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Anyone like Spider-Man 3 on Gameboy?


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What is the point of these posts?

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clout chasing

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Not that guy but what's it to you? You two get more in the way of discussion than people plugging their twitter. And it's always been that way. No-one can find something cool on the internet and direct to the source anymore without WAAAH CLOUT-CHASING. I ONLY GET MY INFO FROM PEOPLE WHO BROWSE THE SAME CESSPOOL AS ME!!

Couldn't find yourselves a clique to join in high school innit?

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To draw attention to a prototype release.
That said, I have no clue if said dump is new or not, since I think a few others from this source have either been final or effectively final (like a watermarked final)

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No. LJN has only published one decent game on the Game Boy, and it isn't any of the Spider-Man titles.

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