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Besides the PS1, which consoles are designed to use composite over rgb?

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I think I read somewhere < 1.6 Xbox models work better with composite.

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Is this a serious question?

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Why wouldn't it be? The amount of dithering the PS1 uses pretty much requires using composite rather than rgb. Surely there must be other consoles which likewise were not designed to be viewed through rgb.

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retarded thread
retarded op

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Imagine denying an indisputable fact and then calling others retarded.

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I dunno, it still looks great through component on my PS2

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Silent Hill looks like dogshit through component.

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Any system that use dithering and don't have bilinear/anisotropic filtering as that took over for the pixel blending technique trick they used with composite video.

Usually, you should just use composite up until the PS3/Xbox360. The issues for many though is that the TV they use have shitty composite processing and this was especially true with LCD/plasma TV's built in analog up-scaling made extra obvious by the lack of CRT "scanlines" masking the crap job they where doing.
This is what started the RGB craze initially that has now morphed into this notion that games should look like, and always did, raw pixel emulators because muh RGB is better mkay.

Remember that analog video is just like analog audio, cable length and quality MATTERS, keep it as short as you need and don't daisy-chain it through a lot of shit because it will degradate quickly.

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>Any system that use dithering
Even the genesis? I hear that one has terrible composite.

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Especially the Genesis, if you have a CRT it will be kino! But it's true some revisions of the Genesis have better/worse composite out, but there is a trick you can use, get a 32x and use an RGB jumper cable from the console to the 32x, then use a composite cable from the 32x to the TV.

Since the 32x has good composite and no major revision changes you can expect a good result from this, but again it's then up to the TV you use to do it's part on it's end. Only downside to this is that I've come across is that the Everdrive Pro CD emulation doesn't work through the 32x, but it really isn't an issue for me since my Genesis and TV play nice and I just unplug the 32x for Sega CD games only suffering a little bit less vibrant image.

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Looks pretty good on my CRT

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Well now I know to buy a 32x.

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learn how to blend dithering in your scaler

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americopes will always be coping about rgb

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ITT: poor people coping with the fact that they can't afford a proper RGB setup

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RGB is better. On a CRT.

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I don't understand. What do you mean over RGB?

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The PSX was literally designed to output RGB.

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I think he means "preferentially over"

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the sega saturn and sega genesis rely so heavily on dithering I'd pick those

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You're a knowledgable mofo. Not even interested in this topic but I enjoyed reading these posts.

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It's a pathetic attempt at forcing the meme "RGB bad!!"

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>Usually, you should just use composite up until the PS3/Xbox360
dumbo take

no, he's an idiot

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>the PS1 visuals where obviously made around an obscure Japan only RGB cable no one knew existed until 2014
Marketing parroting retards and autists fell for the RGB meme and unironically believe this.
No one in the 80s and 90s used RGB cables for video game consoes, up until the PS3 component was the most high tech and only a select few would use it or where aware of it even being a thing.

Stop shilling RGB cables and encouraging people to get console mods done to irreplaceable long out of production hardware just so it can end up looking like a fucking emulator.

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Explain to me why?

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I use S video, if my TV took RGB id use that but im american

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Non-RGB'ers aka composhite'ers seething that EURO RGB SCART bros back in the 90's and $2 mods that allowed them to play NTSC backups on PAL PS1 consoles thus getting the best of both worlds.

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>RGB emu-visuals tards are also /pol/tards
Checks out, now go back to your containment board.

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Why wouldnt you want the best possible visuals? Besides the prohibitively high price of a pvm

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PS1 stuff looks great via ps2 component on a CRT. Not being able to handle visible dithering is a telltale sign of being a fuckin baby or coping to the max. Vivid component or rgb colors will always look way better than washed out shitty composite

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Well, preference is an opinion. The consoles like the original Playstation was designed with RGB out without any additional modifications. Sure, some systems may not have the cleanest signal but they did utilize the format.

Not true at all. I used Micomsoft's XRGB2 back in the mid-90s as all I had was a computer monitor and no TV. Rent was still high, so it was more cost effective and more practical than a large screen TV for moves around. In fact, that's when I got these cables. They even had magazine articles about RGB output then.

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My proof ... from 1991

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0.001% of respective console owners ever used those or any RGB cables at all. Disingenuous at best, and if you think RGB was intended then why weren't those OEM pack-in cables even in the regions that supported it?

I can sit here for half a year and just post "proof" of raw grating dithering/checkerboarding being corrected by composite blending but it won't matter, it's been common knowledge for decades at this point and if retards refuse to see the reality in front of their very eyes then it isn't a question of facts but instead one of psychiatric evaluation and treatment.

Behold, learn and contemplate:

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Fact is that rgb has the purest signal whereas composite has a degraded signal. Why would you ever use something inferior over something superior. Rgb should be used on any console which supports it, and console that don't support it should be modded to support it.

