672

It's a vectrex. A vector graphics console with a built in monitor.

>> No.7046703

I've been doing this for a few years now. I do a lot of research about games and consoles before I even consider buying them. There's a great retro experience to be had even now if you just do a bit of research.

>> No.7046851
File: 450 KB, 463x827, 2fc.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Stay mad poorfags

>> No.7046920


>> No.7046925

Welcome to Gamestop

>> No.7046934

t. poorfag

>> No.7046935

begone fag

>> No.7046965

Maybe an 1/8 of something like this once.

>> No.7046986

>Why, yes, I am tens of thousands of dollars in debt. How can you tell?

>> No.7047361
File: 33 KB, 412x530, 1464938645003.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>REAL CHADS hide their collections in boxes out of sight
I was surprised I wasn't in the chain of replies. Good on you to notice I wasn't intending to throw shade at bookshelfs.

>> No.7047560

This times 1000
I can display my games how I want and be proud of my collection and the stories that come with the games and systems I have.

>> No.7047581

There's something to be said for owning a boxed copy of a game, as it's usually a rare item. But that really could just be any game in a box. It could be garbage and at that point, do you enjoy collecting games or just expensive trash?
I'll never have respect for these numales that buy shit they don't like or will never play just because of the price tag.

>> No.7047859

It's a nice collection but I can only imagine having that much stuff can only be a burden in the end. More stuff means more stuff to worry about. I like having physical copies of some of my favorite games on display almost like as throphies, but having every single game ever sounds like it's going to be trouble at some point. Moving already sucks so imagine having to move around thousand games, most of which you don't even play or care about but only have for your collection.

>> No.7047861

I hope they're dating for real, she's kinda cute.

>> No.7047871

And it's box is on the floor on the left

>> No.7047898

Nah, he supports BLM, dating a white chick is definitely racist.

>> No.7047907

small collection of favorites > complete collections for multiple consoles

I want these collectors (hoarders) to hand pick every game they have even so much as put into a console in the last decade. I dont even think most of them would crack 30%

>> No.7047937

Man, that space rocket lava lamp is tacky and ugly as all hell.
I want one.

>> No.7048004
File: 186 KB, 1239x519, games.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That sounds like alot of work just to get get a few PS1 and Wii games. I'd rather just get a part time job on the side than start a picking operation.

All of the games I want I "can" afford I just wish I didn't need to pay so much. The people in these Reddit rooms must be millionaires.

Agreed. If you just have every game you might as well have no games.

These are probably my next 2 been in the mood for an arcade shooter recently.

>> No.7048162

Go get one on the official Mathmos site, it's cool as fuck in the dark

>> No.7048169
File: 110 KB, 2280x1080, Screenshot_20200902-093950.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Forgot very related pic

>> No.7048365

Completely forgot that was a thing.

>> No.7048396

Yeah, but if you emulate and don't spend money on those games, you save both money and space, so you'd actually have more money. Your argument really falls flat 2bh.

>> No.7048503

Owning large numbers of games you'll never play again is retarded. I've ditched every game for the PS2 and 360 that I know I'll never touch, and only hold on to crappy SNES games because I have some nostalgia to childhood shovelware. My visible game display is limited to one shelf, which looks quite nice, with loose carts and extra consoles boxed up in a closet.

>> No.7048538

>my dope as fuck lava lamp with purple water and red wax that i got in like 1998 broke
>a few years after that my parents give me some cheap tacky one with black wax and clear liquid that looks like a volcano for xmas
>that one also broke
i just don't get why anyone would want a lava lamp with black wax and clear liquid

>> No.7048601

Looks nice but how the fuck do you keep that clean? Imagine dusting or vacuuming that.

>> No.7048639
File: 112 KB, 688x1434, 1594287907091.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Based as fuck.

>> No.7048949

>implying most of /vr/ knows what cleaning is

>> No.7049173

>Nowadays I have no room for collecting anything, and all the PC games I did get, I just scooped them into a black trash bag and dumped them at Goodwill. Ironic considering that's where I found most of them.

I did the exact same thing lol. I kept like I kept like 5 games out of the 50 I had.

>> No.7049197

>Nowadays I have no room for collecting anything
Never got this. What do you fill your house with so much that you don't have space for at least 50 cases? I don't collect, but I live in a small space, got 5 CRTs, a 55" LCD and space for thousands of cases.

>> No.7049198

Nobody is impressed or jealous of your shelves full of 1 dollar sports games, nor does it make you not a poorfag.

>> No.7049204


>> No.7049246

Impressive, but looks kind of shit in my opinion. Any sort of collection that branches out into toys end up looking like garbage, just stick to games.

>> No.7049262

>reddit-tier well-known story reference

>> No.7049267
File: 63 KB, 933x677, EkEqQ-MWkAEEVvz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yep. I have enough shovelware shitting up my PS1 collection from a kid. It's not worth selling but I couldn't imagine buying random shit games to have a fullset. I have 2 Rugrats PS1 games, I don't really care about the other 2. I'd rather buy games I'd play.

>> No.7049709

Scotts collection is the definition of 'collecting for the sake of collecting'

If i remember right, he even owns a few 32x games but doesnt even own a 32x. he also tosses his games around all the time, and everytime you see his collection, its like 60% shovelware

>> No.7049967
File: 19 KB, 279x312, 1598395592479.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.7049987

how did they get a 4chan screen cap from the year 2024?

>> No.7050056

instead of looking through a list of games, even culling a list of games
just buying what you would play and only what you want to play lets you look in a drawer, pull literally anything out, and play it and have fun with it

>> No.7050108

kek. Buyfagging confirmed to make newfags seethe.

>> No.7050131

looks like a vectrex

>> No.7050253

i think theyre talking about pushinguproses?

>> No.7051216

Truly a based man. Collecting shit you haven't played just because it's cool or it's popular is truly the fag way of doing things.

Well done sir.

>> No.7051526


>> No.7051574

How are you even going to play all those games? It makes sense to have a collection of games that you like but why have a whole library of games taking up space but you will never get around to playing

>> No.7051578

That mariokart 8 flag is from gamestop, i got one but i forgot what happened to it

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