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Are these the top JRPG of all time for SNES?

Chrono trigger
Tales of Phantasia
Star Ocean

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>no Super Ninja Boy
Fuck off

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Depends what your criteria is, but those are all very solid choices.

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>FF6 music
>posts a boss fight from V

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Where the fuck is Live a Live and Romancing SaGa 2 and 3?

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>grinding as a core game mechanic
into the trash it goes

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Yeah, those are all reasonable. Taste is relative, but if you wanted to be able to reasonably discuss the genre during that era those are good go tos.

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Probably my own fucked taste leaking in, but I'd replace Star Ocean with Lufia 2.

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>Someone actually knows what this is.
Neat. Thought I was the only one. Though I find it hard to list it as top. It was it's own thing and deserves mention. But it was hardly anything other than merely good. No where near great.

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Fuck no.

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What's the best way to play early Dragon Quest games for the first time? I don't replay JRPGs.

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Is there an objective consensus?

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DQ1: Emulate original NES and use a guide. It's short by JRPG standards, < 10 hours, and you will get the historical vibe to see where it all came from.

DQ2: This one's easy: don't play it.

DQ3: I hate phone gaming but the mobile version is very good. You get the SNES sprites with an official translation. The SNES releases of DQ6 and DQ3 are like peak 2D JRPG visuals so it would be a shame to miss that. The phone port does not look like "modernized" garbage like the FF6 remakes, it sticks to the original look. Second place would be GBC, which is a great port with some extra postgame stuff.

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Thanks, mate.

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