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Retro handheld bread

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I've got this coming to me in the mail today (supposedly). Pretty psyched.

Though the screen is smaller than what I'm used to, I just want to play GBA/older shit in comfort.

It's really a shame, I'd probably just stick to my DSIXL with twilight, but you can't even put gbarunner2 into sleep mode, so, shit.

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I have one and it's the perfect device for GBA games. Been playing a shitton of MMBN and Castlevania games on it.
It even supports rumble for Drill Dozer, realtime clock for Pokémon games, and the power button works for sleep mode, a feature these devices often lack.

Make sure you install 351elec custom firmware, stock firmware is shit.
You'll need a USB-OTG wifi dongle to sync the clock for anything that'll use it, since it has no built-in wifi.

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Awesome, thanks for the advice. I was literally just looking up setup guides on youtube, so I'll google that FW. This is my first china emu handheld, so I expect there to be a slight learning curb.

Though I'll form my own opinion soon enough, how do you feel it is for things like SNES/PS1? I know the aspect ratio isn't ideal, but that's not so much a deal breaker for me. More concerned about text being to small for JRPGs, etc.

I definitely got it mostly for GBA/GB/C

I have a dongle in the mail, but it won't be here for a few days still. Is it a must-have to set the thing up?

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I feel like once I obtain a Wonderswan flash cart my retro gaming life will be complete.

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I bought one of these when it was the current chinese handheld being shilled. It can barely run SNES games. It's comparable to a PSP.
I wish I would have waited a month for one of those android things that can supposedly run some N64 and Dreamcast games.

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I've not played much in the way of PS1 on it, but for things like SNES and Megadrive, performance is spot-on depending on what you want to play but I'm not a fan of the scaling and filtering.
It uses RGA scaling which is making the most of an awkward screen size, 320p is not good for SNES games that ran at 224p.
I'm actually getting an RG351V specifically for the 640x480 screen, which is ideal for the SNES and Megadrive games that I would like to play on it.
The problem isn't with the size of text or anything anyway, just that the lack of sharpness isn't great to look at.

The dongle isn't necessary by any means, but I would recommend that you hold off playing any games that make use of a realtime clock until you set WIFI running.

Oh and also, do not use the stock microSD the device comes with, they're not brilliant quality and aren't trusted to last.
Get something like a 32GB or 64GB high/max endurance microSD, which are inexpensive these days.
The Game Boy Advance ROM set is only about 13GB by itself.

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Man I resent the Wonderswan's unusual button layout, it makes emulating the system a pain.

But the only Wonderswan game I've wanted to play in that MMBN title.

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Playing Alundra and Panel de Pon on my 280v now. Anything that plays faster like F-zero and my hands start to cramp.

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>SNES games
Irrelevant. The best SNES games were available on the GBA anyway, which the RG300 plays flawlessly. Plus, it's hands down the best looking Retro handheld out there.

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It's funny, the main reason I didn't get the V instead is because the D pad looked to have more travel than what I want.

I've been using the GPD XD + for a couple of years now, and the D pad is such an uncomfortable mess that I just threw my hands up eventually. Everyone gushes over the P's build quality and feel, and that's what's I'm mainly looking for. Does anbernic use the same sorts of buttons throughout their devices?

Thanks for the info. I read that the stock sd is shit, so I have that part covered.

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>The best SNES games were available on the GBA anyway
>no Chrono Trigger
>no Final Fight 3
>no True Lies
>no Killer Instinct
>no Super Metroid
>no Wild Guns
>no Stargate
>no Super Castlevania
>no Actraiser
>no Kirby's Avalanche
>no Zombies Ate My Neighbors
>no Super Punch-Out!!
>no Adventures Of Batman & Robin
>no Kirby's Dream Course
>no Contra III
>no Megaman X
It's lacking quite a lot, actually.

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Contra 3 is actually on the GBA.

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My bad. Point is, there's a lot of extremely good SNES games which were never ported to the GBA.

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It's a dogshit port though.

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This does not have enough buttons for sega cd nor psx. Wtf

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It has rear triggers. Just not double rear triggers. But you can configure it to work out most games. Regardless, most of the sega cd or playstation games it can play are rpgs that need very few buttons to play

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The GBA ports are fine on an actual GBA but it's lame as fuck playing those on a 240p screen.

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Honestly all these Chinese handhelds fall into one of two groups. Cheap devices that offer shitty hardware and horrible build quality or over priced devices that lack the hardware and features to justify their price. Your better off jail breaking handhelds you already own or using your phone until China can release something worth the price they are trying to shill these piece of shit devices for.

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In comparison images, it looked clear that the 351V uses the exact same parts as the 351P in a different color. I was initially concerned the buttons might be a little small, but with my first-hand 351P experience that put my concerns to rest.

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One of these is all you need. I prefer the Vita.

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Does it really just come down to personal preference? Because I see so many different models get recommended.

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Hm, you think it's worth getting a Raspberry Pi and one of the options to make it a portable game console? The newer ones have great CPUs and RAM. And it runs Linux, not Android, so you've got basically all the emulators for everything. I think MS even ported Windows to it, if you really needed to.

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Well it depends what you want really.
Are you looking to emulate stuff beyond PS1 like N64, Dreamcast, PSP, GC/Wii, PS2 etc?
Do you want a hobby kit to work on, or are you just concerned with the end result?

If you're content with just PS1, lower-end N64/Dreamcast/PSP, and everything that comes before that, something like the RG351V should suffice.

Not sure what the price of a Pi solution would be though considering you gotta buy the Pi and the kit to assemble it.

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>You'll need a USB-OTG wifi dongle to sync the clock for anything that'll use it, since it has no built-in wifi.

I got one this week and the dongle and adapter both came in the box. It's sloppy, but it's only really used for syncing the clock and scraping box art so far

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No. Battery life is garbage.

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Really? The one I got from retromimi at the end of last year didn't include a dongle/adapter, I was on my own there.

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>Your better off jail breaking handhelds you already own
I don't own any officially released handhelds
>or using your phone
Good joke

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>no gba sp
>no psp go
>2 switches
He's a faaaaaaag

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Nah my rg300 is more comfortable for emulation than the 3ds plus I don't like having a blank screen just doing nothing and the build quality is great and it was cheap. Youre just a faggot

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>rg300 is more comfortable and great
Geez atleast try to make your lie more believable OP not only does the rg300 feel like shit in normal sized hands but the OG 2DS has the superior design for vertical play and can play SNES games at respectable frame rates, hell it was even cheaper if you bought it at the right time but sure having a second screen that is black makes it worse.

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>he didn't get the RG300 with the IPS screen
Also, I can't believe you actually brought up the 2ds in terms of being comfortable lmfao. More than 30 minutes of playing Pokemon on that thing gave me extreme arthritis, and the ds/3ds clamshell designs weren't any better. At least mention the psp or vita in terms of being more comfortable.

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MFW DKC doesn't even have a special chip in it and runs at 21 fps. Don't tell me you actually spent $50 in 2021 on something that isn't even as powerful as a smart phone from 2009. You could literally get a smart phone for free that has more power than that stupid piece of shit and buy a telescope controller off aliexpress for less than $10.

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>You could literally get a smart phone for free that has more power than that stupid piece of shit and buy a telescope controller off aliexpress for less than $10.
Absolute soulless.

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OP you saying its uncomfortable means you've never actually owned one before because if you did you'd know it's the best handheld for big hands. It's fine though enjoy Donkey Kong Country at 21 fps on your IPS display.

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The screen ratio is best decided by which platforms you'll use the most, same with button location/analog sticks. What chip and OS can also make or break a device too.
There's a lot of preference involved though.

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PiBoy DMG is pretty much THE setup if you're willing to pay for it. Can run anything, fully fledged Linux desktop, great screen.
Only drawbacks are price, lack of right analog stick, and maaaybe battery life.
As a cheaper option, OGA and clones also run a few Linux distros.

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I've owned almost every model of the ds/3ds including the 2ds, and the 2ds was BY FAR the most uncomfortable. As long as we're talking about nintendo handhelds, even the switch is fucking uncomfortable as shit. They haven't made a comfortable handheld since the fucking gameboy advance era. It's okay anon, you don't have to continue defending your little childhood corporation.

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Gameboy Speakers/sound is ass

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I kinda feel guilty for this, but I like the RG280V more than the RG351P.

>> No.7676383

What is there to feel guilty about? It's smol and doesn't have analog sticks, it's absolutely perfect for GBA.

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Actually 351P is perfect for GBA due to pixel perfect screen ratio. RG280V is great for GBC/SNES/Genesis games tho.

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what do you mean? most controllers have a dpad and analog stick on the left, you could always stick them both on the dpad and have a toggle if it bothers you that much

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Bought one of these for travel on the plane, I usually travel once a fortnight. All the youtube reviews I watched said it can play all the consoles up to psp and dreamcast. After lurking these threads it looks like i'll be lucky to get gameboy games running. sigh.

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It can't run anything but the most basic Dreamcast and psp games well but everything else is fine. N64 works well, even hard to run games like Perfect Dark, at least once the right settings are dialled in.
Also there are some Dreamcast games with Android ports and they run fine. To get the best Dreamcast emulation absolutely do not update the stock version of the emulator.

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I've got one now, its pretty awesome. I love it.

Here is a youtube channel that I watch for guides


Theres also a pretty helpful anbernic discord i you have questions

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Its anti-pirate nintendo manchildren, disregard them. You'll be able to play 95% of what you want to perfectly

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I just got mine in the mail yesterday. After fucking around with stock, I can already tell I'm going to love it.

I found this guy, yeah. I just got done flashing 351ELEC.

Appreciate for the info, all the same.

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The vast majority of the discussion around these handhelds is either positive or negative marketing. It seems to be hilariously cutthroat for such a niche market.

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They're the same resolution, 320 x 480.

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Any of you tried the native applications on the RG350/280/Dingux family? I wanna try EasyRPG to see if Yume Nikki and other RPG Maker games run. Dividead(an old VN) and Mario 64 work well.

