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What are some good horror game hidden gems?

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Your mom.

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Honestly this didnt look as bad as AVGN made it out to be

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I watched a stream of it a few years ago. It seems competently made, not as bad as he makes it sound. Then again James is too dumb to even get through the first screen of RE2 because of the "bad tank controls" so no wonder he'd hate this.

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Pic unrelated surely?

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>taking any of his reviews seriously
It's clear that his actual gaming skills and opinions are dogshit. The AVGN videos are just entertainment pieces.

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never heard of it

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I'm blanking a bit, but there was an interesting little PS1 game about an astronaught on Mars I think.

Not bad, pretty derivative but still fun.

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I wouldn't call it hidden but it certainly isn't talked about much

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Twilight Syndrome

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Enemy Zero
D2 (not so hidden gem anymore in current times)
Illbleed (not so hidden gem anymore in current times)

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Same thing I noticed with the Bubsy games vs the reviewers on pisstube. The series wasn't as abysmal as they say. Reviews sometimes will be mostly inaccurate or even subjective.

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>Reviews sometimes will be subjective.
Whoa. What an astounding revelation on your part.

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It's pretty fucking obvious that James is really bad at video games, and honestly doesn't really care about them. His interests are in film and classic horror. AVGN just struck gold with normies and makes him tons of sweet, sweet cash.

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