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Would gaming as we know it have died in 1983 if not for the debut of the Famicom and it's later US counterpart the NES?

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it's a "shart is projecting his own market crash onto the whole world" episode

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What, you think Oi Me Speccy and Amiger was going to save gaming?

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Gaming didn't even crash in the US, it was only home consoles, PC and arcades were still going strong

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I would be okay if John have died in 1983

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No, we'd have alot more games made for Computers instead.

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not true. there were 0 notable releases until Ghouls n Ghosts and Space Harrier post-NES boom 1985.

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they did mate

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hahaha zomg

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Top kek, apparently he's an asshole and a liberal, so its impossible to feel any sympathy for him.

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Lol goddamn

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How is he an asshole?

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There's some streams he did with my life in gaming where he freaks out and acts like a triggered diva because of the chat

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I don't like this guy and barely know who he is, but you brought this up before and the clip in question was barely anything. He says a swear word or two basically. Your characterization of it reminds me of those political Youtube channels like Young Turks etc. that label everything that anyone ever does a "meltdown".

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Link? Sounds hilarious.

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>NES boom 1985
The NES was only released in two test cities at the end of 1985. It wasn't even given a full release until 1986.

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The Japanese boom you nonce

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The market never crashed in Japan, fatboy

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This is the first time I've talked about this here. If some other anon mentioned it before, it just lends credence to how whiny he was. I remember the other two guys looked fairly embarrassed about it too.

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>doesn't know about the Famicom boom era
You do know what boom means?

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I was gaming in 83 and didn't notice any difference from 82 to 83 to 84. Arcades were still full of people playing, and I had a continued to trade cracked games for Apple

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Isn't he married with kids? Why care if guys online think your ugly, of all things? Wish he would stop hanging around resetera so much.

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>There's some streams he did with my life in gaming
He should only ever stream with Rich, Rich should do all DF content

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No hes not married

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We didn't feel it. At all. It's what happens when you have a thriving industry that isn't vomiting shovelware week in, week out. You can autisically screech your revisionist history until you're blue in the face, but facts are the facts. Seethe, incompetent, saved-by-the-Nips fucktard. COPE. HAHAHAHAHA!

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>Nigel the Nonce bragging about his shitty 2 dollat Speccy shovelware cassettes
Yeah we are so jealous you got Squij and we didn't, how will we ever go on?

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He reminds me of this comedian.

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Do you even know what thread you're in you low-functioning potato

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Nationwide launch of the NES was in September 86, almost an entire year after the test launch.

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Yes he is

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no need to repeat yourself

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It's more like a "mohammed can't get over the pulse thread" ep

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Prove it

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>Would gaming as we know it have died in 1983

A very good question.

Gaming as we know it today? It would of course be completely different with Nintendo's presence. They did seemingly revive interest in what many called a 'fad'. Would it never have recovered without Nintendo? Doubt. Dormancy happens. Those who love the craft carried on their own way with what they would have made anyway. Anyway. So many great creators in this realm. Amazing.

Video games gave a kind of control to television viewers. Previously, TV was mostly one-way communication. Gaming gave power. Still does. Love.

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>Video games gave a kind of control to television viewers. Previously, TV was mostly one-way communication. Gaming gave power. Still does. Love.

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Big Nintendo fan there, I see. Same here! Cheers!

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Why do console babies always pretend like computer games don't exist? I'm sure if Nintendo failed there would be another company to sell toy versions of video games to children.

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I'm not gonna dox her but his wife is a french woman that looks like a dude

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I'm sure it's already been said but
>people were happy buying games being sold at closeout for their consoles
>people were still arcade gaming
>people were still PC gaming (C64s were counted as personal computers in that time)

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Go back to your containment board, cavemen.

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now type that without crying

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>Big Nintendo fan there, I see. Same here! Cheers!

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what strain of downs does this guy have?

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Stoner x Mongoloid

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The whole "gaming died in 1983" narrative is WAY overblown and basically didn't even effect computer or arcade gaming at all at the time. It was just a black mark on console gaming was it. If the NES never came to the US there would probably be just less of a console focus in US gaming culture and more PC focused.

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I got the impression the 1983 crash had really far-reaching implications from the medium as a kid, from watching TV specials about video games and reading little pop histories and stuff so I get where you're coming from.

In reality, the 1983 crash only sunk the current players in the western home video game market. PCs, though relatively niche in the US, were a large contingent of video game players in Europe and Japan, and while arcades did suffer a minor blow from all this, arcades didn't close their doors or anything--they continued to be strong up until the late 1990s.

Regarding home video games as a whole, the big thing Nintendo did was revolutionize both the quality and available technology for home video games.

Think about this: The Famicom hit Japanese shelves in 1983. Atari was trying to move their hardware forward, but it wasn't working, because consumers (IE parents of children, at the time) didn't understand why they would have to replace this specific toy in the first place and they thought it was a marketing scam aimed at kiddos. This was a prevailing attitude for a long time, it's easy to find news reports of parents being very angry at Nintendo about the impending Super Nintendo, or even the Sega Genesis.