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Not really. RG280V has 320x480 screen res (4:3) and RG351P has 480x320 (3:2).

>> No.7678341

In addition, GBA screen is 240x160 so on RG351P you're getting perfect pixel ratio with 2x scaling.

>> No.7678497

Nani the fuck does this mean? Does the 280V use half height pixels?

>> No.7678562

Can it handle 2d fighters of those systems? It would be nice to play Alpha 3, PSP version is the best.

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The RG350 uses OpenDingux, which is a specialised version of Linux for MIPS devices that uses an application package format called OPK.
It can run a lot of software provided that someone has ported it, you can look around on places like Dingoonity to find a lot of stuff.

Someone is working on a project called Anberports which is optimising select Linux based titles for the RG351 family of systems.
Since those systems run a less specialised version of Linux under the hood with the ARM based RK3326, it's more straight forward to get things running.


I'm looking forward to trying AM2R on the RG351V, since that game was designed to run at 320x240 base resolution, it should look perfect on the 640x480 screen.
I'd try Undertale but the process of getting the legally sourced files looks to be a pain, plus I'd be missing the exclusive Nintendo Switch content.

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You're in luck, I have the psp version. And it doesn't work. Plays full speed, absolute locked 60, but apparently there's a driver issue, there's glitches everywhere and the screen flickers. Not unplayable but hardly ideal. Arcade version plays great through fbneo though, and it fits the screen much better than the psp version. Looks really good, actually.
Let me know if you want me to test anything else.

>> No.7678886

Also, I've seen videos of it running fine in the retroid os, but I can't test that because I never installed it after I upgraded Android.

>> No.7679129

Not him, but I believe that's actually the case. I don't own one, but I vaguely remember reading something like that when researching these.

>> No.7679157

i got one of these about a week ago, it works surprisingly well and the buttons feel like an actual nintendo handheld

>> No.7679386

Thanks. Arcade version is fine, but PSP has the most guys and is optimized soundwise for handheld systems.

>> No.7679972

Yes, that's exactly the case. Vertical pixels are half-height thus the "real" resolution is 320x240 (4:3).

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Cna someone tell me why this shit is so expensive?
I can get a GBC for $40
I can get a DS for $60
I can get a PSP for $80
But this shit goes for $100 in *okay* condition, and don't get me started on SPs

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The people who grew up with GBAs now have disposable income.

>> No.7680740


I thought it might be because the IPS screen made it more popular.

Wonderswan colors used to be a dime a dozen a few years ago, and now they're double in price and way more scarce since the IPS screen came out.

>> No.7680765

Losses like GodofGaming who buy them out to mod and flip and still give people a bad product

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Just got this in the mail and my 128 GB card is arriving today. There seems to be a million different set up guides online. Is it worth it to upgrade to Android 8.1? If so, it seems like I shouldn't even bother installing retroid OS on the new card, right?

>> No.7681426

Yeah, it's worth upgrading the android version... Something to also consider is lineage OS, it has a much better UI experience.

>> No.7681438

Alright thanks. Also, is there any benefit to format the mew SD card as internal storage?

>> No.7681441

And its unironically worse than the original GB version of Contra 3. The other part is that it's not a direct port. It swapped out the stages for Contra Hard Corp stages that don't fit.

>> No.7681452

>I can get a GBC for $40
and you can only play GBC games
>I can get a DS for $60
and you can only play DS games with good performance
>I can get a PSP for $80
and you can only play PSP games with good performance

meanwhile, I can by a Anbernic handheld for $60-$120 (depending on model) and get a good quality product that can play GB, GBC, GBA, NES, SNES, Genesis, NeoGeo, PS1, and various other systems/arcades. Some of the handhelds like the RG351 and Retroid Pocket 2 can even do some N64, PSP, and Dreamcast on top of all the other systems previously mentioned.
For what you are getting, these handhelds are pretty dang cheap.

>> No.7681457

>For what you are getting, these handhelds are pretty dang cheap.
They're cheap, too.

>> No.7681464

Opinion discarded

>> No.7681471

Mine came in Monday, and honestly it trumps the real hardware for GBA. I grew up with an original model, so SP's form factor feels weird, and the micro is cute, but unreasonably small. Just having the GBA form factor and screen with a backlight, save states, and fast forwarding is nice.
PSP is an unenjoyably slow (at least Dissidia was), and there's NO quality control on the Amberports, but generally I'm really liking my RG351.

>> No.7681526

If you want to install more android apps (games, ports, emulators, etc.) then yes. Otherwise, no.
I also wouldn't recommend making the entire SD card internal, because then Windows can't access it and it'll be more of a pain to transfer your roms and/or other files.

It's a bit of a pain to do though, and it will wipe your system, so do it before you have all your stuff set up, and make sure to back up literally everything. There's a number of guides on youtube to help with all this.

>> No.7681559

Yeah, PSP is very hit or miss, so I consider it a lucky bonus for the most part. As for Anberports, I thinks it's being done by a single dev, so I cut him a lot of slack.

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Shortly after buying a RG351P I ended up getting a Pow Kiddy v90. They're both damn good. I was surprised at how well the PKv90 performed considering its only $30.

Although there's some odd stuttering when I play GBA games on the 351P. Anyone else have this issue?

>> No.7681612

>Can someone tell me why this shit is so expensive?
Because you are a retard. I just bought one for $50 which I don't know why anyone would. Just get an SP or a DS Lite.

>> No.7681721

Are you using stock firmware?
You need to use custom firmware like 351Elec with a good microSD for a smooth experience. Using the generic microSD that comes bundled with these devices isn't recommended.

>> No.7682076

Is it possible to use something other than Android on these? Android is fucking trash

>> No.7682395

Oh look, the shill is back. What is it this time? Driver issues? Audio lag? Input lag? I'm looking forward to the next thing you don't understand.

>> No.7682501

why not just buy a n3ds and hack it like a white person

>> No.7682504

because these hadhelds are cheaper, easier, and offer better performance.

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Bro I already have three of those things, I want to play games on original hardware for purely selfish reasons just to say I did.

>> No.7682918

Best retro handheld emulation machine I've had was my trusty 3DS

>> No.7683307

I'm thinking about it.
I'm going to guess that you can upgrade the charge on it by just putting in one with more mAh, which shouldn't be too hard. Right stick is a little harder to deal with, but I could probably deal without it when I need portability and keep a playstation controller in the bag when I'm traveling.
Truth be told, I was already thinking about getting a pi for when I'm on vacation. but this seems like a better option.

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That's not how that meme works.

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this came in last week and its pretty good. I was worried but snes and even some ps1 stuff i've tested have run fine.
Its weird but i wanted something without analog jutting into my pocket when i'm out and about.

Working through blazing blade during lunch and bathroom trips and i'm probably gonna do mother 1 afterwards

>> No.7683379

Another thing to add is that the upgrade process isn't exactly smooth. A lot of people report the flashing fails the first time. I myself had the entire computer blue screen during the first attempt. But second time was fine. Don't worry, it seems impossible to brick these things during flashing.
Android 8 is well worth it just for the increased Android software library. Pretty cool having Vice City and KOTOR on the go.

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Is it better to buy restored GBA SP with backlight or RG351P if I'm only interested in GBA and maybe a few GBC games? Anybody has experience playing on both?

>> No.7684115


I'm using ArkOS 1.6 with a SanDisk 128GB card. The stuttering isn't bad and I've just been dealing with it. It only happens for a few frames every other minute or so. But it would be nice if it wasn't there.

>> No.7684176


I would say get the RG351P. You can load every ROM in the GBA library and whatever else you have been meaning to play.

>> No.7684309

I use 351Elec and have no performance issues like that on a 32GB or 128GB microSD card.
Official Sandisk or Samsung ones that are high performance.

Maybe it's a performance issue with ArkOS? You could try flashing 351Elec to a spare microSD to test it out.

>> No.7684315

I disagree, 3DS and Vita is a great combo

>> No.7684330


Yeah that's a good idea. I'll set up a 351Elec card and see how it works out. Thanks, anon.

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Not trolling.

Why the fuck would you buy some shit overpriced chink hardware to emulate old games on? You're literally buying phones with a gaming case on them and minus 99% of the features.

Just use your phone. What the fuck? We aren't living in 2005 anymore. You can literally just emulate up to Nintendo Wii flawlessly on pretty much any android phone nowadays, and a Bluetooth controller is like 10/20 dollars. Job done. Seriously I don't get it.

>> No.7684372

Nothing wrong with a GBA SP, there's arguments for and against both.

>Screen Modded GBA SP + Flashcart
- Compact form factor
- Original hardware, no inaccuracies
- Link cable / wireless adapter support for multiplayer
- Rechargeable battery
- Sleep mode possible through Flashcart patching
Limited to Game Boy library, plus whatever GBA mode emulators the flashcart supports
- No savestates (unless the Flashcart somehow supports it)
- No fast forward or rewind possible
- No headphone jack, requires a special adapter or modding
- Proprietary charge port unless you mod that too

- microSD expandable, entire GBA library will comfortably fit on 32GB storage
- Supports a wide range of emulated devices comfortably up to PS1, with limited PSP / DS / N64 / Dreamcast support
- 480x320 screen is perfect for the GBA experience, including Game Boy / Color titles
- Extra buttons that support button remapping including autofire and hotkey options
- Dedicated sleep function, single button operation
- Volume wheel like original GBA
- USB C charging and two OTG ports for link
- Multiplayer possible with other emulation devices through wifi connectivity
- Rumble motor, works for the likes of Drill Dozer
- Real time clock support, e.g. Pokémon GBC/GBA games
- Runs Retroarch and affords many of the features it offers, such as save states, fast forward, rewind, and shaders
- Frontend can use scraped boxart and themes to have a nice gallery experience of exploring a game library
- Emulation, though good, is not perfect
- P-model doesn't have built-in wifi, requires an OTG dongle (M-model has wifi)
- You may not tolerate the RGA scaling of non-handheld games
- Battery life isn't superb, and charging is slow
- GBA SP is the more compact choice
- Can't use your original GBA carts on it, you'd have to dump or find ROMs

In general I prefer RG351P because it affords so many conveniences even if you want a purist experience, e.g. no save states.

