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Wait, you're telling me they fit the NES Ultima V into a 256k cartridge ROM yet they needed four double sided floppies on the Apple II and C64 despite same CPU? That's over 1MB of data.

Fucking magnets, how does that work?

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Fucking magnets

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1. Why are you playing the NES Ultimas in the first place? They suck donkey dick.
2. I'm not sure if they actually used all the space on the disks, it's more likely they just organized it into separate sides for the town, dungeons, etc screens because it was neater and more logical that way.
3. The Apple and C64 probably needed more code than the NES due to the disk routines and some other stuff
4. The NES Ultimas possibly have content cut out of them, I admit I'm not that familiar with these versions.

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