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Comfy emulation night with my niece and nephew. What you anons up to tonight?

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Did you know that Retro Arch allows you to do link cable multiplayer on game boy games over a local network?

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>Street Fighter II Turbo SNES edition
Based Dept?
So yeah I'm going to try to beat Castlevania II: Belmont's Revenge tonight. Also going to try to beat the arcade version of UN squadron on one credit or two at the most (I can do it in four credits currently), then I'll try to beat the prize winner levels in Nectaris: Military Madness for the PS1, and later or in between play Heavy Barrel (arcade) on the Switch, which is nice since it's the first time I've enjoyed it since the arcade due to its odd control scheme.

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Greentext after the sex plz

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I didnt know this, thanks.

Sounds like a good time man, have fun.


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So was it hot as fuck?

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Did you know that you are more likely to do likely to do link cable multiplayer on two actual gameboys than on retroarch in the year 2020

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Drinking at a bar alone.

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>we hung out with our uncle and he made us play 30 year old video games instead of fortnite, so boring

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Tacos and SotN.
I meant to play it this month for festive mode, but naturally I postponed it until Hallow eve

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Incest, the game the whole family can play.

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Did you have a stroke?

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>Castlevania II: Belmont's Revenge
Are you playing it in color at least?

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>did i just zoom?
Yes. Yes you did.
Not even the adult you're zooming to

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too bad the actual emulation cores are dogshit

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you should call this /pfg/ - Poorfag General
everyone knows if you're playing on anything but original hardware you're nothing more than a tourist and should fuck off back to /r/emulation/

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What are you talking about? Nobody said anything like that. Stop projecting your insecurities onto retro gaming enthusiasts.

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GLORIOUS black and white.

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Why not just stay home and drink for much cheaper? The money you can save can help buy a better life.

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Not even you're autistic enough to notice the difference of gameboy cores.

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I go on long walks and like having a destination, plus I like talking to the people there. It's nice being a regular.

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>get btfo
cringe and yikespilled

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>faggot with le epic maymays no one caares about calling others zoomies and cringe
You need some self awareness

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>get btfo
cringe and yikespilled

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>t. falseflagging emulation elitist

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"yikes" is zoomer lingo, twitter faggot.

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how do i enjoy games on retroarch every time i open it, i just want to tinker with settings instead of playing.

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Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name

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Yikes! Your niece and nephew are probably CRINGING right now at you.

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Just use setup your resolution and core-specific shader once, then play. Why tweak?

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"zoomer" is also zoomer lingo, 9gag nigger.

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