>> No.7684387

For me it's portability. I can put RG280V in my pocket everytime I go somewhere and I don't even notice it's there. Imagine dragging your bluetooth controller everywhere and setting everything up each time you want to play for 15 minutes. And don't even get me started with fucking touch controls.

Also I'm using my phone pretty heavy so I don't think gaming would have a good impact on battery life.

>> No.7684394

There might be circumstances where a phone is not allowed, but a dedicated gaming device is. Job situations.

Beside that, these devices are specifically made to run games with comfortable button layouts and lowest possible latency, because of having built-in controls instead of attachments that rely on Bluetooth connectivity.
These devices have hobbyist developers that work hard to get the smoothest user experience out of the limited hardware as possible.

Yes these can't compete with the screen resolution or performance capabilities of a modern high-end smart phone, but they focus on their capabilities and hone that instead.

>> No.7684406


I used to emulate on my smartphone a lot. Having to use a bluetooth controller along with it is a tad cumbersome unless I want to deal with touch screen controls, which I don't.

In the case of having a RG351P, its the formfactor and the aesthetics that I enjoy about it, along with having physical buttons that I can press and a screen all-in-one. Call it a gimmick meant to pander to nostalgia-fags but its a good gimmick that functions well. And it isn't like its cheaply made, its a solid device.

RG351P/M/V may be a tad on the pricey side, a decent android phone is going to cost a lot more. There are cheaper alternatives, like the PowKiddy v90, where you don't have to break the bank to get a decent nostalgia experience from.

People spend a lot more money on stupider hobbies.

>> No.7684420

because how are you going to see the screen if ur holding the controller while on the go?

>> No.7684457

Woah thanks for this detailed comparison! I was thinking of getting GBA SP with EZ flash but I guess I'll go with RG351P then.

>> No.7684469

>- Sleep mode possible through Flashcart patching

SP doesn't have sleep mode? What happens when you close the lid while playing then?

>> No.7684493

Nope, the GBA SP doesn't have sleep mode like the DS does. In fact, the DS relies on a software implementation too, but it knows when the lid is shut.

In fact, GBA games running on DS or 3DS won't enter sleep mode when you close the lid, either.

Thankfully patch codes for sleep mode are common for GBA games, and GBA flashcarts to my knowledge will be able to patch in sleep mode. I don't own any modern GBA flashcarts, I've just got an old Supercard designed for DS Lite Slot-2.

>> No.7684537

Worth noting that several games had sleep mode that you could activate from a pause menu, like the Super Mario Advance games. You had to button combo to get out of it.
The DS consoles actually use the speaker's magnet to trigger sleep mode, which I think is interesting.

>> No.7684569

Yeah, and that magnet-trigger also happens to be the basis for one 3DS hacking method that uses DS flashcarts.

All you need to do is place an ordinary magnet in the correct place, and then hold a specific button combination when turning on the device, and this can run exploit code from Slot-1.

>> No.7684639

Yea, hilariously this is a bootrom backdoor. Not sure if they were using it to initialize fresh consoles or recover bricks,
I'd say it was a really stupid security flaw but nobody (publicly, anyway) found it before the bootrom was dumped anyway, so it couldn't have been that bad. That exploit is actually how I learned that's how it detects if the thing is closed, and it's fun to meme about how 3DS' security is defeated by a fridge magnet, but that statement is a touch unfair.

>> No.7684642

351Elec devs have release the final version of the 351Elec firmware.
No future development is planned, going as far as to remove the Update option from the main menu.

ArkOS is still ongoing for RG351 devices.

>> No.7684654

The Wii is famous for its security being defeated with a pair of tweezers, although that's what the hacking R&D used.

And of course, the Switch is famous for its security being defeated with a paperclip. Or rather, putting it into recovery mode where you can do the real CPU exploit.

You're right though that's it's not correct to say the 3DS security was defeated by a fridge magnet, there were a ton of breakthroughs before that moment.

>> No.7684715

Yea, Team Tweezers and all that. I'm pretty sure the Switch paperclip thing was a fault with Nvidia or whoever was making the chips, so it wasn't a mistake by Nintendo.
They (SciresM and derrek, I think) basically had to dump the bootrom to figure out the backdoor. It existed all along, and if anyone at Nintendo had leaked it beforehand I can imagine the shitstorm.
In actual fact, Sighax and b9s aren't really that much of an improvement over a9lh. The most important part is we got the encryption keys and the backdoor, sighax itself is more an instrument than a goal.
I would think that sighax and b9s would happen eventually, with or without a9lh since, if I'm understanding correctly, a9lh was mostly just to exploit the console on boot but didn't really give us any information we didn't already know. Bootrom exploitation is basically the holy grail because it utterly annihilates the chain of trust, is the same on every console and can't be fixed,

Yifan Lu did some writeups on security theory and such, like how you need system integrity in order to have content protection. The community broke security at the kernel9 in 2013 so system integrity was practically zero from that point forward, and without that they could only really rely on the uncompromised keys in the bootrom for content protection.
sorry if this is old news to you, I really like the topic.

>> No.7684718

Whilst it's old news it's always nice to get a refresher, because I'd never really viewed the backdoor exploit as something that obsoletes much of the previous work to defeat system security.

The Switch system itself still has security after all, it's just that early Tegra X1 units have that fatal flaw.
The RCM mode was discovered pretty quickly though, I think that hackers became more wise to seek out methods of activating it after the 3DS backdoor was discovered.

>> No.7684759

It only obseletes them in that you don't need them anymore if you have a flashcart. The soft-only entrypoints (Browserhax, Soundhax, whatever) are still valuable, but searching for new entrypoints in the 3DS is a moot point, perhaps even if it wan't EOL.
The older exploits obviously still had their place, considering we needed them to get here. I just think that Sighax both obseletes a9lh and probably would've been discovered without it. It's better, and has always been possible, whereas a9lh is only possible because Nintendo has to play catchup to hackers (ignoring that implementation was bad for both)
I think its interesting that Nintendo definitely knew about the sighax vuln and chose not to fix it when they made the 3DS. If that was an informed decision, it seems arrogant, since I don't think they'd completely given up yet considering that the a9 loader was in the future.

I do think the paperclip thing was clever and I agree that hackers are most likely going to try and do that sort of thing in the future more because hardware failures like that are hard to correct and counter.

>> No.7684793

>phone with tons of background processes and a bluetooth controller
sure, enjoy your half second input lag and empty phone battery when you need it

>> No.7684815

wrong. cheapest current chinkshit phone is like 50+ dollars more than an RG351P
> You can literally just emulate up to Nintendo Wii flawlessly on pretty much any android phone nowadays
wrong. not unless you have an expensive flagship phone, you're pretty much limited up to Dreamcast and the PSP. phones with bluetooth controllers are bulky and not as portable as a dedicated handheld retro gaming device. makes you look like a total asshole when you're playing it outside

>> No.7685226
File: 177 KB, 374x535, 1602691019320.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sorry guys this is gonna be a very brainlet question because I'm pretty stupid when it comes to basic computer shit, but how do I play cd-console, roms? Emulating stuff like Genesis/SNES/handhelds/all pre-CD consoles is easy because with the roms you just extract them from the zip file and that's that. But I've noticed with stuff like sega cd or ps1 you can't really extract it as easily because there's multiple files in the zip file. So when you extract it you just have a bunch of files for one game. Can emulators play roms that are still in a zip file? Do I even need to extract the zip files to begin with? I've always done that when emulating old game boy games.

>> No.7685339

And on top of that, getting a SP with backlight and a decent flashcart would probably be twice as expensive as RG351P.

>> No.7685342

If you don't want Android, buy something else.

>> No.7685403

>Can emulators play roms that are still in a zip file?
Not being salty but these emulators usually have a wiki that covers how they install games.

>> No.7685543
File: 138 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is the Powkiddy X18 worth it if I want solid PS1/Dreamcast emulation for 3D games like D2, Illbleed/Blue Stinger, Quake 2 PS1, ect? Or am I better off waiting to see if their X18 S, some new model they're working on is even worth it?

>> No.7685592

>But I've noticed with stuff like sega cd or ps1 you can't really extract it as easily because there's multiple files in the zip file.

It depends on an emulator but usually you still need to select just one file to start the game. Just keep all the files in one catalog.

>> No.7685618

>ArkOS is still ongoing for RG351 devices.
Unless somebody already made a fork of it, development of ArkOS for RG351 P/M is ending too.

>> No.7685621

Is it worth getting the RG350M over the RG351P for the 4:3 aspect ratio? The RG351P seems great besides the screen, I'd mainly be playing PS1/SNES/Genesis games

>> No.7685704

The RG350M is a bit harder to recommend because it's a GCW Zero clone, a 2013 device.
It has a dual 1GHz MIPS JZ4770 processor and runs OpenDingux.
You can run Retroarch on it though, but performance won't be as good. It does have a 640x480 resolution screen though for the sake of hi-res SNES games that need it, or better scaling options in general.

The RG351 devices run a quad core 1.5 GHz ARM RK3326 processor, which runs a more common version of Linux that uses Retroarch.
Whilst the RG351P and M feature 3:2 480x320 screens, the RG351V features a 4:3 640x480 screen. It does however lack a right analogue stick, but there are likely few games you will want to play that need it.

>> No.7685905
File: 2.48 MB, 1704x1346, Screenshot_2021-04-25 (29) Retro Game Corps - YouTube.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Apparently LineageOS for RG351P/M may be a thing.


>> No.7685972

See if you can acquire roms in CHD format. One file, compressed, no need for unzipping, load it into an emulator like any other ROM.
For PS1 look for pbp files (sometimes called eboots). It's a format designed for the psp but most emulators can read it. Pbp files are not only compressed but can hold multiple discs one file, no need for disc swapping.
If you can't get roms in this type, best bet is to load up the cue file, that's the one that tells the emulator how to use the rest of the files. If it's a .iso and it looks like you can extract it, don't extract it, just load the .iso file directly. And if it's any other format then consider acquiring a better romset.