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>2/10 weak bait

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>if you think RGB was intended then why weren't those OEM pack-in cables even in the regions that supported it?
Probably because it's way cheaper. Even PS3s were still coming with composite cables up to the super slim.

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The only console i did not use RF on was the n64.

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So both the ps1 and genesis clearly look the best in composite on a crt. How about the snes? Is it the same story there? I use a b&o crt with rgb so I wanna be sure I get the best image.

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SNES uses checkerboarding in all games too, especially in background and games like Chrono Trigger for example are also dependent on luma/chroma blending artifacts to get the colors right, that's why a lot of SNES games have a washed out overly bright pastel look unless you are using RF/composite.

Some SNES revisions have a vertical streak running down the screen on some games using composite, but again this is only really visible on LCD/Plasma TVs and not noticeable on CRTs (hence why nobody complained about it only after the 90s).

So you should definitively use RGB on the SNES too. The SNES looks best if you turn down the brightness and turn up contrast and saturation on your TV, it really makes that SNES color palette pop over composite!

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>definitively use RGB
Sorry, obviously meant COMPOSITE lol. Should make more sense with rest of the post now XD

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I used RF on my N64 back in the day. You could buy a switch and modulator.

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GCN uses full-screen dithering if I'm not mistaken, for the very same reason as the PS1, it renders at a certain color depth internally, but outputs at a lower one. Many MD / Genesis look better over composite because of the artists' choice to use a lot of dither in their art.

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You Are Gay.

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dithering doesnt really bother me but color banding does.

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There's honestly not much difference between S-Video and RGB. Both of them eliminate the horrific blur and artifacting of composite.

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>So both the ps1 and genesis clearly look the best in composite on a crt.
no it doesn't

>0.001% of respective console owners ever used those or any RGB cables at all. Disingenuous at best, and if you think RGB was intended then why weren't those OEM pack-in cables even in the regions that supported it?
If composite was what every system was intended for, why did everything prior to 5th gen come with RF? Giving the lowest and what they assume to be the one thing that everyone has saves you money as well as compability problems, also it's not like most systems had any advertisments about RGB or scart. If noone would have used them they wouldn't have made the option avaiable at all


why what?

>the PS1 visuals where obviously made around an obscure Japan only RGB cable no one knew existed until 2014
Wrong. how about you stubborn ignorant Americans will simply accept that RGB is a thing and that only your stupid people choose specifically keep yourselfs away from it for whatever reason

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In europe you cant use composhite to play imports on a CRT. Everyone had to buy RGB cables as most people pirated import stuff like Tekken 3. I was mindblown when I saw the RGB quality (both sharpness and colors) for the first time. Yet this whole board is tricked into composite apologism for some reasons.

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Amerishart composhite apologists = yuropoor PAL apologists. 2 side of the very same BIG COPE coin.

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In the late 90s PAL TVs started supporting NTSC color. I have owned a few CRTs that happily support it.

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I know but you had to use RGB to get the colors. NTSC games didn't have colors if you used composite. For that reason RGB cables were widely available and cheap.

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No, I'm talking about getting colors on composite. There was a notable period of time where TVs supported both just fine.

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>merishits seething 11/10 that PSX had no component-out

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there really isn't that big of a difference between s-video and rgb or component desu

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Guess I am that rare console owner which used RGB cables and I had hidden knowledge for decades before 2014. See, in my day I was used to arcade games which did output to RGB monitors. The dithering patterns I just saw as a shading method, like classical art stippling/hatching/cross-hatching. In manga they use screentones to achieve some texture in the shading which I associated with the dithering patters seen in games like Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo. Comic artists of the day used a lot of hatching in their linework and they did not choose to smudge them, so my preferences just are in line with having a clear image. In the end, it is a preference, but I just want to dispel the notion that RGB cables for the Playstation was not a recent development but there from the start.

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>no it doesn't
Yes it does. I own a playstation with rgb cables, and games like silent hill look like absolute ass using it. The dithering is meant to be displayed through composite.

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>it renders at a certain color depth internally, but outputs at a lower one
Why though? It sounds so stupid to me.

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PS1 was not designed to use composite.

it was designed to use RF.

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I too, am blind, my brother. I have a braille keyboard.

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the ps1 was designed to use whatever you like most :)

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The only difference is that colors are slightly duller on s-video. The biggest issues of composite video like blur and dot crawl are eliminated on s-video. I mainly use RGB SCART because I'm a PALfag but I would have no issues using s-video if that were more accessible.

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If you go above composite on a PS1, even on a CRT, the color dithering becomes way too visible.

>t. someone who got a SCART cable for their PS1 and went straight back to composite.

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I find that it depends on the game, some use dithering a lot, others not as much. Just pick what you think looks good.

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>fox and the grapes.tiff

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I'm a palfag and I use all of them regularly.

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You're all going against what the developers intended
>straight from the back of a Bust A Groove PAL

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>shit slinging over video outputs
I know that we're in the place that has daily "my 30 year old system is better than your 30 year old system lool cope cope cope zoomer" but come on now, this is just autism

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