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>shits all over a kids franchise and turns it into some twisted ackshually we're rated M now mess of concepts and themes.

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The humor in this game feels really out of place.

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>a kids franchise

anon, there was a decade between earthbound and mother 3, and 16 years between the first and 3rd games. Any kids who grew up with this series were well able to appreciate more mature themes and humour by the time it was released.

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You know, kids stuff used to be less sheltered than modern kid stuff. It wasn't uncommon to see sad scenes or cruel scenes in older books or cartoons. Even classic disney had some of that.
Itoi grew up in the 60s, which was an era when most animation and stuff was done by people who lived through ww2.
Anyway I know this thread is by the autistic anti-M3 spammer from /vrpg/, but whatever.

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Please stop spamming these threads, what the hell man be more productive with your time or something, this obsession cannot be healthy

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i like Mother 3 but the game is massively overrated by coomers.
i scorn at any NSFW artist that isn't Noill or on Noill's level who draw Koomatora. They're clearly bandwagoning pieces of shit.

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That doesn't matter.

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It wasn't a kids' franchise, it was always for Japanese nerds and salarymen

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there are plenty of 'adult' themes in the first two games, mother 3 is just a lot more literal in its theming

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"More literal" it's literally
>orange man bad

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what? how is that related to what I was saying?

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But they were nowhere near as overt nor as omnipresent.

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>what is mother 1+2
Nintendo had th perfect chance ti bring the seires to usa in the gba days

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agreed, I don't particularly like mother 3 cause of that, it lacks subtlety

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Mother 3s writing is horrible because they kept on hammering in the same tired themes into your head over and over again from start to finish. No effort was made to make a compelling narrative. It's just supposed to elicit raw emotion 'because'.

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I actually agree with that. They were less well presented too.

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And because of that it looks fucking retarded when combined with this games goofy tone and characters.

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Nor were they taken as seriously

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You didn't play Earthboud all the way through

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>Lucas remembered Claus's smell

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Fuck off, we stopped caring about your contrarian opinions after you posted the same thread like 20 times

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>Shitty opinions and no arguments.
Off to /v/ with you.

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When the themes of death are this over played and overt it looks and sounds fucking dumb.

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Got any counter?

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>another dumb schizo thread made by someone with legit brain issues

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M2 had some sad and cruel scenes, it's not like the previous games were completely devoid of that. M3 fell flat for me but I don't know if that's a particular fault with the game or just that wanting a sequel to a cult classic to live up to the hype usually doesn't happen.

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The themes were nowhere near as overt nor as taken as seriously as this game. It's not ALL comparable. Mother 3's issues are far more 'realistic'. Characters die and go through cycles of abuse and or depression, etc. Actions have real consequences.

You're really splitting hairs to try and make the games seem tonally comparable in the slightest.

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I did play Earthbound all the way through. The game wasn't a convoluted jumbled mess of concepts and themes that resulted in a messy, rushed and unnecessarily edgy final product.

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Why are you retards responding to the obvious trolls who keeps repeating the same stuff OVER AND OVER
I've literally seen this post >>7042581 at least a dozen times now

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I'm not trying to say they're tonally comparable. They both might've touched on similar themes but it wasn't the same. I've enjoyed other games with more serious themes but didn't like M3 as much. It just seemed like what I felt while playing M2 came naturally while M3 tried too hard to make me feel something, if that makes sense.

I suppose sometimes dramatic themes can be used in a way that's just formulaic rather than being a genuine expression of something, and that's when they don't work for me. Like if a character gets killed off in a game it seems like the developers sometimes feel that loss too, while other times it's just being done as a way to make the game dramatic which ends up feeling emotionless.

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t. 12 year old american christian who is scared of everything

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No I just know what tonal consistency is.

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If you removed all the edge from the game, remove Hinawa's death, remove Claus killing himself, and just get rid of masked man all together, make Porky final boss; etc. You could shuffle the plot a bit and come up with something that feels much more finished and consistent.

You could also double down on the edge but the setting of Mother/Earthbound isn't conducive to that type of tone and it shows, hard. Its Final Fantasy put into a whimsical kids RPG. Not quite as embarrassing as 'edgy' fangames of Pokemon or Mario but pretty close.

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But by saying that there were cruel scenes you are kinda trying to compare them tonally.

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Gay and cringe writing.

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I'm playing it right now, just started Chapter 8. Amazing game, way better than the first two

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Nah not really. The other two were fine.

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M3 is an ok game but it is very strange.
>original games had big inspiration from the peanuts and 1950s america
>this one is dinosaurs and cowboys in some dark toweresque world??
>there is some giant dragon and tranny fairies that were never mentioned at all in the old games?
>fucking weird pedo cutscene where a tranny fairy dunks your head under the water
The game had a ton of other weird out of place things but those are all I can remember.

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The fart boxes?

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nobody advertised M3 as a direct sequel to M2. you just went into the game with the wrong attitude.

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>Better characters
>better story
>no backtracking
>less grind
>animated sprites beyond walking
>party members talk
Mother 3 > Shitbound

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>less grind
I ground way more in 3

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