>> No.7686016

Is this because a new device is coming out?

>> No.7686018

I'm torn because it's essentially Android and still has Android problems, but java support would be huge.

>> No.7686147

what's my best option for PS1 emulation? preferably with HDMI output
I'm eyeing Retroid Pocket 2 but I'm not too familiar with what else is out there

>> No.7686178

They're all shit, do not fall for anyone's memes.
I got memed into a Retroid Pocket 2 and what I got was a garbage slow OS that played shit no better than any other method I have of playing old games.

Either buy and hack a N3DS or a Switch if you want a decent handheld device with support for older games.

>> No.7686186

I wish Nintendo didn't insist on using underpowered hardware.

>> No.7686189
File: 191 KB, 1024x696, IMG_2241.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Couldn't agree more anon. First party handhelds are in a different league on build quality and most importantly software quality. Playing the games with no emulation is king. I got the ambernic recently and while its nice and small, it just feels craptastic compared to any of the others.

>> No.7686193

This and/or they pulled an Xbox and allowed you to enter dev mode and install shit. Being able to just chuck retroarch on a Nintendo console would be great.

>> No.7686236

What's the top right? The thing wouldn't be a complete fucking waste if it were decent quality/specs.
I hate to agree that first party devices have the quality but Nintendo does all this retarded shit. The good news is Nintendo is dogshit at security so their shit keeps getting cracked.

Really. I've actually started thinking Nintendo should just go into the phone market. The only reason they don't let you do retroarch is because muh VC releases that they keep selling 30 year old games back to you. I'd be less pissed if I got a discount since before I became an adult I came into like 4 copies of SMB (hardcopy on nes, GBC, GBA and VC) but nope, Nintendo won't even give me that. That might change with the eshop accounts but that ship has sailed and they're not getting another cent from me.

>> No.7686268

yeah, goodluck finding unpatched hardware on non-jacked up prices.
>meme'd into getting a Retroid Pocket 2

>> No.7686357

Apparently it comes with a lot of bloatware and doesn't even ship in english but it should be able to just flash it with a newer android. I'd personally wait for the S.

>> No.7686372

>sign into Google and Steam on this internet-connected hardware meant to play downloaded roms
Do people really? On top of being zoomer as fuck that sounds like a security gap a mile wide.

>> No.7686391

The D-pad is the same.

>> No.7686395

All GBA to SNES ports are horrible

>> No.7686430
File: 42 KB, 540x916, 51U3C5k8XzL._AC_SL1001_[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Buy a working, but junky SP to restore. I plan on resto-modding my childhood SP. Just waiting for parts to arrive.
>AGS-001 (Leaving screen stock for now. I like the LCD grid.)
>See-through blue shell
>850mAh battery
>EZ Flash Omega with see through red cart shell
>USB-C charging mod

>> No.7686731

Oh my god I can feel the cheep plastic just by looking at it.

>> No.7686807

No. The devs of both ArkOS and 351ELEC just got tired of dealing with updating it and because of Anbernic's poor internal design choices.

>> No.7686810

RG350M is your best option. It's still one of the highest quality retro handhelds on the market.

>> No.7686852

are the 351 models significant upgrades?

>> No.7686872

>cant even get a retroid to work but recommends others a switch
what a clown

>> No.7686876
File: 20 KB, 301x299, Chadolphin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I own a Retroid Pocket 2 and the input lag is real. Went back to my hacked N2DSXL and never touched the RP2 again.

>> No.7686882

Cmon bro just go on ebay and get a few years old android phone for 50 bucks. Get a Bluetooth controller that clips the phone on. You CAN play most of the Gamecube and Wii library on a 5 year old android phone, I've been doing it for years. The fact you guys are all paying 80+ on literally android phones with 99% of the features stripped is fucking hilarious, and then you can play up to ps1. Lol fucking great.

>> No.7686889

good bluetooth controllers start at 30 dollars, so you end up paying at least as much for 2 separate devices in your pocket instead of one, with major input lag too

>> No.7686967

So that's 80 dollars overall, and you're done for the next decade. Plus you have all the features of a phone, auto rotate the screen, back-light, 12 hour battery life, HD/4k resolution screen, unlimited storage with SD cards, 100s of emulators to choose from, multiplayer support (either local or online) AND touchscreen support for Nintendo DS etc.

I've never experienced input lag, and there's even some posts in this very thread that point out input lag on the chink shit lol. I play Smash Bros Melee with friends on my Huawei and never noticed any lag at all, and I never have on any phone I've done this with. I have seen other people complain but at this point I'm pretty sure it's a myth.

Only downside I can see is that it's bulkier to carry around, but that's barely an issue. A phone is tiny, fits in a pocket, so you just need to carry around an xbox controller in a bag basically. Each to their own bro but you should try it

>> No.7687039

I really don't understand this. Is it possible I just got a good one? Or maybe that the very first version of Android the shipped was broken?

>> No.7687085

Ultimately I think it comes down to whether you want a device that plays games, or a device that also plays games. Personally I'm sick of the modem trend of having one device that does most things kind of ok. I'd much prefer multiple dedicated devices.
I went down the phone route myself. Poor quality controllers, multiple things to charge, a completely unsuitable aspect ratio screen, sound muffled by the controller, not to mention the minor hassle of taking my phone out of its case and putting it into the controller and syncing it up... yeah, not for me. Ended up never using it.
Wrestling with Android emulators and front-ends put me in good stead for when a bought an RP2 and honestly it's just so much nicer to have something I can pull out and start playing in five seconds flat. For me, the form factor and dedicated nature trumps everything else. But to each their own I guess.

>> No.7687117

Rumble wouldn't stop in my rg350, so I unhooked it, checkmate chinky

>> No.7687589

Great thread idea, been working with a psp with retro emulators on it. I would like to possibly upgrade and buy a console, wheres the best place to buy consoles and handeld devices that are modded for you?

>> No.7687595

can't you just buy an unpatched version of a console and mod it yourself?

>> No.7687609

ill probably start a fire or break it if i try, is it... easy?

>> No.7687625

depends on what console you're gonna buy.
3DS is easy as hell to get a custom firmware running on it, there's a website dedicated to instruct you on how to do that.

>> No.7687727

For me it's the new 3ds

>> No.7687967

No, and the screens on them are an absolute downgrade from the RG350M. You do get to play SOME N64, PSP, and Dreamcast games on the RG351, which the RG350M can't do at all... but I wouldn't recommend them for that.

>> No.7688695

I've been thinking about getting one to play durint my downtime at work. Wulf's den mentioned that it has some screen tearing and it has me a little apprehensive, but you can't beat the $45 price tag. And I'm going to be playint mostly gameboy games on it anyway

>> No.7688984
File: 166 KB, 1200x900, IMG_20210425_135826838_BURST000_COVER_TOP.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's not so bad. The matte finish is pretty nice to the touch and the plastic is fairly sturdy with no flex.

>> No.7688991

>GBA to SNES ports
No such thing.

>> No.7689260

Why can't we just get a horizontal 351 with a 4:3 screen? Perfection is so close with these. 351elec is excellent.

>> No.7689278

any recommended CFW for the anbernic rg300 or rg350?

>> No.7689384

These device manufacturers are often out of touch with the consumers and don't know what we want.
Anbernic seem to have an idea though, considering the 351P strongly resembles an original GBA AGP-001, and the 351V resembles the DMG Game Boy when you examine the casing. The outer aesthetics are more than just surface level with strange screen choices like 480x320.

A horizontal 351 with a 720x480 screen would actually meet the scaling requirements of the GBA and have the benefits of a 640x480 screen, if you can accept some vertical black bars to the sides.
It'd be a disadvantage for PSP games though, they'd have to run at 1.5x scaling.

>> No.7689386

$40 for this seems like a solid deal, I might pick one up
can it run kings field

>> No.7689539

GPD win max. Plays current year AAA on low settings with integrated graphics, but I bought it mostly to emulate ps2 games. It’s also a decent general computer as well

>> No.7689562

Retro FW for the RG300, and OD-Beta for RG350

>> No.7689585

Yeah these guys talk like Nintendo didn't already use cheap plastic in the first place.

>> No.7689663

>strange screen choices
You say that like they chose it, they did it because of the OGA, who presumably picked it for GBA, I'm not sure.
>A horizontal 351 with a 720x480 screen
Odroid tried this too, they couldn't find one. https://forum.odroid.com/viewtopic.php?f=187&t=41283 (2nd paragraph)
I'm not affiliated with them, I know I sound like a shill, kek. They drove the last two trends (There are OGS clones now) so any innovation is probably going to come from them.

>> No.7689909

yeah i pulled the trigger on it purely for the price. Playing gba and snes games that i've been meaning to get to has been a blast.

i've only tried one ps1 game and it was a turn based rpg, so i cant speak for a first person game like that.
its also important to know that theres just 2 shoulder buttons, not 4.

>> No.7690486

No these things genuinely have issues with input lag, I got an RP2 and was really excited for it, never been more dissapointed, not only is the input lag noticeable and throws you off, the ui is horrible and cheap feeling, along with all the standard problems with emulation, needless to say I sold it within a week, still looking for a good handheld if anyone has any recommendations but I might just have to get the switch lite.

>> No.7690579

>screen choices like 480x320
You talk like you know your GBA shit but then you forget GBA is 240x160, which makes 480x320 a perfect 2x scale.

>> No.7690740
File: 313 KB, 837x474, firefox_2021-04-26_16-02-08.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Delayed to october

>> No.7690802

Yeah, you actually have to set the thing up first, not just immediately give up. Perhaps a V-Tech device would be more suitable for your age group?

>> No.7690838
File: 190 KB, 922x1079, 3417761368220-2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can it run dreamcast?