So even if Atari had not dissolved the US market for home games, they would have faced an extremely grim fate when the Nintendo did come out in 1985. Who knows, maybe if Atari would've still been around they would have released the NES even sooner. The first Super Mario Bros isn't a very good looking game, and time would show the NES was capable of much more. But take SMB and put it next to the best titles on the 2600. Absolutely no comparison there.

And unlike Atari, Nintendo succeeded in being very harsh gatekeepers of what they allowed to be on their platform. Which didn't make it turd-free, by any stretch, but went a long way in the end.

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>if good games had never come out, people would have played bad games instead!
plz stop euros. plz

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Dude, Ultima, Bards Tale, Last Ninja, Wizadry, Kings Quest, etc, etc all came out before 86'. There was plenty of notable computer games during the ""'''death"""" of gaming period from 83 to mid 86. Again, it was a down point for only consoles, arcades still flourished and even then with consoles the Colecovision wasn't doing that bad during that period selling about 2-3 million units which at the time was a huge amount since the market was tiny compared to even 1990.
I say this as someone who's favorite platform is the NES.

>>if good games had never come out, people would have played bad games instead!
I honestly have no fucking clue what you even mean by this
>plz stop euros. plz
I'm from the US

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>PCs, though relatively niche in the US, were a large contingent of video game players in Europe and Japan
Errors. If anything, in Japan the stuff was niche since it was mostly the domain of university students who'd play shitty hentai sims on a PC-98 in their spare time.

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Uh, no, actually Atari fucked themselves because the Ray Kassar management team had no clue what they were doing and assumed they could ride the Atari 2600 cash cow forever, even though it was half a decade old by 1982 and looking increasingly antediluvian. The "next generation" Atari 7800 showed similar lack of foresight. It was designed for single screen arcade games with loads of sprites, they didn't imagine Dragon Quest or Zelda.

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>The "next generation" Atari 7800 showed similar lack of foresight. It was designed for single screen arcade games with loads of sprites, they didn't imagine Dragon Quest or Zelda.
Atari's computer line was impressive for the time, especially the MIDI controller and full meg of RAM in the ST, but god damn their console engineers were brain dead.

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Big errors. The MSX was massively popular

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well, actually because all their talent left with Nolan Bushnell which explains Atari's technological stagnation. there simply weren't any good engineers left in the consumer products division (the arcade division was another story).

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We wouldn't have the stupid concept of dedicated gaming computers that have to be hooked up to the TV and can do no more than play games.

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Atari would have fallen apart anyway because Bushnell and friends were genius engineers, but they weren't businessmen and were also high as balls most of the time. So either way it was going to end badly.

>have guys who understand the product but can't run a company for shit
>have guys who can run a company but don't understand the product

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It was basically Japan's Commodore 64

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Ray Kassar was really the wrong guy for the job. He had spent most of his career in the textile industry and was pretty blankly ignorant of electronics or toys and he had a lot of the same attitude described in >>7040512 where it was like "What? Why do we have to replace the 2600 with a new machine? It's selling, isn't it?"

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So much feminine energy emitting from this nigga.

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The arcades were still healthy. I'm sure everyone would have jumped on the Master System or PC Engine wagon instead.

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>Hi from the front page
Now I think this is pretty interesting question. He's my impromptu reply
In many ways it seems that gaming would have transitioned much earlier to a more online delivery or subscription based form - like a proto-form of what we see today. It was tried in many attempts, including on consoles like Nintendo, but the utility of having physical media overrode that mostly due to the volume of games a person could own and share primarily due to the home console format catering to even PC naive or illiterate such as young children. No it wasn't the same amount of sharing that could be done with floppy copying but you didn't need a bunch of equipment or basic understanding of commands you just had to put a cartridge in a box that was connected to your TV and turn on the power and the game started without any perceptible load time nor excess cartridges or floppy's to negotiate with like on the PC or commodore. We have to remember that many families did not own a PC and many communities did not have even an arcade except maybe a couple machines worth - not to mention that arcades could be cramped and had long lines for new or popular games. Not only that, but developers liked the idea of cartridge based gaming as it was less feasible to copy the games and near impossible for most individual users which inter directly affected the used market; arguably one of main reasons why cartridge gaming persisted without direct industry influence overall. Now personally I think if Nintendo did not enter the foray when it did gaming would actually be more advanced than it is by a considerable amount primarily due to it being a PC dominated medium at the cost of being a more commercially restricted one for a long while. Now that I wish I had more time to contemplate and expand on but oh well.

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It kills me that someone would post a photo like this. fuck you and go to hell.

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The crash is widely overblown because in reality saying Atari's stocks sank a bit isn't as engaging of a story as painting some cataclysmic scenario that Nintendo swooped in and prevented. You'd think with all the info out these days people would be more aware yet this same blatantly fake story that could be debunked with an ounce of critical thinking(why the fuck would video games suddenly die in other nations purely because of one American company?) keeps spreading.

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it did still kill or cause a lot of companies to exit the business. shit, Mattel and Coleco packed it in too.

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>posting garbage

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Next to the meltdown of the console market, Atari's computer line also got wrecked by Jack Tramiel's psychopathic price war. Along with some pretty significant missteps on Atari's part such as failing to get enough 800XLs to stores for the 83 Christmas season.

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It fellates their gargantuan egos and justifies their worship of a corporation so you'll never hear the end of it.

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I'm his wife.

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