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I recently discovered I really like rail shooters, but I've only played Panzer Dragoon and Sin & Punishment.
What else would you recommend?

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>I recently discovered I really like rail shooters

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Well like I said I barely know anything about the genre, but I liked those two games a lot

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Star Fox 64
Space Harrier

Gold standard of the genre imo.

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Panorama Cotton for Mega Drive

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Star Fox, the SNES one.

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Time Crisis is my railgun shooter of choice.
Killer 7 is an interesting alternative (go with the Steam version, it's more smooth there).
Vampire Night is sick as shit.

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Riot is kind of like Sin & Punishment. It's an obscure arcade game playable on MAME.

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Galaxy Force II (Arcade or 3DS version)

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This is not retro, but... Kid Icarus Uprising on 3DS

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Omega Boost

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Getting a job.

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rail shooters are literally on a rail, hence the name rail shooter. Moving a character around makes it a 3D shooter. Anyway try Omegaboost.

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This is one of the most batshit crazy arcade games I've ever played.

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You are completely on rails in sin and punishment.

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Is this the first game to ever utilise a cover system then? I'm sure I read something recently that cited Operation Winback as such. I guess even Time Crisis was an early pregenitor.

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space harrier is my favorite game

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Elemental Gearbolt

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If you want something for the GBA, there's Iridion

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The holy trinity:
Space Harrier
Night Striker
Burning Force

Also, Sin & Excrement blows.

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>Panzer Dragoon
If Panzer Dragoon is a rail shooter then so is Star Fox. And Star Fox is fun

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Top Gun 2 and Laser Invasion.
Gamera 2000
After Burner 2

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house of the dead series:

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I like Resident Evil: Gun Survivor. A lot of people dislike it, but since you, like me, enjoy rail shooters you may like this game.

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>filtered by sin and punishment

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>muh Treasure hateboner
Stay forever assmad they developed games exclusively for Nintendo, Australia-kun.

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Who's Australia-kun?

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Chronic shitposter and falseflagger that hates Nintendo and anything associated with them because their games and systems are more popular than his Amiga Eurojank and because they would always give PAL territories the shaft.

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Sin and Punishment Star Successor is the best in the genre

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