>> No.7690849

I don't understand the appeal.
You need the original cartridges, the controls are limited to SNES if and when it gets hacked, and it's expensive as fuck.

>> No.7690853

I have flashcards for the supported systems anyway

>> No.7690869

Is the GB Boy Colour actually good?

>> No.7690963

Of course i fucking know that, that's why i followed up with the 720x480 example. It's exactly 3x GBA resolution.

480x320 is a strange choice before you become familiar with the GBA specific use case. That's the point i was making.

>> No.7691061

Worthwhile PSP emulation is already a premium to pay. I'd be thrilled with a 351P with a 4:3 screen, or a 2:3 screen capable of integer scaling. My 351 plays PSP games, but so far in my testing not well. Other than the form factor and lack of a second stick they got so frustratingly close with the 351v

>> No.7691136

Are you aware that the RG351P's 480x320 screen is capable of displaying PSP games at native resolution?
Since PSP ix 480x272.
The downside is that the 3.5" screen of the RG351P is smaller than the PSP's 4.3" screen, looking smaller yet when you consider the display width.

>> No.7691208

If you don't care about naff pixel scaling, then yes.

>> No.7691224

I'd wait for the updated chipset if I were you.

>> No.7691672

What's the point if the ceiling of fun experience is really low due to a fundamental issue, I sold it for more than I paid for it which was a nice bonus but yeah stay away from these cheap Chinese android machines and get a vita or a switch lite.

>> No.7691879

>You need the original cartridges
It's dedicated for people who own original cartridges. I doubt that anybody who preordered it gives a shit about hacking.

>> No.7691970

>but you can't beat the $45 price tag.

Yeah, you can. The PowKiddy V90 has the exact same hardware but with a different form factor and is $10 cheaper.

>> No.7692364

Meh, I can appreciate that. For me, the fun is in setting the thing up, getting it just how I like it, and discovering games along the way. But once you get Android updated, install a more appropriate launcher, get the proper retroarch cores, dial in the settings and find a decent theme for a front-end, it's actually pretty great, but as I said in a post before, I've been through the Android emulation rigmarole already so this is all a known quantity for me (honestly the main reason I got it was "better the devil you know").
I'd have a look at the rg351p or v. Basically the same power but far more plug and play. Don't bother with the vita, it's a great system but the emulation isn't all that optimised. Switch is fine, but if you want homebrew you're going to have a measure of jank anyway.

>> No.7692374

Is there any reason to buy any of these if I have a new 3ds lying around somewhere?

>> No.7692402

not really

>> No.7692419

psa if any anon wants to use a bluetooth or wired controller on your phone while on the go you can make a controller clip to hold the phone and the controller using a coat hanger and electric tape. I just did this and it works great with my genesis controller that i got connected through an adapter and through a miniusb cable.


>> No.7692487

can't decide between 350m and PocketGo v1
is the hardware in 350m significant enough to justify double the price?

>> No.7692497

I'm retarded and meant the 350p. the cheaper plastic one

>> No.7692529

A lot of people will only consider getting the Analogue Pocket if they can get custom firmware capable of ROM loading.

Of the two, RG350M is the better choice.
It has better specs and the 640x480 screen is welcome for better scaling and display options.

Although I haven't owned the PocketGo v1 or RG350M, I have owned two PocketGo2 devices (plastic and metal) as well as the RG351P, and I can definitely vouch for the build quality of the Anbernic devices. The d-pad and buttons are really satisfying to use compared to the nasty plastic feeling and unreliable build quality of PocketGo devices.


Since the RG350M is already a dated device though, I would suggest looking at the RG351P/M or V instead.
The issue here is they don't have the same screen size or layout design. 351P is horizontal with 480x320 screen ideal for GBA games, 351V is vertical with 640x480 screen ideal for most other things, but does lack a second analogue stick if this is important to you.

If you're on the fence, considering waiting a bit longer. Anbernic is a real up and comer at the moment, they might have a new model in the future that addresses things like screen size, having a stronger processor, button layout etc.
I'd be happy with an RG351P successor that just features a 720x480 screen and a stronger processor.

>> No.7692813

It’s really frustrating that newer switch models cannot and likely never will be hackable. The Switch would be the perfect emulation device, if only it wasn’t so locked down.

>> No.7692836
File: 153 KB, 420x360, Pinobee+(USA)-image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How about GBA to PSX ports

>> No.7693423

>I've got this coming to me in the mail today (supposedly).

Based. Mine is supposed to come today too and I ordered the same colour.

>> No.7693424

the community is always working on updates that improve the firmware, it should be able to run it in the future

>> No.7693430

Do you think Valve is going to ban your Steam account because you downloaded a SNES rom?

>> No.7693613

Yeah I guess I didn't really have the energy to setup, I also tried booting it into that Retro UI and it near bricked the system and had to reflash it through YouTube tutorials, pretty much gave up after that. I'll look into the rg351p, I just feel like there's such a gap in the market of actually high quality experiences in this realm, I think android needs to be ditched and something incorporating a raspberry pi could work.

>> No.7693783

That retro UI thing is crap, can't believe anyone actually uses it.
There are a few raspberry pi 4 handhelds in the works. PiBoy DMG looks nice but the battery life ain't too hot from what I've heard.
None of these devices are perfect. The best choice is whichever one has the flaws that bother you the least.

>> No.7693932

I have it too, psp emulation really depends on the game. In my case it runs just fine on "simple" games like P3, Prinny, Patapon, BrazBlue, and VNs like Hakuoki. But for some reason Crimson Gem Saga which is a 2D pixelated game is outright unplayable. Didn't even bother testing full 3D games like Crisis Core or GOW. Really the main problem is the screen size, it's just too small and has the wrong proportions for psp. Anyway I'm quite happy with my purchase, I bought it mainly to play GBA/GBC, SNES, DS and PS1 and all those work no problem. It's best if you consider the psp emu just a nice bonus rather than a main selling feature.

>> No.7693991

Forgot to add, the RP2 has the hardware capability to emulate most of what it advertises, the problem is that the emulators that come preinstalled are shit. Gba and snes in particular were driving me insane until I went to play store and downloaded Snes9x and myboy. Took a few minutes because logging into play store with the retroid controls is a pain but it's saved me a lot of headaches.

>> No.7694050

I have a 351v and I hate it. Kind of sucks. My first Chinese handheld and now I'm turned off by them in general if this is supposedly one of the better ones

>> No.7694135

What's wrong with it?

>> No.7694170
File: 779 KB, 3024x2559, PXL_20210426_150334089.MP~2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm really enjoying the rg351v. I'm actually playing games now instead of just organizing a collection and at most booting up a game for a few minutes before quitting.

The only problem I've had with it so far is drastic. I can't seem to figure out how to move the cursor, the menu text is fucking tiny and you can't disable the filtering that blurs everything. This is on the final 351elec as well

>> No.7695180
File: 258 KB, 400x400, except_heavy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So this means we're not getting any more custom firmware for the RG351 devices, perfect.

>> No.7695201

What complaints do you have?
If it's a software complaint, you need to install custom firmware to get a good user experience. Stock firmware is shit.

Curious because I have an RG351P and love it, and have ordered an RG351V for SNES/Megadrive games.

>> No.7695205

351Elec is at least in a very good state.
They should consider doing a bi-annual update for Retroarch / Libretro core updates though. If not them, someone will be up to the task.

>> No.7695215

Christ, you weren't kidding.

All this time I thought that Pinobee had a PS2 version, not a PS1 version.

>> No.7695269
File: 179 KB, 900x570, CfNIJrVWsAAHHhQ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I already have an RG300 to play most 2D games from GBA and before. Kinda wanna get a more powerful one to play 3D games on it. What's the best option if I only wanna play PS1, Dreamcast, N64, and PSP games? This maybe a stupid question too, because I know saturn emulation is supposedly difficult, but do any one of these handhelds run saturn games relatively decent?

>> No.7695284

Currently the only handhelds that can play PSP decently are PSP and Vita. For the other systems you have a handful of options but psp is the cutting edge so far until some other chinese company comes up with something more powerful or the hardware becomes cheaper. Ask again in a year

>> No.7695672

I personally am sick of everything having its own battery. Down to every individual earpiece on headphones.
I mean are they actually shitting us?

>> No.7695673

He didn't fix his settings. I love my 351v but I was smart and copied the bios folder to the external card like I was supposed to. Basic stuff like setting integer scaling and setting the right resolution for some emulators makes all the difference.

>> No.7695712

I don't understand the appeal of see-through shells, and it seems they are getting more and more popular.

>> No.7695804

I mean if they use standard AA batteries like the Xbone controller, or if they're wired, they'll probably get flak nowadays because "It's 2021".

>> No.7696231
File: 40 KB, 600x600, 1610830064495.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

holy shit I am going to lose my goddamned mind trying to figure out what handheld I played as a kid.

In my memory it looked just like a wonderswan, but it couldn't have been since the only game I remember playing on it was a monochrome port of Defender. It ran off cartridges, and had a similar button layout. Maybe it's just some shitty knockoff? I have no clue.

>> No.7697239
File: 111 KB, 808x572, rg280v.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I received my RG280V yesterday. I don't know but it just doesn't give you a feeling of a premium product. I know it's relatively cheap (got mine for $60), but everybody is praising the built quality, buttons and everything and for me even my 30yo GB feels way better in hand.

Also performance isn't really that great. I'm not expecting much but in MMBN for example (and a few other GBA games, not all of them) there's noticable frame skipping every few seconds. I'm on stock soft however, maybe it can be fixed by installing cfw, I don't know.

So bottom line, I think I'll stick to my modded GBs.

>> No.7697384

Roughly when did you have it?

>> No.7697516
File: 136 KB, 800x389, everegret.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know it's a mistake but I still want to do it.

