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Is it any good?
I see mixed opinions on it

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the AVGN review isn't good because most of his complaints can be applied to survival horror games as a whole. Countdown Vampires is bad because it's a bad survival horror game. No balance, tedious pacing, plenty of bugs/errors, etc

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Its bad even for a resident evil clone. Its surprisingly functional and has all the things you would expect from a survival horror game that follows the RE formula of that era, but where it really falls short is that its story, plot and characters fall completely flat. It doesn't even have the its so bad its good kind of story telling that something like blue stinger or overblood has, its just a lifeless RE clone, although I'd argue the game would have been a whole point better if the MC wore a shirt.

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>No balance
I noticed that too. Their entire method to make encounters difficult was to throw 2-3 tough enemies at you at the same time.

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No, what you've SEEN is a video posted by James Rolfe and you think you're being a sly little shit by using it as an excuse to make a thread here.

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They aren't even his complaints, Screenwave nonces like Justin Silverman write the episodes now, James just shows up to film and reads the lines.

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James should stick to blocky 8-bit NES games, his autistic brain can't handle anything more advanced/complicated than that.

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So is this game good? Meme reviews aside?

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More like Discount Vampires

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I liked it
it's a pretty decent RE clone

but the fact that you have to beat it under 3 hours and play it again to unlock the actual story is balls to the wall retarded

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They were certainly thinking something, I’m just not entirely sure what it was.

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