>> No.7697530
File: 175 KB, 1280x1280, GBC-clear-purp__73775.1472745132.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I already had a clear Gameboy color back in the day, when clear consoles were cool, plus out of the 3 rg351v designs I like the dark one the most.
If there was a true black version I would've chosen that though

>> No.7697689

>pokemon clover
fucknig based

>> No.7697834
File: 16 KB, 239x211, 1618989105504.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This whole thread makes me miss my PSP.

>> No.7697841

what's stopping you?

>> No.7697875

Doesn't retroarch have built-in updater? I'm certain that ArkOS has it.

>> No.7697881

Is there a specific reason I always here that they're worse but I never here why.
I'm thinking of getting some of the games on my 3DS, but I need to know if I should be installing the SNES or GBA versions.

>> No.7697885

Mom always bought the translucent shells for me. I liked it because I could see the electronics on the inside, gave it a cool aesthetic that you didn't get with flat colors.

>> No.7697978
File: 1.55 MB, 1920x1440, P4280410.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Wouldn't happen to be the Tiger Game.Com with the Williams Arcade Classics cartridge, would it?

>> No.7698053

I loved my PSP as well, but it honestly wasn't that great at emulating anything other than PS1 games

>> No.7698569
File: 320 KB, 500x500, 1597880232944.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

holy fucking shit, it is. I thought it was the gamecom but I didn't know defender was on the cartridge.

I can finally rest, anon. Thank you


this was around 2003, so the gamecom makes the most sense.

>> No.7698581

The version of Retroarch in 351elec limits some things, like it doesn't have the usual core updater UI.
Maybe it's just disabled in default config though.

>> No.7698632

which one of these is the best for arcade games that don't look like a fucking original gameboy?

>> No.7698649

So i just got my rg351p and now that some of the cfw's are no longer going to be supported which one should i install?

>> No.7698659

I'm still on 351elec, at least for now until the others get ahead of it in features. Right now the prospect of Lineage or Android are very unappealing to me.

>> No.7698680

There's no good option right now. Nothing with a 4:3 screen with an RK is horizontal except the Retroid Pocket 2, and that unfortunately feels cheap and uses Android.

>> No.7698764

I'm now interested in the story of how you ended up with a game.com.

>> No.7698776

it wasn't mine, it was a family member's. They were visiting from out of town and he had one on him. I only got to play it once, which is why the memory was so fuzzy. He said the thing was garbage but I remembered defender being at least playable, but I don't remember the touch screen.

>> No.7698813

>even the switch is fucking uncomfortable as shit.
*laughs in split pad pro/binbok*

>> No.7698829

sell me your RP2 kek

>> No.7699532

any of these handhelds have hardware capable of gles3?
or would I need an expensive diy kit with a pi 4 for that

>> No.7699578

RG350M has the 640x480 screen.
RG351P/M have the specs/performance but not the screen.
RG351V has the screen and specs/performance, but not the horizontal form factor.

I feel you man.

>> No.7700410

An exploding PSP battery blinded that anon. A sad tale.

>> No.7701461

Are any of these chinkshit devices worth buying or am I better off biting the bullet and going for like a Piboy or something?

Switch is so locked down because Nintendo got super asshurt about the 3DS.

>> No.7701529

>be me
>buy a GPDXD several years ago
>it’s ok but I hate how it feels
>last year
>buy RG351P and get it around Christmas
>first one of these chinkshit handhelds with controls that don’t feel like shit
>play a few things on it and like it
>sit it aside and it starts collecting dust
>notice the RG351V came out
>built in wifi, perfect 4:3 screen, vertical form factor
>order one and finally got it this week
>notice the RP2 has some new colors I like
>order one yesterday
Why the fuck am I like this?

>> No.7701556

I get it, those Chinese companies push out new versions like every other week.
I decided to completely ignore new devices after getting my rg351v, since I'm satisfied with emulation performance

>> No.7701575

It's a good attitude to have. I thought about upgrading my gpu but if I run everything I want at ultra and at my monitors refresh limit, does it really pay?
It's just a waste of money to chase the latest and greatest if you're happy with what you got, it's literally peak consoom.

>> No.7701580

Honestly nobody's gotten it right yet. With the exception of anbernic they all feel like cheap shit, but even anbernic refuses to put a 4:3 screen in a horizontal handheld with an RK (or better) that can use sleep mode.
All the pieces are there, but nobody's done it all.
The RP3 could be a serious contender if they step their QA and build quality up, but it either needs a 4:3 capacitive touch screen (if they exist) or to ditch Android completely.

>> No.7701834

>I get it, those Chinese companies push out new versions like every other week.
They're also just cheap enough that I can impulse buy one and not feel too bad. If they made a gacha style handheld where they sent you a mystery color they'd make a shitload of money from retards like me.

>> No.7702125

>tfw the vita is pretty much in the same boat

sony handhelds are suffering

>> No.7702250

Don't worry, it's not as bad as some people make out. Just ask if you want help setting it up.
Remember, DO NOT update any of the emulators or retroarch cores. That's the biggest mistake people make.

>> No.7702396

Really? I always thought vita would perform better with retroarch.
I almost got a vita as well, but I wasn't comfortable with buying a used device that might be scratched up and not even being sure if you can downgrade far enough to perma mod it.
That's why I turned to Chinese emulation handhelds

>> No.7702407
File: 1.12 MB, 806x799, 1594060432853.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it does pretty well on many emulators, but (probably due to dev support) many of the cores can't run at full speed on some SNES games.


it's not bad, but it's not quite perfect. There are better, more modern devices. The best parts of the Vita are its own library and all the ps1 ports you can run on adrenaline.

>> No.7702415

Vita homebrew is almost entirely PSP ports with minor improvements.
Everyone focused on the 3DS.

>> No.7702430

Vita demoscene is surprisingly small.

>> No.7702435

The screen is smaller, the audio quality is worse, the graphics are super bright, and they added voice clips whenever you get a powerup.
Play Mario Advance 4, play the SNES version for everything else.

>> No.7702454

I don't know why you'd come here just to blatantly lie about the performance like this.

>> No.7702512

>I don't know why you'd come here just to blatantly lie about the performance like this.
It's not uncommon for these Chinese companies to have disgruntled employees come here and spread shit. It's also not uncommon to have them spread marketing bs.

>> No.7702529

Just out of curiosity, are there chinkoshit GBAs that actually support linked play with the Gamecube?

>> No.7702578

Are there any better options? I'd get the classic but they don't sell it anymore, I just want a Game Boy Pocket/Light kind of thing, doesn't even have to be backlit

>> No.7702770

How are you supposed to grip this thing? I need handles

>> No.7702932


Kek, keep telling that to yourself. I can record a video showing you how bad the performance is on stock firmware. It’s not like you own one of these, do you?

>> No.7703827

How long do you guys think it'll be before we get one of these handhelds that run most games from the saturn, ps1, n64, Dreamcast, psp, and ds games at 50fps or higher? Honestly holding out on buying one of these handhelds until that day comes. Current psp and Dreamcast performance is pretty bad across the board. And lack of saturn emulation is kinda ass too.

>> No.7703963

Saturn's a pipedream, but otherwise this year. As the RK gets phased out we're likely going to get something that can do PSP/DC okay once it's mature, the RK is already on the cusp of those.

>> No.7704119

There are 3d printed handles for it on etsy.

>> No.7704132

Lolno. It's about account security.

>> No.7704183

You most likely have a shitty rom and you're probably using the shitty SD card that came with the device.
Frame skip is only needed for a few select PS1 games, and you'll barely even notice it when playing games.

>> No.7704220

Thanks. Doing a bit of research on the wiki told me most of that and a bunch of other stuff that didn't matter as much. I'm mostly just looking for the best experience to play them now that I can appreciate the differences.

>> No.7704224

I didn't mention a device you retarded retard, you just outed yourself.

>> No.7705142

>the audio quality is worse, the graphics are super bright, and they added voice clips whenever you get a powerup.
All three of those things can be fixed through rom hacking if you're autistic enough.

>> No.7705397

Get the Evercade VS instead, anon

>> No.7706672

These devices tend to use system of chip solutions that are inexpensive and often years out of date.
The ARM Rockchip model RK3326 found in the RG351 devices is a 2018 processor.
That's way newer than the fucking Ingenic JZ4770 that the RG350 uses though. That's a fucking 2011 model and was already dated when the GCW Zero first used it!

>> No.7706706

Also worth mentioning that RK3326 is an ARM processor, JZ4770 is a MIPS processor.

In emulation, in most scenarios you are translating processor instructions from one architecture to another, but these two processors share architecture with some retro systems.

This means that MIPS has an advantage when emulating older MIPS systems like the PS1 and N64, whilst ARM has an advantage with ARM systems like Game Boy Advance or Nintendo DS.

>> No.7707005

It’s a bitch to hold unless you have baby hands. I found a 3D print of a holder for it that makes it feel more like a controller in your hand

>> No.7707093


I finally got around to flashing 351elec onto a new SD card. I'm having the same issues with GBA games skipping frames and horrible stuttering in some games. FF4's opening intro to be more exact. But the occasional stuttering with other games is still the exact as it performs using arkOS. Just gonna count my losses and deal with it. Although I can't see why anyone would use 351elec over arkOS. After using both firmwares 351elec is so much slower and a bit cumbersome.

>> No.7707145

Hmm, yeah I see what you mean with the light stuttering in FF4's intro, specifically the rolling skies visual effect.

I get light performance drops in Castlevania Aria of Sorrow too in one particular screen that has similar background effects.

There's an easy fix for this though. Just change the GBA core to GPSP in settings and you should get full speed.
You can do this on a per-game basis if you prefer too.

351elec defaults the GBA retroarch core to mGBA, since it's the most current GBA core in development.
As usual, the cost of the more up to date emulation cores with higher accuracy is a performance trade-off. This is a universal truth of emulation and why Retroarch supports loading multiple emulation cores, giving you the option to load older versions that are known to work well for popular games.

>> No.7708389

Hoping >>7707093 at least gets to see there's an easy performance fix for their GBA games, if they even come back to this thread.

>> No.7708417

literally no excuse to not have 6 buttons on this one

>> No.7708442
File: 181 KB, 893x566, chrome_S22TqJbg5r.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Hm I'm not quite sure how to switch emulators using arkOS since I'm fairly new to working with retroarch but I'll look into that. I don't plan on sticking to 351elec since it feels really sluggish when it loads games compared to arkOS. Thanks for the info.


I'm lurkin.

>> No.7708443

No modern systems have six face buttons. Controllers that do usually do are arcade sticks that map shoulder buttons.

It's pretty much only for the sake of Genesis/Saturn, and maybe N64 when you get down to it.

>> No.7708449

There is probably something in config somewhere that lets you pick emulator somewhere. 351elec Frontend doesn't make it too complicated, you can it from the main settings menu or a per-game basis by pressing X (north button) on the selected game.

>> No.7708491

This is an emulator device, not a "modern system". If you can ignore buttons while playing NES, you can ignore the extra 2 while playing PSX or SNES.

>> No.7708496

N64, Saturn, Genesis, Arcade Fighters, and Xbox 1

It'd be nice to have something closer to the real layout for those systems.

>> No.7708513

>Hm I'm not quite sure how to switch emulators using arkOS since I'm fairly new to working with retroarch but I'll look into that
Hover over a game, press Select, Edit Metadata, change emulator to Retroarch (not "Default (Retroarch)"). Then right below you can change which Retroarch Core you want to use.

>> No.7708528


Thanks, anon.

>> No.7708598
File: 97 KB, 693x860, zsnesw_eZv18rV6WQ.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


GPSP emulator seems to have got rid of most of the stuttering, especially in the FF4 intro.

>> No.7708750

Glad that helped. Are you getting any other issues? Maybe they could be fixed by further tweaking configuration in Retroarch, but I wouldn't get my hopes up for something groundbreaking.

Also, I think I'll order a 3D print of one of those grips, because playing games that heavily use shoulder buttons and/or analog sticks is super uncomfortable for me. My palms could really use some support.

>> No.7708981

Cool, likewise glad that helped.
Picking and choosing the right Retroarch cores is something you might have to do now and then, it's true for SNES games too.
These firmwares seem to default to newest cores with the right balance of performance against accuracy.

As an example, there are some ambitious ROM hacks like Super Metroid + A Link to the Past combo randomizer that rely on ROM bank switching to transition between the two games.
It works on real hardware, and current emulation cores work just fine with this, but older, faster emulation cores aren't capable of doing this.

>> No.7710275

That pic is an example of why screens above 320x240 matter for hi-res SNES games.

>> No.7710332

>DS lite can be had on eBay for £25
>flash carts for both slots can be had for less than £20 each, ex flash omega for bottom slot, cheap r4 with ysmenu for top
>Infinitely superior build quality and experience for less than the cost of most of these and you can play DS games in their proper format
>new 3DS can play home console games and can be picked up Gumtree and FM marketplace for barely any more money

Why do people like these emu consoles? Not hating just genuinely curious, first party hardware is so cheap and much better built that I don't get the appeal, and I cant imagine trying to play something designed for a TV like psx or N64 on a tiny screen in your hands

I am curious though, is there something I'm missing? They do look cool but the cons seem to outweigh the pros

>> No.7710393

DS Lite build quality is not what you remember it to be. Seriously, RG351P is better.
DSi is the preferred way to play DS games anyway.

You'd be surprised how well old home console games adapt to handhelds with 320x240 or 640x480 resolution. Even PS1.
DS screen is only 256x192 which isn't suited to playing a lot of retro games. 3DS is far more preferable for emulation and even then it has performance limitations.

>> No.7710428
File: 2.38 MB, 4032x1960, 20210501_184330.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So I put together an SP in a replacement shell with one of the newest IPS screen mods

It's shit unfortunately, don't fall for the meme

>> No.7710432

I have this exact setup and I hate it because the DS Lite screens ghost like fucking crazy and the dpad is horrendous. Would not recommend

>> No.7710442

But the build quality of the ds lite is actually great and the screen is fine
>t.holding one right now

>> No.7710457

>Figured out that my broken GBA Micro just needs a new speaker
>no one sells replacements of the speaker even though speakers for every other model of gameboy are fucking everywhere
>have no idea what I'd need to look up to try and figure out if there are any generic speakers that would work and fit in the housing
>broken "for parts" GBA micros are still like 80$ on ebay so it doesn't even make sense to buy one of those just to gut out the speaker

What I would give to wrap my hands around the neck of every stupid coomlector that ruined the price of Micros just to seal them into acrylic display stands running a pokemon emerald title screen 24/7 for their display

>> No.7710467

But lets say I had way too much money to burn anyway and was now curious about these things, is the RG351p the one to go for under $100?

>> No.7710503

That was absolutely the case for a long time, but it has slowly gotten better. Too bad the handheld isn't sold officially anymore and it won't be long before all the internal batteries on Vita start having serious issues. PSP is irrelevant in 2021 because all the quality batteries for it are long dead and the chink repro batteries still in production are total shit.

>> No.7710528

I don't know what's wrong with your eyes but if you can't see the massive ghosting then count yourself lucky. Can't stand it. Same with the AGS-101 screen, drives me up the wall

>> No.7710601

My 351p is better build quality than anything in the DS line. I've been playing SNES RPGs on it just fine as well. Literally the only thing I'd change is I'd rather have a 4:3 screen. Otherwise I'm happier with it than I was my 3DS

>> No.7710704

I don't know if it'll help, since I haven't actually modded anything and just watched a shit ton of videos online, but a popular mod is replacing DMG and I think GBC speakers with the DS speaker, so I'd imagine it would be about the same. It's a popular mod since it's a stronger speaker and there's endless amount of DS parts still to work with, so it might help you out if you decide to take the dive.

Also throwing it out there, but fuck the people that think these old consoles are suddenly Gold and trying to resell "modded" GBP and such for $150-$200+ with IPS screens that give it a whopping one and a half hour of life on normal batteries. There becomes a point where things have to even out instead of constantly shoving $50 screens into a product and expecting to get a Switch Lite out of it because it's the latest mod and they're trying to recoup investments from buying dozens of GBPs for like $10 from Japan.

>> No.7710727

Yeah it's a pain in the ass trying to look up handheld hardware on ebay and having to add like 20 filters to get rid of that shit. Like just add "-mod -modded -ips -refurbished -backlight -backlit" to your search and suddenly you can just find normal gameboys again.

>> No.7711283
File: 14 KB, 400x400, bh400x400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are any of these handheld emulators comfy for big hands?

>> No.7711305

RG351V I think has the same dimensions as an original DMG model Game Boy. Surprisingly nobody seems to have put a comparison photo online.

>> No.7711313

interesting. I kind of assumed 350 would be better because it looked wide. My deteriorating boomer brain forgets how og gameboy felt

>> No.7711391

love my rg351

>> No.7711393

that reshell is atrocious
it's a curse knowing all the finer details of things sometimes. every time i see something reshelled, the quality is lacking somewhere.

>> No.7711509
File: 762 KB, 2160x1080, Screenshot_2021-05-02-06-52-04-958_com.vanced.android.youtube.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.7711563

Gotta turn interp on.

>> No.7711569

Yes but it's not usually really under $100.
You could also look at the Odroid Go and the RGB10.

>> No.7711570

Tragedy of the Commons. Hopefully nobody's buying that shit. Still a waste though.

>> No.7712231

Cool, so it's slightly smaller than a DMG but still looks pretty sizeable for big hands.

I mean you can do that, but the end result is still looking at an image that is smaller than internal resolution.

>> No.7712262 [DELETED] 

really easy to fix.

disable RGA scaling, set aspect ratio for SNES emulators to core-provided or 4:3, go to core options > shaders > enable video shaders > load shaders > look for sharp-bilinear-2x-prescale.glsp > done.

>> No.7712331

oh don't get me wrong, I totally agree. All replacement shells and parts are chinese so I'm not sure what you're expecting

>> No.7712485

There's ones shipping from the UK for £70 on aliexpress, is there a recommended seller for these?

>> No.7712596
File: 976 KB, 3000x1711, 351M.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Got a 351M, really like it

>> No.7712705

What seller did you buy it from?

>> No.7712758
File: 89 KB, 1000x1000, IMGP3348_small.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm still using my Vita but I really wish I could hack my Switch Lite.

>> No.7712772


It's a shitty region capture I took with ShareX over a year ago. It

>> No.7712775


Same person here >>7684350? This seems like the same question just formatted differently. Plenty of people have given their reasons on why they buy and and enjoy these Chinese handheld devices.

>> No.7712781

No, I was genuinely wondering why buy these instead of a 1st party handheld and modding it, playing games on your phone is awful, most phone controllers don't even let you use headphones

>> No.7712897

>why buy an old ass used console that isn't even as good as you say it is, then you have to hack it and load a bunch of shitty custom made software instead of linux and retroarch
these new chink consoles are actually premium quality and have better ergonomics, better controls, better screen, better battery life, and better software support.

the only things the 1st party console is better at is price and nostalgia.

>> No.7713549

Anyone have the RG300?
Its at the price point I want to go for and its in the form factor I want but I'm not sure how good something this cheap could be, I'm kind of wondering how well its going to handle Snes with 128mb of Ram

I would buy the 351v but the single analog stick seems a bit stupid

>> No.7714851

Realistically speaking, how many games are you going to play on an RG351P or V that make use of both analogue sticks?
There are only a few dozen PS1 games that used dual analogue, which is admittedly still a loss, but systems like the N64, Dreamcast, PSP, and DS don't have a second analogue stick.

I'm not really sure of the use case for it outside of that selection of PS1 games. Maybe something available in ports or Anberports? Even then.

>> No.7714867

I misunderstood, I thought that was from non-integer upscaling.

>> No.7714912

Well, any scaling that requires reducing the image size below native resolution is going to be non-integer.

SNES games usually run at 256x224 resolution.
So on RG351P's 480x320 screen, you upscale by about 1.42x to get it to fit vertically.
Hi-res mode actually runs at 512x448 though, which is a hybrid of 256x224 and 512x448 resolution layers. In those circumstances, you have to downscale to 71% image size to fit that 320p screen.

>> No.7715737
File: 28 KB, 480x320, NPUH10125_00000.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Playing PSP version of Final Fantasy III on RG351P, first time in my life. Pretty good game - the 3D style is neat and the job system is quite unique, but I expected it to be a little bit better. Runs perfectly even with double resolution. Screenshots are crusty as fuck, but that's how PPSSPP takes them.

>> No.7715916

Not the guy you asked, but I got my 351P on Amazon for like $110. It had next-day shipping, and I dropped like $20 for a 3 year warranty.

Was pretty satisfied overall.

>> No.7715941

Sleep mode is a great luxury on the 351 line. I think that's worth keeping in mind.

>> No.7715949

Having to play with a BT controller is fine but then it is no longer a handheld experience

>> No.7715958

>just use your phone bro
literally soulless and autistic. I'd Quentin the fuck out of anyone I saw with their phone clipped to an xbox controller on the bus. I use my phone for communication, and draining the battery to play emulators is an acceptable.

>> No.7715971

You can't even play SMT1 on RG300 because of its outdated SNES9X core. Fusion is impossible because it can't draw the screen properly.

>> No.7715980

The reason to get a 351V is for the aspect ratio on the screen.
It's perfect for the kinds of game you'll mostly be playing on it.

Also, it has built-in wifi that is very stable, so scraping and downloading updates is easier.

>> No.7716169
File: 1.58 MB, 3024x3024, AC4BC21A-9693-4A2B-92A1-0DE4FC9D9858.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dig the color scheme.

I got this to pretend I didn’t sleep on getting a mother 3 micro back in the day when they were sub a gorillion dollarydoos. Its p good, but mostly sticking to handheld emulation and doing consoles on PC with a pad or stick.

>> No.7716593
File: 23 KB, 483x300, Nintendo_Game_Boy_Micro_-_Famicom_Version_retropixl_retrogaming_limited_edition_1[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I didn't know that there was a Mother 3 edition of the GB Micro.

Still, that device is clearly based on the Famicom design. A lot of these Chinese devices ape that design.

>> No.7717157
File: 117 KB, 1000x750, IMGP2361_web.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

got this Trimui Model S earlier this year, but the stock firmware was so shitty I just put it in a drawer. I found out Minui exists the other day and it's so much better. the screen is too small to play most games comfortably, but it works great for GB games.

>> No.7717169

Oh for sure. I would love a fami gba micro but its also prolly more than I wanna pay to play mother et al.

>> No.7717172

DS lite feels fantastic. What are you on about?

>> No.7717187

I had no idea. How about GBA?

>> No.7717351

just tried out some GBA games, works perfectly, even mario kart.

>> No.7717938

Hell yeah.

>> No.7718083

MMBN performed well even on stock firmware, but I updated it to the beta firmware and use Retroarch and almost every GBA games runs well.

>> No.7718184

Putting a Pi 4B in a handheld with no analog sticks is a waste of the processing power, right?

>> No.7718258

Lol no shit. His family must have hated him. Or had some sick sense of humor

>> No.7718342

Looks like we have another PowKiddy model on the way


>> No.7718369

Anbernic is doing the same thing with the RG552. They're OGS clones.

>> No.7718510
File: 362 KB, 1588x1191, 280v game 3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've played way more on my 280v than anything else to be honest. Just thinking of powering on my pc or ps4 after work meh, but this little guy is always around ready to go and the controls feel good. I'm gonna start Grandia soon.

>> No.7719087

how do i fix input lag on android?

>> No.7719105


>> No.7719108

what did he mean by this???

>> No.7719125

>It's shit unfortunately, don't fall for the meme
For the SP, probably. The DMG, MGB, and CGB are 1000% better with IPS mods and you can't convince me otherwise.
The AGB has no definitive IPS for me yet.

>> No.7719131

It looks so cute but all reviews say it's pure trash. Too bad.

>> No.7719315

Nice analog pads, mate.

>I think I'll order a 3D print of one of those grips

I really want one of those too. But when I visited the site that Retro Game Corps had on his video where he talked about it, it only linked to the place where you can download 3D printer plans.

How would I go about ordering one from someone who makes them?

At some point I'm also going to have to take my 351P apart and replace the membranes for the face buttons. The A button is already unresponsive and kind of squishy. Not really a big deal when I can savescum and rewind, but it gets a bit annoying. It isn't something that really breaks the experience but that button has been acting like that since i got it. Unfortunately the tools to open this thing are expensive if I get a whole kit.

>> No.7719339
File: 1.77 MB, 4000x3000, IMG_20210504_063425647.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I can't really imagine what you'd need a second analog stick for. Some PSone games might use it. But for everything else you won't need it.


Forgot to post my analog pads. They're comfy. I got some for my Switch, too.

>> No.7719351

>How would I go about ordering one from someone who makes them?
Just look for a 3D printing firm/shop in your local area. In my case, I found a local shop, filled their pricing form (attach model file, choose colour and technology used, add any other relevant info) and I'm now waiting for them to send back their price. No idea what it will be, haven't had anything 3D printed before.

>> No.7719387


Thanks for the tip, anon.

>> No.7719413

I'm currently collecting library of worthwile zx spectrum games for my gba sp flashcard. That is the one thing I'm missing ifrom my awesome library of cool shit gameboy can play. I just wonder: if gba can emulate 8-bit so well (NES, Spectrum), why haven't someone make c64 and atari xl/xe emulators for gba?

>> No.7719442

which reviews? like I said, put Minui on it and it's like a completely different device. on the stock firmware even SNES is broken. the screen is too small though I won't lie about that.

>> No.7719732

I use the analog sticks for extra functions, like screenshot/speed up, etc. But nobody actually NEEDS those.

>> No.7719747
File: 11 KB, 375x360, meta.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's the best and CHEAPEST thing I can get if I want decent build quality and only care for games up to ps1? Is psp my only worthwhile choice?

>> No.7719769

>I use the analog sticks for extra functions, like screenshot/speed up

Yeah same. It is useful.

>> No.7719796

When emulating on PC I also use the extra analog as d-pad for games that expect you to use both d-pad and analog at the same time (e.g. Metal Gear games, Monster Hunter). Granted, most of those games wont run on RG351P/M, but it's something.

>> No.7720337

n64 uses c buttons, which is basically right analogue stick. could be useful for annoying psp games like monster hunter where dpad is camera control can be rebound to right analogue. on ds emulator you can use right analogue for stylus control as well

>> No.7720341
File: 45 KB, 1000x1000, Pocket Go 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pocketgo 2/Playgo

If you can find it in stock

>> No.7720347

i wanna fall for the meme of soldering lipo battery to my old gba just like on old psp. but i checked its battery it seems to not even be swollen, i put it away at 3.8v just in case. still wanna do it though

>> No.7720813

C buttons were frequently used *like* a right analogue stick, but when you get down to it the N64 just had six face buttons.

Wouldn't recommend one of these, I've owned two such devices in plastic and in metal versions.
The build quality isn't great and the buttons are not satisying to use. The d-pad is among the worst and the analogue nub is absolutely useless and horrible to use.

Consider RG350 or RG350P instead. More or less the same software but better support and far better build quality. The main difference between the two is left analogue stick placement.
RG350M is a more expensive variant that features a double-resolution 640x480 screen and aluminium shell, if that matters to you.
These devices also support HDMI output if that matters to you. It's something that is not present in the PocketGo 2, or in the RG351 series.

>> No.7720862

>If you can find it in stock
Whatsko has it as the Powkiddy Q80 now.

>> No.7720895
File: 97 KB, 1053x886, nowebgl-demo.67d9c200c806.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is anyone gonna buy this?

>> No.7722727

Pocket Go S30 for $60-$70 (Plastic, 3.5" display, 480x320 resolution, idiot proof)
RG280M for $70-$80 (Aluminum, 2.8" display, 320x480 resolution, requires setup to look nice, has strong community support)

>> No.7723062

it doesn't run emulators so it doesn't even belong here. and no.

>> No.7723302

Does anything exist that has a large display and the power to run PS1 and N64 games? I find the Vita display too small for console games and the Switch to be too large overall to be portable.

I currently use a N2dsXL for most of my portable retro needs but I want something more powerful as well.

>> No.7723543

c buttons is glorified prototype for right analogue and gamecube controller proves that notion

>> No.7723547

>wants large display
>vita small
>switch big
you dont know what you want. maybe a smartphone is better, they have big screens now

>> No.7723850

Something with a screen comparable to the N2dsXL's top screen in size would be OK. My Vita can play PS1 games perfectly obviously but trying to read any of the text on it is impossible for me.

Switch and Vita have a pretty big size gap either way, I don't think my description was unreasonable. I own all 3 and I am looking at their size differences now.

>> No.7724372

Anyone else see the new Anbernic handheld? It looks fucking terrible.

>> No.7724523

what the fuck man, the Vita screen is 5" and the 2DS XL top screen is 4.88"

>> No.7724617

Which one?

>> No.7724667

The RG552

>> No.7724738

looks like every other Anbernic to me

did mods put this thread on autosage?

>> No.7724793

Oh, yeah you're right. I turned the 2ds on and there is a lot of wasted space. For some reason I find it easier to read small text on though. Apparently the Vita screen is slightly higher res with much better ppi as well. Is it a brightness thing? Maybe a font rendering issue?

>> No.7724831

>by the makers of Firewatch
For the record I thought it looked like shit even before I found out who made it. Look at that character sprite, holy fuck.

>> No.7724840

>looks like every other Anbernic to me
Reason it looks so weird is it's just a
l o n g
>did mods put this thread on autosage?
It appears so.

>> No.7725052

I don't know, the Vita screen is plenty big for me. You tried the same game on both? Maybe it's an issue with bilinear filtering or non-integer scaling.

>> No.7725130

these threads better not be disallowed in /vr/ now

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